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Gifts from a Lover (3)

He took a moment to stand there, then collapsed to the floor on his hands and knees. His body was shaking, as he was really starting to feel exhausted and relieved. But, there were still two more toys to play with. Where would he find the strength? He was already so fulfilled. Suddenly, he felt his own rear being toyed with.

A wet finger slid its way inside him from behind, and a small giggle accompanied it moments later. He tightens up at the sensation, but enjoys it nonetheless. “Feeling a bit tired master?” He makes a small noise of confirmation, “Mhmm. Just…gimme a minute here.” She takes her other hand and caresses his handsome behind. She says softly, “You can take as long as you like, but I do want to burst~”

He looks to her, and sees her patiently waiting and having fun with his bum. He then gets a pleasant idea. “You’re a good girl, how do you want to pop? Needle, intense sex, maybe even the pump?” Her finger gets jammed up far inside him as he finishes that statement, and she lets out a small moan. “You’re, giving me a choice?” He nods and pushes back against her intruding finger. “W-well I…I uh. I really would be happy getting used by you honestly…but if I could-“ she looks to the back room longingly, thinking of her other self bursting from the electric pump, “I wanna be popped by that thing somehow, if you don’t mind.”

He gets up, but gives her a command before doing so, “Keep that finger in me.” She replies quickly, “Y-yes master, anything. I’m so grateful you’re doing t-this for me.”

He sees the last balloon girl sitting there against the bar, eyes half open, and ass pressed against the side. He’ll pop her soon, right after he gives this one everything she wants and more.

He walks slowly over to the door, feeling her struggling to keep her finger up inside his flexing cheeks. It slips out at one point, and she jams it back in quickly, the feeling is pleasurable for him, yet intense. He winces, “A-are you ok?” as she asks concerned. He nods again, and wraps his tail gently around her arm as they walk.

Near the pump lie bits and pieces of the girl popped out of sight. The wolf gets upset knowing her never got to watch. “Fuck, I’m gonna punish that girl so badly when I get around to her.” A moment passes as he bends down to pick up the pump. The girl next to him bites her lip, and looks away from him guiltily. “Y-ya know, I helped pop her too. Maybe I should be punished as well.” He smiles at her a little, “only if it’s what you really want.” A long silence fills the air as they make their way back while she contemplates how she really wants to be popped.

Her finger still in his ass, she finally speaks up near the entrance to the bar, “O-ok, I think it’d be better to have you do what I tell you. Since, that’ll be a unique experience for me compared to the others.” He takes note of her request, and readies himself mentally to please this artificial girl’s desires.

Upon entering the room, he can see that the side of the bar is covered in the toy girl’s juices as she is still grinding against it. The scraps of the others are more evident now, especially as a mess that he’d have to clean up. These new juices of the girl at the bar weren’t helping the situation. He clenched his fist slightly in anger at the denied toy, and wished he could just go at her right there. But then suddenly, he felt a tap on his left shoulder. “I wanna watch you pop her.”

He took a second to debate this in his mind, before reaching his conclusion. He waved, to signal her to stop fingering him, and she complied. He then stood in front of the girl he’d denied since earlier, and spoke strongly, “You’ve been a bad girl,” he grabbed her soft chin and slid his fingers across it, “and I’m going to enjoy punishing you.”

He grabbed her by the breasts and squeezed at them hard. He then lifted her up to a more standing position with his grasp and played with her nipples. He pinched them, and then used them to pull her towards him and she squeaked in a mix of pain and pleasure. She fell helplessly into his arms, as he caressed the rest of her body briefly. “Use that mouth of yours to suck my dick, toy.” She practically fell to her knees and immediately started sucking on him.

He looked behind himself to see the other girl sticking the hose up her bum. After she managed to get it in, she pushed it up further, and then a little more like it was satisfying beyond belief. She then looked to him with deep arousal, and flicked the switch on, leaving it on low. The machine began to hum, and immediately she cried out, “AH! Ooh!” as she was caught off guard by the pleasure of the sensation. She writhed on the ground in ecstasy. This made him pump his hips a bit into the toy sucking him off, who took it without question.

The girl with the pump in her ass finally settled down onto her stomach so that her ass was in a full, perfectly spread view for him to enjoy. He could see her ass slowly inflating, her belly getting rounder, and her breasts pushing her ever so slightly further off the ground. He’d almost forgotten about the girl whose mouth he was in.

He’d unconsciously grabbed the back of her head and stared pushing deep into her on the edge of his orgasm. He came down her throat almost without thinking about it. The girl had no problems, especially considering she was made for it. And as he realized what he did, he pulled out of her slightly panicked, only to remember she was a toy.

He pushed her to the ground and proceeded to sit on her face. “Lick me well back there, and I might just let you cum before popping your worthless ass.” Her tongue quivered inside him as it pushed past his tight exterior. Her tongue moved inside of him so passionately and desperately while he got a front row seat to the inflating girl’s kinky spasms.

She was moaning every other second, feeling herself over, rolling around occasionally. “Oh fuck, I’m so tight, MMmmMMmm~ it feels so good!” She kept up like this for another minute or so, but finally managed to make eye contact with the wolf boy. He teased her a bit while he watched, “You are one hot toy, aren’t you?” He said to her while pushing hard on the boobs of the girl beneath him. The girl beneath him raised her legs to relieve some of the pressure naturally, though she enjoyed the tightening feeling. This action made the inflated one instantly orgasm before his eyes. After she recovered, she and him both looked to her growing form with minor worry.

“Master, turn off the pump, I don’t want to pop yet.” Her gut, along with the rest of her, was about a two or three feet larger than normal. For them, that was very tight. They’re just cheap pop toys, not the versions that can hold tons and tons of air. He gets up off the face of the one beneath him and she gasps for breath. Then, he quickly jogs over to the pump and shuts it off. The inflated girl pants as her distorted form creaks. She can’t help but tell him of her next desire, “C’mon, do it! Finish her off already~”

The balloon to be punished looks slightly worried as he walks over to her holding something behind his back. He sits back down on her face, and starts fingering her vagina mercilessly. She squirms and flails underneath him, feeling herself get tighter as he presses his ass onto her. Her feeble attempts to lick him feel amazing, just as punishing her makes him feel amazing.

Her body flexes upwards momentarily, as pulls out the ornate needle and teases it along her belly. It makes his new ass cushion tense up, and try desperately not to orgasm or flex upwards any more. The price for doing so is an instant pop. “What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to cum? All balloons exist to pop~ and you’re no different. You’ll be joining the scraps on the ground soon enough.” He used his thumb to play with her clit while he forces his ass down harder on her face, making her belly swell further into the needle. “Hope it was worth it to you to pop of my toy, because this is the price. Maybe you’ll get a moment of pleasure before you burst, if you’re lucky. Now just give in and cum.”

She moans in desperation as he switches between fingering her inner walls and massaging her clit. Her arms and legs clenching and flailing a bit as she fights to not orgasm beneath him. The other girl joins in the teasing, “Come on and pop already, bitch.” A high pitched moan turns practically into a squeak as she finally flexes upwards and cums. The needle presses into her belly quickly, and a mere second later her body disappears beneath him in a loud-


He catches himself almost instantly on his knees, and looks down to the scraps of her on the ground satisfied. He looks up to the last girl who seems to be quite pleased with his work, he says out loud, “only one more to go.”

He stands up, wiping off some of the pieces of the other one from his body. He gets down on his knees and grabs her gently by the cheeks. Noticing how tight she is, he speaks softly, “What would you like me to do?” She makes a slightly excited noise, “Can you, deflate me a little? Then inflate me again, I just love the feeling so much.”

He pats her cheeks and goes around behind her to pull the hose out. He tugs on the hose for a few seconds, but it won’t budge. He speaks from behind her, “I uh, I don’t think this thing’s coming out.” She sounds a little disappointed at first, but then signals him to walk back around to her face. “That’s because I crammed it too far up there~” she says amused with herself.

She looks at him longingly, while he stands there at her back and call. “It’s ok,” she says looking up to his penis, “balloons exist to be popped~” With that, she takes him into her mouth and begins moving down his length. He is taken by surprise, but lets her do her thing.

Her tongue licks all around him, and underneath to his base. She then starts to suck on the tip before pulling away. “Go ahead, fuck my face as hard as you want. It doesn’t hurt for a balloon~” He immediately takes her up on the offer and grabs her puffy ears as he slams as deep into her; as much he can all at once. The boy continues to do her as hard as possible while her eyes roll back in her head. The pleasure of being used so fully by her master is overwhelming for her. A Short minute later he sprays his seed deep into her hollow form. He finally pulls out of her as she sucks on him to the very end. She catches her breath a little.

“You can’t fuck my ass with the hose stuck in there, so just stick it in my cunt. My ass should have enough cushion back there to make it amazing, and I’m reeeeally tight right now~” He walked around behind her and saw her overly inflated and puffy lips. He grabbed hold of her oversized buns and shoved himself inside after lining it up. If she were normal sized, it would feel much like he was burying himself inside her rear entrance right now. She was just so tight that he could barely tell the difference.

He plowed into her, bouncing off the near miniature bouncy castle that was her backside for several minutes. He humped, and humped, and humped, until he came several times into her. She came with him, almost every time. Her body tensed up more as he pressed inside each time. They were both unsure of how close she came to popping. Miraculously, she held together through it all. He loved her like this, and sometime during their session, he wished it would never end.

After the fourth orgasm, he finally stopped and pulled out. “Alright, I don’t think I can do anymore.” He said as his legs shook where he stood. “If I keep going, there’s no way I can clean all this up.” She was almost not there, her mind melted sufficiently by the relentless pounding and many orgasms. “I think I wanna keep you though, at least for a week. You don’t have to pop, let me clean this up and we can go home.” Her mind came back to her in pieces, and she understood what he was saying.

He walked away from her, and over to the bar area and sat down. Breathing heavily, he heard her body creaking like normal, until he heard another sound. Because of his exhausted state, it didn’t register to him what the sound was at first; it was the pump.

He flicked his head around suddenly to see that she’d turned the pump on high by herself. His jaw dropped but she looked at him triumphantly and with one last bit of tease. “Didn’t you get anything out of what just happened here? Didn’t you-Ah-pay attention to the other girls who are literal duplicates of me?” she said before making one final moan under her control, “Mmmmmmmm~ I want to pop.”

He got up briefly, and thought for a moment about shutting the pump off, but she was too close to bursting. She bit her lip and shut her eyes. Her arms and legs were quickly forced out into a straighter position as the creaking grew louder and louder. She opened her eyes and looked to herself growing helplessly, and obviously enjoying her predicament squirmed a little to jiggle her boobs. She shut her eyes one last time, and squinted them harder and harder as she bucked mildly in one final orgasm. Her voice grew higher and higher pitched as she tightened. “F-fuck me! Pop this BITCH already you stupid machhiiiiIIIII-EEEaaAAAAAAAAA-“


The chairs sitting directly next to her were blown backwards and the wolf boy was knocked against the bar slightly. He’d plugged his ears for that one, and was feeling very thankful he did. The hum of the hose nearby, having nothing to blow, into was a reminder of the fox girls who were there merely an hour ago.

He thought about just how many he had left in that box. It had to be over forty. He wondered if he’d go through all of them before his lover came back from her trip in a few days.

He looked into the camera. relaxing from the experience, and said, “well, you’re gonna have a lot more footage than that to look through before the end of the week. I’m sorry I tried to keep one of them. Thought it’d be kinky to have one of them to pop the others with. I guess I learned my lesson, they’re just toys to be popped after all.” The camera’s recording ended a second later as he smiled into the frame.