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I’m Gonna Pop, and You’re Gonna Like It

A cute german shepherd boy wallowed around his room thinking of what to do next. He wasn’t sure if he’d like to play some games, go out for some food, or have some fun with himself.

His brother had left an air-tank in his room next to the bed; he hadn’t cared to move it. What harm could there be in leaving something like that lying around anyway? The answer, of course, would be quite a lot of harm.

He flopped back onto his bed and laid down, soaking in the brief moment. The sunlight of early summer beaming through his pathetic and ineffective blinds. No one was home, except for the neighbors. He supposed that he should probably get something to eat, considering his stomach made dumb noises beneath his shirt.

Just then, he heard light footsteps down the hall, approaching his room. “Oh no…” he thought in annoyance, “not this again.” He had neglected to remember that his brother could be occasionally careless.

Just then, a busty and orange fox lady came strolling into his room. She wore nothing but his brother’s taste in black lingerie barely covering her features, and she was clearly some kind of inflatable. Although, she seemed more well constructed that the others he’d seen. Her skin was not simply one featureless shade and color of balloonie texture, but instead, had variations on her tail, arms, legs, and even face to make her look a little more dynamic. She had an air of maturity and perversion about her, and he wanted nothing to do with her, considering what she’d most likely want him to do.

The shepherd face-palmed in bed, and slowly slid that hand down and off his nose. “Can’t you just, not right now? Go back his room and wait for him ‘till he gets back. I’m sure he’ll be more than willing to have fun with you later.” She gave him a confident look, knowing her desires all too well, and knowing she could get those desires from him.

She pressed at her breasts gently and with extreme control while she sought her prize, “Ya know, your brother didn’t finish me off last night. He said some garbage about wanting to use me again later. He didn’t even consider my feelings~ I never went off, and I can’t really wait for him like this. The heat is making me horny and stretching me thinner by the minute.” She began to stroke the outside of the black underwear that had been given to her, as the boy’s eyes slowly drifted towards her figure.

His slumbering dick became harder at the thought of bursting this hot vixen, but he was also extremely conflicted. The whole reason he didn’t want to pop her now was because the neighbors would surely hear the ruckus, or at least the boom. It would be so embarrassing having to explain that he’d popped one of his brother’s disposable sex toys. Maybe, just maybe, he could get away with saying that he’d just accidentally popped a rather large balloon.

The vixen became impatient while he thought. “Hmm,” she said strolling over to the air-tank next to his bed, “looks like you already have one of these ready to go~ Why don’t you use it on me?” The dog boy was finding it harder to breathe at her masterful advances. Prying just enough to get his mind going and slip him into the mood, he found her harder to resist by the moment. These girls were designed to do this of course, but it still sucked for him that they were this effective at it; he really wanted to eat dang it.

In a last ditch effort he grabbed up the tank off the floor and slid it behind him, before immediately feeling her grab onto his ankle from behind. “No,” he said rather indignantly, “you’re not getting your hands on this. We can make love but you’re not popping! I don’t want the neighbors to hear that boom.”

She tugged a little harder on his foot, then placed a hand around his other ankle, and spread him apart a little from behind. While not anything special, she had surprising strength for some hot inflatable toy. “You’re going to give me that tank, you’re going to help give me a good, memorable pop, and you’re going to like it.

She slid her hands up the backs of his legs, and grasped at the sides of his perky butt. “It’s not like you could really resist anyway? Right? I’m designed to be attractive to you, so just give in and let me blow.” He tightened up in surprise at her highly aggressive advances. His composure was slowly shattering, and his ability to resist was fading but still there.

He let out a cute noise as he felt something tug against the hem of his pants. She slid a hand underneath his crotch, causing his hips to bend up off the bed in response. A second later and she’d undone the button and zipper for his pants. His face was beat red at her assault, and he hated how much he liked it; wanting to get to him so badly had really turned him on.

She pulled his pants down and off of him from behind, tossing them aside. She touched once again under his crotch to bend him up into the air. She could see a bit of his naked dick struggling to escape the bindings of their fabric enclosure, and the sight delighted her. She slid her whole hand into the frontal hole of his undies, grasping at the girth of his penis, and feeling it over. Once she felt she had full control, she slid it through the gap completely, and teased it with her palm. The dog boy continued to try and resist with his words, “I-I…you’re just my brother’s cheap pop toy, why are you b-bothering me.” She suddenly grasped him harder and stroked his phallus a bit as if she were agitated by that comment. “A cheap pop toy huh? I’ll have you know I’m far from cheap. Do you think those brain dead fuck holes that pass for artificial intelligence could ever best me? I could bend them over and pop them in seconds! I’m far better at pleasuring you than they’ll ever be.”

She rolled him over onto his back as he clutched at the tank to his side; he was clearly falling for her hotness. She quickly crawled up onto him and pressed her feminine parts against his penis. “If I let you pop,” he started, struggling to keep his mind under control, “my brother wouldn’t find out I did it, and you wouldn’t bother me anymore, right?” She got in close, rubbing her breasts against him, “Well of course not dear. I’ll be shreds on the floor by the time I’m done with you, now won’t I~” She kissed him longingly for a moment. That last sentence was all he needed to hear. He let himself fall for her charms at long last, and felt himself physically relax as he gave in to their desires.

She walked her fingers up the metallic tank next to her, and looked to it. “Ya know, I’d rather let you hear me moan while I pop, so this hose is going somewhere other than my mouth.” She turned around to place her overly plump and fat rear inches above his face. Bending it towards him a little, she pulled on her large butt-cheek to reveal more of her stretchy rear hole. “Your brother already claimed my ass, and I don’t believe guys like to fuck the same hole another male did. Especially if it hasn’t been cleaned from the night before.

He surely would’ve loved to do her back there, but she was correct in her assumption; knowing his brother’s seed could potentially be back there was a huge turn off for that hole. And yet, she still flaunted it in front of him. Perhaps she was trying to elicit his anger, which was kind of working.

He grasped at her cushiony and squeaky rear before him, being as aggressive with his grasp as possible. “Why shouldn’t I just pop you right now? That would solve all my problems.” She moaned a bit and shook slightly beneath his grasp, “N-no baby~ You need to work me up to it more! It needs to be something worth popping for~ Now put the nozzle up my ass already, I want it to take me from there!

With a disgruntled noise, the male picked up the hose and pressed the nozzle against her rear, gently inserting it inside her. “Is that the best you got? I said I wanted it to take me, not screw around gently! Cram it in there, harder! I don’t want that thing escaping before I blow~” He did as instructed, and forcibly pushed the nozzle further and further inside while she tightened and flexed around it. “Now tha-AAaah-t’s what I’m taaALkin’ about!” He finally settled on a point deep inside her, and let go. “Turn it on. You’re gonna enjoy my inflation to the very end, I’ll make sure of that.

He reached over and turned the valve, as a small hiss could be heard alongside the air filling her body. She immediately flexed upwards and let out a moan that couldn’t be held back, pressing her vaginal hole against he face. “Lick me good down there, and maybe I’ll reward you.” He could see her warm and slick lips craving attention before him. He inserted his tongue deep into her folds, licking up and closer to her main hole. The hiss of air above him added to his experience as he became lost in the moment. He forced his way into her vaginal hole which sucked him up with equal desire. Pushing his tongue upwards and downwards he pressed deeper still while using her thick thighs as leverage.

A moment later she shoved her mouth onto his dick, which she’d teased so much earlier. She deep throated him effortlessly, her artificial throat gave no issue when swallowing his cock. The experience only made her hungry for more. She did her best to reward the intense feeling she was getting from behind her, and moved quickly up and down his length while he bucked into her unconsciously. She thought to herself in lust, “Delicious, cute boy. That’s right, fuck my throat. Bet you won’t find a girl who can take you as well as I can~”

Her body continued to grow larger as her pussy lips grew tighter and puffy around him. He loved the way her body was filling out, and the more she grew the more perverted his mind got. He started actually imagining her going off, and feeling like his brother might’ve missed out on the experience. His eyes clenched tight as he came hard into her mouth. She let out a muffled, desperate moan, and came herself seconds later, squeezing her feminine juices onto his tongue.

She quickly pulled away, and spun around to lay onto him normally. She flexed her ass up into the air behind her so that he could see it slowly growing. He asked her, catching his breath a little, “H-how much longer before you grow f-fully? If the neighbors are gonna hear, I’m gonna get all the sex you’re worth out of you!” She slid her folds against his dick while she straddled him, “How much longer before I pop? Wouldn’t you like to know~” She plunged her vaginal hole onto his still semi-sensitive cock and held herself there.

She humped down onto him from above as her belly and tits continued to grow. The dog boy did his best to just sat back, and let himself be used by the crazed explosive girl. Her hips rocked into his so well that he inevitably found himself pumping into her regardless of his own willpower. Who knows how long it would be before she inevitably went off with a boom.

Being denied her ass was starting to actually get to him. He longed for her ass, but knew he’d never take it. Every dream or wish to put himself inside was shot down by the thought of his brother’s semen. It killed him, but made him thrust harder into the girl in frustration. The busty fox let out another moan, “Aaah! I’m getting so tight baby~ Your cock feels so….muCH…BIGGER than beFORE! AH!”

Her belly, breasts, and ass were all now grown to quite the size. She was certainly a more expensive model than others he’d seen; her belly alone was to fifty times the size of his head! He could hear her body creaking before him louder while they thrust into each other. Her pussy had tightened up so much it practically felt like he was inside her ass anyway. The lingerie she was wearing struggled to keep itself in tact around her stretching body. She rubbed herself all over as she fell to the bliss and sensation of the moment.

Another thirty seconds or so passed, and she was on the verge of orgasm. Due to her tightness and the male appendage rutting inside her from below, it wouldn’t be long before she came. Her limbs outstretched in all directions like a toy reaching capacity, and she completely lost control of her movements. An incredible feeling of lightheadedness and loss of practical thought overcame her as she stared upwards in lust. All she could do was moan helplessly as she waited for the final bang to take her away.

The dog boy below felt her overly light body start to drift upwards to the ceiling, as her breasts stopped growing outwards. He saw through her increasingly transparent form as the hose inside her was slowly making its exit out of her. He wasn’t sure if he’d put it in far enough to get a bang.. They were both close to orgasm, but it didn’t look like they were going to make it in time. She let out a noise he was sure the damn neighbors would hear as there was a sudden, “pop,” of the nozzle from below her rear.

They both looked down to realize the hose had popped out of her hole. Her consciousness was fading in and out of existence, and she still desired her pop that’d been denied her twice now.F-fuck…me~” she said weakly as her body creaked loudly around her. “Pop, me! Please, you pervy…a-ah, boy! Make me… go BANG!” The boy thought he heard something off to his right, but he ignored it.

He jumped up onto her in a dominating position, and pumped into her while hugging at her belly tight. After only three pumps from his cock she orgasmed desperately below him being about to blow. This caused him to fill her tight and squeaky pussy lips with his hot cum. “Now blow to pieces already you busty bitch!” he said while gritting his teeth in orgasm. She managed to throw together one miraculous sentence through it all, “Of course baaaaaAAABYYYYYY!” Her body swelled outwards more than usual during the last forceful humps, and she blew apart with a loud-


Her scraps fluttered down as some of the juices he’d put inside her splattered out a bit. He caught himself on his hands and knees and began panting hard.

He gave what had just happened some thought. Thinking back on it, he wondered if his brother intended him to pop the girl. He’d left the tank in his room, so it seemed more than likely. He looked to her black lingerie now hanging from his bedroom door handle, and was grateful that at least she was gone and he wouldn’t have to worry about her anymore. Just then, he heard some faint giggling from behind him.

He turned around to see cute, golden cocker spaniel girl looking at him from her windowsill. Her tail was wagging back and forth, and she had a bit of a blush on her face. He was so shocked and embarrassed that he couldn’t even move. “Hey cutie,” she started in a playful voice, “kinda wish I was that balloon toy so you could do that to me~”

— End Part 1—