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The 4th of July Special

It was the 4th of July on a nice, cool, midsummer night. A regular customer of the ever popular “disposable lover” toy line decided to make an irregular purchase. Ya see, they’d advertised a new product for the fireworks celebration. He, a more typically relaxed wolf, was amused by the strange idea and decided to purchase a small box of ten.

The artificial lovers come in many models and personalities, but he knew one thing they all had in common; they all liked to pop. He didn’t know what to expect from the new model, only that they had a sparkler poking off them just above their tail. Apparently it tickles them and doubles as a pin you can pop them with after if the sparkler doesn’t do it’s job.

He inflated three of them, each looking practically identical. They were light-blue, floppy eared dog girls who were very excitable. Their “skin” had almost no features aside from the mildly translucent and shiny balloon-like appearance.

He lit the sparkler poking out the top of the closest girl’s buns, just above her tail. “Hee hee hee!” the blue balloonie squeaked. “It’s so warm and it kinda tickles!” The sparks combed her inflated tush as she wiggled it for him; as he’d instructed her to do so earlier. “Master, hee hee! I’m not sure when I’m gonna pop for you~” Another voice rang out to his right. “Ooo! Light me next! I wanna try something~ hee hee!

The new girls bent her perky, light-blue ass towards him as her sparkler bounced like a radio antenna. She smiled to him eagerly and excitedly as he flicked the lighter on and brushed it against the stick. In a brief flash the sparkler ignited, sending showers of golden light all over her booty. Her ass flexed and squirmed under the sensation as she jumped around a little, trying to get a hold of herself.

The first girl was beginning to moan out as she could feel her interior heating up a bit, while the newly lit girl hopped over to her and slapped her on the ass with a satisfying slap. “EEep!” she cried out, her whole body flexing up and away from the sensation. “C-careful! I’m sensitive now and you almost popped me with that~” The new girl tugged on the slapped one’s arm for her to turn around. She complied. She looked to the newly lit girl with lust and that all-too-familiar excitement they all possess. The girl stroked her warming, balloon boobs before making her way up her neck to the chin. “Maybe I was trying to pop you. Maybe I still want to~”

She crammed her hand into the slapped one’s cunt and ruthlessly fingered her. “OooH! AH! Yes~ How are you gonna pop me you dirty doggie?” She reached around grasping tightly on the other’s soft ass. “Like this~” the girl said quickly turning around.

She pushed her bum into the crotch of the other as the sparkler burned close to her belly. This whole time she was still fingering the girl to who she wanted to pop.AAAAaaaahh!” she moaned out as she felt her skin grow weak from the heat of the sparkler at her belly. She bucked and squirmed desperately as she was overwhelmed by sensations.

Another onlooker, the same model as the other girls, was amused by the situation. “Hee hee hee~ That doggy bitch is about to go POP!” Her tail wagged from side to side excitedly as she began to feel her own desire to jump into the action and burst.

The unlit dog girl turned to her master with a slightly loopy and cute smile. “Can you pleeease light me so I can ride you? It’d be sooo hot~” He chuckled to himself for a moment before answering, “Of course I can, but you’ve gotta get your cute butt over here and offer it to me.” She bounces over to him as she hears a loud moan coming from the two girls. Both master and servant look over to see what’s going on.

The girl getting fingered has swollen outwards a foot in all directions, and was now tightly grasping at the hips of the other. She was being teased by the girl below her. “You’re about to go BOOM bitch! Now make it a good one for me~ I wanna feel you blow!” The girl below stuck her tongue out playfully as she let up slightly on her fingering. A moment later she started pressing in and out of the girl so fiercely that she shook them both. “I-I’m gonna p-p…AH~” The tight balloon girl quivered before her body gave in. Letting herself orgasm through the sensation, she finally burst into a million shreds with a loud-


The unlit wolf girl turned back to him excitedly while the other girl, without her lover pushing back on her, made a cute noise as she fell to the ground.

The unlit girl turned to present herself to him as he requested with her tail wagging eagerly. He quickly lit her sparkler too. She let out an excited squeak and then spun back around immediately to plant a kiss on his lips. She caressed the sides of his face as she made the most strange mix of lewd and ticklish noises. A moment later, and the kiss was broken

The girl they’d both forgotten about pushed them both apart from each other, before moving in close to the man and pressing her hands down his chest. “P-please master, please do me right now! I can feel myself, I’m gonna pop soon! I want you inside me before I go boom—AAaah~” As she finished her sentence she arched her back and squatted down a bit, pushing her ass further out into the open air behind her.

He pushed her backwards into the air and caught her in his arms. He looked down and slid two fingers into her bum. “MMmm~” she let out as he pressed near effortlessly into her hole. Her body gave little resistance as he pushed against the walls of her balloonie rectum. Her skin was so thin that he knew he could pop her just by fucking her in her ass.

He got overtop of the girl as her upper body lay back against the open air. She was so light. So light in fact, that as he slid himself into her butt she practically bounced off of him. He wasted no time grabbing her and pulling her back down, only for her to be immediately pummeled in her hole. He held her mostly in place, but he kind of enjoyed feeling her body try to bounce away from him; there was something kinda fun about it.

Her body squeaked and creaked around him as he had his fun with her. He grabbed hold and came into her viciously, intending to pop her right there. She writhed in agonizing bliss beneath him for a long moment, but did not pop. She was only a bit disappointed though, as it meant she could spend a few more minutes with her master.

He saw the other girl crawling up behind her, catching his attention. She disappeared from his sight underneath her, but he figured she was up to something.

The girl on his dick panted, and looked down teasingly to her master, “Hee hee, seems like you couldn’t pop me anyway~ Guess you’ll just have to keep try-aaaH~” Suddenly, her eyes shot open as her sparkler was pressed nearly into her backside. It’s hot and pointy tip finally revealing itself as the sparkle residue had all but burned off. “Y-you wouldn’t~ I want more time with master!” The other girl simply pressed it further into her butt-cheek; her hole tightening considerably around the man. “You had your fun, now just pop already! He’s mine now~” He humped into her ass one last time as the force pushed the needle into her hollow form. “NOo-eeEE!” Her stretched form disappeared as she squeaked last second before she went-


Her scraps landed on both of them in bits and pieces as the last girl’s gaze met his. She grasped at his thighs knowing now that she’d have him to herself. The soft and crackling noise of the sparkler sticking off her ass filled their minds, and served to enhance the mood. She smiled as she slid her hands up the sides of his body, standing up slowly. “I’m gonna ride you ‘till I boom~”* she said gnetly poking his nose afterwards.

She pushed down on his shoulders, but there was no way she could actually move him anywhere. He simply realized her intentions and followed through with her command. He lowered himself further and further down until he was on his knees. Once he was, she pushed him down again onto his back, and spread her legs wide enough to let him move his legs to the floor. She then plopped down onto him and looked into his eyes, happy with what she’d accomplished. “Well?” he said tauntingly, “weren’t you gonna ride me ‘till you went *boom?”

She immediately started grinding her hips into him, his phallus still teasingly outside of her body. “Ooh,” she said in a slight moan, “don’t you worry I will~” She tensed up for a moment from the feelings of the sparks singe her rear. She could feel* that she was over halfway to bursting and it aroused her; she decided not to waste any more time.

She got up off of him a little and aimed for his dick to go inside her female hole. She smiled and licked her lip for a moment, before plunging herself down onto his cock as hard as she could. They both squirmed under the sensation as they were momentarily stunned by the intensity. It was seconds before she started fucking into him with her horny little gyro-like motions. “MMm-mmm!” was the sound she couldn’t help but let out as she continually hilted onto him.

He grabbed at the top of her cushiony and playful buns as their hips moved in unison. He grabbed her tail a few times and squeezed it so tight, she thought he’d accidentally pop her. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she was lost in the moment, “Haah, a-ahhh, Aahhh!” Her cushiony fuckhole was becoming less and less tight from the heat while they desired more and more. He could only think of one solution to their dilemma.

He reached up, and pulled her face down to him as he sat more upwards. She made a noise in surprise as he kissed into her and simultaneously blew air down into her throat. Her hips thrust into him autonomously while he filled her with the air. Her belly and other features bulged out a bit as she tightened up. Most notably, her inner walls grew increasingly snug around his cock until he determined she was ready.

Once she reached his satisfactory tightness, he grabbed at the sparkler until he could feel it touching her back. “Ah! Master if you do that we won’t be able to cum!” She started practically plunging into him while he used his hand on her rear to push their thrusts deeper.

They moved into each other like animals as she came first on top of him. A moment later, he came and filled her slippery vaginal walls with his cream. Another moment after that, she came again. Just before she could recover, the tingly sensation of knowing she was about to pop forced a third and final orgasm out of her just before the end. “This doggie…i-is gonn-a…..make a big boOOM-AaaAAh!” He pushed up into her one final time as she exploded into nothing with a loud-


He lay there, legs shaking a bit as shreds of her slowly fell onto him. He sat there for a moment, taking in their absence before finally speaking. “Fuck, those dog girls were pretty hot!” Knowing he still had more of them his supply of inflatable women, he decides to take a nap. They’re certainly the most energetic and playful bunch of toys he’s ever seen, and he would never dream of regretting his curious purchase.