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Impressively Huge

You inhaled deeply, sucking in the biggest breath your body could handle before closing your eyes and concentrating hard to push the air down lower, into your belly. A loud gurgle resonated from inside you, and your slight paunch swelled bigger and tighter, the pale dome just beginning to peek out from under your shirt. You heard Natalie let out a tiny gasp, a mixture of excitement and surprise. She was obviously appreciative of your carefully practiced special talent.

You had only known each other for a few weeks, but the two of you were a great match. When the pale, petite, raven haired little beauty explained her preference for big, big, BIG men, you knew you had to show her this. You opened your eyes. She was practically drooling.

"C-can I touch it?" Her big green eyes moved up from your expanded waist just long enough for her to look pleadingly at you and bite her lip, and then back down to your bloated gut. Without waiting for a response, she lifted your shirt and started rubbing your swollen body.

You took another deep breath and forced it into your belly, feeling Natalie's hands spread on your inflating body.

"God, this is hot. Keep going?" You were happy to oblige, of course. You had never felt so good before, so desired. Natalie couldn't keep her hands off you.

You pumped yourself up with another breath. Natalie let out a lusty sigh as your pneumatic body widened. Breath after breath, you bulged bigger and bigger, Natalie's lithe, fit body thin and tiny against your enormous gravid form.

"You're HUGE! I'm so impressed. I can't even get my arms across the front of your belly." You shivered a little as she leaned into you and kissed your navel, briefly wiggling her tongue in your belly button.

"Oof. So, am I big enough for you?" You had never gotten nearly this big before. You felt like a total blimp.

"Not yet. You're big, but you'd be even hotter if you pumped yourself up a little bigger for me. Unless you can't, of course." You detected a distinct hint of mockery in Natalie's last stateme- She giggled and gave you a teasing wink. Okay, definitely a distinct hint of mockery.

You were already tight, but you couldn't let her be right, not with that smug grin on her pretty face. You started huffing and puffing again, swelling and creaking and blowing up bigger and bigger while she ran her hands over your ballooning body, giggling and you inflated for her.

With a loud creak, you finally stopped puffing. Oof. You were totally, unquestionably full, a tight, taut, pressurized blimp.

"What, that's it, balloon boy?" Natalie teased from her position below, her fit body pressed against you. She gave your belly a flick, and you resonated like a drum. You were panting with the pressure.

"Come on, just one more breath, please? For me? I know you can get bigger." She traced her finger lightly across your taut hemisphere, her sensual touch sending electrifying shivers across your blimp of a body.

You inhaled deeply one last time, creaked loudly, and beared down. Your enormous body groaned, stretched, pulsed outward, and finally...

Settled into an enormously overblown equilibrium. You were teetering on the edge of explosion, barely held together by the power of your own will. Between shallow panting breaths, you managed to speak.

"Ooooooh. Natalie, no more. I'm about to blow. Unfff." She looked up at you, clearly delighted, and pressed her (pretty small, actually) tits against your turgid belly.

"Come on, pleeeeeeaaase? Just one more?" Her big green eyes looked up at you. Flirtatiously. Begging. She batted her eyelashes.

"I can't get any bigger, baby. I'll explode. Oooh." You creaked again.

"Hmmph. Fine, blimp boy. Don't puff yourself up for me." Natalie teased, leaning in to wiggle her tongue jnside your navel. It felt so good, you almost lost focus. Your body creaked again and pulsed out slightly. You were slipping.

"What's wrong? Feeling ready to pop? I think you can take a little more." She leaned back and inhaled, her chest and her flat tummy expanding slightly as she took in a massive breath. She pressed her lips to your navel and exhaled, and you felt her warm air swell you further, pushing you closer and closer to the brink of detonation. You were about to blow, right on the cusp.

She ran out of air, and leaned against you, panting hard.

"Whew. I guess you did have more room." For a second, you felt relieved.

Natalie leaned back again, taking in a huge breath, really straining to hold as much as possible. Her body swelled slightly, pressurized with a massive gust of air. She leaned forward, kissed your navel, and exhaled.

You felt the tremendous pressure inside surge again, stretching you far beyond your capacity. You started to lose control, bloating out rapidly in every direction, growing exponentially for a split second before you detonated like an overpumped balloon bomb, the deafening BOOOOM shaking the earth and hurling Natalie a good 30 feet backwards into a conveniently placed fruit vendor's cart, left mysteriously unattended.

Minutes passed as she lied there, breathing heavily, splattered head to toe with the sticky remnants of the fruits she had obliterated on impact. She slowly sat up, surveyed the syrupy wreckage, and sighed happily.