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Nice Seating Arrangements

Alexis, a pink, young, male wolf, waited all too excitedly for his next shipment of balloons to arrive in the summer heat. He sat back in his chair just next to the front door smiling to himself, and thinking about all the fun ways he’d play with his new balloons. They, of course, were no ordinary balloons. A strange company calling themselves, “The Lab,” had popped up online. Promising the most advanced A.I. toys the world had ever seen, and he couldn’t believe the claims that were on their features list. Such things were widely regarded as fantasy, but after his friend claimed it was for real, he just had to place an order. Coming out of his daydream of he could do with them, he spotted a suspicious looking mailman wondering up to the door dressed in light blue attire.

The mailman appeared to be a bunny of sorts and held a dark blue box in his hands. The wolf practically jumped out of his seat, but did his best to appear calm and professional; too bad he could stop smiling. “Package for... Alexis?” the mailman said before smirking as if he knew its contents. How could he though; that would be impossible. As the wolf signed the paperwork quick, he tried to figure out why the guy didn’t quite look like a normal rabbit. “Thaaaank you!” the mailman said, plopping the package into the wolf’s arms. The way the bunny slung the box over to him made Alexis believe it would be light, but when the full weight of the box came down on him, he practically fell to the ground.

Alexis struggled to reply in a cute, straining voice.“H-how are you just… tossing this thing around?” The mailman turned back to face him for a moment, “I’m from The Lab,” he spoke as his long tail whipped to the side, “let’s just say that we’re not exactly normal by most standards.” He began calmly walking away, and that’s when the wolf noticed it. “The Tail! That bunny’s tail is so long! How?” Alexis thought to himself. He opened his mouth to speak but in the blink of an eye the mailman was gone. There was nothing but some quickly fading white sparkles where the mailman once stood. The wolf felt for a moment like he was losing his mind, but there the package was in his arms. This whole turn of events made him even more excited to get at its contents now.

Taking the box inside, he unpackaged the balloons in his air-conditioned home and examined them. The box was of a material he’d never seen before; seeming to be a cross between cardboard and metal, and inside was a bunch of chunky, deflated, blue-grey balloons. Unlike normal balloons when deflated, they reflected the light quite nicely and seemed to be at least twice as thick. They were big too, big enough for him to hold in his arms like half a bed pillow. The vague shape of a character could be seen as he held one. As he squeezed and plied at the material between his fingers, he took note of its cool temperature and their unearthly smoothness. He hugged it and pressed it to his face, and as he did so, could’ve sworn that it squirmed a little beneath his touch.

Well, he’d ordered quite of lot of them, and they were surprisingly cheap given what they claimed to be, he might as well blow one up and see how big it gets. He walked over to the air-tank that’d been part of the order’s special deal, and tried to find the hole to inflate it with. The toys were shaped after “Roderick”, which was a special dragon-like template his friend had recommended. How these things could have any kind of artificial intelligence or move on their own was beyond him. He felt over the toy until he found an entrance in its bum, which made him blush as he stuck his finger through it in discovery. And then, he had a pervy idea.

He loomed over the tank as he remembered the box bragging about how incredibly stretchy their assholes were, and that the toys themselves are incapable of feeling pain regardless of anything you do to them. “Let’s see how you like this~ heh heh,” he said pulling the dragon’s deflated rear over the tank. The top fourth of the toy’s butt was inserted directly onto the tank itself, not just over the nozzle, and a smiling Alexis pressed a remote button to turn it on.

The air-tank hissed to life, and the toy began filling up. Its body crumpled and squeaked as it grew closer to its real shape. He pulled down his pants in preparation for a quick bit of masturbation at its expense; he’d been told these balloons were quite attractive. He sat down and began to slowly stroke himself, seeing the toy’s huge ass grow around the hissing tank really did something for him, and it’d be even better once it poppe- “Mmmh, what the?” The last thing he expected to hear was a voice coming from the dragon.

It was moving like it was alive, swiveling its head around trying to inspect its predicament, and putting its hands on various growing parts of its body. It seemed to be in a slight state of arousal as well, as it was breathing heavier and would occasionally push its fat ass deeper onto the tank. It’s feet just barely missed the floor as it tried to find its footing, but to no avail. “Huff- This is the most ridiculous seating arrangement -huff- I can think of. Who-” he said looking around the room and finding a guilty looking Alexis. “Oh, so you get a normal chair and I get an air cylinder up my aaAaAASsss, A-ah~”

The toy kept getting distracted by its growing proportions, mainly its hips and belly, in some kind of erotic pleasure. Alexis barely knew how to react. He felt horribly guilty that he’d trapped the toy this way, not realizing how believable the A.I. would be. But, as his thumb rested on the tank’s off switch, something stopped him. “What,” the toy said, “don’t you wanna see some dragon confetti, you wuss?” Alexis began to slowly move his thumb away from the off switch, and stared at the inflating booty before him. It was so big, and getting bigger! Every little flex or movement the dragon made only heightened both of their arousal. He’d done this, he’d trapped the dragon on this contraption and doomed it to burst. Up ‘till this point the idea was all a fantasy, but the way it was happening before his eyes somehow made it hotter. Alexis hesitated a moment before sliding his hand up and down his smooth cock again. Watching the balloon squirm in an attempt to escape was hot, watching it give in to its fate and enjoy the process was even hotter.

“That’s right, I know you w-wanna -mmmh- watch me blow you sick pervert. Would you like me to role play for you too pink boy? Were you expecting something like, Uh oh, I think it’s stuck!” He moved his huge hips as best he could up and down the tank teasingly, “Or better yet, Oh fuck me! It’s so big and it feels so gooOOoodd~ OoOhH FUCK AH!” He bucked into the tank once hard and quickly covered his mouth in embarrassment, shivering all over as the pleasure inside him spiked for a moment. That last cry of pleasure had been for real. He blushed deeper as his body had swelled out a few feet now in most directions, becoming more transparent. The only things growing slower were his arms, feet, and head.

The air inside of him was pressurized in such a way that as he tried to move against it, he could feel himself stretching thinner; and it felt heavenly. “Huff- huff- huff- I’m getting tight, so tight. Shit. Gonna go, gonna go… gonna… pop……… ssssSSHIT!” He flailed as hard as he could on the tank, overcome by the sensations befalling his artificial toy mind. If he were on the ground, he’d be rolling in nonstop pleasure. Alexis tossed the remote to the side, wanting to fully commit to his actions and watch this dragon burst before him. Roderick descended into a shuddering mess as his eyes squinted shut, making cute or exhausted noises the whole time. His body finally stretched out to its absolute limit in one motion as the dragon’s mind turned to mush. “One confetti bomb comin’ right-”


The dragon quickly exploded into scraps as his bits were thrown about the room. Alexis felt the moment sink in. He’d done it, he’d really popped that dragon. But, he wanted more and slowly stuck another on the tank.

The next toy opened its eyes after it reached the right capacity. It looked down to the scraps below him and blushed, “Looks like I’m not the first me to get trapped on this seat of yours, mmhh~” He grinded himself on the air tank as best he could, “*Oooh, fuck that’s good~ Stretching me real hard aren’t you. I can’t even get off this thing. You just went and shoved the whole tank up there! Sheesh, couldn’t you at least -ah- buy me a drink first?”

Alexis had some more fun this time around, teasing the dragon with the on/off switch of the air-tank’s remote. Holding the toy on the brink of bursting, he let it explode through the natural stretching and thinning of its body as it squirmed from the pleasure. “I-I’m just a fuckin’ toy for you aren’t I~ Here, lemme explode for you p-pink boy~” The balloon fought to curl itself up to spike the pressure inside itself as it grunted and moaned.


Alexis got more aggressive with the way he’d pop them as the day went on, and any attempt to insult him only fueled his desires more.

One notable pop involved him sitting on the dragon’s belly. He’d been barraged with teases and insults before shoving his cock into its mouth and grabbing at its “ears” to pull its face closer. “Shut up and please me, you stupid pop toy.” The toy, satisfied by its master’s aggression, responded by lovingly giving a blow job while its body grew. Near the point of bursting, Alexis teased the toy more. “Bet you like that, getting a mouthful of my cock before your boom. How many orgasms was that? Two? That cum inside you will make a mess all around after you’re gone, but you’d like that, wouldn’t you~ All that junk’s gotta' go somewhere after the big air slut’s gone~” Roderick’s eyes rolled back a bit as he was overcome by satisfaction and acknowledgement of what he truly was, right on the verge of his bursting. Moments later, he moaned hard around the cock and used his tongue in an attempt to deep throat his master. His master noticed this, and pulled the dragon’s throat as far onto him as possible, in an attempt to burst him. He managed get a dozen or so meaningful thrusts into the delirious and puffy dragon’s maw before it went-


And he was no more; utterly and completely fulfilled. There were many, many more booms to come that summer day.