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Dunk Tank

"Hey man! Thanks for showing up. You signed up to work the dunk tank with Kate and Stacy, right?" I asked, handing you a little badge that read "Staff" and pointing you towards a squat little platform in the distance.

Walking through the fairgrounds, you couldn't help but be a little infected with the merriment surrounding you. The festivities were in full swing, with games, rides, and vendors hawking terrible food everywhere. Happy drunks staggered aimlessly, amused by the bright lights and colors. Far, far away, just on the edge of sight and only for a moment, you saw a clown sprint from one tent to another.

Kate and Stacy were already at the platform when you walked up. Kate was tall, blonde, and wearing a tight pink bikini that showed off her generous tits and round muscular ass. Stacy, petite with black hair done up in a long braid, was wearing a light green bikini.

"Oh, you're here!" Kate smiled. "Okay, you two get set up on the platform and I'll set up for the throwers."

"Okay, so," Stacy explained as she led you to the platform, "you've probably already noticed that we don't actually have a dunk tank, but it's okay. We actually have something better!" She gave an huge goofy grin and gestured to the contraption built into the front of the platform, obviously trying to win you over with enthusiasm.

It was two wooden seats spaced about eight feet apart, with two big bullseye targets sitting between them, one pink and one blue. There were little green plastic nozzles sticking out of the seats. Behind the targets, shielded by a plastic screen, was a big rusty machine covered in pipes, dials, hoses, and valves.

"Alright, you've won me over with your enthusiasm. What is this, exactly?"

"Well, that big machine is an air compressor. The target plates are spring loaded and connected to the compressor," she pushed in the pink bullseye and a powerful blast of air hissed from the nozzle on the seat next to it. "The idea is that we both sit on these seats, me on the pink side and you on the blue, and people try to blow us up by hitting the targets. Pretty cool, right?"

You weren't really sold on this, but Stacy seemed into it.

"Okay, I can tell you're not really sold on this, but just give it a try, I promise it'll be fun."

"Alright, but how does the air, well, get in us, exactly?"

"We sit on the seats with the nozzles up our butts. Speaking of which, turn around for a second." You turned around and Stacy bent down and ripped a little tear in the back of your swim trunks. "Okay, it looks like Kate's waiting for us. We better get in our seats. Oh, take of your shirt, too."

You pulled off your shirt and the two of you climbed onto the platform and carefully lowered yourselves into your seats, nozzles in. Stacy wiggled her butt a little, getting comfortable on the nozzle, and you followed her lead and did the same.

"Step right up and blow them up! Three throws for a dollar!" Kate had already drawn a small crowd around the little wooden counter and the box of old baseballs behind it, and her first customers were starting to line up.

You couldn't help but notice how Kate bent down behind the counter and wiggled her ample behind whenever she grabbed baseballs for a male customer. Probably part of the reason people were lining up. The first few people didn't hit anything, but then a muscular football-player type stepped up.

"Ooh, this guy looks like he can throw." Stacy gave him a little wave, pointed to herself, and silently mouthed "hit me."

He reared back and chucked the ball dead center into her Stacy's target. She gasped as a blast of air shot up her rump, but she didn't look any bigger yet.

"Come on! Pump me up!" His second throw missed, but he hurled the third right into her target, rounding out her belly into a noticeable bloat. A few people in the crowd clapped and cheered, and the girl with the football player giggled as they walked off.

"Hey, she's been staring at you." It was true, the next customer was a girl in a low cut top who was looking right at you and grinning as she stepped up to the throw line. You grinned sheepishly and waved to her.

A split second later, her first throw dinged off the edge of your target, and you yelped as a blast of air exploded up your ass.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Stacy asked, rubbing her belly. The girl took a deep breath, focused in, and pitched the ball right into your target again. This puff of air didn't catch you as off guard as the first one, but you noticed the girl giggle when you winced. It did feel good, if a little strange. The girl paused again, and the crowd cheered as she reared back and threw her third ball.

"Ohhh!" You involuntarily let out a moan as she pumped another blast into you with her throw. She smiled and winked at you, and you noticed her walk to the back of the line and pull out her phone.

"Wow, she was really good." You said to Stacy while loosening your swim trunks.

"Yeah, she must be on a softball team or something."


Kate pulled in customer after customer over the next hour with her shouting and sexy antics. Sometimes she went for the obvious route, and just looked at them and squished her tits together. Surprisingly, it worked.

Most of them either missed completely or hit one out of three. You and Stacy went pump for pump for about 20 minutes, but as petite as she was, she looked a lot more pumped up. You were both pretty round, but you noticed people starting to throw at her target a little more; guys and girls both. You really didn't blame them. Her tits were the size of volleyballs.

At one point, the clown you saw earlier showed up and chucked three balls into your target so fast that it turned into one long blast of air and a loud cheer from the crowd. He ran down the front of the excited crowd, holding his hand out as he highfived them all as he passed by. They went crazy for it.

Man, fuck that clown.

As time passed, the two of you got bigger and rounder, and more and more people started lining up. You were feeling pretty tight, and starting to feel a little worried.

More and more customers passed, pumping blasts of air into the two of you, and Kate's calls grew more excited.

"Come on! Pump him up! Blow that bikini right off her! Three throws for a dollar!" You noticed the girl in the top from earlier getting near the front of the line. She was talking to a group of other girls with her, and she was pointing at you.

Shit. I guess she must be on a softball team, or something. You gulped.

"Hey," Stacy said to you, peeking out from behind her enormous boobs. "Are you starting to feel a little bit, uh... Explodey? I seriously feel like I could go kaboom over here." That comment was really not making you feel reassured about the crowd of softball players making their way to the front of the line.

"Yeah, how are we supposed to let Kate know if we can't take any more over here?"

"Um. We actually never talked about that. Hm."

Stacy squealed and wiggled as another blast of air shot up her hugely overpumped ass. You were enormous and overinflated, but she was so blown up that she was almost spherical, and she was starting to creak. The crowd was way too loud for you to shout to Kate, you were both too inflated to get the nozzles out of your butts, and if this didn't stop soon you were both going to explode. Kate was oblivious, strutting around and occasionally giving her own ass a hard smack.

The first girl in the group of softball players stepped up, a chubby blonde chick with little dabs of black greasepaint under her eyes. Well, you appreciated the effort involved, at least.

Her throw hit dead center on Stacy's target. Stacy moaned loudly, creaked, and her taut bikini exploded into confetti. The crowd went crazy. You noticed Kate puff her belly out and rub it as another ball bounced off of Stacy's target.

"Oh fuck, I'm so pumped up, I'm gonna blow! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuckkk," Stacy groaned as the puff of air blew up her ass, swelling her slightly bigger. She creaked loudly, and you noticed her slowly growing on her own as she wiggled and squealed. Kate plugged her ears.

Another ball hit Stacy's target.

"OOOOHHHHH-" BOOM! Stacy exploded into pink confetti and glitter that swirled over and covered you and the laughing, cheering crowd.

The next softball girl stepped up. Ball after ball, the softball team came one after another, pumping you up bigger and bigger with more and more pressurized blasts of air up your now huge butt. You wiggled and tried to shout out for someone to get you off the seat, but no one could hear you over the raucous crowd, and they just assumed you were taunting the girls taking throws, daring them to blow you up bigger. The crowd laughed and cheered whenever you yelled something. You were huge now, a bulging bloated sphere almost twice as big as Stacy was when she exploded, and you felt ready to do the same. Your shorts had long ago burst into shreds.

"He's huge! Come on, make him go boom!" Kate screamed. Man, she was really good at this. Someone had produced a tire pump, and Kate was striking poses while another girl pumped her up and the crowd cheered. Some drunk guys up front were spilling beer on themselves as they took pictures.

More and more bursts of air blew into you until you were a huge creaking ball, near spherical and perched precariously on your seat, about to explode.

The girl from earlier stepped up, winking and waving at you. Her first two throws hit in quick succession, forcing in a long blast of air that sent you over the edge. You creaked loudly, no longer able to contain the pressure inside you as you swelled bigger and bigger. You were huge. The crowd plugged their ears.

The girl breathed deeply, blew you a kiss, and threw.


Blue confetti and glitter drifted down all over the fairgrounds.