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Irresistible Pop Toys (1)

Sasha was lying in bed, watching footage of her man play with the toys she’d sent him. She, like her lover, was also a grey wolf. She had healthy proportions, a wonderful ass and some fair sized breasts upon her chest. The room was extremely dark, with just enough light to see most objects around the bed. She’d turned the lights down to enhance her mood.

She watched her man make love the artificial fox lovers she’s sent him one by one, before popping them for his pleasure. The way he handled them was so fierce, so merciless, so dominating. She’d imagined herself as every one of those ladies at some point during her viewing, as well as feeling mildly jealous that they were having him all to themselves. She was conflicted over what she wanted more; for him to keep playing with them a little longer, or for him to just pop the dumb bitches who were sleeping with her man.

She fingered herself for a while as she watched the last one inflate herself to bursting. Her lover foolishly decided to try and keep one for later. “Y-you idiot. Don’t you know they’ll just pop themselves? Ah!” she said while approaching her orgasm. She flexed her hips up involuntarily as she heard the last girl burst into a million scraps. The exploding fox made one of the most lewd noises she’d ever heard, and it was enough to send her over the edge. She lay there panting on her back in bed as the feeling subsided. A moment passed, and the wolf decided she needed some action.

She rolled off the bed, and slid a box of her own disposable toys out; but most of hers were male. She stuck the hose into one their deflated bums, and turned the hose on. She watched as he inflated quickly; remembering all the way the girls she’d been watching popped. She ran over to her nightstand to get her own version of her lover’s ornate needle out of the drawer, in case she needed it. She ran back over and sat down, naked, at the edge of the bed. It was almost time, and she was soaking wet.

The fox boy awoke to find a seductive pair of eyes staring him down. She spread her legs for him, showing him just how wet she was. She spoke teasingly, “I want you inside me boy, but not quite yet~” He felt himself hardening at her request, as he imagined burying himself inside her. Her gaze then drifted down to his hardening, inflatable dick. She licked her lips. “Plug that hose into the next one so we can hurry up get on with it already~

He reached around behind him, and pulled on the pump in his rear. It took a good second or so of struggling for it to actually pop out of him, but it did so with a nice, creaky sound. He bent down and plugged the hose into another, then looked back to his master. She motioned with her finger to come hither.

He obeyed her command, getting up and standing closer to her. She stroked her chin, “Hmmm, what do I want to do with you?” He replied honestly and longingly, “Whatever you wish master~” She eyeballed his crotch to see his shiny pair of balls hanging there.

Her hand reached out and grasped them hard. She requested, “Call me ma’am.” He gasped at the sudden sensation, then did his best to stand still while she fondled him. His balls squeaked a bit in her hands, and the odd firmness mixed with squish was enough to get her to blush. She then slid two fingers up to the base of his shaft, and spread them to be on either side of his member. Sliding them slowly up the sides. She squeezed it a bit and felt for how firm it was. His cock tried to twitch, but her grasp kept it in place. Her gaze drifted up to look towards his expression. His breathing ha become uneven, as he stared vaguely at her with his mouth hanging open. He wanted nothing more than to just fuck her already.

She could see that the other toy was nearly blown up, and decided it was time to go at it. “Let’s make the other boy jealous, shall we?” she said standing up to him, pressing her body into his erection. He responded by grabbing hold of her waist, “Y-yes ma’am, mmh.” He pressed his cock against her vaginal entrance as she moaned out, and then slid himself deep inside in her one go.

His large penis creaked a bit as it entered her. “Oohh, fuck me you’re big,” she said breathlessly as he was hilted inside her. He backed out a bit, then thrust back into her. His pace increased as he got his footing, and before she knew it he was bouncing himself in and out of her slippery cunt. She grasped onto his shoulders in response, and managed to open her eyes for a moment despite the sensation. The other fox boy had just finished inflating, and he was immediately greeted with a pleasant sight. His other self was pumping away inside a hot and curvy wolf girl; he was extremely jealous.

The wolf girl panted, but managed to get her perverted command to the new toy. “Y- -Aaah- you! Are you -huff- jealous of us?” The new toy’s cock twitched and grew in response. “Oh yes master.” She then took her arms off of his shoulders and grabbed aggressively at her partner’s ass. His squeaky, bubbly butt felt much the same as a pair of inflated balloons would. She then did her best to squeeze her artificial partner’s body enough to tighten him up and stop his movements altogether. “Ah!” he let out as he squinted his eyes closed. She then spread his rear apart, revealing his shiny asshole. “Go ahead and fuck this one’s backdoor, I wanna hear him squeak!” The toy who’s cheeks were parted felt a little disgruntled about getting offered up like that. But he didn’t get a choice, his ass was hers.

The new boy ran over and pressed himself deep into the presenting hole, while reaching around to squeeze the woman’s ass. The woman did the same to him as they squeezed the boy between them tighter. His captured body creaked in protest. The boy toy in the middle screamed out as he felt himself become much tighter. Between their grip he came close to popping right there, but he was sturdy enough to take it for now.

The boy in his back entrance wasted no time hammering away into him as he pumped automatically into the girl. She grasped at the tight boy’s shoulders and reached up to kiss him during the experience. He immediately mouthed so many noises as she kissed him, what he was feeling was intense. He spasmed a few times into her, and back against the other fox as he took the dick; practically shouting at one point as the others thrusts became relentless. He was in heaven.

Feeling the boy in her mouth and her cunt sent her close to the edge. She pushed down into his thrusts, which made it easier for the other to grind deeper into his ass. Her hips practically held him in place. His noises became even more intense as the sensations overwhelmed him. He came deep into her, which tightened his ass enough to stimulates the other boy’s cream into him. Right on the verge of orgasm she humped desperately and moved faster and faster.

Her claws came out naturally as she gripped his shoulders tighter, and right before she orgasmed he exploded into a loud-


between them.

They were both caught off-guard by his pop and fell into each other. She looked into his eyes, not wanting to waste any more time, “C’mon, finish me off, unlike your worthless copy could!” He instantly lunged forward and pushed her down onto the bed. He pulled the scraps of his other self’s penis from her depths and tossed them away like the trash they were. He then grasped her hips rather hard and hilted in her. “Are you going to pop me with those sexy claws too master?” He fucked her desperately as her head rolled back in pleasure. “Keep talkin’ like that and I will~ Call me MA’am!

As she got close once more, she grabbed onto the bed. This was to prevent another accident with her claws. Her body flexed up into the air as her legs squeezed around him as tightly as possible.

He barreled into her as she came. She flailed as her voice grew higher and higher pitched. Her eyes squeezed shut as she came multiple times in continuum. Her body squeezed him for his every drop. Finally, he came at the end of her orgasm. However, it was became too much for her to handle. She finally opened her eyes and lunged a bit towards the fox, about to tell him to stop. But as she grabbed his arm her claws dug into his hollow skin to result in small, “Ah!” from the fox and a glorious-


Realizing what she’d done, her eyes opened and closed in disbelief for a moment. As she took in her actions more, she squirmed in ecstasy as the flutters of his form fell onto her. The wolf caught her breath a bit on the bed before feeling herself grow wet again. “I need more~