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Creak, Gasp, Bang!

"So, what kind of surprise for me do you have set up at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, of all places?" You ask, hopping out of the passenger seat and looking around. This place is deserted. The only other cars you can see are the ones that occasionally pass by on the highway off in the distance. Your eyes linger for a second on the free air compressor: we parked pretty close. I notice a little smirk cross your pretty face for just a second.

"It's the kind of surprise you like, now close your eyes," I take your hand and lead you, eyes closed, to the air compressor. I reach into my pocket and pull out the surprise; a pink buttplug with a little hole at the tip and a valve like a tire stem at the base. I can't believe they actually make shit like this.

I screw the plug onto the air compressor hose and lube it up, holding it in my right hand as I reach around you to rest my left on your lower back and pull you in closer. You're blushing hard now as you throw your arms around my neck and pull me in for a kiss, eyes still shut, pressing your curvacious body against me.

"She must already know what's coming," I think as I pull up the back of your short, slim dress, exposing the stretchy panties pulled taut across your wide, toned butt. Still holding the lubed up plug, I hook a couple fingers in your panties and pull the seat up and to the side.

Your eyes suddenly fly open and you gasp and squirm as I push the plug up into your tight bum. It takes a little pressure at first, but it just pops in once it gets past the widest point. You're blushing even harder now with surprise and maybe a little embarassment.

"I-it's a little bit too big..."

"It has to be, it's got to take a lot of pressure without popping out," I reach over and press the button on the compressor. It loudly whirrs to life.

Your eyes widen as you feel the sudden surge of air from the plug filling you, swelling the soft curve of your tummy into a round bulge. As your belly grows, you feel your hips and butt growing bigger and stretching your panties even tighter.

"Ooh. Urp. This feels kind of- Uurp. Kind of nice," you squeak, covering your mouth as you let out a few cute little burps.

"I knew you'd like it. You're getting pretty big, too." It's true, you're really starting to get pumped up. You reach back and put your long blonde hair out of the way in a pony tail, watching in delight as your tits fill with air into big round orbs, straining the top of your dress and giving you some serious pneumatic cleavage. Your dress is riding up on your inflating body, exposing a strip of firm round belly between it and the top of your panties. It's pulled skin tight over every curve of your body but the little flat spot on your belly where your deep navel sits. Your now exposed panties are getting stretched and pulled tight up the bottom of your pumped bum like a thong, and a few inches of puffy ass cleavage peek over the top. I grab the waistband, pull it back, and let it go, snapping you on the butt. You let out a soft yelp and shoot me an accusatory look.

Just then, the whirring compressor dies down, and you feel the flow of air stop. I reach for the button.

"No, wait! Let me," you smile as you lean over and eagerly hit the button, hands flying down to your belly with a light moan as the machine whirrs back to life. You're really pumping up huge now, your whole body swelling like a wide pneumatic blimp. You blush and nibble your lower lip as I rub my hand on your lower belly, out of your reach.

"Let's get these off," I reach around you, hooking my thumbs into the waistband of your panties and pulling them down. You tumble gracelessly backwards, bouncing on your overinflated ass as I pull the panties off your legs.

"How does it feel to be pumped up so big, just lying there helpless?" I put my hand on your cheek and run it down your neck to one of your hugely inflated tits. "You're so huge and round," I run my finger across your overinflated sphere of a breast, "I can do whatever I want," I pause for emphasis before giving you a light poke on your puffy nipple.

We stare at each other for a moment, only the whirr of the compressor and your soft panting to break the silence. I return your wanting look, long and desperate, with a triumphant smirk.

Pause. The air compressor shuts off again. I walk back over to hit the button.

"No, wait," you pant. "I'm full."

"Too bad." Whirrrrrr.

"Wait!" Your eyes widen with surprise and a little fear as you moan and wiggle urgently, reaching for the hose pumping you up. You quickly give up, realizing that there is just absolutely no way your stubby inflated arms could ever reach far enough down your huge ass to get to the hose, and you're still getting bigger and tighter.

"That was mean," you moan, glaring at me, blushing a little more. I try to pinch your turgid butt, but there's no give at all; you're just too tight. You're huge.

You're feeling full. Really full. Way too full. You clench your teeth and ball your hands into fists, one eye squeezed shut tight, fighting against the building internal pressure. You stop getting bigger, but you're still getting pumped and the pressure is getting unbearable. You creak loudly.

"I think you're getting ready to blow, babe." I tease, brushing my fingertips down your tight, hollow, pressurized hemisphere of a belly. You're enormous and round, creaking and about to blow, but you're still straining and holding in the pressure. My fingertips run down your belly, lower and lower. You moan quietly.

"Ooohh... I'm t-too tight, I'll explode..." you pant, having guessed what I'm about to do. Your eyes fly wide open in shock as I run a fingertip in small circles over your puffy clit.

It's just too much. You squeal and wiggle, closing your eyes tight, but you can't concentrate. You surge bigger and bigger, huge, so tight and creaking that you know you're about to go out with a bang.

"She's gonna blow!" I yell mockingly as I dive for cover away from your overpumped parade float bomb of a body. A loud, long groan mixes with your helpless pleasured squealing as you're suddenly cut off by a tremendous deafening BOOOOOOOM!

I slowly lift myself to my feet, stunned by you exploding so forcefully. Wordlessly, I pause for breath and watch the tiny scraps of your exploded dress swirl in the agitated air, slowly settling to the ground. I get back in the car, start it up, and drive back to the highway, leaving behind a gas station with blown out windows and a pair of stretched out panties still wrapped around the hose, butt plug lying on the ground, hissing out air.

The compressor stops whirring and shuts off.