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I’m Gonna Pop, and You’re Gonna Like It (Part 3)

The german shepherd inquired his theory regarding what was happening. “It’s some kind of virtual reality then? Isn’t it?” the boy said touching himself. The fox turned to him and smiled deviously. “That means the girl you just popped,” he continued, “was the girl from next door. She must be sitting inside her own chamber in her house right now.” The fox girl nodded, “She experiences everything the toy does. At least, as closely as possible.” He stroked himself even more at the thought. “Having fun there?” the fox teased. The machine hummed to life once more as another balloon began to inflate. He stared at the fox’s large and hot rear as he spoke confidently, “Not as much fun as I’m gonna have popping your ass.”

His objective was clear, he had to pop the fox for good this time. Somehow, he’d have to access the control panel on the chamber amidst all the crazed popping about to commence. He wasn’t sure if he could actually pop the fox girl and her bubbly assets, knowing how much incredible pressure she could handle. He thought about simply using a sharp object and ending it right now, but a large part of him wanted some sex out of the situation.

A new dog girl plopped off the machine as she squirmed a little removing the anal nozzle. She walked over a bit to the boy, and looked to his hardened member. “I accidentally inflated the fox again. Sorry.” She got in close to stroke his cheek, “But now can you see how much I like this? Use me as your personal, worthless toy. Have fun with me~ Please.” He looked into her eyes, and could tell by her longing expression that she was telling the truth. Just then, they were interrupted.

The busty fox strode up behind them and slid her palm deep into the balloon girl’s crevice. She groped at one side her rear before plunging a few fingers inside her stretchy rectum. “Did I say you could escape from me?” the fox teased. “What a worthless toy you are. Dog boy, help me get rid of this one.” He held no objections.

Placing his hands on her hips, he positioned himself in front of her as he poked against her entrance. He slid himself into the vaginal walls of the squirming blue bitch, and humped into her without hesitation. The fox behind her got in close and pressed her oversized breasts against the back of the girl while she continued to finger her mercilessly. The blue dog was assaulted with dick from the front, and three large fingers sliding in and out of her hot asshole.

She could feel the pressure within her building as they embraced her more tightly; the heat between them becoming quite significant. “I wanna hear a nice boom between us, got that girly?” The girl had her eyes closed in a sweat, trying to keep her mind in tact, “A-ah! N-no pleaaASe not yeeET! I-I want to c…c….ccuuUUUUMM!” The girl started bucking a bit into them both wildly as she started to orgasm.

The boy put his arms around the busty fox woman and pulled her super close, squeezing the blue girl between them, and ending up with his face nestled between her blue boobs. Another second later he thrust hard into her, and her moaning was interrupted by a nice-


The two remaining fell into each other a bit as her scraps fluttered around them. The fox inflatable looked to the dog boy seductively. “That was pretty nice, now why don’t you do me like-heeeER. Mmm,” the fox stumbled over her words as she was grabbed by her big inflatable ass and hilted into from the front by the boy. She could do nothing but moan out in bliss as she was taken by the male before her; enjoying the sensation of him sliding in and out of her. “I didn’t cum before she burst, so you’ll have to do.” he said in desire.

He had been getting progressively more assertive as the day went on, but this was certainly something she never expected. His desire for her fuck hole must’ve been so great that he stopped using reason. Of course, she wouldn’t dream of protesting. “Ah! Good boy!” she moaned out as he slammed up into her practically lifting her off the ground. He loved the feeling of her large ass under his palms as it bulged and squished beneath him.

It wasn’t long before he came into her as she clenched a bit around him. He slowed his thrusts to a near halt as he took a moment to breathe. His heart raced inside his chest. “What’s the matter?” the toy vixen said pleadingly, “You gonna take me like that and not even let me cum?” As she said this, the dog girl was re-inflated into another body behind them.

She saw the way the other two had snaked their way around each other’s hips and felt a bit left out. Just then, the male took the fox to the floor, and began slowly moving into her. He stared into her eyes to see hers trying to figure out his logic. The blue girl walked over to the two of them on the floor and kneeled down right above the fox’s head. The fox getting slowly humped into was getting quite close to orgasm, and so when she opened her eyes to see a willing blue toy above her, she got an idea.

The blue girl spoke, “I wanna be a part of this too, don’t leave me hangin’ guys.” The fox reached up to grab her by her thighs as she pulled her into position her over her head. She could see her fully naked and shiny blue body above her. “Then sit on me you stupid toy. I’ll enjoy blowing you to bits from below.”

Blue instantly sat down on her aggressively, trying to shut up the mouthy fox with her cunt. But, “aAAh” the girl let out a surprised squeak as she felt a rush of air fill her from below, straight into her vagina hole. Her belly filled out a bit as the small sound of a balloon being filled echoed from within her. The doggie girl was beginning to get more feisty, admittedly liking her own acts of resistance and defiance. “Ah! Like you could ever even pop my ass you stupid sex toy!”

The girl’s body filled out more and more as air was forced up inside her while she was occasionally being eaten out. The boy became aroused all over again at this new sight, and started bucking into the fox lady below. Her cushiony, air filled body made him bounce off her a little with each thrust; it was really enjoyable. The foxy girl would occasionally lick far into the inner walls of the girl in circular motions of her tongue when she didn’t feel like blowing into her, and it was only making the bitch clench her legs around the fox’s head harder. As blue struggled for support atop the tongue inside her crotch, she managed to grab hold of the fox’s oversized breasts for support.

The girl was getting close to popping as her tightening body forced her more into an upright position. “T-there’s no way, you can pull it off- huff- toy.” she managed to get out as her body stopped growing. The fox pulled herself from the inflated pussy for a moment to tease her one last time. “Such a darling in denial you are. You were just something for me to puff up and pop anyway, can’t say there was much intelligence to expect from you.” She got a good grip of blue’s thighs, and pulled them harder against her face with an intent to pop. ** The fox slowly puffed into the girl intending to draw out her inevitable burst, but the boy had other plans.

He pulled from the foxy’s cunt and forced himself deep into her cushiony butt with little warning; inserting himself all the way inside. Both girl’s eyes shot open as the fox suddenly released all her remaining breath into the bitch. She barely had time for a squeak before-


The remaining girl looked down to him in amazement, and satisfaction. “Ya know, you used to be really cute, but now I’m just enjoying how you play with me babe. Mmm.” He thrust into her a few more times before spotting something interesting on the floor nearby; a pair of white high heels under the bed.

The blue girl inflated a new model once more as the german shepherd issued a challenge to the lovely fox balloon. “I bet you can’t pop this girl as well as I can. You balloonie bombs just want to explode into hundreds of scraps don’t you? I think I’ve gotten the hang of this.” The lady pushed her ass further onto his cock after he said that. “Now you’re gettin’ it babe. Let’s team up on this toy.”

They grabbed the high heels out from under the bed, and slipped them onto the fox’s small feet. She had no trouble moving in them as she was quite light, but the longer she wore them the more dirty ideas came to her mind.

The blue girl was getting more and more into the fantasy of being a disposable toy, and began to role-play harder. She took one look at the dull but pointed heels and fell to her desires. “So many blue scraps around here. Just how many of me have you popped~” There was some part of him that remembered she was the girl next door, but it had been so long that he was beginning to not care.

They both walked up to their new disposable volunteer, thinking of what to do with her, but the vixen spoke first. “Why don’t you get on your knees darling, then we can figure out how to turn you into scraps like your sisters.” She shook in anticipation at the request, and greatly enjoyed the hungry looks they both were giving her. Their eyes showed no fear of repercussions from the blue balloon as they scanned her all over wherever they liked. Hesitantly though, she finally got down to her knees.

The boy walked around behind her as the fox kneeled down in front of her. The smell of burst balloons and cum was thick in the air, and it was really getting to her. “C-come on,” she started, “just hurry up and use me ’till I pop a-already.” She would have also included that she hadn’t gotten off last time, but that would be breaking character.

The male slid his hands to her shoulders, and gently pushed her to a face down ass up position while she was teased. A moment later she felt the blunt of a skinny object press into her back. “Careful what you wish for dear,” the fox teased as she pressed the heel into the balloonie, “you might just get it. You’re only good for a boom under my heel anyway.”

Elsewhere in her chamber, the golden cocker spaniel girl was sweating as she on the verge of orgasm. Even if they’d just popped her artificial body right there, the shockwave would’ve been enough to get her off. She was desperate for anything.”Please, it doesn’t matter if I get off, I’m just a useless toy for you to pop. Don’t be afraid to just burst me~”

He pulled back on her legs to drop her rear to the ground while she gave little to no resistance. He then slipped himself into her bare naked blue ass as she flexed up slightly into the heel. “Burst you right now? What a waste that’d be-mmh!” he said doing her as hard as he liked from behind.

The vixen made an observation, “Ya know, you always go for a girl’s ass if you can help it don’t you, and these toys really like anal. Yet, you’ve not gotten off inside my ass this entire time? I’m almost insulted.” The fox in heels got a little jealous of the girl on the ground, “Why don’t you finish up inside me instead?”

There was a sudden creaking coming from the heel of the her shoe, and before he knew it the girl beneath him flailed a bit knowing she might burst. “Let’s get her out of the way, shall we?” There was barely a warning as the girl managed to get out, “Aw, FU-“ before exploding beneath the heel with a loud-


The girl flailed in her chair inside the chamber, pulling at the restraints. She moaned so loudly that they could hear her orgasm continuously for a minute or so. “Well, someone enjoyed that didn’t they?” The boy sat there for a minute in denial, before looking to the busty fox angrily, as he hadn’t gotten off. “Fine, you want it up yours that badly? Then come get some!”

It was decided, he knew how he was gonna get rid of this toy; and this was the perfect excuse to do so. He rushed over and picked her up by the hips. Plopping her over by the machine as she looked to him hungrily. “Turn around and bend over!” he said agitated. She turned around quickly at his command. Her breathing stuttered a bit, as she felt a little threatened by the hot and cute boy finally giving her what she wanted. The blue girl filled up again, this time right in front of them.

The panel wasn’t far, and he was sure if he could reach it he could set her to destruction. “Go on then, show me how much you want me inside this oversized ass of yours.” She obliged and did her best to slide onto the head of his penis. “Mmm, making me work for it babe~ You’re in quite the mood aren’t you.”

She rested her hands on the thighs of the inflating blue girl before her, as he suddenly thrust fully into her cushiony, plump, and inviting behind. The fox let her mind flow, “Oooh, now we’re getting somewhere!” The blue girl noticed once again her predicament, “I barely came to, and already getting ready t-to-ohhh~

The vixen’s rear squeaked and made lewd noises as the male continued to pump into her the whole time. The feeling of his thrusts against her bouncing rear was admittedly weakening her mind; she was simply giving into her desires at this point. “I could just sit here and pop this bitch over and over again all day and be satisfied. I love the look on the face when she gets close to blowing apart~”

He had the panel in sight, but the blue doggie couldn’t pop this time for his plan to work. He pulled the vixen back as her legs dragged on the floor, “Hey! I wanna pop her! Move me back!” This gave the blue girl enough time to plop herself off the nozzle, and stumble to the floor nearby. He then pushed her right back up to where the nozzle was, which was still spraying air. He did his best to press her mouth onto the nozzle as she took it into her mouth, “Mmmph~”

The air rushed into her mouth and began filling her out quickly as she enjoyed her second and final inflation that day. He pressed hard into her rear, giving it as much force as he could in order to get close to the panel. He scrambled to quickly press the buttons looking for the setting, while her eyes crossed a bit at the cool air entering her. She felt a bit light headed at the overabundance of oxygen inside her, and didn’t even notice him messing with the panel above her. The blue girl lay on her side exhausted as she watched this scene unfold before her.

Her body was growing at an amazing rate as he finally found the correct setting for her on the panel. “There we go. Thank God.” She made a lazy noise of curiosity up to him as the machine made the satisfying charm whenever a setting is successfully adjusted. On screen, it read, “Dominant Orange Vixen: Version 2. Recovery Status: Perma-Pop.”

The panel closed automatically as she sucked more and more air down. “Keep suckin’ on that now, a good bunch of fox scraps is all I need outta you right now.” The blue girl crawled under the inflating fox, enjoying the sight and sound of her growing to her pop. Her belly lifted her off the floor, and her feet flailed a bit loosely in the air. The boy grabbed one of the high heels off her foot, and tossed it to the girl below. He smiled to her through the now semi-transparent figure of the fox balloon, “I think you know what this is for.” he said casually.

The nearly full balloon came hard as her legs struggled to clench mid-air, but her body was too tight to allow this to happen. She ended up slipping off the nozzle at the end and moaned incredibly loudly. He knew he couldn’t finish her by himself anymore, but that’s why he gave the heel to his assistant.

The girl below him readied her foot against the bloated and creaking belly above her. The boy teased her one last time. “Guess who’s about to be worthless scraps on my brother’s floor?” She spoke in a higher pitched voice which was evident that she was on the edge of her fate, “OooHH! MeE! F-fuUUcK YES!” He finally came deep into her ludicrously tight behind, granting her the wish she’d desired earlier. “Know what ELSE? It’s permanent this time BITCH! Go BOOM!” She felt the heel of the shoe press into her belly and she knew she must’ve had that same expression on her face that she loved to see so much. “F-FUCKinG PoP me alREADY! AAAH-“


She disappeared into nothing as bliss overcame her in the last few seconds. Not that is was a big deal she was gone, she was just a copy and paste artificial intelligence program anyway.

The boy finally fell to the floor, collapsing a bit in relief that his brother wouldn’t find out about him using his things. He then looked around the room to see the scraps everywhere, and realized he still had some cleaning to do. On top of that, there was a very exhausted looking blue dog girl still laying there on the floor. Looks like he’d still need to clean her up too.

-End Part 3-