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Inflate Me!

I’m doing this for you. Letting you blow me up. Like a balloon. I see you smile as I put the hose in my mouth. You hold the pump. You’re in charge of how big I get. Running my hands down the silky slip I’m wearing , nothing underneath cos I know it turns you on.

I’m so ready for this, ready to be your toy. I give you the nod and you raise the handle, pausing a moment before,


You force air down the pipe into my waiting mouth. My cheeks blow out.


Another pump, I can feel it this time, in my stomach, filling me out.

The air keeps coming, a constant stream. You don’t say anything as you pump, you just watch. I watch too.

I’m visibly inflated beneath the thin silk now. My breasts perk up, my arse cheeks fill out like two balloons. And it feels so good. Running my hands all over my body. I look like I’ve swallowed a basketball. The nape of my swollen, naked bum is peeking out from the bottom of the slip. The silk is no longer loose on my body. It’s tight, stretched round my ballooning form like latex. Stitches start to blow.

I moan through the hose. My thighs are already soaked. I have to reconfigure my stance as they blow up too, pushing each other apart.

Patches of sweaty, ballooning skin are visible now. Poking through the holes torn in the thin fabric. Don’t slow down, it’s only just starting. Make me huge and helpless. Do what you want with me. Your heart rate’s increasing. So is mine. Pounding away inside me. Vibrating against my drum tight skin. Joining the sounds of splitting fabric, tearing up the seams and sliding off my swollen body.

You can see my erect nipples. That’s about all I can see as well. I’ve gotten so huge I can’t reach my bellybutton. I can’t even reach my throbbing, swollen crotch, squashed between my massive thighs. I moan in frustration. I’m longing for satisfaction. I fiddle with my sensitive nipples, about all I can reach now. Yes, that feels good. You need satisfaction too but you can have it can’t you. Why don’t you come over here and lend a big helpless balloon girl a hand.

So big now. My arms plumping out, making them hard to bend. They’re forced out to the sides and I stand like a star. My belly engulfing my fat, little limbs.

I glance over my shoulder. My bum is bigger than I thought it was. Big and juicy. Shuddering and blowing outwards with every pump. I try to touch it but my arms are too stiff.

Nothing but a growing, pink ball.

I can barely see you over my inflated body. But I can hear the pumping, over and over, never slowing. I can hear stretching too like the sound of a balloon being overinflated.

It’s me, I can feel the pressure inside me, forcing me to grow. Forcing my body to inflate bigger and bigger. But how much more pumping can I take? Too much air and I’ll go bang for sure. Just like the balloon I’ve become. Yet still I grow bigger.


I flap my little hands and you stop pumping. I hear you approach me and I see your face rise over the horizon of my blimped body. You run you hands over me, squeezing me slightly.


You can’t hear me with this hose in my mouth.

Nothing but a giant, straining balloon. Your balloon. You smile slightly and role me onto my back.

So fat. So helpless. So horny.

Still running hands all over my taut skin. Teasing me. Slowly your hands migrate south. My legs stick out, wide apart. I can feel cold air on my hot, wet crotch.

Yes, that’s it, just a little further. Tiny hands rubbing my swollen form. Closer and closer until OH YES! I moan in satisfaction. My whole bloated body bucking with pleasure. I can’t tell what you’re doing but it feels so good. I’m so vulnerable and sensitive, I never want this to end. Practically screaming though the hose, my fat little toes screwed up with pleasure.

And then it stops. I’m lying there, legs in the air, drenched in sweat, pleading for more. Why did you stop? I can’t see a thing but my balloon breasts and the ceiling. I try to listen but all I can hear is my own gasping breath. Until:


You’re inflating me again. The creaking from my skin starts up again as I pump outwards. Am I still not big enough for you? I don’t know how much bigger I can get. Not that there’s anything I can do about it. I can barely even move my fingers. Just your helpless balloon girl, entirely at your mercy.

Hmmm so big and fat. Rounder and rounder and tighter and oh! The bigger I get the more sensitive I become. My breasts shuddering an growing with every pump, pushing up into my face. I can feel them touching my cheeks. They feel almost solid.

Oh god I feel like I’m gonna burst any second. I can’t grow anymore. The ominous creaking from my skin is almost deafening. I’m too big. Gonna blow. Gonna burst. You’re just gonna pop me and there’s nothing I can do to stop you.

In my mind I picture you. your face sweaty from the exertion of cramming more air into my protesting body. You’ve got that glint in your eye as you watch me shudder and strain. Just a huge, pink balloon with little hands and feet and giant, round tits. Again you pump. Over and over. You want to see me explode. You know there’s nothing I can do to stop myself from growing and growing until I go pop.

About all I can do now is moan. Moan and grow. Why haven’t I burst yet? Oh god, so FULL! Oh....ugh...oh... Can’t see a thing but inflated flesh. So big and tight. My skin lets out a long deep groan, getting louder and higher. This is it.