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Blow Job

"Awww, no way, babe, just relax. I'll stop as soon as you're full." Mara leaned her elbows against his thighs, the cool water of the pool caressing Sygdir's legs as her curvaceous body bobbed between them. It had taken a good bit of coaxing, cajoling, and reassurance that she wouldn't go too far in spite of her preferences for the brunette to get her boyfriend to agree to this, but her efforts had finally paid off: Sygdir had agreed to let her give him a very literal sort of blow job as he sat at the side of their backyard pool.

"Well, alright... I trust you, just be careful, okay? I know what you like to do to balloons." He grinned and ran his fingers through her silky hair, savoring the light blush that colored her cheeks and the excitement in her big green eyes. Not sparing another word, Mara tugged loose the strings of his swim trunks and pulled his waistband down, letting out an eager little moan as she gripped his cock and gave it a few strokes.

She wiggled and pulled herself a bit further out of the pool, her generous bosom pressing against the tiled edge, rivulets of cool water running down her pale back and the flare of her hips from the strings of her top to the edge of her bikini bottom, the straps cutting into her plush sides just above the level of the scintillating water. Her juicy lips parted, warm breath caressing his aching dick for a split second before she took his tip in her mouth, brushed the underside with her tongue, and blew. Hard.

Mara's blush reddened, her cheeks puffed and her eyes squeezed shut as Sygdir's belly began to swell. He bit his lip and moaned as the sensation of filling bloomed inside him and his flat stomach quickly burgeoned to a sensual bloat. She broke off her blowing with a wet pop, panted a few deep breaths, and went right back to puffing up her boyfriend before he even had time to explore his already expanded belly. He thickened like rising dough, stitches popping in his trunks as his hips and bottom widened on the tile, a rapidly deepening hint of butt cleavage growing above the waistband that constrained his pillowy inflating love handles. His gut bulged, huge and round, and every inch of his form seemed to grow a bit more full and broad.

"Uhnn, you look positively gravid, babe!" Mara panted excitedly, a thin layer of sweat covering her from the pool up. She braced a leg against the wall of the pool and bobbed up to plant a kiss just below his deep navel, leaving a pink lipstick print on his skin. Previously dry but now sweaty and blushing, the girl's makeup was starting to run a tiny bit, her heaving bosom and blurry eyeliner turning her into a panting vision of passion that stirred something inside Sygdir other than her swirling, warm breath. He let out a low moan.

Mara felt him pulse in her grip as he began to climax and dove back down to wrap her lips around his cock and slide it deep into her mouth, straining and feeling fuzzy as she eagerly swallowed, her eyes rolling up to watch him rub his belly and bite his lip. She took a huge inhale through her nose, chest rising, and blew against his orgasm, her powerful lungs winning out over his loins. She strained, blushing cheeks bulging, hair wet with sweat, jade eyes smoldering over smeared makeup, one squeezed shut and the other drinking in all it could of her ballooning boyfriend.

He gasped and whined in pleasure, clutching his massive body as his trunks burst to shreds around him. She huffed, his body wobbled, she puffed and his body expanded out in every direction, creaking loudly. Diminutive compared to her blimp of a boyfriend, she shuddered with dizzy exhausted effort, forcing the last of her air into him as she squeezed her eyes shut. Sygdir let out one last creak and then detonated in an earsplitting pneumatic BOOOOOM!

Mara was flung back a few feet into the pool and went under. She rose quickly, gasping and sputtering, panting hard with a huge grin spread across her pretty face.