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Becoming The Balloon

Randy's heart started to beat faster as her turned the corner and spotted The Balloon Shop. He'd played it cool when one of his friends had mentioned it a week ago and laughed with them as they joked about the sort of guys that got off on balloons. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about it though and now he was hurrying towards the shop on a cool morning looking around nervously, to his relief the streets were deserted this early and he was soon standing in front of the door trying to work up the courage to open it. He chided himself for hesitating, he was normally a pretty bold bunny but balloons weren't cheap childish party toys for him, they were something much deeper. He saw his nervous reflection in the shiny glass of the door and bit his lip. His whiskers twitched and he flicked his ears back, stepping forwards quickly to push the door open and spinning to shut it behind him.

He turned slowly and let out a sigh of relief, the store was practically deserted even the register was unmanned to his slight disappointment. He'd heard a few interesting rumours about the owner of this unusual shop. It was probably for the best as Randy though as he began to relax and look at the displays that crowded the shelves. He shivered as his pants began to feel a bit tight the sight and scent of so many air filled things had always had a powerful effect on him. He couldn't resist and reached out to stroke over the nearest balloon, a long pink blimp. A quick look around showed no one around and he grabbed the balloon in both hands squeezing it hard. Randy huffed as the balloon bulged out under the pressure, seeing it stretch was pure ecstasy to him. He let it go before it burst and started to look around, as well as balloons the shop sold inflatable toys of all sizes but Randy couldn't take his eyes off the many tightly inflated balloons, he had to be careful or he'd spend a fortune in here. He was walking down an aisle eyes jumping from long neck balloon to blimp to perfect crystal round when he spotted the stores most valuable toys. Balloonies, or at least their hulls lined one wall. The living rubber creatures were still quite rare, it was unusual to see more than one at once and here he was looking at an entire crowd, each one posed seductively their shiny rubber bodies straining against skimpy swimwear and lingerie that only made them sexier. His eyes picked out a busty bunny babe her blue rubber body stretching a bikini to the limit, a soft pout of her lips called to him, begging him wordlessly to sate the desire he could see in her eyes. He glanced down at the price tag and groaned, a few too many zeroes for his budget but he couldn't help but think what it would be like to own her, the sexy softness of her shiny rubber body, to feel her squish and bulge beneath him, to wake up every morning in her arms. He shrugged, it was not to be, not yet, maybe a few balloons would sate his craving for the touch of rubber. He started as a though crossed his mind, a balloonie was well out of his price range but an inanimate hull might not be and that thought was joined by another even more powerful. The though of slipping that blue bunny on like a suit, her rubber surrounding him on all sides pulsing to his every move.

A hand on his shoulder made Randy jump and he looked around straight into the deep pink eyes of a vixen. “Mmm I see you're enjoying our most popular display.” She said as Randy stepped back, only then did he realise she too was a balloonie, her curvy pink rubber body hidden by a simple apron. She looked up at the display as she slipped in close again “Tell me if you need any more details about them.” She purred as she stroked over his shoulder. Randy glanced up at the bunny balloon and she followed his gaze. “Mmm another one for Cindy, she's gonna gloat about that.” Helen said, she lunged forwards and lifted the balloonie shell down with a loud squeak before passing it to Randy. He huffed as the soft rubber met his fingers, she felt amazing in his hands and he started to blush. “Cindy there is a Pneumatic robotics model, they're custom models and the most expensive of the lot, but well worth the cost.” Helen said as he gingerly held the balloon. She noticed his nervousness and smiled reaching out to stroke the balloon bunny with a loud squeak. “Go on give her a squeeze, I'd be impressed if you managed to pop her and anyway Cindy's more than willing to give me more shells as long as I tell her about all the cuties that lust over her.” Randy blushed and moved his hands to her waist, he squeezed softly and huffed as she squeaked then squeezed even harder feeling the balloon squeak and stretch under his fingers. Helen watched him and giggled. “Now I know that's not where you wanted to squeeze.” She said making him blush even deeper. “Go on you know you want to.” She said.

Randy lifted a hand from her waist and stroked up to grope her big boobs with a loud squeak. “That's it cutie feel how soft she is, Of course a living balloonie is even softer than an inanimate hull.” Helen said as his inhibitions began to fade and he started to play with her more roughly. “Now She's a Pneumatic Robotics model, they're all custom built but I can help talk you through the ordering process if that's what you're after, and you can afford one.” Helen said, she gently lifted his chin to look at a red lizard girl. “Now she's a SynthFur balloonie, one of the oldest companion companies but they've only recently started to make balloonies.” Helen said as he ran her eyes over her. “They make custom balloonies as well but they're not as customisable as PR stuff.” Helen said. She reached out almost absent-mindedly to undo the bunny's bikini and Randy gasped as it dropped to the floor he felt his cock throb, he was almost painfully hard. Suddenly Helen lunged over pulling the bunny from his hands before he could react she had spun her to face away from him and pressed her into his chest. He could feel her pressing against him and moaned. Her pert ass squishing against the bulge in his pants with a loud squeak. Randy huffed as pre began to drool from his tip and he hugged the balloon tight his hands sinking deep into her big boobs.

Helen watched him play with the doll for a few seconds then slid behind him, she hugged him tight from behind and listened to him gasp and moan. Randy was in heaven squashed between two balloon babes that squeaked against him with his every move. “Having fun?” Helen purred in his ear and it was all he could do to nod. She smiled and lifted his gaze to the balloonie display once more. “I best speed the sales pitch up before one of you pops.” She said as he groped the doll roughly bucking lightly against her perfect rear. Helen pointed at yellow skinned mare. “Next up is Air Filled Dreams. They're a bit of an outlier. They make spectacularly soft balloonies but they're not catalogue models, each one is unique but you can't customise them. Instead they make them then auction them off so you can get lucky and snap one up cheap. If you do bring her over, I've been trying to get a good look at their new models, they're real secretive about how they make them and that just makes me curious.” Helen said. She shook her head then nodded at the next balloonie a blue bird. “Every wanted to bounce the twitter mascot? If so Avian Dreams is for you. They make fairly cheap Rule 34 balloonies, they started out by making birds but have expanded into other characters. ” Helen said but Randy was a bit distracted by the pair or balloons on either side of him. “Last but not least is Rubber Dreams. They use a catalogue system and the end three are their most popular models.” Randy spared a quick look at the trio, a red snake, a sleek orca and a soft blue lion with an impressive tent in his speedo.

Randy was struggling, trapped between two balloon dolls he was right on the edge of creaming his pants. “How about I tell you about some special features.” Helen purred placing her hands on Randy's “Now a PR balloonie like this one can have all sort of special stuff.” Helen said pushing his hands deep into the bunny's boobs. “If you were doing this to Cindy rather than a spare hull you'd have her milk dribbling between your fingers right now. Vanilla milkshake flavour if I remember correctly, fully customisable of course.” Another squeeze made the doll squeak loud and Helen knew just what to say next. “Now one of the most interesting features you can have is a double walled balloonie, they're hollow.” She said then giggled when she realized what she had just said. “Well you know what I mean, you can wear them like a suit.” Helen added. Randy moaned softly slumping back into her as his hips bucked, just the though was nearly too much for him. “Wouldn't you like that, shiny rubber pressing in on all sides.” She purred in his ear, she'd found her mark and was going to tease him until he popped. “Her stretchy air filled form on all around you squeaking as you move together.” She huffed. Helen felt him tense but she caught the hint of another attraction, it wasn't quite that he wanted to own such a balloonie, there was something else there. Years of running a balloon store had given her an amazing sense of what her customers were after. “You don't want to own her do you, you want to be her.” Helen breathed in surprise, she had plans in that direction and just as she was ready to put them into practice a perfect volunteer arrived.

Randy froze as she said those words, he'd never really though about it but she was right, what drove his obsession with balloons was the desire to feel what it was like to be a balloonie, an air filled toy made to bring joy to those around him. To have not a care in the world other than that of causing pleasure to his partners. He nodded sheepishly. “I bet you think that's silly.” he said softly but Helen just hugged him tight. “I don't babe.” Helen replied as she stroked over the doll but she knew what trying to hide a desire was like. She had to do something for him, so what if this was too much of a coincidence he was cute and just what she needed. “Can you keep a secret?” Helen said and he nodded in slight confusion. “I might just be able to give that to you.” She said and his eyes went wide. “What no way!” He gasped in shock but she nodded. “I can turn you into a balloonie, for a little while at least.” Helen said, “And this isn't a dream.” he asked in shock. Helen giggled an pinched him, producing a loud squeak and a soft yelp from the bunny boy. “Looks like this is real, so what do you say, I need a volunteer for the first test.” Helen said. “Wait is this safe?” Randy said then realized he was willing to take a risk to get his dream. “Pretty much.” Helen replied. “But that's why I need to do a real test to be sure.”

Randy managed to hesitate for a moment but he knew what he would say, there was no way to resist an offer like that. “I'll do it.” He said and Helen stepped back. “I've got everything set up in the back room.” She said heading towards the counter. Randy looked down at the doll he was holding “Um should I put her back?” he asked lightly squeezing her with a squeak. “Hmm? Oh, you like her?” Helen said sinning to face him, Randy nodded and Helen smiled “She's yours, consider it payment.” Helen called and he gasped. He followed her towards the door next to the counter then glanced over at the large plate glass windows. “Shouldn't you close up?” He asked “Oh I did that just after you came in.” She called over her shoulder “I don't normally wander around wearing only an apron. But it does mean I can do this” she called reaching behind her to untie the knot at the back. She bent over the counter and lifted her tail as it fell away. Randy gasped and had to remind himself he wasn't dreaming but somehow everything he had dreamed of was coming true.

Helen pushed the door open and spun to face him “You can leave her here for now.” She said booping the doll on the nose. Randy gently lent his present on the counter and stepped through the door into a corridor piled high with boxes. “First door on the left.” Helen said hugging him from behind. Her big breasts pressing against his back. He shivered in excitement and stepped through into what was clearly her bedroom which didn't seem to be the perfect place to start whatever she had planned. A gentle push on his shoulder had Randy sitting on the bed and Helen slid to her knees at his feet. Her hands stroked down his thighs and she quickly unbuttoned his fly. The zipper slid open at a touch and she huffed happily as she buried her nose against his bulging boxers. “oh I haven't had a guy this horny in a while.” She huffed to herself nuzzling against Randy's rock hard cock. She hooked her fingers into his boxers and eased them down slowly, moaning happily as his thick rod sprang free to drool pre on her nose. “Umm, not that I'm complaining but I thought you were going to make me a balloonie.” Randy said squirming as she admired his cock. “Oh I will baby, but consider this my payment.” She said running a finger up his cock from base to tip with a soft squeak. “Now strip for me, I'll need a good look at you.” She added then wrapped her lips around his tip.

Randy's hands were shaking as he pulled his shirt off then looked down she was slowly licking around his tip but to get his pants off properly he'd have to lift up, sinking his rod down her throat and she knew it. He hesitated for a moment then slowly stood up earning a happy moan from the vixen as she pushed down his cock taking his rod to the hilt. Randy moaned and fumbled with his pants sliding them off to stand naked in her bedroom. Helen bobbed for a few seconds more then reluctantly pulled off his cock. Helen slowly stood up purring as she looked Randy up and down. “Mmm looking good cutie can't wait to see what you look like in rubber.” she huffed slowly walking around him her hands tracing his softly defined muscles. She stood before him once more and licked her lips. “Oh we're gonna have lots of fun.” she huffed the pushed him back down onto the edge of the bed. Helen's lips found his and she kissed him passionately filling Randy's mouth with the taste of rubber she slid to her knees once more then lent in to slip his cock between her huge boobs smooshing them around his rod with a squeak. “Oh you're amazing.” Randy huffed as she began to bounce. Her air filled orbs squeaking loud against his slick cock with every move soon had them both panting and Helen kissed his tip as it poked from between her soft breasts. “Mmm for male balloonies the cock has to be a separate chamber. It's the only way you can get it hard enough without turning the rest of you into a sphere. But as it's a separate chamber you can inflate it as big as you like, want this to be bigger?” Helen said blowing over his cock to tease him as his eyes went wide and he nodded. “Since you're gonna be a balloonie in a few hours I should warm you bigger isn't always better. No point having a cock that won't fit after all but a few more inches here would be delightful” Helen said happily as she slowly stood up and pulled his face into her boobs. “Any other changes you want babe.” Helen huffed and then lent back to let him reply. Randy blushed deeply and his hands rose to stroke over her boobs gently. “Oh really.” Helen said leaning in to smother him once more. “Looking for a nice pair of your own? Is someone looking to be a shemale or a herm?” Helen said her words making him moan as she slowly lowered until his tip kissed her slick lips. “Mmm now I prefer some meat to play with but if you're looking to go full fem I can Give that to you.” She huffed dropping suddenly onto his cock to use it to its fullest.

“Ohhh Yess.” Helen moaned as his cock drove to the hilt in her tight pussy and Randy gasped in pleasure, she felt amazing just as he dreamed a balloonie would feel. He fell back onto the bed panting hard and she rode him down, hips jackhammering to send amazing vibrations down his cock as it made her tight pussy squeak. He looked up lovingly at her as she bounced and bucked all though of what he wanted to become on hold as pleasure racked his body. His hands rose to grab her hips and he felt her soft pink rubber squish under his grasp. She moaned and huffed as he stroked up her sides to grope her boobs. Randy remembered her words from earlier and pulled her down on top of him his hips bucking lightly as his lips found her nipple and he blew hard. The rubber vixen howled as his breath whooshed into her and he felt her swell against him, her pussy clenching hard as she swelled “Oh Oh do that again.” Helen begged and Randy quickly obeyed jumping to her other breast to puff even harder. It was too much for Helen and she squealed as she came on his cock rubber walls squeezing him like a vice. Her head lolled as she moaned wordlessly but her hips kept up their fast pace pounding down onto his cock with loud squeaks. Randy couldn't wait until he got to feel that and as if she could read his thoughts she huffed “We'll see how you like it.” Then sped up to bounce even harder on his cock. As she lifted off him he got a good look at her, his rubber partner was even curvier and her already big boobs had swelled at least two cup sizes.

He gazed lovingly at the rubber beauty above him, she was different than the girls he had had before. She was light as a feather but still managed to land with a pleasing thump driving him down into the soft bed. Her air filled boobs were softer than the girls he'd favoured but there was less jiggle the lack of weight kept them nice and perky and he almost wished he was on top. “Enjoying the show?” Helen purred and lifted her hands to squeezed her boobs together for him with an amazing squeak of rubber on rubber. She flopped onto him and kissed him as those amazing boobs smooshed against his chest. He hugged her tight as she bounced on his cock then began to puff softly into the kiss making her moan and squirm as he pushed her towards another peak. This time he joined her and she she threw back her head to howl his cock throbbed and firing his thick cream deep into her rubber depths. They moaned together his cock firing again and again as Helen milked him of every drop he could give. They lay together for a few minutes then Helen slowly lifted off his cock and slipped off the bed. “Coming babe? Time for the real fun.” She called over her shoulder heading for the door. Randy pushed up and followed her on shaking legs. He ran his eyes over her sexy body and smiled as he saw his cum leaking from her pussy, he really had given her every drop and his breath had somehow made her ass even cuter. It was only as he slipped in close he realized she was a good two inches taller now, but she hadn't shown any signs of getting tight. Randy wondered just how big she could get, and if he'd have a chance to find out.

He followed her into the next room and only reluctantly lifted his eyes from her ass. This room looked more promising. A cross between a mad scientist lab, a messy fashion studio and a ramshackle balloon factory post explosion. He looked around, one wall was lined with multi coloured balloons of a type he hadn't see before. Standing next to them was a balloonie hull that had clearly come from Helen that was being used as a tailors dummy for some half completed lingerie. In the centre of the room was a slightly worrying padded table. A wheeled trolley next to the bed was stacked with strange and unusual tools to complete the mad scientist look, all that was missing were the padded restraints. He took a closer look at the bench and picked up a glittery cube. “Hey don't touch that it's fragile.” Helen snapped and he guiltily put it down. Randy looked back to Helen as she dropped behind a large computer and flicked it on, revealing her background consisted of a line of very male balloonies. “Hey don't judge me.” Helen said blushing herself for once. Her fingers danced across the keyboard with soft squeaks and she grabbed the mouse quickly opening a program to hide the background. “All right we'll Pneumatic Robotics' design program to sort the basic shape of your new body out.” Helen said pointing to another chair half buried under rubber samples. Randy shivered at her words still not quite able to believe they were true and pulled the chair over.

“So cutie, what do you want to be?.” Helen purred flicking through the many species on offer. Randy paused for a moment then said “I'd like to stay as a rabbit.” “Probably a good choice.” Helen said clicking the option and a androgynous grey rabbit appeared on the screen. She quickly clicked box after box her left hand typing fast to keep up as she input measurements until Randy found he was looking at surprisingly accurate copy of his own body. “Next up male, female or somewhere in between.” Helen said eagerly. “Umm, Go for a Shemale.” He suggested and watched her click the preset, a large cock and equally heft set of balls appeared on the balloonie's crotch as a pair of big boobs swelled out from his chest. Helen smiled as Randy gasped “Looking good, now time for the real fun to begin, tell me what you want to try out.” She said slowly spinning the model to show him his new body from every angle. “Umm could you make the ass a bit bigger?” Randy said and Helen nodded clicking it slowly larger “Just there.” Randy said as it gained just over two inches. “Mmm a nice butt to play with and bounce on.” Helen said “Now how big should we make your boobs.” She added. “Huge.” Randy huffed then moaned as he watched the model's boobs swelled out fast. After a few amazing seconds he asked her to stop. Helen smiled and spun the model for him again making him huff in excitement. “Nearly as big as mine.” Helen said licking her lips. “We can leave the fine changes to after the transformation, you'll be able to modify your body more easily then” She added clicking the confirmation button and locking in the rough body plan. “On to the details.” She said as another page opened.

“Okay, first up internal pressure. How tight do you want your new body, soft and squishy or strong and bouncy?” Helen asked. “I'm not sure, what's yours? it was amazing.” Randy said. Helen laughed “Oh baby you can't just ask a girl her pressure. At least take me on a date first” She said leaning against his shoulder to cover his eyes as she input the value. “Next up stretchiness profile it controls how you swell out when overinflated.” Helen said summoning the image of his new body once more and dragging a slider up and down making it bloat and swell evenly. “Can you make the boobs grow faster?” Randy said then moaned softly as she did just that treating him to the sight of his new breasts swelling out fast as she moved the slider. “OK next up flavours” Helen said clicking to a new page. “Hey wait I don't intend to get eaten.” Randy said quickly. “Not that, your milk and cum flavours silly.” Helen said patting his leg. “Umm those can be changed later right?” He asked “just use the normal flavours now.” He said when she nodded and Helen input the selections.

Helen smiled as she looked over at him “Getting eager?” She asked as she finalized the selections “Oh yeah I can't wait.” Randy replied. “Well you'll have to find a way. That was just the set up for the body. Making it actually happen is a whole other thing.” She replied slipping from the chair to rummage through the mess on the desk she spun towards Randy holding a stiff collar. “Wait is that a SimStim collar?” He said in disappointment he'd hoped to become a balloonie rather than simply experience the feelings of one. “It was once, now where was that cube you were messing with again.” She said then lunged over to grab it. She spun and clicked it into a fitting then noticed Randy's expression and guessed what it meant “Oh this isn't a SimStim rig baby. It's a home-made brain uploader. After all well need to transfer you over to an AI core during the transformation, leaving an organic brain in a balloonie body could get … messy.” She said clipping the collar around his neck. “Okay just think naturally.” She said turning away to tap at her computer once more, bending forwards to look at the screen and giving him a perfect look at her ass “Hey.” She said laughing and quickly dropped her tail. Randy pulled his eyes off her ass and laughed as he saw it showing what he was looking at. “Well at least that's working.” She said and sat down next to the computer and pulled out a small bottle of a thick black goo. “Here you go the real magic, worth almost as much as this entire shop. Semi programmable nano-machines.” Helen said and Randy's eyes went wide. “Really?” he said looking in awe at the rather plain goo as Helen poured it into a mug that she placed on a pad she plugged into her computer.

Randy watched her tap away at her computer for a few moments and realized he was starting to feel nervous, was he really going to go though with this he thought then shook his head, he'd wanted this since as long as he could remember. Helen lifted the mug from the plate and turned towards him. She grabbed a pot off a shelf and spooned a white powder into the mug. “What does that do?” He asked as she stirred it in. “Sugar, trust me you'll be happy it's there.” Helen replied offering him the mug. “Oh I nearly forgot.” Helen said gabbing a bag of brightly coloured balloons and tipping them out on the table. “What colour do you want to be?” She said running her hands through the rubber. Randy looked over and picked up a few balloons rubbing them between his fingers then lifted out a deep crystal green. “I want to be this one.” he said and Helen plucked it from his fingers and dropped it into the mug before handing it to him.

Randy watched the balloon dissolve as he took a deep breath then raised the mug to his lips and drank deep. It tasted just a foul as promised and he swallowed quickly downing the thick goo in a few gulps. He felt it land heavily in his belly then nothing. “Umm is it doing anything?” he started to say then gasped he could feel a strange hollowness spreading out from his stomach. “How does it feel?” Helen huffed leaning in eagerly. “Umm pretty odd, not really sure.” He said stroking over his belly as the empty feeling spread out. “Um it might be a bit too late but you're sure this is safe?” Randy huffed. “Oh yeah, well pretty sure. You wont be the first thing I've tried this on. First person though, but you'll be fine.” She replied as Randy felt the tingling hollowness reach his skin and spread out down his arms and legs. He bit his lips as it slowly worked its way up his neck and over his head but nothing seemed to change as it spread to his ear tips. “Still looking pretty normal.” Randy said standing up then stumbled, Helen caught him and lowered him back into his seat. “Hey careful.” She said. “Wha-, What was that?” He said nervously. “Well you weigh a lot less than you used to being hollow and all. It'll take some time to get used to your new body.” Helen said. “Really?” He gasped and Helen lifted his arm to show him something even more amazing. He could see his fur growing shinier by the second, more green. As he watched in awe his fur sank into his skin revealing it to be a smooth shiny layer of rubber and he lifted his hand only to gasp as he saw the table through his hand. The rubber spread down his arm as more patches formed all over his body spreading and joining up fast until only his head was untouched. He felt the rubber slide up his neck and over his chin and quickly shut his eyes, he wasn't sure what that would look like but he felt it better not to know. When he opened his eyes he saw the vixen looking down at him in aroused awe somehow she looked even hotter now he was a balloonie too. Helen stroked over his rubber body with loud squeaks that made him gasp and moan. “Looking a bit flat baby, time to puff you up.” Helen purred eagerly then dropped to her knees between his legs pushing them apart with a loud squeak.

Randy gasped as the noise rang through his hollow body then moaned loud as she kissed his tip. Her pursed lips slid down his shaft and she blew gently. And slumped back in his chair with a loud moan, rubber fingers digging deep into the arm rests as her breath surged down his cock. His rubber body creaked softly as it filled out. Randy reached out and stroked over her ears as he grew slowly. “Oh Oh wow this is amazing.” He huffed and Helen chuckled. She stated to blow harder and Randy moaned loud his pre spurting into her mouth. “Ahh I feel so tight.” Randy huffed. Helen rose off his cock and squeezed his thigh with a loud squeak as her fingers sank deep into his green rubber leg. “Oh you're nowhere near babe, still pretty soft. I'm just going to make you a bit tighter then we can head back to my bedroom” She replied then dropped back onto his cock to blow again. Despite her reassurance he still felt really tight and was starting to get worried. A growing pressure in his cock suddenly spike and he felt air surged down his cock, Helen's eyes went wide as air flowed into her body and she began to swell, her boobs ballooning fast. Helen let him inflate her for a few seconds then rose off his cock “Oh I wasn't expecting that” Helen said giggling as she nuzzled into his hard cock. “We should probably take this to the bedroom and really start blowing you up.” She told the squirming balloon bunny and stood up. As Randy jumped up she lifted the strange cube off the pad and handed it to him. “You'll need to eat this first” She said heading for the door. “Oh right.” Randy said as he turned it over slowly, it was a strange thing to literally hold your life in your hands. He shrugged and opened his mouth wide and swallowed the cube. He felt it drop into his hollow body and a slow warmth spread through him. He looked up and saw Helen waiting by the door her tail raised high showing off how wet she had become and lunged over to hug her tight. Their rubber bodies squeaked loud as he led the way to her bedroom then spun and threw him onto the bed.

As Randy pushed back up Helen grabbed him and pulled him close, her lips finding his with a squeak and she kissed him passionately as her hands stroked over his shiny new body making it squeal under her fingers, every sound ringing through his body like a wave of ecstasy. “You like that huh?” Helen purred her fingers tracing the line of his jaw with a squeak that made him squirm. She dropped suddenly between his knees again and he moaned loud as she ran her tongue up his cock from base to tip. Helen planted a kiss on his rod then effortlessly deepthroated his entire length bobbing for a few seconds then rising off to leave him moaning for more, his slick cock bouncing inches from her nose. Helen let him pant for a few moments then lent in, his thick throbbing cock slipping between her pink boobs. “Lets see how loud I can make you squeak bunny boy.” Helen said squeezing her tits together around his thick cock. He moaned loud as her soft breasts swallowed his rod only to moan even louder as she began to bounce them hard. The swift squeaky strokes drove Randy wild and his eyes rolled back as he writhed panting shallowly his fingers scrunching the bed sheets as her balloon boobs bounced up and down hard enough to even tickle his hefty balls. His tip peaked from her cleavage and she kissed his cock as she blew hard.

Randy moaned loud as she kept her lips pressed to his rod, blowing with strong deep breaths that made her shirk as he ballooned. The entire time her hands kept bouncing her boobs up and down his shaft. He looked down at the amazing fox in awe and suddenly realised she looked smaller all that puffing must have taken it's toll on the busty balloonie. A sly smile spread on his lips and he felt his cock throb pushing a big pulse of air back into the vixen. Helen moaned loud a hand slipping between her legs as her body creaked and swelled. The feeling of her breast ballooning around his cock drove him wild and he poured more air into her swelling her boobs out until they lifted her head from his tip. Helen let out a lust filled moan then shook her head. “Oh baby warn me if you're gonna do that” she huffed her hand groping her boobs with a loud squeak. Her fingers hardly sank into her air filled boobs and he could hear her creaking with every move. It was only then that Randy realized, she hadn't shrunk, the vixen was an excellent inflater and knew how to manage her breaths, he had grown by nearly two feet. “I'm I''m huge.” Randy gasped in awe struck glee. “Oh yeah baby and you've only just begun.” Helen purred hands stroking over his green rubber body as she lent in to lick his cock once more. “Now no more blowing me up. I don't stretch as much as you can and you don't want me to pop before you cum.” She said then kissed his tip.

Randy nodded obediently but her words had had a strange effect on him. He couldn't help but think about the vixen popping, her rubber body ripping apart as she was shredded by her own internal pressure, and she'd mentioned it so casually as if it was just a small inconvenience. Soon the images of her blowing apart that set his imagination on fire began to chance, her pink rubber replace by her own and the growing pressure he could feel with her every puff drove him wild. What would that feel like, to be a real balloon meant to pop to shreds when you blow it too far. He looked down and saw his boobs swelling out faster, and he saw Helen's mouth opening wide to accept his growing cock as it too ballooned out. Her hands rose to caressed his balls and he felt them swell in her grip. He must be getting tight now, her breaths no longer made him taller but rounded his new body out and his rubber hands explored his swelling form squeaking against his literal bubble butt and sinking into his amazing rubber breasts. But still the thoughts of popping taunted him, he had to know what it was like. “Have you ever popped before?” Randy asked between moans. Helen looked up then smiled. “Why looking to burst me cutie, you haven't earned that just yet.” She said but could tell there was something more on his mind. “I've been know to pop every so often.” she added. “Wha, What's it like?” Randy breathed. “Mmm It'd the best feeling you can imagine, a whole body orgasm as you rip apart then a deep restful sleep until you reform.” Helen said, she looked up at Randy and smiled nuzzling into his cock. “Looking to go bang as you cum big boy?” She said hands groping his heavy balls. Randy bit his lip it sounded so hot and he'd be just like a real balloon if he popped but the thought still sacred him. “There is one extra think to think about. Something about the nanites, getting popped extends the time you'll keep this form by just over two days.” Helen said and Randy's eyes went wide. “you mean I can stay this way for longer.” He gasped. “Oh yeah baby find someone to pop you every day and you'll be this way for as long as you like.” Helen said. “So you want to feel your first pop.” Helen said lightly stroking his cock.

Randy nodded and she let out a happy moan lunging in to deepthroat his massive rod, his cock was now so big it force her jaws open wide, any flesh and blood fur would have struggled to take him but her rubber body could easily handle his newfound size She bobbed on his cock slowly making him moan as she pushed him towards his peak, the vixen had promised to pop him as he came and she intended to honour that. She did her best to avoid puffing him any tighter but couldn't resist and gentle blow every few bobs on his now massive cock, he was almost twice as tall as her and every extra puff made his boobs swell with a creak. Randy stroked over her head moaning softly as she boobed then with a sharp intake of breath he hit his peak without warning. His hips bucked up driving his cock deep into her hollow body and he could feel his cock pulse as his cum exploded through it and straight into her. Their dual moans were joined by the patter of his cream against the inside of her balloon body and the soft creaks as she swelled. Helen let him inflate her biding her time until he hit the highest peak of his pleasure then blew hard forcing air down his still pulsing cock. Randy howled out in ecstasy as his body swelled once more but it had no more give, he felt every inch of his rubber body tremble and the pleasure created was beyond describing, his cock managed one last pulse into Helen's mouth. What felt like a soft pinch in his left breast spread quickly and Randy heard the boom as he came apart his rubber body shredding itself in a wave of pleasure. Everything went dark for him and he slipped into the slumber of the popped as tiny shards of green latex rained down on the panting vixen. “Looks like you just earned the right to pop me lover boy.” She huffed to the green confetti then licked her lips savouring his taste as she gathered up his shards. She would have to prepare, this was going to be a pop to remember.

Helen sat back feeling her body creak and piled the shards together around the AI core. “Gonna need to be stretchier to match you.” She huffed heading for the back room once more. She fumbled through the piles of her former experiments coating her desk until she pulled out a huge bottle of patching fluid and raised it to her lips. She drank nearly half the bottle in a single loud glug and huffed as the thick liquid coated the inside of her body. Now she was ready to face her big bunny. Helen grabbed a syringe and dew off a large dose of the patching fluid and carried the syringe back to er bedroom. She plugged the tip into his core and slowly injected the goo before piling as much of his burst rubber around the core. Helen sat down to wait and as she watched like a hawk the shredded rubber began to knit together faster. Soon the balloon bunny was whole once more but Helen knew it was best to wait, immediate reinflation would make him weaker and she wanted to make him as big as he could grow. Another tortuous fifteen minutes later she reached for Randy and stroked over his uninflated form her finger squeaking against the thick green rubber.

She unfurled his uninflated form face down on the bed slowly checking every inch of his rubber for damage. His latex hide was pristine, not the slightest sign of defects or thin areas. She stoked up his flat thighs then reached for his stubby tail and the knot that rested at the tip. The lightest touch made it spring open. He would inflate on his own if she left him alone but she liked the personal touch and knelt between his spread legs. She had to lean in to slip the nozzle on his stubby tail between her lips and she started to blow softly. At first his body just squeaked but she kept up her slow puffs watching as his rubber form started to rise. She watched lustily as he slowly rounded out, no matter how many times she inflated something it still drove her wild, even simple balloons could make her drool, blowing up a brand new balloon boy was beyond heaven for the vixen. She reached out to push down lightly on his pert rubber ass, still plenty of room to grow. She took a deep breath swelling her own body out then poured it into his nozzle feeling his ass firm up under her hand. A few more breaths had him full enough to begin waking up but he was still quite soft, she could probably squash him flat under her own miniscule weight.

“Hey there hon, welcome Back.” Helen purred as Randy let out a yawn that turned to a moan as she blew into his tail nozzle. “Oh it feels so good.” He huffed in sleepy pleasure. “Oh it's about to get a lot better.” Helen relied tying his tail nozzle tight and letting it snap back with a thump that made Randy murr quietly. Helen stroked up his soft thighs once more then spread his rubber ass cheeks to reveal his tight tailhole. She lent in slowly as he panted in her grasp to nuzzle against his balls, her nose pressed to that tight ring savouring the scent of fresh rubber She licked over his hefty balls that would soon end up bursting her then lifted her aim to slurp over his ass. Randy huffed and panted at her attention. A hard puff into his tight ring made Randy jump, his eyes rolled back, too pleasured to even moan as air forced its way into his hollow body swelling him out. Helen puffed again even harder and let out a happy murr, with every puff his ass swelled out against her face and she had whole minutes of puffing ahead to savour the feeling.

The gentle pressure of her hand lifted Randy onto his hands and knees and she slowed her puffing. Helen's hand slid between his legs to wrap her rubber fingers around his growing latex cock. Randy gasped as she began to pump her hand up and down his cock and she settled into a steady rhythm, licking over his ass and balls as she stroked his cock between long puffs that swelled him out. The balloonie vixen was well experienced in teasing her rubber brethren and she slowed down every time he approached his peak. Every time he neared the edge she stopped and the repeated teasing soon had his balls swelling out under her tongue. “Getting tight baby. You looking forwards to your next pop?” Helen huffed and Randy nodded eagerly pushing back against her muzzle. She gave his tailhole one last puff then grabbed his hips. She pulled back as she flicked him over to land lightly on his back. “Mmm balloonies are always so much easier to manhandle.” Helen said to herself as she crawled over him her rubber boobs sliding over his cock. She bounced them up and down a few times then puffed a single deep breath down his cock. He groaned as his cock swelled between her boobs then retaliated pumping a big blast of air into her mouth that bloated her boobs around his cock.

As fun as it was to puff his cock she'd already popped him that way, it was time for something new and his new breasts had so far avoided her attention. She crawled forwards to press her face into those amazing rubber tits huffing happily as they smooshed against her pink rubber skin. Her hands blindly stroked over the huge orbs then she hugged them tight around her face feeling Randy shudder as moans echoed through his hollow body. She lifted up and her lips latched onto one of Randy's breasts. Her tongue swirled around the fat nipple as she breathed in deeply through her nose then began to blow, slowly ramping up the pressure until she was pouring air into his breast with a loud whoosh. Randy moaned loud his fingers digging into the blanket as his breast swelled and she quickly jumped to the other breast repeating her teasing inflation. Helen jumped back and forth keeping his bust nice and even as she swelled him bigger and bigger. She could feel him growing between her legs and with a shocked moan she felt something press against her pussy. His now thick cock bounced as it brushed her lips and they moaned together. “Alright big boy. Stick that fat cock in me and make me squeak.” Helen huffed leaning forwards to kiss the ballooned bunny.

Randy smiled as she bounced against his length then hugged her tight. He kissed her back then blew into the kiss swelling her slightly as she murred in his arms. He puffed slowly to keep her distracted as one hand slid down her back to grope her bubble butt. All the attention she had paid to his backdoor deserved some in return. He shuffled his hips as his fingers guided his cock backwards to press against her tailhole. Her juices slicking his entry with a squeak as he thrust up into her. His hands sank deep into her rubber ass as he pulled her down onto his fat rod. Helen moaned lustily as his thick cock spread her ass open wide. Randy huffed happily as her ass clenched down on his cock with every inch that sank into her rear. Her rubber walls made him huff and moan as the air filled vixen began to bounce on his cock their rubber bodies squeaking loud as they moved against one another. Helen lent in to kiss Randy then blew softly into him again swelling him out slightly. Randy huffed then pushed another jet of air through his cock in reply making the pink vixen squeal as she swelled out. His hands rose to grope her balloon boobs and Helen huffed raising her hands to grope his boobs in return.

their rubber bodies squeaked louder as Helen begin to bounce faster, her hips pumping hard and fast, driving her bubble butt down into his lap with loud thumps that almost drowned out the squeaks his rod made as it drove into her rump. Randy huffed fingers sinking deeper into her latex breasts but he knew she could go bigger so as she dropped once more he bucked up into her driving his cock deep into the vixen to fire a huge jet of their into her hollow body. Helen's eyes rolled back and she howled over the sound of the hissing as he filled her. Her already large boobs ballooned in his hands and she fell forwards into his arms. He hugged her tight as her internal pressure spiked making the pink vixen clench down on his rod. She nuzzled into his cleavage without squeak then kissed one of his nipples. Now it was Randy's turn two howl as she blew, swelling the already tight bunny another few inches. Randy huffed preparing to puff into her again if. He bucked up into her hard but as he blew down his cock she clenched down on him like a vice. Randy grunted and blew harder producing a soft hiss and he moaned weakly as his already large balls swelled. “Oh baby they're so big you're gonna pop me when you cum.” Helen huffed, a few hours ago the thought of bursting the vixen would have scared him but now he knew how it felt and couldn't wait to make her explode “Not long now.” He panted and she sped up impaling herself on his cock again and again as his heavy balls squeaked between his legs.

Randy huffed and looked up lovingly at the vixen bucking against him and she smiled leaning down to kiss him passionately, as they made out their rubber breasts rubbed and squeaked against each other driving them to a new level of pleasure. His cock began to pulse firing spurts of his hot pre into her ass and she purred knowing he was getting close. Helen blew softly into the kiss and Randy's boobs swelled out slightly. He hugged her tight then blew back feeling her already thin rubber stretch against his chest. “Oh yess baby lets burst together.” Helen moaned then kissed him again to blow hard swelling him out another inch. Randy blew back then broke the kiss. “Ohh I'm gonna blow.” Randy moaned loud. Helen slammed down onto his cock and kissed him one last time as his cock started to pour his cream into her. Helen huffed feeling her body swell with every gargantuan pump, she hugged him tight blowing hard to swell him as his cock ballooned her out fast. Helen felt his load flood her tight rump. It quickly filled her to the brim and the pressure grew fast searching for release. His warm seed exploded into her hollow body with a soft splattering sound. She felt his thick creamy seed coat the inside of her rubber body and she let out a long needy moan. Her eyes suddenly went wide as she swelled out faster and faster, something in his cum was working on the latex of her balloon body strengthening it even as it made her stretchier.

Helen howled and clamped down on his cock as hard as she could, now it was Randy's turn to be surprised. The vice like grip around his cock blocked even a drop from escaping but with every clench of his bloated balls more of his cream tried to force its way down his rod. The pressure grew fast and Randy let out a worried moan as his cock swelled out deep in the vixen's ass , his balls ballooned out with a creak and something had to give. Randy prepared for another pop but instead he howled as his cum flowed back to flood into his own rubber body. The thick cream coated the inside of his body and he gasped as he too swelled out fast. He looked up at Helen watching her boobs balloon above him as he swelled. He suddenly realised he could feel his feet pressing against the wall, they had grown so big they filled the room and with another pulse of his cum he watched Helen's head bump against the ceiling. They continued to swell together. Randy watched as Helen was pushed down onto him as she grew and felt the bed lunch as it was crushed beneath them with a loud splintering sound. Somehow they dodged the chunks of jagged wood but they had reached their limit. Helen lent to kiss Randy and he felt her thinned rubber skin of the vixen's body trembling under the pressure. Randy felt a snap between his huge boobs as he was pushed too far and watched as Helen's amazing breasts blew apart. As rips raced over his body everything went dark. the huge bang rocked the shop sending boxes tumbling from shelves and the display balloons bounced as the pressure wave batted at them. The room was almost silent with only the creaks of the destroyed bed and the soft patter of sticky cum coated rubber floating to the mattress.

Randy woke slowly from a deep soothing sleep and opened his eyes to see Helen nuzzling against him, the pink vixen purred softly as she too woke and hugged him tight her rubber body squeaking against his own latex skin. “Ahh it's been too long since I felt that.” She said softly nuzzling into Randy with a soft squeak. She gently pushed him down onto his back and lay against him “And what a pop it was.” She huffed wrapping her arms around his neck and holding on tight. “It was amazing.” Randy said happily, hugging her back. His hands explored her rubber body, sliding slowly down her back as she purred to lightly grope her bubble butt. Helen murred softly pressing her head under his chin and they lay together in quiet bliss for a few minutes. Eventually Randy felt her lift off him and he looked up at her. The room seemed to have grown quite a bit darker since they'd entered and he suddenly realized it was getting pretty late. “I'll need to do more test on you.” Helen said looking down at him with a wide smile on his face. “I have to know what allowed us to get so big.” She added clearly savouring the feeling.

It was awfully tempting to pull the bunny boy atop her once more to let him swell her out again until he blew her apart again and again but Helen knew she had cleaning up to do, and Randy deserved the chance to use his new body to the fullest. She briefly considered telling him the added pleasure a balloon gained feeling the heavy weight of a lover pressing down against them but decided to let him discover that for himself. His new sexy body would find no difficulty finding guys and girls to play with. Finding clothes on the other hand was going to be a bigger challenge. Helen giggled as Randy tried and failed to pull his pants back on but his new bubble butt was just too big simply squeaking against the fabric no matter how he tugged. His shirt was a complete loss there was no way those beautiful breasts would accept being smooshed under a guys shirts. Helen hugged Randy against her side and let him towards he own bedroom she left him standing as she rummaged through her chest of draws. First came a pair of bright pink panties of almost see through silk that she eased up over his still heavy balls she added the matching pink bra with cutouts that showed off his nipples. Heleen paused for a few moments then reached for a hanger, pulling off a long backless red dress that had deep cuts up the side almost to the hips to show off his legs and a deep neckline that would reveal his ample boobs. It was one of her favourite outfits, stylish and sexy with a hidden zipper down the side for quick exits when she had made new friends. Try puffing yourself up a bit. Helen suggested then murred as Randy huffed selling his body and stretching the fabric tight over his rubber skin. Her scent clung to the dress and she saw the effect it had on Randy, the subtle bulge his semi erect cock raised was certain to help him make new friends. If all went to plan he wouldn't spend too long in the dress. Helen walked with Rand to the door of the shop and gave him one last hug crushing his new body against her. “Have fun cutie. I'll expect you back in a few weeks and I want to hear all about your adventures.” She purred. “Thank you for this” Randy replied as he hugged her back then stepped back he spun slowly to show off his new body and strode out into the night keen to take his rubber form for a night on the town. Helen watched him go with a deep smile on her muzzle, another happy customer.

The End