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Valentine's Day Blows

 “Oh, yes! OH YES! OH GOD!” the black-haired bunny screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her lover, Tanya, was certainly a talented cat. To celebrate Valentine's Day, the pair chose to stay home at home after work and enjoy each other properly. Days of teasing and flirtation exploded into a legendary love-making.

The second the dark-brown rabbit's feet touched the hardwood floor of their apartment, Tanya tore Dusty's blouse off, revealing her plump belly and tits, which the cat showered with kisses. The hermaphroditic gray-and-black kitty was naked in moments, hir pants, shirt, panties and bra flopping to the floor next to Dusty's blouse. Satisfied that every inch of hir girlfriend's breast-flesh and stomach tasted just as delicious as they always have, Tanya undid her skirt's buttons. The rabbit, panting excitedly after holding back so long, kissed the feline, their full lips pressing together, tongues exploring each other, as she helped tug the annoying skirt off. Melting into each other, they stumbled towards the bathroom.

Dusty's panties fluttered down in shreds by the time the passionate couple crossed the threshold of the bathroom, their feet touching the cold, white tiles. Tanya's paw was wedged deeply between the rabbit's legs, hir cock trembling, held firmly in Dusty's grip. They were moaning, humping against each other as if in a drunken stupor. The air was filled with the smell of arousal.

Tanya rubbed the bunny's clit, giggling at the pudgy lapine's shivers, which made her shake her beautiful, heavy breasts, rubbing them against the herm's own boobs. Dusty shrieked, and pumped her paw, moving so fast that she hit Tanya's ballsack. The hermaphroditic cat whimpered, but held her ground, precum squirting from hir length. They mashed their bodies against each other clumsily, so horny even the touch of fur against fur was enough to bring unimaginable bliss, and soon, the couple embraced, massaging each others' buttocks, paws exploring further, stretching and kneading. Cries of pleasure and need erupted escaped from their kissing mouths every few seconds, a cacophony of pleasure.

Unfortunately for the lustful cat and bunny, not everyone was having a good Valentine's Day. Some people, like Drake, were alone, and simply wanted to spend a quiet evening after work relaxing. It was not that Drake was an ugly dog. On the contrary, the borzoi's hair was impeccably groomed, and his paws were manicured to perfection. He just never settled down to anyone, and his job permitted little time for seeking romance.

“OH YESSS! YES! MORE! DO THAT MOOOORE!” a wail of the rabbit carried through the thin walls.

Drake was not sure she was a rabbit. She sounded more like a lioness in heat, roaring for a cock to fill her. He had been patient for almost two years, now. The pair made love every night for the whole Christmas season, seemed inexhaustible in March, and even humped around Independence Day, their screams of ecstasy drowning out the fireworks. But, February was the worst. The borzoi enjoyed a few days of total, blissful silence, only to come back home on Valentine's Day to his neighbors unwrapping each other like gifts. He swore they were hammering the walls when they fucked, and everyone in the neighborhood knew when one of them reached another orgasm.

“Fuck it. That's it. I'm going up there.” the borzoi adjusted his designer black boxers, tugged down his shirt, and stomped upstairs to confront the two.

“Open up in there, you horny harpy bitches!” he yelled and pounded on their door.

He could hear perfectly well the two going at it in the bathroom, the feline panting and moaning out Dusty's name, no doubt hilting in the bunny's cunt, while the rabbit was simply screaming her head off and pounding her fists on the tiles of the shower stall. Drake could even hear the squeak of the rabbit's ass rubbing against the wall. But, they could not hear him.

“OPEN UP! STOP FUCKING SO FUCKING LOUD!” he screamed, but his voice lacked the strength of a passionate herm kitty making love to a big-boobed rabbit.

Tanya's screams broke his words up into mere noise, and by the time they reached the bathroom, it was enough for the shower's splashing to cover up the angry borzoi's words.

“Fuck! FUCK! FUCK ME HARDER, TANYA! FUUUUCK MEEEEE!” Dusty's yell made the dog cringe.

“Oh, you...you...” Drake was at a loss for words.

Now, for anyone familiar films about those in high-paying jobs, particularly investing, what happened next should come as no surprise. Underneath Drake's expensive clothes, beneath his shiny golden fur and toned muscles, he carried the heart of a serial killer. A hundred Jack the Rippers could not compare to the kind of fantasies Drake entertained on a daily basis. He snapped. And, as luck would have it, the lustful pair forgot to lock their door.

Jiggling the handle and finding the bolt undone, the furious canine stormed in. Tanya and Dusty never heard the bang of the door hitting the wall from the force of his entry, or the slam of it shutting. Drake saw red. The weak voice of reason in his head demanded he leave, give the lovers some space, and wait until they finished to talk to them. But, his rage would not be satisfied until his noisy, perverted neighbors went silent for good.

The pair were in the middle of switching positions when the borzoi burst in with a snarl. They were about to try doggy-style. Tanya gasped in shock, slipped on the floor of the shower stall, fell back, feet scrabbling on wet tiles, arms windmilling, and with a nasty CLANG hit the back of her skull against the nearby sink, almost knocking over Drake in the process. The dog stared at the unconscious herm for a minute, as shocked as Dusty.

“NOOO! DON'T HURT US!” the rabbit screamed, and the borzoi woke up.

He had to stop that incessant noise once and for all.

Moving with lightning speed, he grabbed the shower head, and stuffed it down into her. She had been on all fours, presenting her jiggly, beautiful ass to Tanya's attentions, and had no chance. With a slurp, her pussy lips closed around the too-big object. The sound of water rushing into her replaced the splashing of water into the stall. She gasped, writhing, and flopped unto her side, clutching at her belly.

“Fuck you! Fuck you and that slut of a cat! Do you even KNOW how loud you were? You kept me up for days during the biggest sales rush in history, you cunts! I almost lost my job! You like fucking so much, why don't you enjoy being filled with something bigger than cat dick!” Drake ranted.

Dusty swelled before him. The rabbit was already a bit thicker than the average lady her age, a rare beauty for lapine-kind. Now, the shuddering, whining girl was growing faster and faster, the high-powered stream of water she and Tanya used to give their love-making a special touch in the bathroom quickly filling her.

“Help! Help me...” she weakly gasped, losing her voice as her stomach approached the size of a pregnancy.

She sloshed in place, fearful eyes watering, the borzoi towering above her ignoring her desperate pleas as he listed off her 'crimes' against him. The mad dog was so involved in describing Tanya's limited orgasmic vocabulary that he never even looked down when poor Dusty heaved herself upward, trying to crawl away. She was too big.

Her belly was beginning to rub unpleasantly against the tiles, skin pressing into the cracks in the cement between them. It was torture. Pleasure rolled through her in waves that mimicked the terrible rush of water into her cunt, but there was no satisfaction. Her strained womb wobbled within her like a water balloon, making her retch in agony between gasps of bliss. Dusty's belly muscles twitched and pulled, but broke in their weakness. She felt her knees lifting off the tiles. The rabbit lay upon her stomach, now, the grotesque, squashed sphere of her middle protesting under her weight.

She creaked, an ominous noise she knew flesh should not make. She humped the air, her ass shoving upwards and shaking, the shower hose stuck up her pussy squeezed mercilessly by her lips. Dusty whimpered in orgasm. Veins like tiny cracks appeared all over her overloaded belly. Her tits slapped her gut as if she were riding a cock, but all she was doing was growing out of control.

“Please..sir...borzoi...I can't handle this!” she whispered huskily, her eyes rolling up into her head from the incredible amounts of water fighting for space in her. “I'm too big!”

She was too big. She could not handle much more. But, the borzoi was still talking, waving his arms around, shouting about dividend yields and early retirement. He only noticed the rabbit when her body began to squeal against the tiles.

“You blimped-up cow of a rabbit...” he finished his rant with the first admission of what happened to her, eyes wide in shock.

But, shock soon gave way to a glimmer of sadistic creativity. He grabbed Tanya by the hair, shaking hir awake, and while shi lay there, groaning in pain and disoriented, the borzoi began to paw her off in front of the expanding rabbit.

“How do you like this? Me, touching that cock you scream for so much?” he growled.

“Y-you leave her alone!” Dusty gasped out as loudly as she could, which now was barely a squeak above her own body's noises of oncoming destruction.

“What...what's going on? Oooh...” Tanya's head lolled to one side, and shi tried to push Drake off, but the dog would not be denied his sweet vengeance now.

He continued to juice the herm's cock, grabbing a hair band from off the sink with his other paw, grinning like the maniac he was. Tying off the feline's length, he trapped hir cum within hir. In moments, she was filling, too, in spite of herself. The pleasure and discomfort worked well on the still-recovering kitty, but Drake wanted to make sure. Using towels, he tied Tanya's paws behind hir and bound hir feet at hir thighs with viciously tight knots. Then, he went back to pawing her off, intent on giving Dusty one last bit of torture before she burst, and driving the feline to the same terrible fate.

“Oh! Ouch...You're so beautiful...I...I love you...sooo big...” Tanya gasped and wiggled on the floor, thoroughly defeated by hir own bliss and the canine's soft paw.

Production of seed increased the more aware the hermaphrodite became of hir lover's state. The closer the rabbit came to exploding, the bigger Tanya's balls became, and the more fluids gushed from the cunt hidden beneath them. Drake marveled at the way the scrotum rounded out, the raphe stretching, the cum trapped inside gurgling under his paw.

Dusty weakly pleaded and threatened from her perch upon the veined, too-pumped belly. She looked as if she carried more than three, and in spite of his anger, even Drake was becoming aroused. He sped up his pawing of the cat. Tanya whimpered, and her ballsack sloshed forward, almost as big as her head.

“P-please...stop playing with Tanya...I'm sorry.. too much...” Dusty whimpered, her paws balling up in tight fists, her feet kicking behind her in instinctive struggle to get away from the pleasure and pain assaulting her.

She resembled no rabbit Drake was familiar with. Her stomach lay upon the shower stall floor like a shivering, slick, shiny fruit, so ripe there was no give. Bruises blossomed on her hide in a dozen places. Dusty still seemed to be experiencing incredible pleasure, but the dog could smell the rabbit's fear even past the stench of sex now.

She trembled in place, freezing in her desperate movements, her eyes bulging as her full lips opened in an terrified O shape. With a splash and a splatter, she burst asunder, her body ripping apart in a rush of water. Tanya cried from the floor, humping the air, hir balls slapping the tiles, trembling like a pair of bombs on the verge of bursting.

Without hesitation, without mercy, the Drake squeezed hir member so hard he cut off circulation.

“Time you made your last noise, too...” he muttered under his breath, panting in arousal as he watched hir cum-sloshing scrotum the way most males ogled hir rack.

Tanya wished shi could kick the dog's genitals straining in his overpriced boxers until his balls popped. But, all the cat could do now was gasp, thrust hir hips, and pray hir flesh would last another mind-blowing, un-spent climax. But, all things come to an end.

Working hir cock so fast his paw was a blur, Drake growled, impatient with the stubborn ballsack. It looked like a pair of basketballs were tied to the cat, and still, the wobbling masses of cum refused to disappear in a blast of semen. He did not need to wait much longer.

Tanya shook, unable to even hump now. Hir scrotal skin felt like it was on fire. Every bit of hir balls was filled. Shi thought about Dusty, about the wonderful way she swelled, and for a split second, all pain disappeared. Tanya stiffened in orgasm, stars exploding in her vision. Then, there was a nasty, wet splatter between hir legs, hir cunt stinging from the explosion, and shi felt terribly lightheaded. The dog above her laughed like a child, praising himself for ending a pair of noisy neighbors, taking his own cock for a celebratory wank. Tanya wanted to curse him, but the herm's eyes would not stay open, Shi faded away, the last thing to go through her mind a question:

Could she get bigger in Heaven with Dusty?