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Irresistible Pop Toys (2)

The attractive wolf girl got up from her bed. Glancing down at the scraps of the two boys she’d popped, she bit her lip a little. She loved how disposable they were, and she loved being in control. Her body grew hotter just imagining what she wanted to do next, but she’d need some new playthings.

Taking a quick few minutes, she blew up some more red fox boys with the electric pump. After inflating the first, however, she was having some trouble waiting and containing herself. So, she walked over to him and stroked her hand down his chest before turning around for him. He naturally put his hands on her hips as she pressed her soft and fluffy rear into his crotch. She enjoyed feeling him naturally move against her as his phallus hardened over time. “Grind into me however you like, but don’t put yourself inside me or I’ll pop you right here~” She teased him with her claws as she rubbed his thigh. She enjoyed a few minutes of his teasing while the other copies inflated. Filling themselves and others at her command, three more obedient toys were ready. She decided to let the one grinding against her inside at last. “Mmm, you’re all to call me ma’am, not master. Got that?” They all spoke somewhat hesitantly after the other, “Y-yes ma’am.” The one sliding against her ass finally caved and sprayed his juices onto her back; all for the others to see. “Good boy~ Now, I’m going to be generous because I’m in the mood. I’ll allow you mild freedom to do what you like to me provided I like it. However, if you stick it up my rear-“ she said pushing her cushion against the boy behind her, “then you can do so, but I’m gonna pop your disobedient ass right away. I’m not in the mood for that.

The boy behind her instantly slid himself under and into her vaginal hole. “Thank you for giving me this freedom ma’am. Ooh~” he said letting out a breathless moan and humping into her.“I-I’ve wanted to put my worthless cock in you this whole time.” Her slippery walls expanded around his average dick. She pushed back against him. The other three walked around to get a better view, keeping a little distance patiently. They watched eagerly, curious of what would happen, and looking for a good opening to get in there. However, the boy already inside her was the one to find a good opening.

He noticed her mind failing her a bit, and was really feeling a strong desire to pop soon. The idea his artificial mind proposed aroused him, and he took his chance. He slid out of her completely, then pressed it deep into her back hole; unable to prevent helping himself to his ultimate desire. He pumped into her tight, rear hole and sprayed tons of cum inside her a moment later. “ARGH!” she let out in a brief mix of pain and pleasure. “What did I SAY?” Taking the needle from the bed, she winds up and jams it into his thigh. He barely reacts as he moans a brief, “Oh~” before blowing into a million bits-


The only things left of him were a few shreds of his penis stuffed into her ass and a couple scraps on the floor.

Nghh-“ she says in slight irritation as her rear hole returns to it’s normal size. Pulling the popped piece of his dick from her hole. “Fuck, that bitch wanted to pop like that didn’t he.” Some of his juices spill out of her and drip down her leg.“He really creamed me good. Mmmm, I kinda liked his disobedient ass but a rule’s a rule.” She looked to the other three standing around who were obviously turned on by the other boy’s pop.

She knew they were getting ideas; ideas about her rear. She considered just blowing them all to pieces right then and there to prevent any more surprises. But instead, she decided she wanted to blow them all right then and there. “Alright you cock toys, you’re gonna stand right where you are and I’m going to do what I want to you.” Their inflated dicks twitched in the air. “I’m going to pop two of you, and you won’t know when. The one to resist my body the most will be the one who get a reward.

The wolf picked up her needle from the bed, bending over teasingly for the boys in the process. She enjoyed the hot sensation of their gaze upon her form. She thought about how much she’d enjoy denying them.

She strolled over to the boy on the left and started sucking his on length. She moved up and down for a while as she watched his lewd expressions from below. She then pulled off of him and pressed her butthole to the tip of his dick.

Her fear and anticipation that he might suddenly thrust into her made the situation all the more arousing. He shook with desire, doing his best to not just take her right there. If he did, she’d pop him immediately for being a disobedient toy. He managed to only press the tip of his cock into her rear for a good while, before she moved slightly on him. Just the tip felt fine for her, and she rather enjoyed his irregular breathing. “Oh? Seems like you might not be the one to pop so soon~

She then pulled herself off of him, and walked over to the next. She repeated the process of sucking on him, but this time putting this boy much closer to orgasm. She knew what she was doing, and she kind of wanted one to give in to his desires. As she pressed her hole against his length, he pushed back a bit more than the other boy. It actually did surprise her. Instinctively, she tried to move away. He followed her with a mild thrust, before using every drop of willpower in his artificial mind to pull back. “A-ah! Looks like you’re gonna be one of the ones to burst.

For the last boy, she couldn’t help but fondle his smooth and shiny balls; they were irresistible. When she presented herself he managed to somehow press just a bit past the tip inside. But it would still make him a loser. The realization he messed up, along with the fact that he’d pop soon and without warning, became quite the stimulant for him. He felt like the garbage he was. “P-please ma’am, punish me~ I can’t even listen to your commands properly! Dispose of my w-worthles-AH!” he suddenly moaned as she took him back into her mouth.

She caressed the needle over his belly as she used her tongue to lick the delicious boy. She wanted him to make the mistake and blow apart for her on his own. She licked deep to the base of his cock to stimulate him to thrust forward. “AaaH! I’m goOOnna poP myself! I can’t resist! Yes, this is WhAAaat I deSErVE! F-f-fuck!” He finally thrust deep into her throat, enough to make her gag, and she pushed him off. “Bad boy~” she said as he tried to push back into her mouth. “mmmmMMMHHH!” he let out desperately with his eyes closed. The needle pressed into his cute belly just as he thrusted forward towards her. He let out a higher pitched, “AH!” as he exploded into a loud-


His shreds covered her in various places as she slowly turns to the next boy to pop blushing. “You went a lot further than him inside when I offered myself to you, I didn’t like that very much~” He gulps and blushes slightly as he imagines the degrading ways he could burst.

She walks over to him licks his tip before pulling away completely. “Oops, did you think I would be the one pleasuring you? Worthless toys that can’t hold themselves back don’t deserve such pleasure!” She pushes his shoulders down a bit and he struggles to his knees. “kneel, boy.

She grabs the back of his head without care and shoves his squeaky mouth inside her drenched, warm lips. His eyes roll back in his head as he enjoys getting used by his master blissfully. He licks into her pussy while her head follows suit in equal pleasure.

She presses his head against her as hard as she can, forcing his tongue deeper inside as she bucks slightly. “Ah! The only thing you’re good for is some good licking!” They spend a good minute there as she buries him in her slippery hole. She approaches her orgasm, wants to do something else to get over the edge.

She pulls him off of her as he catches his breath, and spins around to shove her ass in his face. “Here’s the hole you’ll never get to fuck! Now lick me clean with that disgusting tongue of yours!” He replies breathlessly, “Yes ma’am~” and slides his tongue right up her butthole. Some of the juices from his other self are still inside, but he doesn’t find it upsetting. I mean, it was essentially him right?

God,” he thought to himself, “what must my other self have experienced when he thrust up inside her like that?” He licked her insides around in circles more aggressively as she squirmed; she couldn’t figure out where his passion was coming from. “He popped just to cream inside this hole, and fuck if I’m no different.” He reached under her to start fingering her clit from behind. She almost lost balance as she grew close to her orgasm.

He’d been stroking himself with his free hand this whole time so he’d be ready for his moment, and now was the time. Like his predecessor, he took advantage of perfect timing to get the job done. He wanted, desired nothing more than to pop while hilted in her like that; that was his ultimate desire. He pulled out of her with his tongue and got up behind her. She raised the needle in preparation for his disobedient insertion but he pushed into her vaginal walls instead. She moaned out and let her guard down just enough for him to slip it into her butt; cumming deep into her after only a few thrusts. He held himself inside her blissfully knowing that any moment he’d be nothing but scraps. “W-worth it~” he said before letting out a surprised sound, vanishing into nothing with a sudden-


Despite getting surprised by the toy’s insertions into her rear, she rather enjoyed it. She enjoyed their tenacity, and loved punishing them for going against her wishes.

There was one left, and she wanted to use the pump on this one.