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Stress Relief

The door to a warmly lit home opened, as a fairly well built anthro horse walked inside. His mind appeared a little absent, and his rugged demeanor seemed out of place among the beautiful, natural lit kitchen he’d stumbled into. Wiping his dirty shoes on the welcome mat, he slipped them off. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, and it felt as though he was suppressing something on his mind. He was too calm, especially considering the state he was in. He had slight bruises on his arms, legs, and was more exhausted than he initially appeared. His body ached all over, but he was certainly recovering quickly despite this. He sighed deeply, finally relieving some of the tension from his mind. The navy blue duffle bag, he’d slung over his shoulder, came to a nice rest on marble countertop before him as he placed it down. “What a load of crap.” he said with half open and defeated eyes.

He’d just gotten back from his wrestling match, and let’s just say he was not the winner this time. Usually, he did better for himself in the ring as he pinned his opponents with relative ease. However, this lion he was up against today was just too much for him. As he placed his arms on the countertop to hold himself up, as he could still visualize the confident look on his opponent’s face in his mind. The next thing he remembers was being completely countered at every angle, every turn, every point possible during the match. It was embarrassing, but it would just mean that he’d have to work harder for next time.

He had this nagging feeling though, this rising fury within him would have to be taken care of lest he take it out on the wrong, undeserving person. It was boiling out of control, and luckily no one else would be home for a while. He needed some stress relief.

He wandered up the stairs to his bedroom, and pulled out a bag of balloons from his nightstand. He could’ve just had his fun with them inside his room, but that wasn’t really what he was feeling at the moment. Heading back downstairs, he brought a small electric pump with him and placed the rest of the supplies in the kitchen. It was merely ten or so minutes before he’d filled the place with many thirty-six inch balloons ready to pop for him.

He picked up the first one, white and clean looking as it sat innocently on the countertop. “Look at you, all perfect and squeaky.” He embraced the balloon; enjoying all its noises and bulges in front of his face. “You think you can handle me, don’t you? Think you can withstand my pressure on your poor, little, pathetic body.” He imagined what the balloon’s expression would be, what it would be feeling, what he’d want it to be feeling. Picturing it’s eyes squint closed as it made cute little noises on the brink of bursting apart, he played with it more.

He hugged the balloon tighter as its body protested more and more under the pressure of his toned arms. His mind was elsewhere; in some desperate fantasy created to service his emotions. Of course, the balloons weren’t alive, it was all in his head. But he needed and outlet and this was the best he was gonna get.

“That’s right, you can’t take the pressure. You’re gonna blow apart for me, riiiight-NOW!” The balloon creaked and grew to a disproportionately large size, before exploding in his arms with a loud-


It stung a little, but he just liked to think of the pain as their last attempt of retaliation before indignantly dying off.

He looked to the other balloons, now littered on the floor, and imaged them worried by his looming presence. “Oh yes, all you little pop toys are gonna end up like your buddy over here.” he said sliding down to sit on a new one with a white scrap in his hand.

He sat harder onto the blue balloon below him as he enjoyed the squishing feeling beneath his ass. He could feel himself get harder inside his shorts as the smooth material pressed against his buns. “Mmh, you think just because you massage my rear like that, that I’ll let you live?” He crushed the balloon harder as he imagined it smiling nervously beneath him, asking nicely to not be popped. “Not a chance trash, you’re gonna blow.”

He grinded mercilessly against the shiny surface as hard as he could, letting out some masculine grunts as he tried to get it to burst. The balloon was putting up a better fight than expected, but he wouldn’t let it win. “Just…pop…already!” he said through gritted teeth, as he forced the rest of his weight on the straining surface. He felt it cave in at last, as he fell through with a satisfyingly loud-


Somehow, he’d managed to catch himself a bit before completely slamming into the ground.

He moved around the room, sitting on other random balloons, putting tons of pressure on them until they burst. It was so much fun for him to go around and play with his little victims. He liked to imagine that the others had to watch the whole time, never knowing when his plump rear would decide to sit on their creaking bodies until they explode; at least they got to feel his nice ass before their end. But, he grew tired of sitting on them eventually; he wanted more.

Dropping his shorts with a smirk, he gave them a short show with his body as he walked over to the next toy. A red balloon looked up to him, admittedly admiring his attractive form. His tail swooshed to the side as he planted his hands on his hips, and slowly pulled down his remaining undergarment. His erection popped out from within, fully erect and revealed for the world to see. The golden light from the afternoon sun only further emphasized his attractive form.

He then crouched down over the balloon delicately, staring into its invisible eyes, letting it know that he would enjoy it as it bursts. The balloon was conflicted. The horse’s slick, and thick rod pressed into the balloon as if he were hotdogging a cushiony ass. He humped against it lightly at first, and he could feel that the balloon was enjoying it despite the impending fate. “You think you’re hot shit just because you’re red and shiny? Because you can please me like this? Because you’re actually enjoying my dick against you? Well, this is the best you’re gonna get for the rest of your pathetic existence. You’d better enjoy it while you can.” He grinded against it harder, listening to its squeaks as it it grew closer and closer to the inevitable pop.

He humped passionately into the balloon, to the point where he was practically bouncing off it with each thrust. “So bouncy and smooth, if you only you weren’t so pathetic!” he said knowing the balloon had reached its limit. It was one, no two, three more bounces before the inflated form cried out with loud creaks and burst apart with a-


in total ecstasy . He enjoyed looking down to watch his inflated partner disappear into scraps on the floor.

It was exhilarating, and he quickly looked for the next balloon to pop. He needed to watch another burst for him, because of him. Gathering several more toys he panted a bit as he did the same to each of them; savoring the experience all the way up to the pop.

There was something so hot about knowing the thing you were humping into would burst under your weight, because of your weight whenever you felt like it. It was a very dominant feeling, and he was addicted to it. None of them stood a chance.




A few lone stragglers remained, and he was certainly beginning to feel better, but his appetite was not quenched just yet. He walked seductively over to the last few balloons amongst the various scraps covering the floor, and got down on his knees to caress a lime-green balloon. “Shhh, it’s ok. You or your friend could never have taken me, being the worthless garbage you all are~” He licked the balloon teasingly, and held it tight. “But at least you’ll make for an entertaining snack.”

He sunk his teeth into the squeaking skin of the balloon as it fought to resist him. He struggled to hold it tight, before finding a good grip and biting into it as hard as he could. He closed his eyes as his vice-like teeth were too much for its pleading body as it exploded into a big pile of garbage with a nice-


He repeated the process, jumping to his next inflatable prey as he toyed with each one until their was one remaining. The last sat there, embraced by him from above, its comrades in tatters around as it accepted its fate. “Don’t worry, your bitch ass was never worth anything to begin with.” he said sliding his fingers up and down the teal balloon tauntingly. He got in close to the stretchy latex, “Now make a good boom for me.” Whispering the final words, he began to bite into it just after, “I know you will.” With a big chomp of his teeth it blew apart almost instantly.


With a big smile he looked over their remains, satisfied with his work. Looking to the clock on the wall for time, he took note that it would only be another thirty minutes before someone else would come home. Plenty of time for the finale.

He walked over to his duffle bag and caught his breath a little. He found himself searching through it briefly, managing to find what he was looking for. He hooked the golden balloon up to the pump. It only took a minute or two to blow the figure into its fully inflated form. A somewhat muscular and imposing anthro lion shape emerged from the crumpled mess. Its form filled out in a satisfying way, before the eyes of the toy opened up.

The same company that was producing the “inflatable lover” line of toys had created this as well; a much more rough and tumble variant than what they usually produce. The artificial intelligence in this one was different. It would fight back; it didn’t want to be popped.

The lion’s erection stood firm as it looked the naked horse up and down. Soon its gaze shifted to the various scraps lining the floor, and could tell all too quickly what he’d done. The lion growled slightly, “You popped all these toys, didn’t you? And now, you think you can pop me? Isn’t that right?” The horse simply smirked, he liked where this was going. “You’re just a weak, stupid balloon,” he responded with confidence, “and I need to take out some frustrations on you. Why don’t you be a good toy and bend over?”

The lion immediately rushed to the horse, as they grappled each other, staring fiercely into each others’ eyes. The lion had a surprising amount of strength, but you wouldn’t expect anything else from The Lab’s creations; if they promised you a rough experience you were gonna get one.

The lion got a slight edge and maximized it to the fullest, spinning the horse around and holding his wrist hostage behind his back in a twist. His wrist burned as he felt the lion’s warm erection brushing against his naked bottom. The lion spoke, “A stupid balloon? That must explain how you thought of the others. I bet you teased them all the way until they burst-“ twisting the horse’s arm a little more, he continued, “didn’t you?” The horse cried out in a bit of pain, before managing to pull away from him to reset their engagement.

A new fire raged within the horse, as the burn in his wrist pulled at his mind. He tackled the lion head first but was caught! Pushing into the inflatable figure, he did his best to move against him but to little success. The lion was holding firm, barely budging to the advancing male below. But, he was having more trouble than anticipated and started to lose his footing.

Suddenly, the horse cried out with passion as he lifted the lion off the ground and jumped overtop of him as they fell. “N-NO!" the lion got out before they hit the ground. His inflatable, balloonie body was squashed by the falling horse and almost blew him apart right there. Their cocks slammed into each other, and continued to rub against one another as they both caught their breath.

As they lay there, he realized the lion had been dazed temporarily by the force of the impact. Finding himself naturally grinding into the toy’s thick cock below, he knew what he wanted to do next. Remembering that these toys were always ready for anal, he slid himself down the toy’s length and prodded at his lower entrance. “Let me show you just how much of a toy you are.” Not a moment later and he buried himself in the lion’s tight asshole.

The balloon had felt the intruder enter his behind. But, being the toy he was, it only brought him pleasure. He roared out a bit, fighting his own enjoyment of the action, trying to remember that this man simply wanted him popped. The horse wasted no time as he humped into him as hard as he pleased. The constant hilting of the intruding dick inside him rocked his body against the floor. It was hypnotizing, intoxicating, but not enough to make him give up.

He bucked back against the horse with all his might to try and break free, but ended up simply adding to the lust of the moment. His urges fought at his mind and overtook his desire to escape, despite his best efforts. The horse looked down to the moaning, surrendered mess of an inflatable lion and smiled. “See? Nothing but a toy. Glad to see you’ve finally given into your fate loser!” He came into the lion as his tight hole with filled with the piping hot liquid. The lion’s head reared back as he made some final strained moans of resistance, “F-fuck you, y-you stupid…meat-bag! If I wasn’t made like this I would’ve won! OoOOohhH ShiT!” The lion came only a few seconds later, coating his chest with his own fake cum.

The horse flipped him around onto his stomach and pounded into him from behind, taking the full force of his remaining frustrations out of the lion’s bum. “You were a lot harder to pop than I thought you’d be, *mmh. Looks like I’m gonna have to do something special to finish you off!”

On the brink of orgasm, he pulled out of the lion, and spun him onto his back. The lion looked around in a daze, doing his best to catch his breath. “N-no, don’t do it. You can’t.” The horse lifted both the lion’s legs up high into the air, then stepped over his body to force him onto his chest. He squatted down to put strain on the creature, fully placing the lion into a wresting position; the boston crab. He rubbed his erection against the lion’s buns as he felt its balloon body creak all around him. The lion roared desperately, not from pain as he could feel none, but from the strain he was feeling all over; he knew he was about to burst.

“You’re gonna pop as soon as I cum on your ass. Mmh! Would you like to know how long you have?” In only another few thrusts atop the lion’s bubbly butt, the horse came into the open air. “Not long at all!” As much as he didn’t want to pop, he couldn’t deny his incredible enjoyment of the situation. The lion made one last plea as he felt the man go for it, “D-don’t you daARE! OH…FffffuU-“


As the balloon burst below his toned ass, and the thighs he was holding disappeared between his grip, he felt and overwhelming sense of satisfaction knowing he’d defeated his opponent. Even if is was just a stupid balloon.

Slowly finding his way to the cool floor, he took a deep breath and exhaled, finally relaxing all over. “Now that, was exactly what I needed.”