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Popping Show

A hearty sigh escaped Mary’s lips. Her heart ached for the man on television, having lost another lover to over inflation. He mournfully gathered her rubbery scraps as it faded to commercial. “I almost wish Johnny was more like that.” She thought to herself, taking a gentle breath. Mary ignored the commercials going on about stretching bigger, recycling rubbery scraps, and so many other products. She flapped her hands annoyed, life was so much simpler when she could just do what she wanted to. Instead of being trapped in her spherical body as she was now. A barrage of gentle kicks reminded her why. She couldn’t help but smile, feeling her babies bumping against her turgid flesh.

The door opened and slammed in the distance. “How’s my favourite baby ball?” Johnny shouted, running off before he could really here. Bee lining for his bedroom.

Mary smiled, shaking her head best she could. “Welcome home Johnny.” She replied.

“Hi Mary!” Came another voice, one Mary recognized as Leona.

“Leona? Hello! Long time no see.” Mary said, wishing she could crane her neck to see.

“It has been, I’ve been so busy lately with my latest novel! And guess what?!? It’s finished!” Leona said, bouncing into view. “I’ve got it all ready to be published for next year!”

“Oh that’s fantastic Leona!” Mary said. “I’d get up and hug you, but…” She rolled her eyes.

“Of course, pregnant mothers can’t do much!” Leona said, hugging the naked ball of flesh. She gasped. “They’re kicking!” Leona said, feeling across Mary’s tight skin. “How many do you have?”

“No idea, dozens at least.”

“How’s parent hunting going?” Leona asked.

“It’s a hassle, we have several lined up but since we won’t know how many til I pop it’s just guess work.”

“Hope Johnny can find them all good homes.” Leona said, leaning against Mary. “I’ve got my girls a new mama lined up, they’re moving in tonight.”

Mary looked quizzically at Leona. “What?”

“Did you forget?” Leona said, with a big grin. “My book’s finished and ready to be published, I’m celebrating! Johnny’s helping!”

“I sure am.” Johnny said, walking in and shutting off the television. He had two tanks of air and a big blanket.

“You’re popping?” Mary said. “Here? Now?”

“Well yeah! Leona said. “Once I got a publisher for my last book and I do! I just can’t wait any longer! But I wanted to give you a proper goodbye and a show!”

Mary blushed a bit. “You want me to watch? And Johnny to pop you?”

“Johnny! I thought you told her.” Leona said accusingly at Johnny.

He shrugged. “Must have slipped my mind.” He said, grinning. “Now let’s roll her to get a better view.”

Johnny and Leona push and roll the spherical Mary with all their might, sloshing her pregnant ball body all around until she’s facing the biggest room in their apartment.

Leona walked over to Mary’s eye level. “I was hoping to see you pop first Mary… But I just can’t wait!” She looked over to Johnny. “Name two of the girls after us okay?” She said. Leona gave Mary a quick kiss on the forehead and bounced over to Johnny.

Johnny had set up a chair on one end of the room and the tanks with their hoses on the other. Mary could glance right and left to see both. Johnny began to unbuckle his pants and Leona stripped all her clothes off. She waved “bye” to Mary.

Mary sat there, helplessly watching.

Leona inserted the hoses into her vagina and ass, moaning bit at the fit. Johnny ran a hand through her hair, walking over and turning on the hoses. Leona moaned and caressed her bloating stomach and booty. Johnny sat on the chair and spread his legs, beckoning Leona to come over his building hard on standing tall as she blew up in front of them. Leona crawled over and hungrily took him into her mouth.

Mary’s heart pumped and her face flushed, watching Leona give Johnny a blowjob, her ass and belly bloating up immensely from the air forcing its way in. Mary’s own poor womanhood burned with desire far from where she could even hope to reach it. Leona blew up bigger and bigger, her limbs plumping thicker and thicker, her tiny bust bloating several sizes. Still she eagerly sucked on Johnny growing bigger and bigger.

Soon, Johnny had to stand up as Leona grew spherical, getting bigger and bigger rounding out unable to pleasure him on the chair anymore. Leona was bloating, wider and wider, as round as she was tall. Not much of an inflator, she moaned as her skin grew tight and shiny. Mary watched the silky smooth skin grow rubbery and reflective as Leona stretched bigger and bigger. Still trying to pleasure Johnny best she could as her spherical body forced itself bigger and bigger. Mary licked her lips.

Leona’s growth slowed to a crawl, then stopped, an immense ball just barely reaching six feet in diameter. She began to pulse and quiver as air relentlessly forced itself inside her. She moaned in pleasure, licking and sucking Johnny. Mary watched, as Leona’s skin grew so tight she could see clear through her. Leona shuddered in orgasm as did Johnny.


Mary flinched as Leona burst into a storm of rubbery bits and gusts of air. She opened her eyes to see the mess flutter to the ground and little puddles of Johnny’s cum splattered around the room. Johnny pulled himself up, knocked down by Leona’s bursting. With the biggest grin on his face.

Mary wasn’t sure to scowl or smile as she watched Johnny pick up pieces of Leona and just drop them in the wastebasket. He wasn’t anything like her Soap Opera dream guy.

“What’s the matter babe?” Johnny asked.

Mary scowled. “Nothing. Just maybe regretting my decision.”

“Hm?” Johnny sounded amused.

“I still have to wait another 3 months before I pop… maybe I should have just let you pop me instead of knock me up.”