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Just You And Me

“that feels good, doesn’t it?” you mutter as you force another pump into my creaking rear, “is this turning you on?”

I whimper and nod, beads of sweat forming on my brow and in a mirror sheen over my swollen belly.

“get bigger for me baby” you cup one outsized boob in your hand from behind, enjoying the feel of my inflated derriere on your crotch.

Another puff of air tickles me from the inside, causing the skin of my belly to stretch painfully. I whimper again and caress the swollen mound, trying to soothe my taut flesh. It squeaks like rubber.

“you big balloon, look how full you’re getting” you pump me again, “how much more d'you think you can take?”

A drop of sweat runs down my nose and lands audibly on my hollow belly. My head swims with the pressure, thoughts take a while to form.

“too…..too big” I finally manage to whisper, “so…ugh…full”

“aw now I know you don’t mean that” you tease, “I bet you could get much bigger”

Slowly I can feel air trickling inside of me again, you edge the pump down inch by inch as the pressure mounts beneath my fingers. My skin creaks tentatively, my hands tremble with nerves. A soft whoosh as you pull the pump back up and then again you slowly tease more air into my protesting body.

God it feels so good, so perverse. The sickening, bloated feeling, the humiliation, the vulnerability. I close my eyes and lick my lips as I feel my fat ass spreading out behind me, my belly stretching and tugging between my legs, I feel so completely naked. Every part of me feels fat and it turns me on. Opening my eyes, I feel a surge of sexual thrill to see my once lithe form blown out around me like a life raft. I trace my curves lightly with my fingertips, shuddering as they brush my sensitive skin.

“god you're so fucking huge” you mutter behind me. I throb with humiliation and arousal. “look how inflated your ass is, I bet I could sit on it.”

You prod my behind roughly, causing it to bulge and squeak like rubber. I can feel beads of sweat trickling down my buttcrack, pooling in a sensitive area.

“lets see if we can make it even bigger shall we” you slam a forceful puff into my already heaving rear, “I'm going to make you into the biggest balloon slut there ever was, you’d like that wouldn’t you you fat blimp!”

I emit a wail of ecstasy and despair as you enthusiastically pound air into my straining body. The extremities of my body stretch out further and further. The taut skin of my breasts presses against my plump lips. With every pump, a bulge and creak audibly, swelling to my absolute limits. The pressure is mounting exponentially and with it my arousal.

I know any second I’ll pop. the thought of it sends waves of both fear and pleasure through my mind and makes me moan like a whore. I pant and heave wildly, my asshole clamped tightly round the gushing air hose. I guess I really am a balloon slut, begging to be popped. Such a naughty fat slut!

I scream these words inside my head as my overinflated body throbs and heaves at its very limits. You take one last look at me pumped up like a parade float, moaning and gasping orgasmically over the sound of my taut, rubbery body. The sounds, the smells, you savour them all as your arm tenses one last time.


A spray of sweat and wet rubber slaps into you as you’re knocked to the floor by the force of the blast. As the pink scraps flutter down around you like confetti you close your eyes and inhale the lingering scent of pussy.