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Popping the Escapees

“So, looks like we have another situation for you.” a male voice said over the speaker nearby. The purple, humanoid, inflatable seal looked to the many scraps of balloons littering the ground around him. The faint hissing of an air tank leaking its contents could be heard nearby. “Turns out a special, custom set of balloons have escaped their chamber and are making their way through The Lab.” the voice continued. “No, they won’t be getting very far, but rather than simply pop them through our usual methods, we’d like you to be the one to go and do it…for science.” The seal grew a little excited by the idea of popping more of these A.I. toys. He’d already disposed of a dozen or so for the voice earlier in some very lewd ways, and could hardly wait to have some more fun.

A screen slid seamlessly out of the metallic floor, stopping near the seal’s head. On the screen before him were a bunch of humanoid bunny balloons of varying proportions and behaviors. One was clearly leading the lot of them, and happened to be carrying a futuristic rifle of some sort. The voice spoke again as he examined the screen, “We can provide you with whatever tools you’d like to dispose of them, but don’t worry about the…uh, weapon. As this is being designated an official test for our facilities, we will be sure to assist you in whatever way we can. You can have fun with them in whatever dirty way you like, just as long as they pop.”

The seal scratched his squeaky, purple chin for a moment, then nodded happily and made his way out of the chamber. As he existed the spacious room, he was once again met with the ominous, dark halls of The Lab. The great steel door he walked through closed behind him, slowly reaching the ground with the heavy noises of machinations whirring around him. Suddenly, a trail of glowing white-blue arrows appeared along the floor, illuminating the path he was to take in a pleasant, pulsating glow. He followed them casually, thinking about how he was going to end up popping those bunny boys.

They’d told him not to worry about the weapon, but what would they do about it? His mind considered many possible ideas as an audible, “hmmmm,” sound came from within him. It was another short few minutes of winding, confusing halls before he heard the quickened footsteps of the escapees.

Just down the hall, he saw the lot of them quickly run past, but one trailed behind in an almost goofy manner. That one had some nice, but admittedly oversized blue shorts on, and looked similar to a cartoon character. As the goofy bunny boy ran by, there was a whoosh of something closing, followed by the sound of a balloon bouncing into a wall with an audible “oof!”

The seal rounded the corner to see a wall where the hallway used to be, and could see the cartoony balloon boy padding around with his hands trying to find a way to open it. His ears perked up as he heard the seal’s footsteps behind him, and he slowly turned his head around. The boy’s butt was outstretched backwards almost comedically, but it looked surprisingly appealing. The seal smiled confidently, knowing that he’d caught the first one. He slowly walked over to the bunny who responded humorously. “I’m uh, not the balloon you’re looking for?” After he finished his sentence new wall fell from the ceiling, blocking the hall they’d both come from, and trapping them in a very spacious box.

The seal grabbed hold of the boy’s overly cartoony shorts, and pulled them up against his crotch. The toy responded with a tone somewhere between worry and enjoyment, “Oooh boy, you’re really aggressive now, aren’t ya?” The seal grinded against the amazingly soft fabric which wrapped around the bubbly buns just underneath. “Don’t suppose you’ll be letting me go now, will you?” the bunny responded pushing himself back into the seal’s movements a bit; his eyes drooping down a little as he was admittedly liking the situation. Balloons like him were made to pop for someone else’s pleasure, so for them to resist their built in urges was simply impossible, despite its conflicted desire to escape. Our purple friend knew this all too well.

The seal prodded the entrance to the boy’s rear through the fabric, and decided that he couldn’t wait any longer. He pulled the shorts down off the bunny’s buns and immediately planted himself deep inside with a nice squeak as their bodies connected. “Oh! Why does that have to feeeeel so good?” the toy said as it was hilted into. The humping started furiously, wasting no time giving him all he had as the balloon braced against the wall before him. His eyes went a little crossed and he couldn’t stop letting out little moans of cartoony pleasure as he was rutted senselessly. “Ohhh, fuck me then~”

He turned the bunny around so he could see his face clearer, and prepped for the big finish. He gazed deviously into the toy’s face as it was dazed by the pleasure it was surely feeling. The seal’s member twitched inside him, and came what felt like buckets into the boy’s snug hole. The toy, however, didn’t quite cum to this sensation, but got close. “Hey, ya know,” the lazy eyed toy said, “you reaaaally don’t have to pop me. We could just stay here like this and-OOMPH!” The toy was cut off and brought into a deep kiss by the seal, who blew loads of air deep into his body with each powerful breath. The boy flailed a bit in panic, but quickly stopped resisting after he realized how much he enjoyed the feeling. He moaned softly into the seal’s mouth when he could; his body expanding outwards with the pleasant noises a balloon does. He grew, lost to the pleasures and the sensations as his cock twitched against the seal’s belly. It wouldn’t be long now.

His body emitted some ominous creaking which made his eyes open a little more, knowing what it meant. He came, and came onto the seal’s soft belly as his own belly grew tightly below him. The seal humped slowly into him as the end approached, not wanting to burst him too early; the sensation of his tightening hole around his girth was just too nice to not desire more of. Then, all at once, as the last of his liquids were forced from his cock by the pressure, he exploded with a-


The scraps rained down a bit around the seal as he caught his breath, falling into the door before him briefly.

The door which separated him from the others slowly opened up, and on the other side two others were standing there as if they had seen the whole thing. One, shorter, much more rabbit-like balloon stood there appearing angry but blushing as it tapped its foot. The other was much more humanoid and taller than all the others. It had huge, oversized, but fun to squeeze looking ears as it smiled down at the presumed action it had just witnessed.

The tall rabbit spoke in a somewhat elegant and seductive voice, “Wow, you actually popped him huh? Don’t supposed you’d be doing that to me too?” The shorter hare spoke up, “Ooooh no, I don’t want any part of that! You can’t make me! I wanna get out of here, and we all agreed and that’s what we’d do. So, that’s the plan I’m sticking to.” The taller one bent down and suggestively slid his hand under the hare’s chin, “Awww, come on, we’re not getting out of here anyway~ Didn’t you see what he did the other toy? It’s not so bad~” He felt up the shorter bunny’s ears sensually and playfully as he continued, “Don’t pretend like you don’t wanna pop, Robbie looked like he quite enjoyed it didn’t he?” This confirmed what the seal thought; somehow, those two had definitely seen the exchange between him and “Robbie”.

The taller bunny slid his longer phallus next to his reluctant partner’s face, who couldn’t help but blush harder as he looked away angrily. “I’m not popping, mmmh.” his partner said taking the length into his mouth. Just watching them was enough to rejuvenate the seal’s desires, and he felt himself become hard in plain view of the other two.

The short rabbit scooted his large buns away from the direction of the seal to hide them from view as best he could, while the tall bunny kept eye contact with the approaching figure. “Don’t worry about him, he likes it, he was just hoping we’d escape successfully. He’ll come around once he accepts things.” The seal couldn’t help but notice the incredibly toned shape of the taller bunny’s ass. Instead of giving any kind of reaction to the seal’s gaze upon his backside, the tall one simply stood there knowingly and teased. “Go on you cute little thing, these buns are for you to enjoy. Don’t hold back now, or I’ll be disappointed~” He pushed his rear back slightly as his bubbly tail wagged back and forth. “I want your thrusts to be so hard they shove my cock far into this boy’s mouth with each motion. Make the bitch choke on it sweetie~” The short one’s eyes opened a little as if to say, “are you kidding me?”

The seal grabbed hold of the tall one’s hips and pressed himself inside the amazingly tight and slick hole. “MmMMmh!” the bunny let out as he was pushed further down his partner’s throat. The seal picked up the pace, granting the request of his mounted lover the best her could.

This boy’s body felt quite different than the last, the seal noted to himself. His whole form was much more firm and tight, as if her was primed to go off at any given point without warning; the idea alone intoxicated the seal with lust. “You should know, they call me Hazard back in the testing chamber, you just don’t know when or how I’ll go off~ “

Hazard wrapped his oversized ears around the behind of the seal, pushing him in closer to his ass while he continued the tease, “Careful now, if I were to pop with these ears of mine close to you it would be loud don’t you think?” With each thrust the bunny bent his backside up to give the seal a better angle, which generally resulted in a deeper thrust into the toy sucking on him from below. The slight fear of a bang made the moment more erotic for the seal as the tension between all of them only increased.

It was a second later that the seal finally came into the extremely tight backside of the toy, which caused Hazard to shudder uncontrollably with pleasure. His ears tightened almost desperately around the seal and he tensed up as he came into the shorter bunny’s throat. “A-ah! I think that might!-


The bunny disappeared suddenly into a loud cloud of confetti-like storm with little warning. The cock in the hare’s throat disappeared all at once in a fairly satisfying manner.

The shorter one sat there on its knees, cum dripping from his face, as he spit out a piece of the exploded boy’s cock. “Fuck him, using my throat like that before bursting in my face! He really is a freaking hazard isn’t he? What a stupid toy model.” The seal looked down, panting a bit as he remembered what the popped toy had said regarding this one; that this boy liked being used regardless of how he was acting.

“Huh?” the short rabbit said looking up to the seal somewhat angrily. He then looked down to see where the seal was gazing, only to realize it was at his erect cock between his legs. The hare quickly turned away, hiding his shame from immediate sight, but ended up giving his gorgeously oversized ass the viewing spotlight. Of course, the hare noticed this immediately. “Y-you like that you pervert? You’re not gonna convince me to pop like that overly horny piece of garbage.” The seal made a smart ass motion, like he was sucking dick. “What? He was hot! Not like you’ve even got any techniques that are half as good.” The seal became…slightly offended.

He swooped down behind the bunny, and caught the bunny’s arms as he pushed his hips into the very soft and squeaky material of the hare’s ass. “N-no! W-what’re you…” he said as the seal’s phallus pushed deep between his crevice, and he felt a kiss on the back of his cheek. “I’m…not…popping…for you. I’m…getting out of here~” He could feel the reluctant and small pushback coming from the hare as he was hotdogged. The seal gripped along the hare’s neck and chin, sliding his hands all around the body of his personal balloon boy. His fingers trailed along the hare’s chest as they slowly seduced the toy more than he already was. “I mean,” the hare said speaking in a much more teasing tone than before, “you’d have to force me to blow for you, ending my escape attempt in an disastrous explosion of lust~”

The hare laid its head back against the body of the seal as his ears flopped lazily to the side; turns out he really did want to be used. The fondling of this boy continued as the seal took every moment to appreciate the hare’s form as his target practically melted in his arms with a boner twitching between his legs. “Just how will you go about doing it, putting a bad bunny like me in my place. Oh fuUUuck~ Are-are you going to step on me mercilessly until I can’t take any more, blow into me while you’re crammed up my ass, or are you just going to squeeze me until I pop?” The seal concluded that these were all very good ideas, but he had his own idea.

The hare stopped paying attention for a few seconds while he heard some strange noises behind him. When he opened his eyes again, he realized there was a second purple seal standing before him. He blinked in horny amazement for a moment, “You…there’s two of you! That’s a load of crap! How?” The other seal made a motion as if he were humorously zippering his mouth closed, then smiled. “No, wait, seriously hooOOoWWw!” the hare’s further inquiry was cut off by the seal’s sudden insertion from behind.

The seal had slipped himself inside while grinding, and immediately took a much stronger hold over the bunny. “Ack!” the small boy said as his hands were held tightly to their side and he was bent over onto the ground face down ass up. “Yes! Punish me and use me like the bad boy I am! Pound me ‘till there’s nothing but useless scraps!” Pound him he did. After a few seconds in the onslaught, the second seal pulled the hare’s head up off the floor and shoved his own cock inside. “MMmmhHH! Mmh. Mmmmm~” the hare muffled with the purple junk in his mouth.

The two seals went at him for some time as their target’s mind went more and more blank. The one humping his back got more and more desperate as his motions sped up. The bunny grew impatient at the fact that he was still in one piece, and decided to provoke them. He took the opportunity to blow into the duplicate seal’s dick as hard as he could, with the intention of popping him. The seal immediately tensed up and stopped moving; his legs shaking a little from the sudden change in his pressure. The hare didn’t expect it to be so effective, but he kept going. The seal blew up more and more, creaking and shuddering from the sensation; trying to cum but he just couldn’t due all the air going inside him. He grabbed hold of the head of his target trying to stabilize himself but it barely worked. As he grew larger and larger, he couldn’t help but let go as his arms were forced to their sides by the building pressure. The other seal looked up just in time to see his duplicate moan out at his demise and-


When the first seal looked back down to the chuckling bunny’s face below him, he no longer felt any hesitation for destroying him. He pressed his purple hands hard onto the hips of the bunny who squeaked in surprise at the strength. He felt his backside practically leave the ground with the force of each thrust as he was rammed with the intent to pop. The hare didn’t know when he’d blow, but it felt like he was getting stretched so thinly. “Ah, ah, ahh, AahhHH, AAH!” the hare let out in anticipation of a random pop, but it didn’t come; not the way he expected. He was suddenly picked up off the ground and held in the air; which was easy because of how light he was. The seal grabbed hard onto his hips and pressed his balloon ass against himself, which felt amazing. The hare felt a ferocious stream of air enter him up his ass, instead of the cum he was expecting. For the seal, it felt like he was cumming. The air filled him so quickly and so mercilessly that he barely had time to orgasm, with the cum being forced out of him by the pressure. He had time to say, “Wha-!?” quickly before his eyes went wide and he exploded with a nice, satisfying-


The seal was knocked back onto his ass by the explosion and, after getting dizzy for a moment, decided to just fall on his back for a moment. He caught his breath for a while, making sure to relax in the afterglow for a sufficient amount of time. He basked in the accomplishment of popping those three guys, replaying the memory of them bursting in his mind. What a way to go.

The scraps of his duplicate melted, and flowed back over to him, giving him the memories it had before it burst. He shuddered at the sensations hitting him all at once, and loved it. The duplicates were a part of him, and return to him if popped. What a nice ability he had, the people watching him on the cameras must surely think of it as some kind of witchcraft. As he thought this, the next wall in the hallway opened up, revealing a pasture of sorts. He raised his head to get a better look at what was before him. His breathing stopped for a moment as he took in the weird and abruput transition between metallic halls and beautiful outdoor scenery. Ok, maybe they won’t see his ability as magic if they can do stuff like this.

He wondered into the field, noticing an intense temperature different immediately; the pasture was much warmer. He took his first few steps inside, slowly. The grass beneath him felt so soft as opposed to the unforgivingly hard floor of The Lab. As he entered completely, the wall behind him closed intricately, leaving a completely out of place looking structure sitting there. He looked the structure up and down and took in its pure oddity.

It was moments before he realized something he should’ve in the first place; that he didn’t see the last two bunnies anywhere. His gaze scoured the grasses for a few seconds before he heard something high pitched in the distance. Some kind of white light flew by him and struck the out-of-place wall behind to him. He flailed comedically for a moment before turning to see several white-hot shards of metal poking out of it. Their hot, sizzling sounds made him gulp, and he knew that it was the weapon that had been stolen earlier. How exactly they would be protecting him this time was beyond him, but he supposed had to have faith.

The bunny poked his head out from the grass and took aim again, while the seal simply moved towards him nervously. More shards of light flew past the seal at blistering speed, but none hit him. He heard a distant, “Drat!” as the balloon boy frantically checked over his firearm. As the seal got close, he watched the boy try and shoot directly at him, but the weapon wouldn’t fire. It made a harmless, “click,” noise every time he pulled the trigger. The moment he pointed the weapon at the ground near the seal though, it fired with a startlingly loud noise.

They both looked to the shards on the ground, then back to each other, and had the same idea. Although the shards couldn’t hit the seal, probably because something The Lab employees did, that didn’t mean they couldn’t still be used to pop.

“Alright you,” the somewhat armor wearing, soldier-like but still-pretty-cute bunny boy said throwing his weapon to the side, “I’m gonna give ya one chance to get outta here, then you’re history buddy.” The seal raised an eyebrow. “They made me, the Jack Rabbit model, to have combat tendencies. There’s no way that I’m gettin’ popped by some featureless, silent guy with no personality!” The seal’s eye twitched, and an angry fire burned within him; it was on, and he was going to enjoy popping this guy.

The seal inflated three more versions of himself, all of them looking comedically ready to fight, while Jack merely squinted his eyes. All but the original seal charged toward Jack as the “fight” began. But, just as quickly as it started it was over. Jack quickly popped the duplicates using a series of grapples and embraces; putting the last one to the floor and stomping it out. The seal’s jaw dropped. “Ha, told ya.” Jack said posing triumphantly.

A moment later and a swarm of purple seals tackled the bunny to the ground like a small heard of…seals. “THAT’S CHEATING!” exclaimed the rabbit as he fell to the floor. The pile of squeaking, soft bodies on top of him admittedly felt pretty good, but he knew what they were up to. Many of them gave Jack a knowingly victorious smile as retaliation for his earlier while they sat their naked bodies on him. “No way,” he said catching his breath, “I came so far just to be defeated by seal ass.” One of the seals began playing with his long and squeaky ears above him. He was definitely their toy now.

The more he felt their bodies the more he became full of lust, even against his wishes. It was slightly frustrating for him, but his programming as a sex toy was kicking in and he knew it. Their bodies held his arms and legs down despite his struggle, and his now clearly visible and reluctant erection rose into the open air. “Good, you proud of yourselves yet? You made a sex balloon horny with your stupid seal asses. Just pop me already and get it over with.” He shook a little with anticipation as his eyes squinted shut, as popping would feel rather amazing for a balloon, but he truly didn’t want to pop like this.

But instead of an immediate pop that was expected, he felt a wet and loving sensation run from the base of his cock to the tip. He inhaled involuntarily at the feeling. A second later the same sensation came from the other side, and then from both sides as once. He opened his eyes to see two of the seals licking either side of his length. “You…gotta be kidding me.” The licking continued, and he couldn’t help but squirm beneath their assault; the bodies of the other seals keeping him mostly in place. He was helpless before them, and the way they truly made him feel like a toy skyrocketed his levels of ecstasy.

He didn’t give up the fight to escape yet though. The seal that was playing with his ears decided to sit on his face, pushing its squeaky clean purple butt right onto his mouth. Jack Rabbit used his tongue to press into the disposable seal’s ass, and enjoyed feeling it tense and flex above him. Somehow, he managed to enjoy getting used for a minute. Suddenly, a wave of rebellion hit him, the same wave of rebellion that led him to want to escape, and he began to blow into the purple rear instead. Immediately the seal grabbed at the ground for stability as his body swelled out a bit, and the other seals took notice. Instead of trying to move off him though, he pushed harder onto Jack’s face in desire. Jack thought he was being cool and fighting back, but he was only making them happier.

One of the seals moved over his twitching, inflatable penis, now covered in juices, and slowly sat on the bunny’s belly. He slid himself teasingly down to the boy’s crotch until the rabbit’s dick was lodged firmly between his ass cheeks. He moved his ass up and down the alluring shaft as the seal getting inflated started creaking louder. Watching that version of himself get blown up so tightly finally made him cave in, and slide the bunny’s length up into his ass. He humped onto the squeaky boy for several minutes, making sure to get all the worth out of him he could muster. The seal on his face creaked loudly after growing out quite a bit, and finally squinted its eyes shut as he came and-


exploded above him. As he did, Jack and the other seal came along after feeling his hot seed hit them on their chests. There was a moment of silence and heated panting, before they all realized there was another figure there.

“Hey uh, how’s it goin’ doc?” the new, grey bunny said. It took Jack a second to process what was happening before he exclaimed to the newcomer, “T-trouble! Hurry! You’ve got to get me out of here! This seal is crazy tough!” The new rabbit simply looked on absentmindedly as he spoke, “I dunno, you seem pretty happy right now. Guess if you popped like this it wouldn’t be so bad.” The seals kind of just sat there confused; weren’t these two on the same side?

The strange new rabbit came over and plucked one of the seals off Jack’s arm. “Let’s see how tough these little guys are.” A moment later he took the seal into a tight hug, grabbing at his backside, and forcing his hips against the clone. The seal was amazed by how thick this bunny’s skin was; it felt like he wasn’t some thin balloon at all, but rather had layers and layers of thickness to him. Before he knew it, the seal was grabbed hard on the ass and pulled so tightly into and embrace that he barely had time to process the devious look in the bunny’s eyes before-


“Hey, they’re not that tough after all!” Trouble said as the scraps of the duplicate rained down.

“Good, now will you just pop them all and free me?” the pinned bunny boy said. “Hmmm, I could, but where’s the fun in that?” shot back his companion. Jack Rabbit’s eyes distorted in frustration, “Wha-will you just get me up!” Jack squirmed around some more, but the seals didn’t move.

Two more purple seals headed over to the bunny, curious and nervous about this “thickness” they’d discovered. As soon as they got close The bunny pulled one in for a kiss, and intentionally left himself open from behind. The two seals blew air into him from both holes as the grey rabbit seemed relatively unaffected by the whole thing. Sure, his body swelled and grew, but it didn’t really do anything for him. He grew and grew until he was bigger than the two of them combined, but then, he was finally, visibly excited. He looked to the one kissing him with that familiar devious look he’d given the first seal and his erection grew between his legs. The pressure inside of him just seemed to be impossibly great; just what kind of toy was he? The seals realized at the same time that they couldn’t put any more air into him, and in an instant the air inside Trouble raced from him to inside them. They panicked a little as they felt the heavenly sensation of air filling them out so much faster then they could’ve anticipated. They grew incredibly tight in seconds, and blew apart with two back to back-


The seal knew all at once that he couldn’t pop this toy, and quickly retreated a distance away while his companion and him fought. The sexually exhausted Jack Rabbit picked up the weapon and walked over to Trouble, pointing it right at his chest. If the seal could have popcorn, he’d totally be eating it right now.

“Why didn’t you help me?” Jack questioned.

“Told ya it was more fun that way.” the new rabbit responded.

“You’re lucky he didn’t pop me while you were goofing around!”

“Heh, you woulda liked that.”

“…only a bit.”

“What’re you gonna do, shoot me?”

“You can’t be completely indestructible, and I don’t think I want a wildcard like you around. So yeah, maybe I will.”

“Awww, you wouldn’t pop me now would ya? We could be so much more than companions together.”

Jack blushed a little, once again fighting his programming. “Yeah but, I think you have to go. You’re too dangerous.” He says as the rifle hums to life.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Trouble says casually.

“Good riddance,” he says as a flash emits from the weapon.


The seal covers his eyes at the flash, and when he looks again, the devious grey bunny is still in tact. Bits of armor hit the ground as scraps of balloon fluttered around where it fell. “I tried to warn him.” Trouble says shrugging before turning to face the seal.

The other versions of himself merge back into one, and he falls to the ground in amazement. This toy before him seems to be…unpoppable. The bunny strolls over and pins him to the ground, the seal does not resist; he doesn’t feel the will to resist. He’s not used to being outmatched by anyone this completely, it was kind of hot. Our purple friend found himself falling for this guy. Even though he knew he’d certainly get popped by him, he couldn’t help but almost want it. He could reform seemingly forever, unlike most of the toys in this place, and there was something so alluring about finally being the one to get burst into a million scraps.

The rabbit plunged his member deep into seal’s comfy back hole and kissed him dearly from above. As they slowly moved and kissed into each other, the seal couldn’t help but be incredibly satisfied at the thought that he was giving another this kind of enjoyment and satisfaction. The cute and slightly goofy noises the bunny made while indulging in his body made the experience all the merrier, and so for the first time, the seal tried to make some noises for him. This made the rabbit move more intensely as he obviously enjoyed the sounds.

It wasn’t long before the rabbit was close to getting off, and the seal enjoyed every moment of his lustful desperation. Once his lover’s desperation finally reached its peak, he pushed hard onto the seal’s chest trying in a half-hearted attempt to pop the seal. He wanted the seal to pop himself by thinning his material; what a troublemaker. The seal’s toes curled and stretched as they both came together, before he picked the perfect moment to disappear in his own glorious-


— Many hours Later—

As his consciousness faded in, the seal awoke in the arm of the bunny. He blinked, listening to the sounds of nature around him as that familiar and attractive face looked down to him. “Hey uh, how’s it goin’ you?” There was a small exhale that would pass for a half-asleep laugh as he rolled into the bunny’s chest more. “Whoa, I uh, like you too I guess. Not exactly the greatest escape plan, but I don’t think I’d mind staying in this area with you for a while. Couldn’t hurt, right?”

The seal looked back up to him in mild worry, as he remembered that he’d failed to pop all the escapees. Surely, they’re come for him and do some kind of weird test on them right? They made this guy, doesn’t that mean they’d be able to take him away or burst him? For once, he didn’t like the thought of popping his target. Just then, a sound echoed through the area like a microphone being turned on. That familiar voice rang out around them. “Good work you purple seal, I suppose we can call that test complete. Still don’t know exactly where you’re from, but you’ve done well twice now for us. My assistants and I would be sad to see you or your new friend there go the way of the dodo, so instead we have a new test for you to participate in that’s more appropriate for the occasion. We need you to develop a pleasant relationship with this other toy here, that is all. We will observe and take notes…for science.”

— The End—