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Too Much Inflation Lust

Pictures of bloated and swollen woman filled the screen. Cycling through a collection of images, morphed pictures, and colourful drawings. Immense bellies, buoyant tits, gravid asses.

I sat masturbating to these images. Stroking my clit and massaging my lips. Such images made me tingle and raw.

It'd been a long time since I fantasized as such. Trying to imagine what the pressure in the belly would feel like.

Shudders and shakes as another orgasm shook my body. Drooling a bit, I kept cycling through the pictures. Getting to the really big ones.

Bloated spheres of women, helpless balls growing transparent with pressure. Creaking, squeaking, and groaning with the states of their dangerously taut bodies. Again my body tingled.

I caressed and squeezed my soft form.

And suddenly, I felt bloated. Like I'd eaten too much or chugged a soda. It was uncomfortable, but it made me hornier.

The image on the screen was of a ball of a woman saying she didn't want to explode.

Well... I did.

I furiously tickled myself, enjoying the bloated feeling. It grew more intense, and my stomach noticeably bulged from my soft frame. I thought about panicking, but enjoying it was more fun.

I just rolled my eyes back and let the growth happen. Touching myself and savoring the expanse of my belly. Soon, I felt a weird tightness in my ass. Like bending over all the way, the skin stretching over tightened muscle and fat. I grew more sensitive.

My skin tingled and sparked with each caress of my body. I greatly enjoyed it.

So wrapped up in sensation, I stopped caring as my tits ballooned into beach balls, as my stomach engulfed my torso, as my ass overgrew my bed.

I came again and again, the pressure forcing me into states of ecstasy.

I blew up into the gravid sphere of a woman like on my screen. I drooled.

Oh how I wanted to pop!

So I did.



No one was really sure what happened to me.

After a few days of silence, someone came over to find my room a destroyed mess, everything blown in all directions and tatters of brown rubber everywhere. As well as the distinct pungent smell of cum.

It didn't take long to find my inflation porn stash and people had a good guess.

Too much of a good thing.