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Popping Safely With Ms Suki!

It was a Saturday afternoon at the community center and a special class was being held in the gymnasium. Two women walked in off the street and up to the receptionist, a young human woman with the name tag “Jill.” Putting on her best smile, Jill turned from her computer to look at the two figures at her desk. Her smile did not waver as she took in the large brown bear woman with long multi-hued blue hair, and the cream-furred husky with blue and black hair.

“I take it you two are here for the class today?” asked Jill with her professional smile, to which the two women nodded in the affirmative. “Then I need you both to sign these waivers and then head into the gymnasium” said Jill. “Lord knows it’s going to be the only room here with enough space” added the receptionist jokingly as the two young women filled out the paperwork, thanked her, and walked into the gym.

At the far end of the gym a menagerie of various furries dressed in old or cheap looking gym attire mingled about, which the two newcomers joined. There were cats, dogs, foxes, wolves, a couple dragons, a kagaroo, and even a long-necked alpaca, just to name a few that were in attendance. In front of the eclectic group was a brown furred, extremely curvy, cat woman with purple hair, wearing a mint colored track suit and a name tag that said “Hello, My Name Is Ms Suki.” Once a helpful buff lion added one last large air tank to a small pile of air tanks, Ms Suki clapped her hands together.

“Okay everyone! Gather ‘round! Has anyone not signed the waiver yet? No one? Excellent! And has everyone brought a spare change of clothes with them?” Ms Suki looked back and forth over the group watching everyone give her the affirmative. “Then let’s get started! My name is Ms Suki and I will be teaching you all how to pop safely while inflating today! Now, popping while being inflated has typically been a risky proposition, and oftentimes a bit on the… fatal side. It’s only been in recent years that bursting has become safer, what with products like Girl-a-Tin for those who burst while enjoying blueberry inflation. The main downside to most of the products out there already is that they require someone else to bring you back from popping. But now there is a new product that anyone can take before they pop that will bring you back to normal!”

The group of watchers started murmuring at this, obviously intrigued. One purple dragon with the name tag of “Sammy” raised his hand.

“Excuse me Ms Suki, are you saying this class won’t teach any techniques that will help us pop safely?”

The feline instructor shook her head. “Unfortunately surviving popping isn’t as simple as mind over matter. But there is a trick to using AfterPop! Everyone is going to need to take an AfterPop pill before we start" she said as a small dish of small sky blue pills was then passed around the group. As it did, Suki took one of her own and held it up for everyone to see. “Now these can be swallowed if desired, but they can also be allowed to dissolve in your mouth and still take effect!” Each member of Suki’s audience took one of the pills, either swallowing them or letting them melt in their mouths. “Okay, who wants to be our first to pop today?”

No one stepped forward.

“Oh come now” said Ms Suki coyly, “you all knew you were going to pop at least once today. Who’s going to be first?” From the far left of the group came movement, as the large blue-haired bear shoved her husky companion forward. “I see we have our first volunteer of the day! Come forward, don’t be shy.” The black and blue haired husky shot a glare back at her ursine companion, who returned it with a smile. Consigned to her fate, the cream-furred husky stepped forward shyly before standing next to Ms Suki. “Care to tell everyone your name, Ms?” asked Ms Suki.

“Zephyr” said the husky nervously as she eyed the watching group.

“Well Zephyr, I’m glad you’re our first popper today!” With that, Ms Suki pulled over a large air cylinder. “Could you please lift up your shirt for me, dear?” The husky did so, and Suki quickly inserted the hose into the exposed navel. “We will only be inflating by way of the belly button today, as that will be far more hygienic than orally or… anywhere below the belt.” Some members of the crowd visibly wilted at this, but Ms Suki forged on ahead. “We’ll also only be using air for inflation today, since we don’t have enough time to get any of you down from the ceiling or clean up juice or water from the floor.” More members of the crowd showed their disappointment at this, clearly some of them wanted to bounce on the ceiling or make big juicy explosions. "We only have this space for so much time this afternoon. Ready Zephyr?”

Zephyr blushed as she looked at the staring faces of the crowd and gulped. “Yup” squeaked the husky.

“Good!” replied Ms Suki with a reassuring pat on Zephyr’s shoulder. “When you think you’re going to burst, start imagining being whole, and that should help you come back faster after you pop. Here we go!” With that, Ms Suki opened the valve to the air tank wide.

The whole crowd began to unconsciously lean forward, some spreading out so they could get a better look at the husky as her belly began to rapidly swell with air. Within a matter of seconds Zephyr’s bloating belly was surpassing the size of most beach balls, with her tits joining in. Sounds of straining clothing soon followed, what with the husky’s butt and breasts ballooning out. Zephyr’s gaze swept back and forth over the crowd and the various expressions therein. There were smiles, smirks, and looks of surprise and lust. But were they lusting to be her? Or be with her? The looks intensified as Zephyr’s clothing began to shred, but it was inevitable, especially since her sides and back had begun to join in with the husky’s inflation. Zephyr found herself grunting in discomfort as her clothes began to shred in front of everyone. The husky blushed hard, trying to cover herself up, but her breasts had become too huge for her to even reach her own nipples. That was expected, though. After all, she was starting to look more and more like a husky-shaped ball. Soon she couldn’t even move her own inflating limbs, which looked like big furry sausages. Zephyr blushed as she inflated while nude in front of everyone, some of whom were starting to breathe rather hard at the sight of her. The poor husky flapped her paws in embarrassment, but that soon stopped when they started puffing up too. Sounds of creaking emanating from the husky ball soon followed as she swelled up past eight feet, but she just couldn’t quite reach nine feet in diameter.

“Remember Zephyr” coached Ms Suki, “imagine being whole!”

The husky ball could only squeak back through her inflated cheeks as she started to quake. The crowd started to back up, many covering their ears as Zephyr’s creaking reached a higher pitch. Poor Zephyr only had time to close her eyes and let out one last muffed squeak before-


In an instant Zephyr disappeared in a cloud of cream colored rubber and fur scraps, some of which covered part of the crowd. Some shouted in surprise or shock, while others laughed. "Is this supposed to happen?" asked a concerned alpaca.

"Everything is perfectly fine, Ceejay" said Ms Suki with a smile. "In fact our husky friend should be coming back any second- oh!" Before Ms Suki had time to finish, the debris that had been Zephyr began to lift into the air on its own. It all flowed to where Zephyr had been, coalescing into a swirling storm of fur and rubber. It lasted for about three seconds before coming to a stop. And there amidst the debris was Zephyr sitting on the floor, her hair a complete mess. Oh, and she was still entirely naked. Ms Suki wasted no time in helping the slightly dazed husky to her feet. In a moment of dawning realization, Zephyr frantically tried to cover herself up as best she could to regain some form of modesty. The act caused snickers to arise from the murmuring crowd, along with one wolf whistle... from a black furred wolf.

"Thank you Zephyr for being our first popper of the day" said Ms Suki enthusiastically as Zephyr scurried off to the bleachers to put her spare clothes on. "Now then, who is going to be our next popper?" At this several paws went up, some, such as the purple dragon, more eager than others.

But Ms Suki ignored them all.

"Let's see" pondered the feline instructor as she tapped her chin with one finger, "who should be next...? Ah! Since you were so eager to volunteer your friend, why don't you go next?" exclaimed Ms Suki as she pointed at the large blue-haired brown bear. The ursine woman, surprise evident on her face, looked around her and pointed at herself. "Yes, you" said Ms Suki, smiling smugly. "You're the only bear here."

"I'm uh, not sure if that's a good idea, Ms Suki" said the bear bashfully as she scratched the back of her head and looked about the crowd.

"Nonsense" replied Ms Suki. "Come on up in front of the class with me."

"Okayyy" rumbled the bear uneasily as she walked forward to stand next to Ms Suki to a chorus of whispers and snickers.

"What's your name?" asked Ms Suki.

"I'm um, Scotty" replied the bear.

"A pleasure to meet you, Scotty. Could you please lift up your shirt for me?"

Scotty hesitated. "I'm still not sure if this is a good idea; I didn't know I'd be inflating in front of an audience." But all the same, she lifted up her shirt so Ms Suki could insert the hose.

"No need to be bashful" said Ms Suki, patting Scotty's belly reassuringly after inserting the hose.

"That's not what I'm worried about..." muttered Scotty while watching the feline instructor return to her air tank.

"Alright everyone" said Ms Suki enthusiastically, "let's give it up for our second popper of the day, Scotty!" And once again, Ms Suki opened the valve to the air tank wide.

It wasn't the ensuing act of inflation that caught the attention of those watching. In fact, there was nothing inherently unusual with Scotty's inflation, aside from her starting off with a noticeable belly. No, what caught the crowd's attention was the bear's ongoing reaction to being inflated. It was clear to everyone watching as Scotty's belly swelled out that it was making her noticeably flustered. She kept her eyes clenched shut as she surpassed the size of a beach ball, visibly biting her lower lip and doing her best to suppress any vocalizations. But it was all undone when her breasts and butt began to inflate. In that moment, Scotty let out a pronounced pent up lustful moan.

Ms Suki flushed with embarrassment from the spectacle she had unwittingly unleashed on her class. Suddenly Scotty's unease had context to it, and as contexts went, it was rather hard to fail to notice. Especially when Scotty, in her lust, used her bear claws to rip open her gym shirt. "Please-!" pleaded Ms Suki, "Control yourself!"

"C-Can't help iiiiiit" moaned out the bear, groping her swelling thighs as she did. "It j-just fee-HEELS so f-fucking GOOD!"

By that point Ms Suki had noticed that a number of pants and shorts within the crowd were tented, some painfully more than others. "Sammy" scolded Ms Suki, seeing that the purple dragon had his smartphone out. "No filming in class."

"Sorry Ms Suki" mumbled the dragon bashfully. "It's just that she's Scotty Darling."

Ms Suki just blinked in confusion.

"She's a fetish porn star that does a lot of inflation stuff" added Arma helpfully.

The cat woman slowly looked back at the inflating bear. "O-oh" replied Ms Suki weakly, looking at her inflating student with dawning comprehension.

With sides and back beginning to inflate and merge with her hips and belly, the look Scotty gave back was a mix between bashfulness and bedroom eyes. "I n-normally look a lo-ot more human th-than this" admitted the rapidly expanding bear. "I-I wa-anted to try this class inc-cognito."

"I told you that your hair would give you away" said Zephyr, finally clothed and returned to the group.

Scotty let out a little whine in response, her arms being forced out and up as they inflated. Both arms and legs rapidly became turgid round cones on the brown bear’s swelling spherical body. Seconds later another moan ripped its way out of Scotty when her crotch had completed its descent to the gym’s floor, lifting her up into the air on her most sensitive spot. Members of the crowd were breathing heavily by this point, Scotty’s display becoming increasingly lewd in tandem with her helplessness.

Scotty’s face scrunched up in barely suppressed lust as her limbs became large round domes on her spherical body, before finally yelling- “Someone, p-please! Touch me! Roll me! Fuck me!”

“Scotty, PLEASE!” exclaimed Ms Suki with a mortified blush. “Not in class!”

“Oh fuck!” exclaimed the ball of a bear breathlessly as she continued to grow larger, surpassing eight feet in diameter, and then nine feet! The crowd started backing up to fully appreciate the inflating bear’s size, and maybe, just maybe, not wanting to stay too close to her. “I can feel it! I’m going to pop!” All eyes were on Scotty as her body’s expansion slowed down after surpassing 12 feet in diameter, her body starting to groan and creak. “This is it!” moaned out the bear, her head resting on the spherical hemisphere that was her body (and what used to be her neck). About half of the crowd started covering their ears at this.

“I’m going to pop!”


“I’m going to pop!!!”



Ms Suki shut off the flow of air with one swift motion.


In an instant Scotty became hyper aware of her situation, blushing as her eyes darted back and forth over the reactions of the crowd, lazily rocking back and forth the whole while.

Her face still slightly flushed, Ms Suki cleared her throat to get the class’s attention. “Now class, as Ms Zephyr was so helpful to help demonstrate how AfterPop works when you over-inflate, Ms Scotty here will be demonstrating the effects of AfterPop when you get stuck by something sharp.” Chuckles arose from the class as Ms Suki retrieved a pushpin from her cleavage. The bear-ball’s eyes went wide in alarm, her paws frantically flapping as Ms Suki calmly walked in front of the looming furry ball and pulled out the hose from her belly button.

“This may sting” said Ms Suki with a little smile.

“W-wait!” babbled Scotty.

But Ms Suki didn’t wait.

With a swift thrust the feline teacher drove the pin into Scotty’s delicate belly, which exploded with a mighty-


The whole class filched and looked away as they were besieged by sound and a rush of wind. By the time they looked back to where the bear balloon had been… she was laying sprawled out on the floor, naked. While it would be easy to say that Scotty was “in one piece”, she wasn’t entirely in one piece. From sternum to nearly her crotch, Scotty was hairless, the skin having turned into brown rubber. The brown bear blinked dazedly from the floor, her eyes clearly refusing to focus. Zephyr and the she-wolf, Arma, bent down to help up the drunkenly smiling bear, helping her over to the bleachers so she could change into some clothes.

“Alright everyone, who's next?” asked Ms Suki.

“Why don’t you go next, Suki?” asked a voice from the back of the crowd.

Eyes squinting slightly, Ms Suki hesitated at the sound of a familiar mischievous voice. “Who said that?”

The crowd parted to show a small figure hovering in the air with the aid of two small red wings. The blue-haired little succubus smiled mischievously, showing sharp canines.

“Baal!” spluttered Suki. “What are you doing here?!” By then the class was visibly uneasy with the presence of the demonic newcomer, who was clearly up to no good.

“Oh I heard you were teaching a class this weekend, and I wanted to attend. I never do get to see you teach.”

“And there’s precedent for why not! Baal, I’m going to have to ask you to leave” stated Ms Suki sternly.

Baal crossed her arms and scrunched up her face in exaggerated thought at this. “Mmmm, I think I’m gonna stay. So what do you say, Suki, you wanna pop next? Oh! Or even better-” the little succubus spun to take in the whole class with a wicked smile, “how about everyone pops next?”

Jill continued to work on her computer, filling out the community center’s calendar with upcoming events for the next month. She’d put in her earbuds after the first bang from the auditorium, and had proceeded to listen to her music to drown out any further detonations from the gym. And because she had, she hadn’t heard the commotion coming from inside the gym. The first indication she had of anything going wrong was when the double doors to the gym slammed open, and a buff lion and a panicked red-haired catgirl went running for the exit. Jill ripped out her earbuds at once and was greeted by the distinct sounds of groaning, moaning, and the overtaxed creaking of rubber. At first she wanted to hide under her desk, but despite herself she got up and made for the gym doors. What she saw made her gasp.

The entire class had been inflated, all of them now immobile balloons. Shredded clothes and discarded air tanks littered the floor around the menagerie of ballooned furries. Many of them flapped their paws pathetically, such as the towering alpaca, or twitched ballooned dongs, like the purple dragon. They filled most of the gym floor, some clearly lodged against walls or bleachers. But none compared to the massive thirty foot brown balloon, which all of the other inflated classmates surrounded. The young woman gasped when the moment of realization hit that that was the teacher!

“What’s the matter, Suki?” said a distant mischievous voice. “You can hold SO much more than this! Here, watch!”

Jill watched in fascinated horror as the massive catgirl balloon started swelling, pushing and rolling her spherical students as her body continued to swell out. Some of the moans turned frantic at this, and Jill looked to see the cream-colored husky and brown bear from earlier, both inflated, be forced into the bleachers by Ms Suki’s swelling body. The sound of overtaxed rubber increased from where the two trapped furries let out muffled yells for help. Jill went to help however she could, but before she could take more than three steps into the gym, the trapped husky burst!

In that instant, the husky’s explosion set off a cascading reaction of popping! Jill couldn’t tell who popped first: the bear, or Ms Suki. But once Ms Suki blew, everyone did. In less than two seconds the whole class had gone off in a series of rapid detonations, the force of which sent Jill falling back on her ass. Slightly dazed, Jill shook her head and looked up to see a blizzard of multi-hued rubber scraps and a small cackling form drifting towards the floor. Over the next several seconds the blizzard coalesced into a number of groaning prone forms. In the middle of the gym woozily sat up Ms Suki.

“Okay everyone” mumbled Ms Suki, “I think we’re going to end today’s class here. Thank you all for coming… I think I’m going to lay back down.” And with that, Ms Suki flopped back down on the gym floor.