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Gifts from a Lover (1)

It was a dark and stormy night at the underground bar. A handsome, wolf boy with dark grey fur was tidying up the dishes as the place was closing down. He was the bartender, and his boss had the night off. It was a darkly lit establishment; very moody lighting in the place. High class customers would drop by alongside some more middle class folk. It was a very chill, and welcoming atmosphere. Older, smooth jazz-like music would be played constantly with various mix ups; atmospheric.

The bartender had been turned on at various points during the evening, and his lover was out of town. Lots of the women, and even a few of the men, who would show up were very attractive people. A few had even offered to please him earlier in the night. But, he was very loyal to his lover, and pleasantly denied their requests. The last few customers finally left the establishment for the night.

He could feel his arousal keeping him awake through the late night atmosphere, and decided that he really needed some…relief. He knew the perfect way to do it. His eyes wandered over to the back room on his left.

His lover had supplied him with dozens of artificial, disposable, balloon women to use if he ever had enough of an urge. The only catch? He was to record himself having fun with them and send the video to his lover as payment for the gift. He wandered into the back room to start inflating them.

He pulled out six of them from the generously sized box, and lined them up side by side. He stuck a pump in one’s deflated rear hole and switched it on. He then casually strolled out of the room, the bulge in his pants now struggling to escape as he forced his mind to focus a little longer.

He went back to cleaning the tables and floor while the creaking of balloons emanated out of the back room. Occasionally he’d hear a moan as one would pull itself free of the hose to insert it into the next deflated toy. He intentionally cleaned a little louder, as to distract himself from the noises in the other room.

After about twenty minutes, he’d gone back to the bar and just about finished up with the remaining dishes when he heard a loud creaking and moaning coming from the other room. He stopped wiping the glass in his hands as while his attention was soaked completely by the sound. He imagined what might be going on in there; that wasn’t a normal moan. The noises became more intense as the moan grew higher and higher pitched before there was a loud-


It echoed slightly into the bar area, and there was a brief moment of silence before faint giggling could be heard. He decided it was time he got his camera ready.

He set the device up on the bar, facing out into the room. He took off his shirt somewhat teasingly and sensually in front of the camera. His pants hugged his rear nicely as he waited for the girls to exit the room.

The red, fox-like balloon girls exited the room giggling a bit, as the first one suddenly stopped as she saw the wolf boy standing there smiling to himself. She instantly realized who her master was, as the others slowly came to the same realization exiting the room. “Alright,” the guy spoke half serious and half jokingly, “what happened back there? Wasn’t there supposed to be six of you?” They sort of looked away from him a bit, some looking a little shameful while others were more casual. One, poking her fingers together in mild shame finally said, “W-We uh, restrained her until the thing popped her.”

“T-The what? The pump?” he said mildly amazed. “Uh huh,” the same girl said smiling and blushing a little. Her arousal at the thought of popping was palpable in everything from her expression to her body language. “W-We,” she started, “we saw her there inflating, and we all know how good it feels.” He raises an eyebrow. “And, we all kinda wanted to watch one of us burst. She squirmed a little obviously, but she overinflated and popped quite nicely.”

“Maybe I would’ve like to watch too? Did that even occur to you?” he said with mild disappointment. “But, which one of you started it?” he stated as a bit of a demand. They quickly pointed to the one who’d been talking up until now. “Good, you’ll be the last to pop.” “Ah!” she let out a squeak, sounding rather indignant and hurt, before eyeing the others and imagining them popping. She started to finger herself until he cut in, “Nope, you can’t do that either. You will pleasure yourself when I say you can like a good little toy.” She quickly pulled the hand out of herself as the others laughed mildly, “That’s not fair.” He then pointed to one of the girls, and curled his finger to signal her to come to him.

He took off his belt as her eyes locked gazes with his crotch. His pants drooped teasingly low on his waist, so they were almost being held up by his erection alone. “bend over that table there, toy.” She struggled briefly to pull her gaze away, then proceeded to do as he pleased, “Y-yes master.” She watched behind her as he curled and folded the belt a bit so that he could use it to smack her ass.

Meanwhile, the girls to their left started fingering themselves. They were close to the one ordered not to, creating a bit of tension in the group.

He got on his knees and groped the red, perky balloon ass in front of him. As he gasped her rear end, her tail folded up her back to make it easier for him. He spread her cheeks apart, and back together; licking his finger and inserting it briefly into her butthole to tease her. He then took a step back.

“How would you feel right now if I popped you?” he said snapping the belt in his hands behind her. Her front hole began to soak itself in her artificial juices, and heat flooded her mind. “I’d be happy to serve your desire master.” He smirked, and then cracked the belt against her ass. Her whole body tightened up in response as she let out a surprised yelp which faded into a moan. Then, he did it again. The girls behind him jumped slightly at the noise in surprise. One last time, he hit her on the other cheek a bit harder than necessary. “M-master, a-are you actually trying to pop me here? B-because you almost did, ah~”

“That’s for me to know,” he said placing the belt calmly next to her. He then picked her up from behind and placed her on a chair at the table. He looked into her lust filled eyes as her legs spread into the air for him, practically begging him to do her. But as he pressed in to kiss her, something in his pocket made her eyes go wide in shock. She gasped before saying, “What is that in your pocket? Are you going to use it on me?” She said even more aroused.

He finally undid his pants with a smile as the camera got a full view of his naked body from behind. From his pants he pulled a fairly blunt, but elegant needle. “I don’t know,” he replied teasingly rubbing it sideways down her thigh, “am I?” She clenches her mouth shut with a noise somewhere between panic, excitement, and pleasure. “mmmmMM!~”

“What’s the matter? Can’t decide if you want me to hold off on using it until we’ve fucked, or to just let me pop you right now?” Her grip tightened on the chair as one of the girls orgasms in the back. “Well lucky for you I really need to fuck something.” He wastes no time inserting himself into the woman full force, and hump into her with mild desperation. The chair shakes and the sound of sex fills the air.

She orgasms almost immediately around him, while it takes him another minute or so to get off. Her oversensitivity is ignored as he barrels himself deep inside her and cums deep into her cunt. Her eyes shoot open at the feeling. She orgasms again at this, as the feeling is so intense. Juices are forced out of her and down his leg as her body flails a bit around him. He holds himself deep inside her for a long moment, before relaxing. Her mind is almost exclusively blank as they cool off from their escapade. Yet, the teasing continues .

She feels something metallic and pointy press against her left breast, and opens her eyes to see a fancy needle brushing down her boob. “I’m done with you toy, get ready to pop~” She clenches around him a bit in a desperate moan realizing what he’s about to do. As he slides the needle down her breasts and belly, slowly, he humps into her a few times and pulls the needle away. He feels her orgasm again him at all the teasing, and thought of popping. As she orgasms, he presses the needle back into her breast but this time without shallowing the angle. He pushes down slowly, but her orgasm makes her flex up into his hand with a moan, and she disappears into a loud-


The toy who was denied pleasuring herself, visibly aroused beyond belief, and has to get away from the others to control herself. She manages to get over to the bar, squirming where she stands. Her hands stroke her thighs and tits as she struggles to keep from pleasuring herself.

He looks to the others and speaks, “who’s next?” as the last bunch of scraps from other girl float to the floor. The girl toy who just orgasmed looks to him with a naughty desire in her eyes. “I am, master” she says feelings herself up a bit. “Prove it then.” he says.