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Testing of The New Pop Toys

The hum of machinery played an ambient tone throughout the dark lab. “How are the tests coming?” a feminine voice said to another lab member. “You tell me,” a male voice replied next to her, “you’re about to get a front row seat.” They both stared through one way glass where a yellow, balloon-like bunny stood tapping his foot impatiently.

“We’ve released the new models into the simulated environment, now we watch and see if our hypothesis about our creations are correct. If they are, we’ll be ready to distribute immediately.” The unknown lab female shook her head, “These have got to be the dumbest models we’ve thought of yet. What’s our target audience again?” The male lab member pushed a finger to his lips, gently shushing the girl, “Don’t you want to see what’ll happen with our toys? See how they’ll pop each other?” She rolled her eyes and watched quietly as two, figures entered the warmly lit kitchen area behind the glass.


The two figures corner the bunny in the kitchen area, finally springing their trap. The figures, a white and a black bear balloon, look to the figure near the center table. “We got you now," the white bear said tauntingly. “and we’re going to enjoy playing with you, until you pop.” The white bear’s partner, the black bear, smiled and laughed a bit thinking about what they’ll do to the new balloon boy.

In the middle of the room near the table, stood the attractive, yellow, male bunny. His seemingly fit body was in fair contrast to the slightly larger figures of the bears, and his attitude seemed completely off; like he accepting his fate frustratingly.

“Now get your squeaky butt over here and stand before us. Make any sudden moves and we’ll pop you right here, got it?” The black bear slid a finger up the dull side of a short knife, chuckling. The bunny shot a look of fury to the white bear, and the bear took a sudden step back in uneasiness. The yellow boy advanced toward him without breaking eye contact. The bear’s eye twitched as he tried to maintain his dominance, but the look being given to him was so strong that he couldn’t help but break a little. The yellow balloon boy finally stopped before them, eerily obedient. If the white balloon bear could sweat, he certainly would.

Somehow, the bear managed to keep his composure, “Get on your knees you cute thing, you’re gonna have a lot of sucking to do.” A moment passed, and it almost seemed like the bunny wouldn’t respond. But finally, slowly, he dropped down to his knees before them. “Heh, now get to it already~ Your mouth is gonna make an excellent love hole.”

The boy starred at their inflated cocks before him with an expression of disappointment. “H-hey, he said get to it-“ the black bear started, but was interrupted by the bunny, “Is that the best you can do?” The bunny, on his knees before their cocks, and threatened at knifepoint was talking as if he was in control. “I-I, WHAT?” the white bear let out confused and surprised. “Look at these disgusting cocks attached to you two.” He said grabbing and sliding his hand under the tips of their penises. Rubbing the tops of them with his thumb, a bit of precum coated his fingers. They each gasped out a little as he continued, “They couldn’t have sent me a better model to play with? Two stupid male bears?” He pushed harder against their tips as he rubbed. “Why not give me a hot fox, or an obedient dog woman with a nice ass and some perky tits to play with?

Y-you listen here, you’d better just keep quiet and start sucking or-fffff-f-fFUCK!” The bunny grasped onto their large cocks and slid his hand down their length from underneath. He then tightened his grip around the bases of their dicks and pulled upwards a bit, forcing more precum from them in his grip. “At least your dicks are kinda fun to play with. That’s something going for you.” A moment later he sighs, rubbing them off a bit.

The yellow boy looked irritated, then with a grunt he pulls them closer as they stumble forwards. “I need to be close to I can play with these.” He slides his hand smoothly between their dicks and down over their balls to squeezes them softly. Their hips squirm a bit as they feel themselves blush as their balloon bodies tighten slightly. “Not a bad texture to grab for worthless garbage like yourselves~

The white bear struggles to look down to the boy as he is losing control of the situation, “Y-you are not the one in charge here~” The bear loses his composure as he feels a thumb viciously press into the tip of his penis; the bunny does the same to the other bear. Wet squeaking noises, along with some moaning, fill the air as they squirm and buck slightly towards him. “Filthy toys,” the boy says as if elegantly talking to scum, “thinking you could ever give me commands. I’m the one in control here, but you can try struggle all you want.”

The bunny boy took some of the cum from their tips and shoved two fingers into each of their asses. “You’re not even worth looking at for arousal.” he said before sucking on the white toy’s dick with his eyes closed. The while bear moaned and thrusted a bit into the yellow boy’s mouth, who barely reacted as he was nearly deep throated several times. He finally felt the bear arch himself forwards a bit as he came down and into the boy’s throat. The boy pressed his fingers deep into the white bear’s artificial rectum to enhance their orgasm with minimal effort.

The bear panted, then collapsed backwards against the counter; his dick plopping out out the boy’s mouth with cum trailing between their orifices. He slid down and landed on his ass against the wooden floor. “You’re easy to please, but now you’re going to try and please me.”

Yellow pushed the white bear over, and dug his hand between the asscheeks of the bear; pulling him over so his inflated butt was up in the air facing him. The bunny hot dogged his large, squeaky buns, testing their merit. “At least you’re good for something; bent over and ready to a take a superior toy’s cock.” Suddenly, the bunny felt something sharp poke against his ass.

He didn’t say you could do that, now did he?” the black bear said pushing his knife against the handsome, tight, and yellow rear. The boy looked back to him tauntingly, “What? You’re going to burst my perfect, succulent, bubble butt right here if I don’t comply? Is that your threat?” The boy looked to him unwaveringly, “I’m not complying.”

The knife pressed further into his ass, but he suddenly hesitated and stopeped completely. “That’s right, if you pop my buns right now you’ll never get the chance to ride them~ And we all know how much garbage like you wants to ride a hot, boy toy like me.” The black bear’s hand shook in place, before finally pulling away in fear that he could accidentally pop the boy otherwise; he realized he was helpless against this balloon.

“And for your disposable friend here~” he said pulling his hips away from the bear, “he’s practically begging me to do him right now.” The knife wielding bear looked down to his partner in slight panic as he saw the bear moaning; pressing his big butt against the bunny’s crotch. “You don’t want me to disappoint him, do you?” The black bear stood there conflicted, before finally putting the knife onto the counter and resigning to the command.

The bunny slid his penis down the crack of the white bear, then inserted himself inside. Caring not for trivial matters or teasing, the boy began ravaging the bear’s behind. The white bear found himself surprisingly enjoying the sensation as his eyes opened wide. He began to make some lewd noises below the bunny. “Mmh! You make surprisingly good and cute noises for a pile of garbage.” The bear pressed his ass harder against the bunny at every opportunity, he’d surrendered his lust to the new master. Precum splatted onto the floor beneath him as the bear struggled to keep his sanity.

Meanwhile, the black bear looked amazed from behind, and stared at the flexing behind of the bunny. “Come on,” the yellow boy suddenly said looking behind him, “my rear is wide open for the taking, You won’t get another shot at it I guarantee.” The bear stared at the flexing, shiny behind of the boy, and to his desperate partner below. Making up his mind, he walked over to them.

He grabbed hold of the bunny’s ass, but could not find a good moment to push into him. “Pull me near you, press your way inside, and don’t let me escape from your grip. Can you manage that, trash?” The bear did as instructed and tried to hold him against his pelvis. The bunny bucked away and he tried again. After a few attempts he finally managed to penetrate him from behind.

They all humped into each other in orgasmic bliss and came soon after. As the white balloon came, it caused the yellow boy to cum inside him. However, the black bear did not release inside the bunny. The yellow boy panted as he looked behind him, watching himself get rammed from behind. “What’s the matter?” he taunted, “Am I not good enough for you? If I can’t make you cum then nothing will.” He bent down a bit to give him a better angle, and thrust into him hard as his booty became tight with each impact. “You should be grateful to even fuck my ass.” The black bear desperately tried to cum, but was instead denied as he was bucked off the boy. “You’re not even worth my effort.”

“You, white cum dumpster, go and fuck your friend’s ass like I did yours.” The white bear, with cream still pouring out of his hole, turned to his weak partner and gazed at him longingly. “Show him how it’s done so he can try to appreciate me more.” The bear instantly got up and jumped on his partner, turning him over onto the same, ass-up, degrading position that he’d just been in.

The black bear was nervous about taking it back there, but his friend began to persuade him by hot dogging his ass. “Just relax buddy, I promise you’ll love it~” The black bear began to enjoy the feeling of his friend’s cock on his butt, and started to buck back against it a little. “A-alright then, just fuck me already~ Ah!” he moaned out immediately as his friend slid his way inside his bubbly butt.

They made love ferociously in a similar manner to before as the yellow bunny instructed. He walked around them to get a better view. “Look at you disgusting things making love.” He listened to their bodies squeak and creak as they panted and moaned desperately. “I’ve never seen such pathetic pop toys. Until now, I could never have dreamed of seeing something so insulting to perversion itself.” They both came at about the same time, their bodies flailing a bit as they lost their minds for a moment.

The yellow boy commanded the white one once more. “Pull yourself from him, and go around to his front. I want him standing, I don’t care what he thinks.” The white bear walked around to help pull his partner up. “You kiss into him, I don’t want any part of that filthy mouth of his.” the bunny said degradingly, “I’m gonna use the one hole he seems to be good for, and enjoy that tightening ass until he bursts.”

The black bear turned his head around a little worried, as white stared back blushing. Black finally accepted his fate, but curiously asked his partner for his thoughts, “W-we were supposed to pop him. How did it end up turning around so much like this?” The white bear kissed and blew air into him for a second before answering, “Because, he’s way more hot than we ever imagined~” The black bear slowly began to enjoy his kiss of his doom, when he suddenly felt a large, perfect phallus enter him up his cum soaked rear.

The black bear’s belly grew outwards with the faint sound of a balloon inflating. Each kiss by the other sent wave after wave of pleasure over his body as it stretched. The humping, from the absent minded bunny boy, grew more intense by the moment as his body became weaker. He couldn’t deny his desire; despite feeling dominated, he was in complete heaven. His belly was becoming so thin and large as the rest of him expanded out as well. He felt the white bear’s dick rub against his swelling belly, and soon after begin to hump into him a bit. His mind was going blank as he could feel himself reaching his absolute tightest point. “Pop his worthless ass, make him beg for it.” the bunny commanded.

The white bear hugged the other tightly, nearly popping him. The bear squirmed, “Oh, fuck you! Just DO it alreADY~” The white bear looked to him lovingly, “Not gonna cut it, I need more proof.” The black bear squinted his eyes closed, “O-oh fuck, I’m SO TIGHT! Fine, you waaaAaAnt proof?” He tightened his oversized and shiny butt-cheeks around the bunny. The black bear screamed out, “Pop me! P-POP ME NOW! Turn me into uuUUUseless confetti bits with A LOUD BOoooOOoOM!” The white bear looked into his partner’s eyes and whispered, “That’s good enough~” before kissing him tenderly, and hugging him so tight that the bear creaked and went-


The bear’s scraps rained down a moment later as his form completely disappeared between them. The bunny seemed like he’d been interrupted, and slightly surprised. “Oh,” he finally said out loud, “That good for nothing garbage went off before I could finish inside him.”

The bear thought about how much pleasure this bunny had given them, and how much pure bliss his partner was in before he burst. He could pop the bunny, the knife was just there on the countertop. But, he had come too far in his mental state. He finally, and truly conceited to his new master. He desired nothing more than to be popped by the golden, sexy boy-toy.

The boy’s eyes slid up to meet his with a curious look. “So if your friend could get me halfway, then I suppose your body might be enough to finish the job.” The bear’s cock twitched as he learned his place finally. “Y-yes, anything for you great one.” The boy finally cracked a smile, and waltzed over to the last bear.

Pushing him to the ground, the bear’s body squeaked on impact with the hard floor. His master draped himself overtop of his disposable bear, and slid himself onto the bear’s cock. He moaned a little on the way down, before hilting on top of him. “Be glad you got to hear such a sound emanate from my lips you poppable boy.

He moves up and down the length of of the bear’s cock with incredible, and sensual precision. The bunny’s long cock twitches as he closes his eyes momentarily. He can feel himself growing close to orgasm with the perfect execution of his technique. The bear, too, is on the verge of cumming. “I’m popping you the second I orgasm, I don’t care for your pathetic release.

This drove the bear wild, and he pumped up into his master with unknown strength, cumming deep into him. The master responded by tightening his thighs around the bear’s waist, and pulling him into a tight embrace. He desperately forced his ass up and down the bear’s length until he sprayed his juices between them in climax. The bear could feel himself on the verge of popping as his master’s grip tightened. “Yes! Thank you for giving me the greEEAT opportunity to geEEeeETT p-popped by-y YOU-AH!”


“…worm, at least he made a satisfying boom.” The bunny panted on the ground for a moment before getting up and grabbing the knife. He turned on the sink and cleaned the filth from his large cock. It squeaked as he groped it under the faucet, and once it was finally clean he turned the water off. He spotted a mirror on the wall across the room and walked to it.

He looked seductively at himself in the mirror, moving his hips around and side to side, pulling on his long phallus between his legs, and posing to show off his figure. He loved looking at himself, especially after having to look at those deplorable creatures before. But, like all good balloons, he still wanted to pop.

Sliding his hands down his stomach to his pelvis, he grasped hold of his large dick. He stroked himself, enjoying his own moans and movements in the mirror. He quickly come close to orgasm, and grasped hard at the base of his cock to watch it twitch before his eyes. He finally lets go generously enough to let himself cum onto the mirror.

Panting, he takes the knife off the floor and caresses his belly with it teasingly. “You lovely piece of work~” He gets his head closer to the mirror while sticking his ass out behind him. He pokes his dick all over, teasing himself with the knife generously before pressing it against his tip. “The only one worth popping you~” he kisses the mirror, “is me~ aAH~” he moans out loudly, bucking himself into the sharp point-


His perfect self disintegrates into perfect, golden scraps on the floor; the only way such a great being could go out.


The woman behind the one way glass blushed desperately as the man spoke, “Do you understand the target audience now?”