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Put To Good Use

Within the cold, dark confines of the facility, a mysterious inflatable seal walked. He was purple, humanoid in nature, and his body squeaked a bit as he made his curious way down the dimly lit, and vastly empty corridor. Along the walls were some gigantic doors with numbers ranging from one to twelve. The doors’ sheer size dwarfed him by comparison.

Elsewhere, a notification prompted a nearby scientist to check what was moving through their halls. He blinked in disbelief as he looked to the purple seal on his monitor. The creature was unchecked and undocumented. He spoke to his co-worker nearby, “Uh, did we ever manufacture a purple seal?” I don’t recall that ever coming up.” The co-worker absentmindedly turned her neck to the screen. She was quite bored however, “No, I don’t think so. Weird stuff happens around here, you should be used to it by now.”

The scientist stared at the screen for a minute, thinking of what to do. “Should we…pop it?”

“Like I care.”

“No really, what if it’s not from around here?”

“I seriously doubt it.”

“Or, what if it’s something the master A.I. core cooked up while we weren’t looking?”

“Maybe, but it’s still just a stupid balloon.”

“…Ya know, you could at least pretend to be interested.”

“Wow, that’s so fascinating.” she finished with enthusiastic sarcasm.

The scientist put his hands to his head as he tried to quickly process this turn of events. “Ok, I know what I’ll do.”

The seal gasped a little as the door marked, “07” slowly started to open. Within, a bright light flooded the hall as he squinted to get a better view. The machinations of the door came to a halt promptly and he hesitantly walked inside.

Within were three other balloons, similar to himself and all male. A big, teal toad who must’ve been at least eight feet tall, a bright red bird with bubbly wings and a generous ass, and a mustard-yellow, slender squirrel with a huge, huggable tail behind him. They stood near the center of the large room, which had some air tanks nearby. They appeared to be chatting until catching sight of him.

The seal then heard a voice through a nearby speaker as the door behind him closed, “I don’t know where you’re from, what model you are, or even if you are a model. But one thing’s for sure though, I’m putting you to good use.” The seal raised an eyebrow at the speaker. “Now, only you can hear my voice right now as the others are too far away. So, what I need you to do for me is to stress test those balloons. Can you do that for me?” The seal thought for a minute, tapping his finger to his chin a few times before nodding happily. “Good, you may proceed whenever you like.”

The seal walked over between the others with a seductive and devious look in his eyes. He pressed his hands into the rounded belly of the toad, enjoying the feeling below his finger tips. The toad simply stood there silently, unsure if he was enjoying the feeling or not. However, the more he was rubbed the more his erection grew beneath them. The seal turned his head away from the toad with a cute smile while he looked into his eyes; a move that the toad certainly enjoyed. The seal finally spoke up, “I’ll come back to play with you, but first I have something very important to do.”

He turned to the bird on his right, who was surprised by his sudden presence and a little curious as to what he had planned. “What do you mean important?” the bird said doubting the importance of whatever he had planned. The seal walked right past the avian, sliding his hand up his chest and staring into his eyes briefly as he passed. The bird exhaled a bit, finding himself becoming a little aroused as well. The seal grabbed hold of two hoses connected to the air-tanks with one hand, as the squirrel impatiently strolled over to him.

The squirrel started, “Come on, what’s so important? Just spit it out alread-eeEE!” The seal spun around without warning and grabbed hold of the squirrel’s squeaky balls; fondling them lovingly. He briefly stroked the startled, squirming squirrel up his extending length, and used his thumb to rub the newly wet tip. He continued like this for a few seconds, completely rendering the squirrel stunned with the lovely sensations. Once he was done, he slid two of his fingers back down the squeaky package and under his rear, planting them firmly up inside the squirrel’s bum hole. The yellow boy panted and gasped desperately at what was happening between his legs, as he placed his hands onto the seal’s head for support, “Ooh~” he moaned out. A moment later the fingers slipped from his hole, and were rapidly replaced by something larger and cool being forced deep inside him. It slowly crept in deeper and deeper, to the point where it seemed like the seal had made a mistake. The squirrel was shuddering with pleasure, as all balloons are made to be anally accommodating without issue. “W-what did you do to me?” he managed to get out before the seal kissed him lovingly on the lips. There was a hiss as the seal used his free hand to open the air tank.

The seal left the squirrel boy there, shuddering and moaning as air rushed into his form through the hose he’d put up his rear. He put his arm over the red bird’s shoulder and held the nozzle up in front of his face, “I have a fun place I’d like to put this, if you’d be so kind. It’s very important, ya know, for science.” The bird had to admit to himself that he was quite curious what inflation would feel like. “Alright, fine.” red finally said after some thought. The seal kissed his balloon boy on the cheek, and proceeded to slide his hand down the bird and onto his bouncy backside. The seal descended below the bird, getting on his knees. Before him, two large, red buns stared him down invitingly. The bird bent back a little to give the seal an easier time, as he felt the seal part his cheeks and lick him in his hole briefly. The hose was then inserted a moment later with little hesitation. He all too quickly became a moaning mess like the squirrel before him as his already large butt grew even more.

The seal walked back over to the toad and quickly pressed him down onto his back on the floor. He rode the gigantic belly of the creature passionately, wasting no time in enjoying himself. It’s body creaked below him, but it didn’t seem like it was in any danger of popping. Suddenly, the tongue of the toad whipped out from his mouth, and wrapped itself around the seal’s gyrating hips. It pulled him in close and began to suck him off as they stared into each other’s eyes; the toad certainly wanted him. He humped into its maw as the tongue wrapped its way further and further around his body. Somehow, through the incredible feeling of their inflation, the others made their way over to the sides of the toad.

The avian crawled its way up his side of the toad a bit, as the seal grabbed hold of his dick. “Ah!” the bird let out immediately as he began humping into his hand slightly. The seal stroked the bird’s further hardening dick as best he could while his hand became more and more soaked in its slippery cum. Meanwhile, the squirrel just barely managed to grab hold of him from the other side. “Hey u-uh, mind if I get some action BEFORE I pop? That’s what y-you’re doing to us right? That’s what’s so important, to see how much we can t-taAAaaKE?” The squirrel closed his eyes and suddenly started humping against the toad as he felt his body tighten up suddenly. “Oh~ That doesn’t feeEEEeel right! I think-AH! I think I’m-OH!” His desperate humps increased tenfold as he sprayed his cum up the side of the taut skin and onto the seal. He cried out louder and louder as the seal watched him, enjoying the show.


The squirrel blew apart suddenly with orgasmic bliss; it seemed as though he hadn’t been properly calibrated, as he’d blown far too early.

The sight of the squirrel’s detonation really got the seal going, and he started hammering into the toad’s mouth with little hesitation. The massaging of his phallus inside the toad’s mouth was incredible, as his thick tongue did its best provoke him in the best ways possible. He closed his eyes as he let his body do the work. The sounds of squeaks and moans filled his ears, but what he felt next really surprised him. A splash of warm cum hit his back from behind as the toad came a second before him, but then exploded before he could finish getting rid of his load.


As he struggled to catch his breath, the bird scooped him up, and let him lay on his thighs. The seal looked up to his cute face, “You’re gonna pop soon.” He could feel the bird’s erection against his back as it spoke, “So? It’s what we’re supposed to do right? It’s not my place whether I-Ah!” The seal had crawled up so he was sitting with his back facing the bird, ass teasing against his red and shiny penis. “Can’t have you go without getting a good pounding in right?” The bird looked to him with the happiest, and most relieved expression in the world as he quickly planted himself right up the seal’s ass. He didn’t hold back as his body began to creak more and more, all the while his cute noises he was making were irresistible to the seal. He pushed his purple butt back onto the bird a few more times as he felt himself get flooded. The bird finally lost his mind as he approached his end, “Oh fuck, oh FUCK, oh shit, Oh GOD YOUR ASS IS SOOOOO……….GOOD-“ And with one final hump, he disappeared below the seal.


The last of his scraps rained down as the scientist collected the data. A voice over the loudspeaker filled the room as the final balloon rested amongst the carnage, “That’ll do for now, good job…whatever you are. You’ve been invaluable to our scientific research. We’ll set you up some new ones with adjusted capacities in a few minutes. Would you be willing to go again?”