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Training Session

Natalie breathed in steadily. Keeping her focus as tight as she could.

Squeaking and creaking filled the air. A man stood next to an immense sphere of a woman, completely round save her immense bust bobbing on her rotund chest. He had his hand on the handle of an air tank. Natalie was huge, incredibly huge for an inflated woman, her spherical body forced to stretch wider than she was tall. The man firmly poked Natalie, his finger bumping against turgid flesh.

Natalie grunted in discomfort. “Come on babe you can’t be full yet!” The man said. “You need to stretch nearly a foot wider by your next performance! It’s only in a few days…”

“I’m trying the best I can, but you can’t rush me.” Natalie said back, slowly between gentle breaths. “You can’t rush my stretching or I’ll just burst. You’re my trainer you should know this.”

Her trainer grumbled and scratched his head. “I know, I know. But you’ve been slacking off and we’ve only got a few days to meet your contracted size. Your contract with Bubble Bar is your biggest move yet, and you need to be the biggest for it!”

Natalie took a few gentle breaths. “You don’t need to remind me…” Natalie concentrated on keeping herself together. “I’m going for the record…”

Her trainer sighed and leaned against her, she made an uncomfortable noise, he heard her skin creak like straining rubber. He stood up properly, taking the pressure off. “It took everything to get you this performance… we can’t disappoint them by having you not be the biggest bloater there.”

Natalie sighed, squeaking with pressure. “Fine, turn on the pump again, stretch me out some more.”

Nodding, he turned on the pump again. Low. Natalie grunted and held on. Air tried to force its way into her bloated body but she was completely full. She stretched a few inches wider, bit by bit. Her skin creaking, squeaking, and groaning all the way.

“I can do this…” Natalie thought to herself. “I need this, no one will take me seriously as the biggest if I can’t do this.”

Her trainer looked at her nervously. Gently touching her skin. She was incredibly tight, shiny with tautness, and still she inflated. She grew transparent, and he shut off the tank. Natalie breathed slow and shallow breaths.

“We better stop, you’re looking very full.” He said, looking through her ballooned body.

“Not… yet… just… a… few more…. seconds.” Natalie cautiously said.

He looked at her. She was covered in sweat, barely able to breath, and gently pulsing from the pressure as her skin fought to stay in one piece. He did some careful measurements and saw she wasn’t even close to a quarter a foot wider. Sighing he turned on the tank again, and counted the seconds ready to turn it off in an instant.

Natalie held on the best she could. Gritting her teeth, breathing as gently as she could, putting all her focus into staying together. Her skin creaked, groaned, and shuddered in protest. She pulsed and creaked at her bursting point and he quickly shut off the air. Natalie sat there, biggest she’d ever been.

“Okay, now hold it babe. Stretch yourself out.” He said, walking around her. She nearly touched the ceiling of the inflation gym, resting on the soft mats. “You’re pretty big… I think you might be able to break the record if you practice more.”

Natalie couldn’t hear him, or barely did. Every thought was about staying together. She felt tighter than she even thought possible. Eyes shut, teeth clenched, she wasn’t even breathing. She couldn’t or she’d burst. Completely transparent, her trainer could see clear through her.

“I wonder where all your insides go when you blow up… I never thought about it…” He said to himself.

She shuddered and pulsed, on the very brink. Natalie couldn’t hold it, she needed to breath. As gently as she could, she breathed in. It took tons of effort to even suck in a little. Her body creaked loudly in protest and her trainer spun to make sure she was okay. She gently let the breath go.

Her trainer sat down, and watched the clock. “Hm… You should sit there for a half hour at least if we want to really stretch you… Augh!” He rubbed his temples.

Natalie pulsed and shivered. Clenching as hard as she could, but whatever she used to clench grew more and more tired. The muscles aching, begging for a moment’s rest. Natalie struggled to keep her focus, to keep them tense and herself in one piece But she couldn’t. She relaxed, just for a second, not even.


Natalie exploded into a cloud of rubbery scraps, air rushing throughout the room. Her trainer jumped up, and stumbled down. He watched the tanned rubber bits flutter down. “Damn it!!!” He yelled, watching his prize bloater flutter down in pieces. “Arrgh!”

He stormed off, leaving the tank hissing and the bits of Natalie all over the room.

The next morning he came back, accepting what happened. He swept up Natalie’s bits, and took the now empty tank with him. He dumped Natalie’s scraps in the gym’s waste bin and left.


“Hi, this is Natalie’s manager and trainer. I’m afraid she can’t make her performance at the Bubble Bar tomorrow.”

“Why’s that?”

“Training accident… She couldn’t take the pressure.”

“That’s a shame. We’ll try to find someone else for the performance.”

He hung up the phone, frustrated he logged onto his computer.

“There should be another model out there I can help be the biggest…”