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Homage Project 2: The Popper

Jolt grinned as he looked in the mirror, the muscular mule flexing and admiring his body. He looked fantastic, and he couldn't wait for tonight's party. He was at half-mast just thinking about it. Once every couple of months he attended these popping parties - sex parties with only one rule: if you get fucked, you get popped. It was always great to see who ended up as cum stains dripping from the walls, splattered over their friends and admirers. Maybe he'd pop a cute twink tonight, or a big, muscular hunk. Maybe he'd get popped himself. The excitement was a little too much to take.

"About ready to go?", asked Ace, Jolt's brother. He walked in wearing a tight thong that showed off his massive cock. They never wore much to these parties - clothing wasn't allowed past the door anyway.

Jolt nodded and pulled up his own thong. "Yep! Let's go find somebody to destroy?.or maybe this is the night you get popped yourself, bro?"

Ace chuckled. "Maybe. Let's see what happens.", he said, his growing cock betraying how much he really liked the idea.

A few minutes later, they were at the house party, sipping at a red cup full of cheap booze. The two split up almost immediately - they had plenty of time to have fun with each other at home. Jolt marvelled as a weasel was blown up to the size of a hot air balloon by a wiry little squirrel, while Ace chatted up a shy hunk - a beefy bull who was looking to get popped.

As the night progressed, Jolt found his way to a side room with a massive shower in the corner. "What's with the waterworks?", he asked a lithe lizard wearing glasses.

"Oh, that's the new popping booth. There's another one in the next room. Two guys go in, the doors lock, and the screen in the middle comes up. Then, a red light shines over the guy who's supposed to get popped. Drains in the floor ensure that there's minimal cleanup.", he said, looking over some notes.

Jolt instantly became hard. "Y'don't say? That sounds fucking hot. Is it ready?"

The lizard nodded. "Oh, yeah, go in and get comfy. I'm sure somebody else will be in there shortly."

An electric shiver ran down Jolt's spine as he stepped into the booth. 50/50 shot of getting popped. He liked those odds - either way, he was gonna have a literal blast. A few minutes later, a crowd had gathered, and he heard the sound of a few beeps coming from the booth. The divider came up and behind it?.was Ace!

The other mule grinned. "Hey, Bro. Guess one of us isn't coming home tonight, eh?", he said, his cock already dripping pre.

Jolt leaned in for a kiss. "Damn straight. Fuck, this is hot. I don't know whether I wanna get popped or pop your candy ass!"

They didn't have much more time for pleasantries. A few seconds later, the red light came on over Jolt's booth. "Looks like you're getting splatted, bro. Excited?", asked Ace.

"Fuck yeah. Pop me good, bro!", exclaimed the mule as he turned around and kneeled. "Can't wait to be dripping down the walls, into the drain! "

With that, Ace kneeled as well and pressed his cock into his brother's ass as he had so many times before. This time, though, it was a little more...final. He shoved his cock into the hole hard, groaning as the walls pressed against his member. "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna miss this ass...", said Ace with a low groan.

"Well, it's the last time you get to fuck it, so make it a good one! Don't hold back!", cried Jolt as he started dripping pre while his brother's cock pressed at his prostate.

Ace always did have a short fuse. After just a few minutes of thrusting, he cried out, "Here it comes, bro! Gonna cum! Gonna pop you!"

Jolt grunted. "Yeah, pop me good, Ace! Let's give the people a good show!" By now, all of the spectators had their phones out, recording the incestuous act for later enjoyment. The two brothers basked in the attention, the watching eyes adding to their excitement.

With one more thrust, Ace shoved his cock in and started cumming, a geyser of seed that quickly caused Jolt to look like he was pregnant. He started thrusting again, pumping more and more loads into his sexy brother.

"Oooph. That feels weird?.getting bigger?..fuck yeah!", shouted Jolt as his stomach grew and grew, now dragging against the floor of the shower with each thrust. His mind went back to each of the guys he'd popped before and the orgasmic expression on their faces - he understood now why it was so delightful for them, and couldn't wait for that split-second bursting

Ace shoved in hard again, spewing more seed into Jolt, the beefy mule now being lifted off of the floor by his expanding belly. "Not long now, bro?.you're just cum. You're gonna be coating me in just a few seconds?.", he said between pants, groaning at the effort required to produce so much cum.

Jolt gasped, his own cock starting to release and shoot onto the floor, pooling several inches high as the drains just couldn't keep up. He felt cum coming out of his ears and nipples, and he felt so wonderfully full. He opened his mouth to say something else, but all that came out was a geyser of cum, spraying against the glass wall of the shower.

"Just...a?.little?.more?.", groaned Ace as he shoved in one final time and then?.BLAM! His brother exploaded into a massive burst of cum, spraying onto the walls and ceiling, completely coating him and filling the tank to knee level. Ace panted and fell to his knees in the thick mess, rubbing it all over himself and panting as he recovered, the remains of his brother dripping down onto him from the ceiling and making whirlpools as it slowly drained. "You were a great fuck, bro?.", he said, licking a finger. "Pretty tasty, too?."

A few minutes later, the crowd had dispersed, the shower had emptied and Ace got cleaned up. As he stepped out, meeting up with the bull from earlier. The bull grinned wide, the scene and the booze giving him a little more courage. He said, "Pretty good show you put on there. Have enough cum to pop another guy?

Ace shook his head. "Nah, Jolt took a lot out of me. Worth it, though. Although...if you wanted to pop me instead..."

The bull instantly got hard. "You read my mind. How about we do it right here in the kitchen and give our host a real mess to clean up?"

Ace smirked. "Hell yeah. Not like I'll have to deal with it." He leaned over the counter and wiggled his ass, saying to himself, "Guess I'll be joining you soon, Jolt!"