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Please, Pop Me

The two girls sat on the bed, looking shyly away from each other. They were both anthro dogs with smaller sized “assets”. Tan in color, they looked almost identical and were completely in the nude. The room was fairly small and empty, with only one sturdy looking metallic door adorning the nearby wall.

There was something strangely off about the girls, however. They were fairly realistic in appearance, except that they were kind of shiny; reflective in a way. The light bounced off their thighs so as to suggested they were, in fact, balloons. As the one girl raised her arm near the other’s chest, some faint creaking could be heard coming from her.

As the girl bit her lip, she made contact with the other’s smooth breast. It emanated a mild squeaking noise one would expect of a balloon, as she let out a surprised gasp. She turned to the other as they locked eyes, both understanding well what the other wanted; for their deviancy to continue. She grabbed hard onto the breast and used her thumb the rub its nipple hungrily. It was obvious that the girl doing the groping was enjoying her body in the same way she’d want her own body enjoyed. Needless to say, neither one of them was complaining.

The girl being groped closed her eyes and grabbed the other’s free arm, pulling the hand up to grasp the opposing breast. The one playing with her got the picture, and quickly used both hands to massage, feel, and toy with those wonderful playthings of hers. It wasn’t long before she was moaning out loud, squirming around a little beneath the grip, and giving her other some lust filled looks.

The girl wanted more; so she placed her arms around her aggressor’s waist and pulled her on top with a squeak. They immediately started moving suggestively without restraint, enjoying the feeling of their smooth thighs and breasts rubbing against one another. Occasionally their more sensitive areas would get overwhelmed with friction, sending a jolt of pleasure through their body.

Their breathing grew heavier as their lust manifested more and more with each passing second. In an effort to get the other girl to moan louder, the one below slid her fingers into the other’s slippery, and soaked vaginal entrance. She did her best to slide the fingers against the girl’s clit, but the way that her fingers advanced suggested that she wouldn’t be taking no for an answer; they were each other’s plaything now. She reacted with a loud moan and a shudder just as the other desired. A breath left her mouth almost involuntarily as her eyes gently closed. She flexed her rear, pushing into a nonexistent man behind her.

The girl above managed to open her eyes and gaze down to the mess of a woman below her; the one with the fingers deep inside her hole. She flicked the girl’s nipples below her harder, and used the opening it provided to plant a huge kiss into the other’s mouth. The girl on top blew some air into the into her as her body swelled slightly. The other did the same in response after the other’s breath had finished, and the process repeated over again many times between them. They enjoyed the feeling of their curves growing tighter, as well as their bodies relaxing as the air left them. And yet still, they wanted more.

The one above grabbed onto the one below’s tits harder, squeezing them until she couldn’t squeeze any more. The girl below bucked upwards in response as air was simultaneously blasted down into her mouth. The girl was trying to pop the other, and was admittedly getting close, but she never quite squeezed hard enough to finish the job. The sensation of being that tight and ready to burst with every waking moment was enough to send her to orgasmic heaven.

They both tried multiple times to burst each other using any techniques they could think of, but they couldn’t just get that release they wanted. One attempt got particularly close as she gave a long breath into the girl above, following an intense squeezing of the plump posterior. They both knew just how close it was, but she ended up coming down from her high with eyes nearly crossed and lost to lust. They needed it, wanted it so badly, but just couldn’t get that final boom they so desired.

Then there was a click, a mild creaking as the metallic door nearby opened. A figure walked in slowly, wearing nothing but some smooth, formfitting, black boxers.

He had white fur, and long ears. From appearances, one would suggest that he was a bunny, but there was something a little different about his form. The two girls couldn’t quite put their finger on what was different, but they didn’t care. He was a fairly young looking and attractive, and the bulge in his undies suggested he would be ok with a little action. His demeanor was controlled, eerily calm almost, but the faint blush in his cheeks gave away how he was feeling deep down.

He looked to the bed snapped his fingers as a section of the wall near the bed opened up. A nightstand slid out of a perfectly rectangular hole before sealing up as though there were never any hole to begin with. The dog girls looked to the nightstand and noticed something in particular about it; it had sharper edges.

The girls quickly got up off of each other and inspected the new piece of furniture while the boy walked over and inspected their asses. One girl immediately turned and placed her booty near the top edge while panting; she wanted it so bad but the anticipation was also killing her. In another second she pressed her cushion against the edge, grinding into it slowly and waiting for the inevitable. She slid it back and forth as the sounds of the desperate balloon woman’s ass filled the air. Yet even still, she couldn’t get herself to go off. The denial made her pout, knowing now the top edge of the stand seemed too dull. Perhaps it was their desires that created the sharper edge in their mind. But they wanted to explode, and there was one final option available; the corner.

The man noticed the quick flick of the girl’s eyes as it darted to the corner of the nightstand, and he knew he had to act there and now. The girl slid her ass over across the top and just about reached the corner before he lunged forward and pulled her away. Needless to say, she was not pleased. “NoOOo! I was about to go off! I wanted to burst thousands of little pieces. It would feel soooo good~ Why would you deprive me of that?” She looked to his unforgiving eyes desperately with small tears forming in her own.

He suddenly pushed her back against the nightstand, rubbing his crotch into hers as he felt up her waist. “Because, I’m going to be the one to get you to pop. I’m sure you’ve realized you two couldn’t get each other to go off on your own,” The boy continued to rub himself against her, “But if you beg for it I’ll pop you both soon and in pleasurable ways.” Her tears quickly fell away, knowing that what he was offering her was much better than her original plan. “Please,” she said in her cute little voice, “please pop me~”

He pulled his boxers down and immediately shoved himself fully into her vaginal entrance. She moaned out loudly, practically losing herself to him. He humped into her fiercely, doing his best to hold her in place well enough so he could get at her fuck hole properly. He held her by the waist so she’d stay comfortably in place for him as he used her like a toy.

With the force he was using she was sure she’d blow in another minute or two, but she was resilient than she hoped. He orgasmed once, then twice into his personal fuck toy as she became more and more desperate for that lovely pop. The other girl would massage the boy’s silky smooth ass between orgasms as a reminder that she was still there during their escapade. No matter how much force he put into her she never burst, and believe me he was trying. “Alright,” he said breathing heavily, “Let’s finish you off already.”

She felt a shiver of relief and pleasure flow through her after he said that, and could feel herself being moved over to the corned of the nightstand at long last. He turned her around, ass facing him and her belly inches from the point as her hands absentmindedly used the top for support. Her vision was blurry as her mind was mostly mush by now. She moaned out as she felt him enter her pussy from behind. “Resist my thrusts until you can’t anymore. Then you can finally pop.”

He grabbed hard as he tried to push her into the corner with each hump against her rump. She resisted him shockingly well, and didn’t show any signs of weakening. He didn’t want to orgasm again before she blew, and was wondering if he’d have to use excessive force to pop her. That was not something he wanted to do, as it could ruin the results of this test. Luckily, he felt the other girl grasp him from behind and push against him with an embrace. “Lemme help you out there~” she said as she pressed against them both with a smile. The other girl let out some desperate moans as she realized she couldn’t hold herself back much longer. It excited her so much that she came, came as she was humped into closer and closer to the edge.

Mid orgasm she managed get one final cry out, “Ah~ You’d better finish off the other girl or I’ll never forgIVE YO-“


The first girl felt the prick of the nightstand for just a moment before exploding blissfully with a sexy cry. The juices from her orgasm coated the floor where she’d stood, as well as the many scraps of her that remained. The boy went ahead and slid the remains of her slick vagina off of his dick; partially wishing he’d actually finished up before she burst.

He could feel the other girl pressing her boobs against his back, making cute noises the whole time; it was pretty obvious that watching the first girl explode got her going. He reached his arms around behind her to grasp at her butt. When he felt the heavenly ass below his fingers the only thing on his mind was how wet the lower parts were. He stuck a soaked finger up her bum and listened to her moan and breathe near his ear. This girl was his little toy.

He turned around as she loosened her grip as he stared into her eyes for a moment, asserting his dominance through looks. He could do her however he wanted, and in whichever hole he wanted; these balloon girls were always ready for some backdoor fun.

He teased his cock against the front of her vagina, enjoying the feeling of her soaking pussy. He kissed into her, watching her cute reaction as he slid his penis against her back entrance and kissed into her. He barely hesitated before pushing in, and she let out a loud moan with mild strain into his mouth. He slid the rest of his length inside, enjoying the feeling of her tightening and squeezing around him. He loved to watch her face contort in mild discomfort before falling back to pure, needy ecstasy. Hilting into her, he picked her up by the ass and carried her over to the bed. Her legs naturally clung around his legs in return.

Another moment and he fell with her onto the bed, making her body creak in tightness for a brief moment. It was enough to finally incapacitate her mind. His cock found heaven inside her tight behind, and he unloaded his desires into it for several minutes. Her eyes searched the room in a daze as she smiled beneath his kisses, the pumping in her ass brought her comfort, as well as knowing she’d be popped soon by this handsome bunny boy. She loved having her body getting used, and the more he enjoyed her hole the more fulfilled and aroused she became.

His pumping into her rear reaching its peak as he thought about nothing but sex. He orgasmed once into her, filling her ass with his cum and sending her over the edge. They bucked wildly into each other before finally, slowly, pulling away from the long kiss they were having.

He grasped onto her boobs and massaged them a bit before teasing her, “Look at these cute things, they look about ready to pop, like you.” She felt like the balloon that she was, all buttered up and ready to blow for her lover. The fact that she was still in one piece even now was somewhat torturous for her. He just enjoyed her rear as it slowly squeezed around him while he slowly humped into it. She finally spoke. “Please~” she begged, “please, come on already~ I want to pop, I n-need to pop! Just let me explode already please! Please, please~”

She could feel a few sharp pricks along on her breasts where his fingers were and moaned again, “Aahh~” beginning to orgasm again knowing that this was her end. The boy began to dig his sharp nails into her breasts a little as he grabbed at her hard. Bucking into him desperately while moaning, she heard him give her one final tease while she was lost to the moment, “You’re gonna make one sexy pop~” He cupped her boobs and squeezed harder, digging the points into her balloon breasts.


The girl disappeared below him all at once, and he greatly enjoyed watching her up to the last second. The scraps of the girl were strewn around the bed, as well as a few bits of their juices that had been inside her. He took a moment to lay there and catch his breath while he shook from the immense satisfaction he felt. After a moment, he got up and heading out the door.

— Epilogue—

Another rabbit was waiting outside the room for him in a lab coat. “See, told ya you’d like it.” the new bunny said. “Alright, it was better than I thought I’ll give it that. Maybe I should do more tests personally instead of leaving it to someone else. Those toys are a lot of fun to play with. I had so much trouble just keeping my composure, trying to remember what I was testing for in the first place.” The other nodded his head in agreement, “Oh yeah, that’s why it can be helpful to only test for a few things at once. Sometimes ya just get carried away.” He shrugged.