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Hyper Students Pop

The Lennon-Cash Academy was not a particularly large school. The place stood up to competition from tougher, older universities only because it was cheap and had a reputation for being somewhat raunchy. The number of hyper students and faculty helped cement the belief that everyone at Lennon-Cash was a raging nymphomaniac.

Hypers, those born with a genetic condition now known as Sexual Hypertrophy With Priapic Episodes, seemed to gravitate to Lennon-Cash Academy from the very beginning. Perhaps, it was the fact that Johann Cash was himself a hyper, or that the relaxed dress code permitted partial nudity to the students as long as they stayed on campus. Regardless of the initial reason, in spite of its small size, the school had over two dozen draining stations for when their accelerated libidos made things difficult, special bathrooms, and even designed seats with the larger students in mind. Which naturally meant more hypers applied every year.

Knowing all that, it was no surprise when three over-endowed males showed up for the Ancient History course. The professor, an elderly lion everyone only ever remembered as Professor Lyall, only nodded. As far as the feline was concerned, if they kept their dicks plugged tightly and drained the cum from themselves regularly, they were welcome.

Mark was a skunk, a tall, lanky male. Besides his unusual height, and the way his shorts bulged almost a full three feet away from him, he seemed content to play out all the stereotypes of his species. Quiet, relaxed to the point of laziness, and always ravenously hungry, he preferred to sit in the back of the class and feast, occasionally raising a paw to add something to the lecture, avoiding controversial topics like the plague.

Radu, the foreign exchange student, seemed even less interested in debate. Though the feminine, dark-furred pine marten sat near the front of the class, getting anything resembling an opinion from him was impossible. The scrotum brushing the floor beneath his chair when he sat at his desk attracted everyone's attention, as did his incredible good looks, but the way he hid away beneath a hooded jacket, burying his nose in the textbook, people forgot he existed the moment class started. The professor did note, however, that he tended to leave for the local draining station more often than the other two.

Making up for the others' silence, easily the loudest in the class, Rich was a fox. Or, at least, that is what the university's file said. The vulpine dyed his fur a mix of neon violet and dark blue, shaved his tail leaving only a fluffy white tip, and made no effort to dress appropriately for class. If it were not for his family's donations, Lennon-Cash's policy of allowing hypers some leniency when it came to clothes, and the way he energized the class, his bare belly and green-and-black kilt would have earned him a one-way ticket to the Dean's Office. For all intents and purposes, Rich flashed everyone just by walking around.

The other students accepted the trio of hypers, and eventually, a routine formed. Radu would shuffle into class first, his perfectly polished claws gripping his textbook, to flop at the front. Some of the bolder females and males would gather around him, and try to involve him in their gossip. Eventually, one would win the European noble's favor, and to the professor's amusement, dance about excitedly, no doubt looking forward to helping Radu drain his fat balls. His choice made, the lithe pine marten would open his book, and the others would disperse to their own seats, the audience over.

Then, Mark would slouch into class, scratching his ballsack or bobbing his head to whatever drug-fueled composition the local bands put out. Other students usually sat far away from him, as much to avoid the crunching of chips as to enjoy the full sight of his pants leg being stretched by a member thick enough to make a horse twice his size jealous. Sometimes, the skunk would be accompanied by Rich, the eccentric vulpine ranting about last night's party, sex, or some unearthly combination of the two. Sometimes, Rich chose to enter alone, announcing himself with a loud “Hey, teach!” that made Professor Lyall grind his teeth. Without the skunk to slow him down and keep his mind occupied, the fox also occasionally ran to the nearest open seat that gave him a view of Radu's tail, his veined, sloshing balls and fat sheath slapping against his thighs in what the old lion swore was an intentional display. The class could only begin after Rich's sweaty genitals thumped heavily against his seat.

Professor Lyall insisted he loved them, even if they sometimes made teaching hellish. Some topics, he had to skip over. He could not describe the harem of the world's first known hyper ruler, Emperor Orum, for example, because the three would instantly need to visit a draining station. He had to avoid showing too many nude females, or for that matter nude males, that the three would find attractive, for fear of causing them to swell up so much the medics would have to be called. And, while the discussion of gladiatorial combat and the habits of rich nobles when it came to such blood-sport took place, Radu had to be absent for the whole lecture. Some students were simply too delicate to handle certain topics without plenty of time to think on their own, the professor reassured himself, and continued on with the class.

One day, however, Professor Lyall had to be absent. Radu noticed the change the moment he walked into the room. His usual gaggle of admirers was much reduced, several of them gathered around the professor's desk, instead. A small, petty part of the boy steamed, but he crushed it instantly. No matter how attractive the substitute was, they would leave, and he would stay. And, it is not as if all the pretty ones left his side. Ignoring their prattling, he chose a new ball-polisher at random, told his miniature court to leave, and began to read the fashion magazine hidden in his textbook.

The skunk was considerably less perceptive, but even he sensed a change. He loved substitutes. Usually, it meant watching something barely related to the class, or, if the professor chosen was inattentive, sneaking out for a bit of fun with Rich. Mark had to admit, though the fox looked like a freak, he was cute under the right lighting, and his cock was almost as thick as the skunk's, which made it a wonderful challenge when the pair shared a bed.

Rich was late, and the substitute still hadn't begun the class. His usual greeting went unnoticed, and when he rushed to plant himself as close to Radu's cute, nearly-pants-less behind as possible, he found the usual competition gone. They were all milling about the professor's desk, shamelessly staring at the substitute. The fox considered hopping over to check out the new meat in class, but before he could do more than will his legs to lift his bare ass off the chair, she stood up, scattering the ogling students to their seats.

The vulpine instantly felt the rush of arousal. The substitute professor was a fifteen on a scale of one to ten, Rich's blood-starved brain informed him, the fox too lightheaded to come up with a better description.

“Good day, class! I'm Professor Walsh, but you can call me Felicity! Professor's Lyall couldn't be here today. Something about...a dinner-time accident with an oyster fork? The poor dear will be gone for at least a day or two. But, meanwhile, we'll get to know each other really, really well.” she said, leaning on the desk, a smile playing on her full, shiny pink lips.

Leaning forward was a mistake. The whole class drew in a breath, some in envy, others in naked lust. Rich grabbed his crotch and whined as if punched in the gut. This was simply unfair!

Professor Walsh was a horse, an unusual breed the freak fox could not place. Black and white patches, like those of a cow, drew the eye from her plain gray-and-silver dress. Her white mane was thick, draped over her shoulders, and the beautiful feathering on her hooves covered her digits. Her blue eyes could barely be glimpsed under snowy eyelashes, making her smile seductive and mysterious. Though she must have been in her late thirties, she seemed as well put together as a hyper female, not a hint of sag to her figure. Fat tits, big as Rich's head, strained against the severe prison of her dress, and the fox swore he could glimpse a bit of light pink areola appear with every breath she took, even from as far away as he was sitting. Felicity's hips were wide, and her ass big enough that the flimsy garment she chose for the day threatened to rise up and reveal her panties at any second. The horse's small potbelly did not help matters, its outline deliciously, perfectly framing what must have been between her legs. The very thought of the mare's pussy made Rich's mouth water and his heart race. He needed to leave, right away.

But, like any male confronted with a fantasy come to life, he could not simply abandon her.

She strolled from behind the desk, taking up Professor Lyall's usual position at the chalkboard. Unconsciously, she pulled down on the hem of her skirt, her breasts jiggling, nearly flopping out.

“Let's see... Let's see...” she bit her lip, opening up a folder resting on the chalkboard. “Ah, excellent! A real treat for you naughty things! The reign of Emperor Orum!”

The pine marten in the front waved his paw in the air, but kept his eyes on his book. No doubt, he hoped he could ignore the substitute if she would not let him escape. The mare kept going, never raising her eyes from the page.

“Yes, indeed! He was a brilliant strategist and reformer of the old Roman Empire, but he is best known as the first hyper ruler in the world. There have been so many movies about him, it's a wonder we even have to discuss him.”

“Professor? Felicity? We already learned about him.” someone called down to her.

“Not everything, I assure you!” she blushed, and turned the page. “There are many, many details the movies gloss over. For example, did you know that his harem contained twenty males, five of who were hypers themselves? Or, that he insisted on three of his favorite females being present during his every meal, in case he got bored of eating?”

“Errr....” Rich found his voice. “Excuse me! I don't think I can sit through this!”

“Nonsense, my dear! If you're feeling a bit pent up, just wait until class is over.” Felicity did not seem to notice the desperation in Rich's words, and simply kept going. “Now, I bet no one here is hyper-”

“Professor...” a bat sitting next to Rich said, eyeing the fox's hunched posture with fear.

“Please, please! I'm not used to giving these lectures, so let me finish!” Professor Walsh shook her head. “Now, where was I? Ah! There we go! Emperor Orum's lust was legendary, a result of the peculiar genetic disorder we know and love. He was, in the ways it counts, the perfect male. Those fat, heavy balls... the historians describe them as golden-brown treasures of the Empire, so large and heavy it took two soldiers to bear them when he appeared in the Senate. Mmm... I'd love to have a little alone time with those treasures.”

The mare blushed and wiggled in place, her paw reaching up to cup a heavy tit. Rich stared as she massaged her breast-flesh right in front of the class, his eyes bulging out of his skull. It was too much. All pretense of controlling his raging erection disappeared. The fat sheath flipped up his kilt, hit the top of his small desk, throwing it off to the side, and bobbed in the air like an obscene flag of surrender while he moaned and gasped, unable to look away.

As the milf horse continued on her rant about the emperor's scrotum and what she would do with it, most of the class either listened in rapt attention, or watched Rich's reaction. His plugged-up length, grown as big as his leg already, smacked his chest, throbbing longer with every heartbeat. The fox's balls, dyed a light blue color today, sprouted more veins, looking tighter by the second. Soon, the vulpine's sack was pressing against his thighs, forcing his legs apart. Rich leaned back, and one arm hanging down, the other limply draped over his cock, paw weakly trying to loosen the plug.

“Hey, teach! Teach, you gotta let me go!” he shouted down at her.

Rich's friend, Mark, looked at the fox's endowment, and grinned. Ever since the lecture began, his snacks lay forgotten around him. The skunk's pants were unzipped, lying around his ankles along with his underwear. Being the sort to enjoy being full, he was pressing both paws into his fat tube of a cock. It seemed equally thick throughout, the head almost the same diameter as the rest, and Mark's paws did not even pretend to fit around it. Each rub brought him higher, his dick growing tighter. He knew he could rush off to the draining station, or even uncork himself, any time he wanted. It was poor Rich and that noble fool Radu who thought they needed permission, and they were getting quite the treatment from the mare!

“You will let me finish! I was talking about...darn it! I lost my place again! Okay, I covered the Imperial ballsack... Ah! Yes, the reforms! Emperor Orum was instrumental in admitting the Northern Kingdoms into the Empire. Here, I will draw the map, and show you...” she paced up and down, looking for the chalk, her ass shaking like a stripper's, clearly visible now, the dress useless in covering so much fat.

The chalk found, she pressed herself against the board, her legs spread, showing off the thin fabric of her bright red panties. As she began to trace a crude map unto the blackboard, her tits mashed into the surface, and every student in the class saw her left nipple pop out. She simply ignored it, not even bothering to fix her dress.

“As you know, the Northern Kingdoms are home to pine martens, foxes, and wolves. These peoples have a high percentage of hypers, and as such, developed particularly lax attitudes to sex. Ooooh...Sex again... Mmm! Yes, they were famous throughout the world for their orgies, and Emperor Orum decreed that they would be henceforth be allowed to vote in all elections. After, of course, sampling some locals and finding them to his liking.” she finished the map, and turned around.

If she lifted her eyes from the folder she worked from, Felicity would have seen a terrible sight. Three boys, aroused beyond the limits of most creatures, panting in their chairs, legs spread wide to accommodate their massive male bits.

Rich, the first to succumb to his lust, was now feverishly clutching his cock, the root-like veins dancing across its surface adding to its crimson shine. His balls looked almost bruised, and their downy fur was now spread thin enough to reveal a thick raphe. The plug in his cock-tip seemed about to blow off, and his eyes were glued to her thick nipple poking from that dress. His fellow students were already abandoning their seats, sneaking away to sit closer to the walls, away from the snorting, snarling vulpine.

At first sight, Radu seemed calm and collected. He was, as usual, holding the textbook up to his face, and no one around him was moving away. But, the pine marten's eyes were screwed shut, and the expression on his delicate muzzle was one of desperate need. His pants had ripped at the crotch, and his balls now rested firmly on the ground, throbbing lightly. Radu's cock, nowhere near as big as Rich's, was still obviously swollen, an arm-length of flesh that bobbed under the desk, tapping out a rhythm. He was begging himself to hold on long enough to uncork at a draining station in relative privacy, even as a terrible part of him hoped he would unleash a tidal wave of cum on the idiot professor strutting about, prattling on about a pervert emperor he would have loved to serve.

Mark no longer cared. The pleasure within him rose higher and higher, the pressure following suit, and all he wanted was to feel the next blissful rub. The skunk's massive maleness now towered over him, an obelisk, the shiny plug in it throbbing on the verge of breaking entirely. He was on the brink of cumming, and there was no denying himself, not now when it would be impossible to crawl to the draining station or reach up to remove the plug. It was too late. He watched from the back of the classroom as his fellow well-endowed males grew, as the incompetent teacher accidentally bared more and more flesh, talking up a storm about the sexiest times of the Roman Empire, as his body struggled to support a behemoth scrotum and more penis than the skunk ever sported. Mark knew, of course, that this was suicide. He would be catastrophically backed up in a moment of minutes. But, he just could not stop himself. He wondered if any of the others could, either.

As the mare spoke of the Emperor's bodyguards, an elite unit of scantily clad creatures of every species, trying bravely to draw one, her feathering and tits wiping the chalkboard clean, Rich became aware of repeated grunts, creaks, and soft groans behind him. Tearing his eyes away from the wobbling butt cheeks of the substitute professor, he leaned back best as he could, and looked to where Mark sat. The skunk was now lying on the floor, hugging an immense member, the sheer size of it dwarfing the boy. He looked ready to cum, his mouth open, drooling, his eyes rolled up, and his ballsack practically bouncing, two orbs the size of prize-winning pumpkins thumping against the floor.

“Teach, we're gonna blow over here! Let us out! Please! Just fucking listen!” Rich cried out, his shaved tail lashing behind him on the chair, his paws a blur over his log of a maleness. “PLEASE! Can't you see Mark's about to nuke the place?”

The fox felt himself throb in unison with the doomed male. He never heard the substitute's response as the haze of lust overtook his reason. Like a volcano about to explode, his glans swelled further around the plug, pressure building terribly. He reached out his left paw to uncork himself, his other paw continuing to draw out his bliss. And, to his shock, Rich found the plug was stuck. Unlocking the inner clamps did not help. Wiggling it within his urethra only made him whimper as his cock pulsed. Frustrated, the vulpine hit the top of it. The boy winced, trembling, his entire length shuddering from the painful swat, and his ballsack doubled in size.

“FUCK!” he shrieked.

Above him, Marc looked through glazed-over eyes, the size of his favorite freak fox sitting in the middle of the room registering as merely another in a long line of fantasies playing in his head. That his fellow students were either pointing their phones, sneaking away best as they could, or furiously masturbating meant nothing to him. The poor hyper floated in an ocean of desire and pleasure. His creaking ballsack, the pouch of skunk-leather too tight to be anything more than a sloshing sphere thrumming against the floor, felt every stray bit of dust, every gust of air against it like the caress of angels. His cock, long since bigger than the doorway, pushed him past saving. With one last grunt, he gripped his member and pulled down, hugging it tightly.

The skunk's body swelled in spurts, quicker and quicker, sloshing like a water balloon. In moments, his gut was as big as his scrotum, a ridiculous bubble of seed Marc continued to desperately force against the massive cock that could not squirt out a single bit of his climax. His shirt, once too big, soon tore off him, leaving him totally naked. Gurgling, cum gushing from his wide-open mouth, he fell back, paws clutching at the air, legs kicking as he clenched his buttocks in the most intense high of his life. For once, Marc was first to do something, the center of attention for the whole room. Unfortunately, he would not enjoy it.

“FUCKING HELP!” screeched Rich somewhere in the background, and the skunk seized up.

Every bit of him bubbled and squirmed with semen. He was more overfilled condom than creature, now, his enormous maleness continuing to send oceans of white into his own gut. Marc was jiggling, straining belly, weakly twitching feet, several feet of throbbing, plugged-up cock, and a ballsack that pushed three rows out.

The fox watching him reached his own orgasm soon, too. Not to be outdone by the bigger, thicker cock, his plump, veined pole drooled unto his cheek as he worked it. He had given up on the stupid mare ever turning around. He could not rip out his cork. All that remained now was to go out with his friend. A lick over his glans, a soft kiss, and the vulpine moaned in sweet, final release.

Unlike the skunk, the violet-and-blue fox expanded slowly, steadily growing a potbelly, then a pregnant orb, the short, black top he wore stretching right along with him. Keeping his eyes on the skunk, he was soon no better than the other boy. Worse, perhaps, his body unable to handle his expansion, beginning to break. Stretch marks marred his hide, and his belly button stuck out from him, painfully pulling on the skin around it.

The pair remained like two sweating, sloshing mountains, delirious with lust, climaxing into themselves, drowning in their own cum, for what seemed like an eternity. But, if any of their classmates watching in horror, lust, or surprise raised their eyes to the clock, they lasted merely a minute. The skunk, with a whimper, clenched his toes, and exploded, releasing a wave of white with a nasty BLORF. The fox followed shortly after, a fountain of cum shooting from his mouth before he disintegrated with a splash, his steaming hide disappearing in a cloud of vulpine seed. Their plugs smashed into the chalkboard over the substitute's head with bangs loud enough to shake her from her lecture.

Up front, Radu heard the two pop, just as, in spite of his best efforts, he could hear the substitute professor. Even with his eyes tightly shut, he saw her, too. In his mind's eye, she was naked, her bountiful breasts spilling over his poor, aching cock, her mouth sliding over his glans, playing with the plug wedged firmly within his slit, leaving behind smudges of her pink lipstick. His gigantic ballsack, throbbing beneath him, having long since shoved the chair away from his butt, welcomed the touch of her feathering, of each blunt digit massaging the hot, pulsing mass of testes within his thinned-out scrotum.

“What the hell was that?” she asked, at last turning around.

The pine marten, stretchier by far than the other hypers, opened his eyes, and mewled up at her, his textbook and the colorful magazine hidden within it falling to the floor. Everything was covered in male slime, thick strands of cum dripping from the ceiling, streams of the stuff running down to the chalkboard, most students trying to wipe the sticky mess from their clothes. Professor Walsh, now standing in front of Radu, was also quite wet.

The mare's dress might as well have been washed away by the two hyper students exploding. Her nipples could be seen poking through the fabric, the areolas even bigger and more plump than Radu imagined. Her panties could clearly be seen now, her pussy outlined perfectly, glistening with cum spilled by the fox and skunk when they detonated. The tree-weasel wanted her so badly, he forgot he was now trapped.

Radu stood up, pulling on his overstretched sack, whimpered as the overloaded scrotal skin flushed from the effort, and with a high-pitched, mournful cry, grabbed his cock.

It was barely bigger than when he first grew aroused by her words, but it made up for its lack of outward growth with the amount of pressure it put upon the plug. There was a loud crack, a tiny line forming through the center of the plug wedged in his cum-slit, and the every student in the room dove beneath their chairs. The substitute professor gasped in shock, and stumbled back. Radu's eyes followed the bounce of her belly, widened as her tits flopped out of her dress entirely, two melons he could practically taste in his lust, and the pine marten noble exploded.

There was no build-up, no sloshing growth. One moment, he was a thin, feminine weasel, his sexy bubble-butt naked thanks to his pants giving up the ghost, the gigantic scrotum he straddled reddening, beads of sweat running off its shiny surface. Then, his butt grew three times bigger, beating the horse's ass in an instant, his gut tearing through his hooded jacket and silk shirt to slap wetly over his twitching length, pushing his paws off his cock. The biggest of them all, the tightest, his cheeks bulging with musky seed, Radu gave up with a messy, cum-laden fart and a low burble, his eyes pleading with the milf horse to give him some final mercy. His plug flew out, propelled by a shining jet of seed, and knocked Felicity out, his flesh tearing asunder with a BOOM.

It took hours to scrape everyone off the walls, as well as clean their fur and clothes. Hundreds of gallons of seed and tufts of fur had to be carted out of the classroom. Professor Felicity Walsh was reprimanded, and eventually fired. And, Lennon-Cash Academy began to install special drains in all classrooms, in case some of the hyper students needed relief.

It also started a trend, an evil bit of fun, in which some hypers tried to test their limits... But, that is a tale for another time.