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You're Sure I Won't Blow?

You tear open the sachet and tip the powder into my vodka where it instantly fizzes and dissolves, turning the clear liquid pink.

“Down in one sweetheart, let’s see how big you can get.” It tastes both salty and sweet, thick taste like blackcurrant with the alcoholic sting of the vodka.

SLAM! All gone. How long till this stuff kicks in. Is it only my imagination or does my stomach already feel gassy, stuffed, the vodka burning inside me. Jeez! I squirm uncomfortably, something's definitely happening, my stomach feels so tight and stretched. I lean back on my hands, trying to relieve some of the pressure. My first look down, I'm visibly bloated, puffy. The button of my jeans wrestles against my swollen middle and my tshirt creases.

“That’s it baby, get bigger for me, let me see you get nice and fat.” You grip thee pregnant mound, firm and round like a ball. Pushing back my tshirt to expose my smooth skin, squeezing it, tapping it, feeling it stretch and spread against your palms. I reach a hand down to my jeans to open the button and release my tortured belly.

“No!” you slap my hand away, “I want to see you burst out of them.” But it hurts! Your eyes are wide, your expression hungry. “Just lie back and let it happen.” Hesitantly I obey, my swelling middle makes it hard to do anything else.

I lie back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, focusing on the sensations of becoming a balloon. Tight belly, so tight, like the worst wind I’ve ever had time a thousand. Skin feels so stretched and tight. The waistband of my jeans digging fiercely into my rigid flesh. My whole body feels unfamiliar, plumper. Thighs press into each other, butt twitches and rises like dough, tipping my prone body to a funny angle. My bra digs in awkwardly as my boobs pump up, I can see them rising like suns into my vision. So weird. The most bizarre thing I’ve ever done, kinky yet fucked up. Painful, pleasurable humiliating, arousing. Disgustingly fat yet more beautiful than I’ve ever felt in my life.

Ohh but these jeans, these jeans! My lower half is in agony, seams are ripping, stitches popping, the waistband sears my flesh, it’s too tight! Please, please! Bang! Oh god yes! My belly surges out gratefully. Like a chain reaction, the seams start to shred rapidly, up my thighs, down my butt and between my legs, like a sausage that’s split its skin. I sigh with relief, that’s better.

“Getting kind of big there baby girl,” you tease, barely concealed excitement in your voice, “you’re looking pretty round, swollen, FAT!” You spit the last word in an excited frenzy and laughing. Seams are still splitting, up my tshirt, on my bra. Fabric drops my solid form revealing pink shiny skin. Any scraps left hanging you enthusiastically tear away, picking off the faded denim, my shredded bra, breaking off the last threads of my knickers and whipping them away. I lie there naked, bloated, tingling. You survey me like a priceless treasure, in awe at my splendour. I can’t help but feel a little concerned at your expression, I thought this was just an experiment, a bit of fun, just for laughs.

As I open my mouth to speak I’m cut off by a strange squeaking, a pained high pitch farting sound and I feel air bubbling between my tightly compressed butt cheeks. My skin contracts minutely, before the pressure builds again. Another puff escapes, like a pressure valve, my body’s safety mechanism to release the excess air. This is why no one pops. I guess I’m as big as I’m going to get. You look devastated.

“No, no! You’re not big enough yet, I need you huge, I need you vast!” More squeaks and puffs.

“My body can’t take any more babe, you don’t want me to blow do you? This was just supposed to be a bit of fun anyway. Come on, haven’t you ever wondered what it’s like to fuck a balloon girl?”

You smile again and run a hand over my belly then down between my legs. I close my eyes. Yes, that’s it, fuck your swollen girly blimp. I hum and giggle, you disappear out of my sight, below the towering dome of my belly, what are you doing down there? This is so hot, so fucking sexy. What are you waiting for? Just do it! Huh? Hey, hey wait. What are you doing?


What did you put in my butt? It feels huge…oh no! My bum, it’s completely plugged up, I can feel the gas building up behind it, unable to escape. I squeeze with all my might, there’s no shifting it.

“It’s not over yet baby!” You spank my swollen ass and it booms like a drum. There’s no way out!

“Stop it what are you doing, pull the plug out now or I’m going to explode. Don’t do this!” I flap uselessly, nothing but a pink turgid ball bouncing around on the bed. God I need to fart so bad! You grip my sides firmly and thrust into me, pounding my pumped up pussy enthusiastically, with each push shouting words like bigger and rounder. Despite being scared and helpless, the impromptu fuck-fest combined with the sensation of my biggest butt plug being stuffed in my ass and the renewed bizarre, kinky pleasure of earlier turns me on like crazy. Soon both our wild animal cries are joined together, mixed with a growing creaking sound as my body swells up to the size of a parade balloon and my skin nears its elastic limit.

How did this fucking end up happening, I reflect as the creaking gets louder, how on earth did my life choices lead me to this, blowing up like a human balloon, having my ass forcefully plugged up and then getting fucked until I explode. I you’d told me that this morning…. Ah well not a bad way to go out. I feel the pressure throb and ripple across my skin, you’re still pumping away, completely unaware. I close my eyes and tingle with anticipation, another throb, my skin feels paper thin. Should I warn you? Nah, serves you right, you blew me up like a balloon you bastard, it serves you right. Oooh jeez, that was a big one! I don’t think I can take much more, I feel like I’m going to blow any second. Fuck me I’m so tight, so fucking full. I can barely think, the pressure’s too much. OOOH just let me blow pleeease, its too much! Wanna blow, wanna pop. I can’t take any more!

My skin creaks one final time, loudly and deeply. You look up at the underside of my belly towering above you, from my belly button down to my deep, inflated butt crack with the small black plug protruding from it and my puffy pussy between the two. My skin’s pulled so tight you can see your face vaguely mirrored in it. You see your eyes widen as you realise you’ve timed this badly. Then everything seems to happen in slo-mo as my belly finally tears and splits open. Shreds of wet pink rubber fly about and slap into your body as you’re thrown back by the ensuing shockwave. You slam hard into the wall and slide down it to the floor, half dazed, ears ringing. The window has been blown out, the room is a mess and all that remains of me is thousands of pieces of damp rubbery skin and one giant butt plug in the middle.