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Carnival Inflate Off

With inflation related carnival games exploding (heh) in popularity and available staff running low, the decision had been made to switch over to more competitive events. One of the most popular of these involved two opponents donning brain activity measuring headbands linked to air hoses snaked up eachother's rears and trying to inflate eachother through sheer force of will.

So far, it was a popular decision, and there had been no shortage of volunteers. The competitors in this match were a guy wearing a tacky tuxedo pattern t-shirt and a tall brown haired girl with glasses and a tank top a size too small for her chest. The guy was obviously a little drunk, swaying slightly as he walked onto the exhibition platform. His female opponent was obviously only drunk on attention, grinning as she strutted forward, waving and blowing kisses to the cheering crowd. The two opponents approached the referee girl standing in the center of the platform. A loud bang sounded somewhere in the distance.

"Oh well, this is gonna be a quick one," thought Kate, standing in between the two pumps in her admittedly tasteless black and white striped referee bikini. She had been officiating matches for about a week, and a few trends had emerged: drunk people can't concentrate on anything for very long, bigger people can usually hold more air, and guys tend to get distracted and lose focus when pretty girls blow up in front of them. This chick wasn't fat, but she was definitely very curvy, and noticably taller than her drunken male opponent. Kate reached down to the pouch on her hip and checked for her earplugs. Safety first, people.

"Okay, do both of you know how to play?" They nodded. "Alright, take off your pants and have a seat on the nozzles."

The crowd roared as you and your opponent pulled down your pants, drowning out a barely audible boom from elsewhere on the fairgrounds. You couldn't help but stare at her curvy body as she bit her lip and lowered herself onto her nozzle. She caught you looking, said something inaudible, and pointed at you before puffing out her cheeks and mimicking an explosion with her hands.

She giggled as you pulled your t-shirt down over your obvious erection and lowered yourself down onto the nozzle, wiggling your hips to get more comfortable. The referee blushed and gave you a look that spoke of complete job satisfaction, pausing to stare for a moment before she raised a chequered flag and stepped between you and your opponent.

"3... 2... 1... Inflate!" She swept the flag downwards and stepped back as the crowd screamed. You stared at the smug, voluptuous girl sitting across from you, concentrating hard as you felt the pump underneath you whirr to life. A long breath of air flowed into you, filling out your flat belly and thickening your ass and thighs. You sat, bloating up for a long minute before your opponent's thick thighs and gently rounded belly began to bulge.

The two of you stared intently with concentration across the platform as you blew up, fighting the distracting sensations of tightness and growth as you swelled bigger and bigger. The crowd was calmly watching, a jagged murmur of scattered conversations and laughter floating across the arena. A muffled boom punctuated the babble.

Macy gritted her teeth and focused, aware only of the bloating boy in front of her and a vague sense of irony and humor that she was unable to pin down. She felt the tube up her ass blowing into her, fingers spreading apart on the curve of her belly as the machine beneath her vibrated. She was definitely big, but her opponent was bigger. Even with her natural headstart, his hips had caught up to and then inflated past the size of her own, now nearly twice as wide. His belly and ass were much bigger, too, and he was rounder overall.

Feeling secure in her opponent's huge lead, Macy's eyes drifted down to his overinflated member. His inflation slowed for a second as a perverse thought flashed behind her eyes.

"Hey! Do you like me all blown up like this?!" Macy shouted across the platform. He kept staring. She winked and reached her puffy arms up, squeezing her huge balloon tits together and wiggling on the hose. He faltered. Her top popped one final stitch and exploded into shreds.

The crowd went crazy, and Macy concentrated hard at the clueless guy across from her. The air flowing into her had slowed virtually to a stop, and the balloon boy in front of her was blowing up even faster than before, rounding out into a pumped up pneumatic bomb.

"This is it, I'm gonna explode this dude, he's huge. I can't wait," she thought, clenching her fists with effort as she focused. Her opponent was bloating fast.

A speck of color caught her eye; far away, just barely at the edge of sight, she saw a clown. She couldn't quite make out what it was doing. Eating something? She squinted. A small pink shape became visible beside the clown's colorful head. A balloon animal? A nearby explosion snapped her back to reality, but it was too late.

In the long moment where your opponent was distracted, your inflation had stopped and you had stopped fantasizing about doing dirty things to her long enough to regain your bearings and start inflating her again. You focused hard, and she yelped and blushed as a powerful blast of air exploded into her bum. Her eyes widened in surprise behind her glasses as her inflation rapidly picked up speed, body creaking as she bulged, almost unable to stretch fast enough. The noise of the crowd lifted into a surging scream of intoxicated enthusiasm.

You zoned in, concentrating with the single minded fixation of a drunk person obsessively preoccupied with one specific fun thing. You had started to bloat again, but slower than before. Your curvy panicked opponent wiggled as she blew up, meeting and then quickly surpassing your size. Your bodies let out a loud, long, simultaneous creak.

She was bigger than you, but you could feel the pressure inside you building up into a powerful explosion. Neither of you were still growing, but your almost spherical bodies were becoming more and more pressurized by the second. You creaked, holding yourself together through a potential detonation. You had to blow this bitch before she made you go boom. All you could think of were synonyms for "explode."

The pneumatic beauty across from you wiggled in panic and shouted something inaudible to you, eyes closed and fists balled against the tremendous pressure inside her. You were pretty sure whatever she was yelling was either an insult or sexual in nature, or probably both. She bit her lip as her round body creaked, surged out, and detonated with a deafening BOOOOOOOOOOOM! Pink confetti and glitter drifted from the sky.

"Holy shit," thought Kate as she was blown back by the pressure wave of the overpumped girl finally exploding. She hadn't expected that one, and apparently neither had the crowd; they were going completely insane. A bunch of shirtless screaming drunks stood in a line with letters painted on their chests spelling some complete gibberish about a creepy inflator or something. A girl dressed in a sailor costume tried to swept one of them off his feet to kiss him and they clumsily fell on the ground. There was a clown juggling bowling pins. It was total chaos. Thank god there were no children present at this carnival, at all.

The crowd's shrieks turned to a captivated silence as Kate removed her earplugs and stepped towards the creaking blimp on stage, tuxedo print shirt barely still stretched over his pneumatic swell.

"You won, obviously. That was amazing," she smiled. He creaked softly, trying hard to hold in the explosive pressure. She tucked away her earplugs. "I was wondering if after this you might want to go with me and we could grab a-"


The stunned crowd watched as Kate was thrown back on her ass by your sudden detonation.

"Fuck, oh my god, owwwww..." She moaned in pain and surprise, clutching her ears as she slowly wobbled up onto unsteady legs, face plastered with sparkling blue glitter. The ringing in her ears was so loud it was making her nauseous, and the entire crowd was silently staring at her. Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment, barely visible beneath the confetti and glitter stuck to almost every inch of her body. One of her co-workers, Yates, walked up and helped steady her.

"I need a break, I'm gonna go eat some inflation cotton candy or some bullshit..." Kate slurred.

"Kate, I think you have a concussion."

"What? I can't hear you."