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I’m Gonna Pop, and You’re Gonna Like It (Part 2)

He turned around to see a cute, golden cocker spaniel girl looking at him from her windowsill. Her tail was wagging back and forth, and she had a bit of a blush on her face. He was so shocked and embarrassed that he couldn’t even move. “Hey cutie,” she started in a playful voice, “kinda wish I was that balloon toy so you could do that to me~”

She leaned out of the windowsill and bent forward enough so that her smaller breasts were visible through the top of her shirt, “Hey, you wouldn’t mind if I came over there to have some fun with you right?” He blinked in denial atop the scraps of the popped toy and gulped nervously. “I’ll take that as yes.

She slipped back into her room and giggled a bit as she made her way down to her front door. He had no idea how to react to this situation. He just sort of sat there in denial for a minute, his face beat red. “That girl just saw me fuck the toy. She definitely did, aaaand now she wants me to do her? Is this real? That could’ve gone a lot worse…my God.” He heard the door to her house open as she tried to look casual approaching his home from the sidewalk. To be fair, it was going to be difficult to look innocent with those smooth booty shorts she was wearing.

He shook his head to snap out of it, and rushed to close his blinds haphazardly; all the way this time. He was barely ready for a guest, let alone a guest with her intentions. His head perked up in slight panic as he heard the doorbell ring. He took a quick few breaths to try and get himself in the right mood as the doorbell rang several more times playfully. There was no time left.

He sprinted the best he could out and down the stairs, ending up in his generously sized, and cleanly living room. He stood there catching his breath for a moment in nothing but his shirt, which draped over his cute, naked butt. He gulped one last time as he outstretched his arm to the door. There was a click as he slowly pulled the door open and poked his head through the frame. From her point of view, there was a cute doggy boy looking to her shyly from inside the house. She barely got a glimpse of his naked hips from where she was standing. She smiled in mischievous desire and asked him teasingly, “Can I come in? I don’t mind seeing you naked~” He made a noise in surprise, then looked away as he pulled the door open for her; making sure no one saw him from the outside.

She pursued him casually inside the door with her arms behind her back, looking to him the whole time. And the second she rounded the corner she made an almost predatory lunge to embrace him closely. She kicked the door shut behind them as she held the surprised male and pulled him in for a kiss. He resisted slightly as his arms flailed lightly in the open air, but this was mostly due to him being caught off guard.

She grabbed and fondled his cute buns as she pulled him closer, teasing her body against him. Her breasts, although smaller, were quite a welcome feeling upon his chest as they snuggled. He was so taken aback by the whole situation, that he was still afraid to touch her. What if she was just messing with him? He still couldn’t know for sure after just a kiss, no matter how good it was. Noticing this, she looked him in the eyes and took hold of his hands.

She placed them gently on her rear, and cupped them so that he’d end up groping her a bit with his fingers. Her tush squeezed around his fingers, nowhere near the size of the fox’s, but satisfying nonetheless. “It’s ok boy, just think of me like your plaything~ Grab me however you like.” He took her up on her offer, and groped her rear to his heart’s content as she played with his fiercely in return. They took moments to kiss between their desires, but eventually something would have to give.

Mm, I might not have the biggest cushion in the world, but I’m sure it’ll be more than enough for you, ah~” She got up close to his ear, truly beginning to lose her mind. “It won’t disappoint you~” She took him into a kiss a second afterwards as they lost themselves in each other. It was finally enough for him to know that she was serious about this, and that it wasn’t just a tease.

He began to give into his desires. Reaching down atop the hem of her pants to pull them down, her tail wagged in excitement as her shorts fell to the floor. He grabbed and pulled at her rear to grind against where her feminine hole resided. She moaned louder into him as she grinded back. Sliding his hands down into her underwear below, he groped at her behind a bit more. Finally, after a bit of passionate teasing against her panties, he pried them down off her her with a yank. “I knew you had it in you, good boy.”

He let her have fun with his mouth as he slid his fingers into her pussy lips below. She was hot and slick, and as he entered her, the girl’s thighs came together reflexively. He quickly took his fingers out and planted himself inside her almost immediately; hilting all the way. She moaned deep into him as he could feel her juices continuing to make her more slick by the moment. As he used her plump rear for leverage, he decided to try and slip his fingers up her ass. However, when he tried to slip it inside, he was met with something hard and solid blocking the path; she was wearing a butt plug.

As he humped into her forcefully, trying to cram as much of his length inside her as he could, the pace increased knowing what was in her rear. He came a few seconds later, sending a shockwave of pleasure through her, and causing her to orgasm around him as they fucked. They hugged there, standing in the living room, him deep inside her as his hot cum slowly filled her a little more as his orgasm winded down.

She pulled off of him, and turned around, pressing her ass into his soaking dick. “P-please, do my ass! Do me as hard as you like, but just don’t hold back!” He hesitated for a moment, remembering that she wasn’t some toy, but the fact that she had a butt plug back there was a good enough sign for him to continue as she desired. He grabbed at the outer edges of the plug, and pulled. It was bigger than he expected as it slowly exited her. “Oh, mmyyy!” she let out as it was being extracted. He found it incredibly arousing that her tiny ass could hold something that big. He’d wanted to some anal action earlier, but was denied him so hard. He inserted himself once more into her vaginal walls to lube up once again, “Aim higher boy, come on!” He plunged himself into her tighter hole.

He expected more resistance, but instead he simply slid right in with minor issue. “Oh, SHIT! That’s good! keep going!” He stood there for a moment in amazement, thinking she might just be bluffing, “A-are you sure you’re ok?” he said concerned. She shot back instantly, “What? Thinking I might not be able to handle it? In case you couldn’t tell, I LOVE anal. I’m all yours doggie boy.

Her hot sphincter clenched around him as if to invite his thrusts, and he bucked reflexively into her as a result. Naturally, he pumped harder and harder as if he had no control over himself. He tried to resist, tried to slow down to give her some mercy from his cock. But as he nailed her in the rear, the german shepherd just couldn’t bring himself to give up the opportunity. She was practically begging him for it, and it messed with his mind. “C’mon, fuck me up! I want to feel like a mess! AAH!”

If she were any lighter he would’ve lifted her off the ground as he came hard and deep into her from behind. He didn’t know why he said what he did, he never would’ve under normal circumstances. His words choice must’ve just come naturally to him. “Oh fuck. You love my cock don’t you? Fuck you, take it!” He came so much that some of it sprayed out of her hole and onto the floor. It set off a chain reaction in the girl’s brain as she came at the feeling of her body getting slightly rag-dolled by his thrusts.

She fell off of him and stumbled gently to the floor, while he took a few steps back and landed on the couch behind him. They panted there for a while, recovering from the experience. The dog boy’s legs shook from exhaustion as he laid his head back against the couch, staring up to the ceiling high above him. He must’ve laid there for quite a while. However, when he looked back down, he realized the girl was gone.

Looking around for a moment, he slowly got up from his resting position and walked over to the stairs. Noticing a bit of her scent trailing along the stairway, he pursued it in hopes of finding her. To his surprise, he didn’t find her in his room, but rather his brother’s. He opened the door to see her messing with various things inside. “Hey!” he said a bit worried, “We shouldn’t be in here, this is my brother’s room.” The girl bent her naked body over for him as she rummaged through a box in the messy space.

He could see that her ass was still glistening with juices as she said, “It’s ok, I just have to synch his system with mine and we can have some real fun.” He half wanted to drag her by the hips out of there, and half wanted to see what she was up to. He didn’t really know what this device in the room did. His curiosity was admittedly getting the better of him at the moment. “S-synch up your what to his system?”

There was a sort of metallic chamber sitting behind the desk with a seat in the middle. She pressed various buttons on the interaction panel along the outside of the machine, “Oh, you really don’t know what this is then? I have one of these too, cost me an arm and a leg though, but it was sooooo worth it.”

There was a chime like the code she’d entered had been successful, before she turned around to walk up to him. “Just stay right here, and the machine will do the rest. Don’t go anywhere.” She stroked his chest briefly before quickly running down the stairs and pulling her booty shorts back up her hips when she reached the bottom. He watched from above as she shook her hips side to side, before prancing out the front door.

He stood there and sighed, confused as to what was about to happen. “It probably has something to do with those inflatable sex toys,” he thought to himself. He heard the door to her room open from across the way, followed by the faint sound of a mechanical door being opened. Seconds later and he watched as the device before him popped open a small hatch on the side, with an orange balloon hanging off a nozzle.

The balloon began to inflate in that satisfying way balloons do, but the shape of it is what got to him. It was in the shape of that orange fox from earlier. He took a step back nervously, as the balloon started to awaken. She looked to him with droopy eyes and a low moan as her breasts grew out before him. Turns out the nozzle was connected to her cunt the whole time it was inflated her; how lewd. With some squeaking and a plop, she slid off the nozzle, “Hey there dog boy, remember me?”

“Y-you, actually remember me?” he said starting to worry. “That’s right babe~ You blew me sky high last time, but I lied when I said I’stay popped.” His eye twitched in frustration, “Are you kidding me?” She pressed her busty boobs together to test her tightness, “Afraid not, your brother set me up so I keep my memories. But of course he could disable that at any time and make my pop permanent.” The german shepherd looked to the device inquisitively. “He could even have it set up like that right now, so I only get another pop or two before poof. Gone. I’ll never know when I’ll become permanent trash on the floor~”

The boy felt himself harden up at her words, and wondered if he could make her next pop permanent. If his brother found out that he’d been using his things he’d kill him. This balloonie bitch was surely going to tell all about his escapades inside his room; so this toy had to go.

Just then the machine hummed to life again, as another balloon was loaded into the nozzle. It got both of their attention as it inflated quickly. “Oh?” the fox said curiously, “Remote access? Looks like we’re about to have another friend to play with.” A blue dog with shorter ears was blown up before their eyes. It was one of the cheaper female models, and had no extra colors or such anywhere. The dog boy was barely following what was happening, but doing his best to figure it out.

The fox spoke again as she walked around to inspect the rear of the inflatable blue dog, “Mmm, whoever’s piloting it chose to inflate with it in their rear, kinky thing. They must love anal.” Did she say piloting? Loves anal? He finally put two and two together while the fox gripped the dog’s chin and held her face up, looking the new girl in the eye. Blue was helpless, as she was getting inflated continuously from behind. Her cheap body couldn’t hold that much air, and wouldn’t last that much longer. The helpless girl panted at the sensation while trying to get a hold of herself. “Using the cheap models are we? Looks like you don’t mind popping do you? So, let’s start things off with a bang~”

The dog girl’s eyes went wide as she made a cute noise, being forced back onto the nozzle by her oppressor. The foxy girl bent forward and pressed her hands to the girl’s hips and pushed forwards to prevent her from getting off the inflation device. In the process, the fox’s ass bulged out into the open air in all its plump glory. Her tail swung side so side seductively in such a way that he could tell she was aroused and enjoying herself.

There was an intense creaking coming from the girl’s body as she squinted her eyes shut. Her form bulging out in all kinds of ways, admittedly, looked quite hot. Everyone knew she wouldn’t grow anywhere near the fox’s potential size, so it would be mere seconds now. “Mm, be a good darling and pop for me.” The girl squirmed a little, trying faintly to escape despite her enjoyment of the situation, “a-Ah, No! I’m gonna!-“


The girl exploded into a rain of blue scraps as the nozzle finally shut off.

The shepherd inquired his theory regarding what was happening. “It’s some kind of virtual reality then? Isn’t it?” the boy said touching himself. The fox turned to him and smiled deviously. “That means the girl you just popped,” the boy said, “was the girl from next door. She must be sitting inside her own chamber in her house right now.” The fox girl nodded, “She experiences everything the toy does. At least, as closely as possible.” He stroked himself even more at the thought. “Having fun there?” the fox teased. The machine hummed to life once more as another balloon began to inflate. He stared at the fox’s large and hot rear as he spoke confidently, “Not as much fun as I’m gonna have popping your ass.”

-End Part 2-