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Something New

Nikki was already ready when Violet walked in. Nikki was a tall, D-Cup sized women, with hair dyed a startlingly vibrant pink. She was currently dressed in nothing but lingerie, and was laying on her bed invitingly. An invitation her lover, Violet, took graciously. She was blond haired Rabbit anthromorph, her tail and ears stating this rather effectively. She matched Nikki with an impressive pair of DD's. She quickly stripped down to her own pink underwear and leaped atop Nikki.

They quickly began their usual routine, with Nikki kissing Violet repeatedly while she in turn squeezed and felt Nikki various regions. Nikki moaned in pleasure, but kept herself from being caught too deep in pleasure. She stopped kissing. Violet stopped, and asked "What's wrong? W-why'd you stop?" She was still deep in pleasure. Nikki grinned at her.

"I wanna try something new." She quickly got out from underneath her and ran from the room. She returned momentarily with what seemed to be a small bicycle pump.

"W-what are you gonna do with that?" Violet asked, confused.

Nikki gazed seductively at her, "You'll see...".

Nikki lept onto the bed, and suddenly grasped at Violets panties. She yanked them down with full vigor, revealing Violet's nether-regions. Grinning, Nikki grasped the hose and quickly shoved it up Violet's anus. She yelped in surprise, calling back, "Nikki! What are you doing!?" She didn't respond instead going back towards Violet's head, pump in tow. She gazed at her for a second before beginning to vigorously pump it, injecting air down the hose.

Violet gasped as she felt the air reach her system, arching her back from reflex. She placed her hands on her stomach as she slowly felt a pressure begin to build. Her eyes widened as she saw her belly begin to slowly but surely expand, growing larger by the second. Soon, she looked 3 months pregnant, before jumping to 6. She looked at Nikki, who in turn looked at Violets stomach. She slowly decreased her pumping speed, allowing her to admire her lovers slowly growing tummy.

"N-nikki..." Violet said, feeling her stomach, "I feel so tight..."

Nikki slowly stopped pumping and pressed the pump into Violet's hand. She looked at it curiously before she screamed in pleasure. Nikki had just ran her fingers along Violet's belly button, causing waves of pleasure to rock Violet. She was rocked by more as Nikki pressed and caressed her stomach, feeling it's give. Nikki stopped, slowly prying the pump from Violet's hand. Now knowing how much room her lover had, she continued to pump.

Violet moaned as her stomach began to grow, passing 9 months with twins, and further to 4 months overdue with triplets! Soon, her belly surpassed all recognizable size, and her breasts began to puff up. Her bra became strained against her now basketball sized boobs. She moaned in pleasure, caressing and playing with herself. She rubbed her massive breasts, though were dwarfed by the massive size of tummy. Slowly, the growth stopped once more.

Violet was given the pump once more, however, she quickly began to pump it herself, shoving more air into her pressurized body. Nikki contented herself with feeling Violet, causing her to be swamped with pleasure as she licked her belly button and stroked her hard nipples. So caught up in the pleasure, Violet stopped pumping. Nikki noticed, and peered at Violet's panting face.

"Why did you stop?" She asked.

"So.. full...can't take any more..." She moaned. They both quietly listened to the creaks and groans as Violet's body tried to contain the massive pressure held within. Nikki pressed in on Violets body. It had no give and was ferociously followed by a loud enough creak to make Violet gasp. She rubbed her belly affectionately.

"I-I can't take anymore, I'll pop!" She said fearfully. Nikki leaned down towards her.

"Trust me, you can take more." She said.


"5 more pumps. Please?"

"I-I-I can't, I'm to full...I'll pop like a balloon!"

"Please?" Nikki said, rubbing Violet's stomach. Slowly, she nodded. Nikki grinned. Violet slowly took up the pump. She pushed down the plunger once. She was assaulted by a wave of pleasure as Nikki began to stroke and play with her again. Violet moaned, mimicking the sound her body had echoed. She pushed it down a second time, and her body was pushed forward another inch. She pushed it down for the third time, but she ceased to grow, only having her body release a loud creak. She was about to push it down again when a feeling unlike any other came to her. She screamed in fear and euphoria as Nikki clambered along-top of her belly, rubbing it whilst laying on it. Panting, Violet plunged it down for the fourth time. A deafening creak sounded out, signaling her body's protest.

She hesitated. Her body creaked, groaning with inside pressure. She rubbed herself, eyes half closed in pleasure. She pushed the plunger down...


Violet burst with a massive explosion, causing Nikki to fly into the air, landing on the floor with a thud. She closed her eyes, shuddering with pleasure as she relived the explosion. How it felt to have the rubbery belly of her lover burst beneath her. She moaned as the rubbery shards of Violet fluttered around her, like a majestic snowfall.