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Gifts from a Lover (2)

He looks to the others and speaks, “who’s next?” as the last bunch of scraps from other girl float to the floor. The girl toy who just orgasmed looks to him with a naughty desire in her eyes. “I am, master” she says feelings herself up a bit. “Prove it then.” he says.

She bites her lip for the briefest of moments, then strolls over to a nearby chair emphasizing the motion of her hips along the way. She pulls the chair out without losing eye contact, then obediently spins around, slowly pressing her rear out to face him a little more as she climbs. On her knees, she grips the top of the chair, and wiggles her ass side to side and all around teasingly. He makes his way over to the chair, feeling himself become aroused once again.

She is absorbed in her teasing process, closing her eyes completely as she listens to his footsteps approach. Suddenly, she feels him grasp her rear and play gently with it, at first. “Master, you don’t have to be that gentle with-uuUUUSss! Oohh~” He grasps her rear hard and mercilessly. Her body protests by creaking loudly. The immense pressure it puts within her is enough to make her temporarily lose her mind, and she spasms slightly.

Her grip tightens on the chair as she feels him lick her rear entrance. She moans out before pulling herself together enough to say, “There’s no need to prepare us back theeeEEeere masteER! You can just fuck us however you LIIIIKE! Ah!” She can’t control herself with his tongue circling inside of her, prodding to go deeper. It’s driving her wild.

She flexes back involuntarily into his face, as her tail stands straight up. His tongue slides much deeper, flicking upwards inside her. He grabs her thighs and pushes himself yet further inside. He flicks up and down with the tip of his tongue, moving it around inside for at least another ten seconds. He then suddenly pulls out and licks his lips. “It’s not about preparing you,” he says lost in his lust, “you’re just too delicious not to taste.” He then grabs hold of her shiny, red legs and pulls them down off the chair. Her balloon body is simply light enough to be thrown around without much effort.

Her hands slide down the sides of the chair, desperate to hold on to something as she squeaks in surprise. Her feet find the ground, as she finds herself bent over and presenting herself. He looks down to see her perfect and perky ass facing him, inches away from his dick. He can’t hold himself back for even another moment. As he grinds against her, she feels his rod suddenly press against her cheeks from behind.

He then quickly finds her newly wet rear hole, and slides himself inside. It is incredibly tight, as she is clenching herself shut in bliss. However, with a nice grip on her hips, and a bit of force, he manages to plop his way inside her. “Ah!” she lets out as his full length slides into her backdoor a moment later. Her body pulses with tightness, and she shivers in anticipation of her pop.

He takes a moment, then immediately pulls all the way out before thrusting back in full force. Before long, he’s repeating the process with moderately less force, but making up for it by continually romping on her ass. Her body and mind go a bit more limp as the strength of the impacts put her in a state of pure bliss. It’s not long before he creams into her back hole, flooding her with warm juices as she orgasms right after him.

They take a moment to rest, but it’s not long before he gets back to humping into her backdoor. She can feel her skin getting very thin, and as she goes to warn him about this as he grabs onto her thighs hard. But before she can finish, he pulls her onto him even harder. “Master! I think I’m g-gonNA-“


She exploded into tiny bits, fluttering down to the floor. He stood there struggling to catch his breath as his cock twitched. “Yeah,” he said to the popped toy, “that’s kind of the idea.”

One of the toys looked to be staring at him with a cute smile and an insatiable appetite for dick. Her tongue was lolled out of her mouth as she panted stroking her clit. The panting one turned around and placed her hands on the wall, finally breaking eye contact to observe nothing but his throbbing erection. Scraps of the others were stuck to the boy in small places, which made him all the more hot to the soon to be popped balloons. She shook her ass back and forth eagerly as her tail moved out of the way. “All I gotta to do get you to to do me is shake my ass right?” Her theory was amazingly, correct.

A moment later he was on top of her from behind. His arms dominantly placed over top of hers as he pressed his length against her rear, and pushed hard. She moaned out loudly as he pounced. He came close to growling at her, only barely managing to keep his composure. He wasn’t quite sure where this part of him came from, but he wasn’t debating it now. “Beg me for it, bitch! I want to hear you say it!” She flexed against him, every fibre of her being wanting to be used properly.

“A-AH! Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass like that last bitch and don’t stop ‘till I POP! Hurry up, I need you~” He instantly crammed his dick far up into her rear, toy entrance. Her asscheeks folded around him perfectly. He pumped into her uncontrollably, pushing into her so hard that he could barely feel her grinding back against him. Her breasts pressed against the wall tightly as her body became extremely tight with every thrust. He could feel himself on the edge, getting closer as he did what came naturally.

She felt like she could pop during any one of these thrusts, and it drove her wild. He held her hands against the wall as he pushed, and loved every moment of it. Her ass, was his. She creaked wildly, and moaned just as wildly as his heavy breathing overpowered her ears. Her words started breathlessly, then shifted into a full-blown shout. “I don’t care if I orgasm. Just use me like THE DISPOSABLE BITCH I AM! AAAAaa-AAH!” At that, he pressed deep into her, taking her feet off the ground and fucked her so hard she was mildly launched into the air with each upwards thrust.

Finally, he grabbed her hips and slammed her into him a few more times as she orgasmed around him. He grasped at her hips tightly, and pushed into her hole as far as he could while also biting her ear at the last second. He humped again, and came deep into her, spraying her insides with his seed. “Oh FUCK! POP ME! please~ pop MEeeEEE-“


A moment later she disappeared into nothing, like the disposable bitch she was.

He took a moment to stand there, then collapsed to the floor on his hands and knees. His body was shaking, as he was really starting to feel exhausted and relieved. But, there were still two more toys to play with. Where would he find the strength? He was already so fulfilled. Suddenly, he felt his own rear being toyed with.