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Sick Day Pt. 2

Mia’s eyelids struggled and fluttered. There was a faint ringing in her ears, and her vision was blurred through her squinted eyes. The only thing that she could make out was the smeared outline of her sister slowly approaching. “Mia? Mia, you ok?” Kayla asked hesitantly. “Ugghhh…” was all that managed to escape from Mia’s mouth, and then a few sickly coughs. She looked at Kayla and finally her eyes stretched open. “Yeah.. I’m fine sis.” Kayla sighed in relief, and then reached down to pick a few shards of glass out of Mia’s hair. “That chubby little guy really went kaboom!” Kayla laughed as she her hand came across something slimy and red in Mia’s hair. “Ew, and he really made a big mess too…” Mia was still too dazed to freak out about the guts and blood that were caked into her long hair. Eventually, she sighed and looked towards the garage. “Yeah…” she said with a melancholy tone. “Kinda sucks though. I mean, seein’ him pop like a big balloon was awesome and all, but.. oh man sis, you should’ve felt how tight he was!” She suddenly remembered her bout of playtime with the toad and reached down to feel the front of her pants. Kayla watched as her sister gently caressed her shorts between her thighs, rubbing her fingers together in an attempt to dry the dark, sticky, wet spot. “Yeah, it looked like you were really startin’ to have some fun with that thing.” Kayla teased. Mia giggled and tilted her head back, hand still in between her legs. “Oh my God you have noooo idea… I’m honestly not really sure why, but that made me sooo wet. I think I kinda liked the anticipation of not knowing when he was gonna pop.” Kayla swallowed while she listened to her sister’s remarks. Her grip tightened around the bike pump, which she still clutched in her left hand. “Well, I’m just glad you’re ok sis.” She smiled with her mouth, but her eyes stayed fixed on Mia’s hands. “And I’m glad you’re ok too!” Mia laughed. She rose to her feet and sniffled to dry her nose. “So, now what? You wanna go get cleaned up?” Kayla smirked and shook her head. “Actually sis, you wanna play with something else first…?”

Mia’s eyes widened in confusion for just a moment, and then she giggled and said “Ohhh you mean him??” while pointing to the door to the garage. There stood a dog, sniffing and rooting around amongst the remnants of the toad’s exploded belly. Kayla stared blankly at the dog, and then to her sister, who gave a few raises of her eyebrows in Kayla’s direction. Kayla chuckled, and said “Oh, well yeah sure I guess! Haha…” Mia nodded and slowly approached the dog. “Hey there boy… How’d you get in here?” The dog looked at Mia and panted a bit, then stopped to sniff her hand. Mia gently petted the dog on his head, and then motioned for Kayla to help her capture him. Kayla approached cautiously as not to startle the hound, and let him sniff her feet for approval. The dog opened his mouth in a smile and the girls nodded to each other. Suddenly, Mia wrapped her body around the dog, holding him still while Kayla bopped him over the head with the end of the bike pump. “Alright…” Kayla said, “he’s out.”

The dog awoke to the girls giggling and humming while they dragged the garden hose in from the garage. Then Mia went to the pantry and lugged out several bags of dog food. “Good thing we still have these from when Murphy was around!” she slammed them on the floor right in front of the dog, who had come to discover that he’d been chained to a nearby chair. He whimpered and looked from girl to girl. “He is kinda cute ya know.” Kayla spoke up. “I almost feel bad for doing this one…” Mia nodded in agreement and bent down to comfort the dog. He was a stunning yellow lab, quite large, but completely docile. He looked rather frightened, but calmed a bit when Mia petted him down his back. Upon closer inspection, Mia noticed that he sported a loose red collar. On the collar was a metallic dog tag that read “Max.” She rubbed the dog’s head once more, messing up his hair. “Awwww… so that’s your name buddy? Max? I like it! Haha!” Kayla stood behind her sister, plotting discretely to herself. When Mia was done playing with Max, she stood and looked at her sister. “Alright then, you ready sis?” Kayla smiled mischievously and replied “Oh yeah, so ready…”

The sisters tore open the first bag of dog food, and using plastic cups, began to shovel it into Max’s jowls. His cheeks puffed at first, but when he realized that the girls were only feeding him, he swallowed and accepted the next few cups full. Within minutes, the first bag was empty, and Max looked somewhat dazed. The girls both giggled uncontrollably and bent down to inspect the newly swollen paunch that belonged to their canine friend. Mia rubbed Max’s belly with her mouth wide open. Kayla waved at her, snapping her out of her trance. Max barked, signaling for the next round of feeding to begin. The girls ripped open bag number 2, and began the process of shoveling the chow into the bloated pup once again. When the second bag had been depleted, Max hung his head in either contentment, or defeat. Either way the girls were overjoyed that he’s played along to this point. “He’s getting so full!” Mia said, sounding amazed. The poor dog now had a belly that reached half-way down the length of his legs. Mia, of course, was beginning to rub her hands and face all over Max’s distended tummy. Kayla gave him a good pat on the side, causing him to burp. The girls both held their noses and waved the smell away. “Ewww haha…” They said together.

After taking a short break to get some iced tea and a snack for themselves, the girls returned to continue stuffing Max. They opened the third bag of dog food, and scooped out two cup-fulls, holding them to Max’s face. He raised his nose is disagreement. “Aw man… He’s not gonna eat anymore.” Mia said, disappointed. “Don’t worry.” Kayla patted her shoulder, “we’ll get more in there!” Mia smiled and pried open Max’s jaws with her hands, while Kayla poured the food into his mouth and down his throat. Max hacked, but to no avail. The food landed in his puffed out belly with a audible plop. The girls continued this method until the third bag was completely empty. At this point, Max looked as if he’d swallowed an exercise ball. His belly now rubbed against the floor, and he almost rocked and bobbed back and forth, attempting to keep all four paws on the ground. “He’s so cute all bulging and fat like this!” Mia sang out. She went to pet his big belly, but stopped just short of his fur. “Um… better just check him first, just to play it safe.” she said. Kayla nodded in agreement, and both girls leaned back and stretched their legs out, gently poking Max’s protruding stomach with their big toes. When he didn’t detonate between the girls’ feet, Mia clapped and went in for a rub. She gently caressed his entire swollen form, and even softly pressed her waistline against him (which she tried to hide from Kayla). However, Kayla noticed Mia’s action and chuckled to herself. “That’s right sis… go ahead and have your fun. Soon, its my turn hehe…” she thought to herself.

After another short break, the girls stood puzzled. “Well now how are we supposed to feed him huh?” Max would no longer allow Mia to hold open his mouth. He used all his might to keep his teeth clenched, which unfortunately was too much for Mia’s arms to overcome. “Like I said sis, don’t worry.” Kayla said smugly. She picked up the garden hose and walked around to Max’s backside. Mia stood confused, until she heard Kayla shout out to her. “Whoa, Mia you gotta see this!” Mia rushed around to meet Kayla, who stood with her hand covering her mouth. Her eyes were opened wide, and when Mia saw what she was pointing at, hers did the same. Max’s member was erect from all the rubbing the girls did, and according to Mia, “Dammmnnnn… he’s a prize winner! Haha!” Kayla reached out and rubbed her hand down the dog’s swollen shaft, then realized what she was doing and quickly pulled it away. “Haha sis its ok!” Mia laughed, “Heck, its just you and me, and I won’t tell.” She winked at Kayla. “Oh, I know you won’t…” Kayla thought. Mia reached out with both hands and wrapped her grasp around Max’s member. She slid them up and down slowly, once, twice, three times, giggling as he throbbed in her hand. “Oh… my God Mia… Stop you sicko! You’re gonna make him cum!” Kayla yelled and smacked her sister in the stomach. Mia winced in pain, causing her to squeeze. Max grunted a bit and a few drips fell from his tip onto the curve of his belly. “Hehe oops!” Mia smirked, then wiped her hands on her shirt. Unseen by the girls, Max squinted and sighed, probably hoping that one of these human girls would at least have the decency to finish him off after teasing him like that. Kayla shook her head at her sister, then raised the hose up and shoved it directly into Max’s rear end. The dog’s eyes widened as he felt the cool metal tip of the hose enter his behind, and he let out a howl. “Oh shut it ya big baby!” Mia scolded as she lightly slapped Max’s tummy on the side. It made a faint hollow thud, and Mia chuckled to herself. “Now what?” she asked Kayla. “Now…” Kayla said slightly provocatively, “Now, all we have to do is turn on the water, and we’ll have ourselves a great big doggy balloon in no time!” Mia smiled hugely and jumped in excitement. “Haha! Awesome!” She leaned down and kissed Max right on the lips, taunting him in his face. “You hear that bud? We’re gonna blow you up goooood! Haha! You’re gonna get soooo big, and soooooo full, and soooooooo tight that you just explo-” BONG! … As Mia hit the ground, the last thing she could remember seeing was her sister standing above her, with the bike pump in her hands…

Mia’s eyes fluttered as she slowly regained consciousness. She awoke to the swooshing sound of someone pumping up a basket ball, and she noticed that she felt incredibly full… like she’d just eaten several Thanksgiving dinners. Finally, she opened her eyes to see Kayla standing before her, slowly pulling the handle of the bike pump out, and squeezing it back in while smiling right at her. “K-Kaywa…?” she said, sounding a bit groggy, and a bit muffled. “What are woo doowing?” Kayla laughed and said “Figure it out, dummy!” Mia’s eyes widened as she came to a grim realization: all that air was going into her! She looked down to see the floor about 3 feet below her. She tried desperately to check on her stomach, which felt ready to rip open from the pressure, but her vision was blocked by two large, peach-colored balloons… “Moi bewbs!” she gasped, attempting to clutch them. Her puffy arms could barely reach around to her nipples, which were so sore that, even through her tightly-stretched shirt, she moaned upon touching them with her fingers. She tried to kick her legs, but she couldn’t stabilize herself. She felt something heavy and cold around her right ankle. “Am oi chained??” she questioned. Kayla laughed again, “Yep! Chained up and pumped up, just like your fatass lover there!” Mia turned her head to see Max, still as big and full as he was earlier, shooting his sad gaze back at her. Mia now approached the same dimensions as her canine companion, and began to tear up. “But sis… w-why!?” she cried. Kayla stopped pumping and shifter her weight to one leg, “Why? Because I’m horny too sis. And watching you hump and rub up on all these animals, getting yourself all wet like that… Its kinda turning me on!” Mia looked shocked. “Pff, and woo cawwed ME da sicko!” She scoffed at Kayla, who frowned and began pumping more air into her bloated sister. “Whatever.” Kayla said, “I don’t really care what you think. Ya know why sis? Cus now that I have you equal with Maxxy there, I’m gonna turn on the water, and I’m gonna pump like a crazy person, and we’ll see which one of you big fat balloons can outgrow the other one!” Max and Mia both gulped, and Kayla chuckled to herself, setting down her pump.

Tears began to run down Mia’s bloated cheeks as Kayla approached her. “Better test ya, just to be safe” she teased as she reached out her leg and prodded Mia’s bulging belly with her toes. Then, she patted Mia’s shiny flesh with her foot, and slid it down the curvy surface of Mia’s skin, producing a light squeak and a slap as she returned her foot to the floor. “Wow sis, you’re feeling pretty fullll… hehe.” Kayla stepped around her inflated sister as if inspecting every inch of her. She walked behind Mia, and stared intently at her swollen bum. “Ya know,” she said, “you probably shouldn’t keep your pants on for this. They might get a little… tight. Hehe.” She reached down and grabbed ahold of Mia’s shorts, and began to tug. “Oompff… ughhhh… Man, these are really on there, huh sis?” Mia squinted and clenched her teeth as her sister pulled and yanked at the now super tight waistband of her pants. Finally, with a few squeaks and a THUNK, the shorts popped off of Mia’s pumped up butt, and slid more easily down her smooth thighs and calves. Kayla gave one last yank to free them from Mia’s feet, and they flew free, pulling her socks halfway off. Then, Kayla whistled and slapped Mia’s inflated butt cheek. “Whoo! Damn girl, look at that badonk-a-donk! Mia’s butt looked like two huge soap bubbles in a bath tub. It gleamed in the light, and Kayla couldn’t help but look on in amazement. “Hmm…” she thought. “Ah, fuck it, you’re gonna pop later anyway!” Kayla pulled her sister’s legs together, and used them to shimmy her way up to Mia’s bubble butt. Then, she hoisted up onto Mia’s cheeks, and began to ride her sister like a bucking bronco! “Ohh…” she moaned as she rode harder and harder. Mia could do nothing to stop her, she could only cry more as her own sister humped her like a cheap date. Every bounce caused the girls’ rubbing skin to squeak like latex, and Kayla couldn’t get enough of it. After a few minutes of nothing but bouncing on her sister’s ballooned-up ass, Kayla spread Mia’s swollen legs apart and shifted herself down a bit further. She supported herself on the bottom bulge of Mia’s belly as she rubbed her crotch against Mia’s. Mia cried, but couldn’t deny that this particular form of torture didn’t feel terrible. In fact, it felt kind of alright. She almost began to rock in motion with Kayla, but stopped herself. “Pwease stahp!” Mia shouted as best she could through the hose. Kayla pressed her body to Mia’s a few more times, then sighed and slid back down to the floor. “Wow sis, I know its weird, but you’re actually a pretty good ride hehe.” she giggled. “Well, that was fun. But, now its time for our little contest!” She spun around, giggling, and headed for the garage door. “I’ll be right back you two. Oh, and Max? You might feel a cool rush in a moment… hehehe.”

Kayla stepped outside, and Mia turned to Max. “If its wurf anyfing now, oi’m reawy reawy sowwy…” The dog just stared back at her and gulped. “Oi wish oi knew how to stahp her, but oi fink dis moit be it, buddy.” Max panted briefly, then burped, then closed his mouth. His eyes widened and a faint hissing sound started emanating from the garden hose. He burped once more, and then his cheeks started filling up with air. Mia watched in terror as his body shifted a bit, then ever-so-slightly pulsed outward. Then, she heard the garage door close, and Kayla stepped inside just in time to hear the water begin pouring through the hose, and into the already over-sized pup. Max’s eyes bulged even more, and his belly instantly began to inflate. Slowly, but steadily the dog started filling up with liquid, and a little bit of air. Kayla hurried over and in an excited manner, scooped the pump off the floor and began inflating Mia’s body even more. Kayla’s barely-toned arms could just about keep pace with the water from the hose, so both subjects were now being filled at a fairly even speed. Tears welled up in Mia’s eyes once more, as she felt every part of her body tighten. She could feel the constant puffs of air entering her through the tube, forcing their way down her throat and into her body. She felt as they landed in her now freakishly huge belly, pressing against the outer walls of her form, pushing her skin outward. She felt as they made their way to her grossly full, H-cup breasts, stretching them tighter and tighter. She felt as the air entered her already bulbous backside, making her feel gassy, Her butt now resembled two overfilled beach balls on a hot, summer beach. The gasses expanding, making them swell bigger and bigger… In her legs was a cool swirl, causing her hourglass figure to exaggerate. Her thighs were like huge, shiny cylinders, squeaking as they rubbed together. Her calves were rounding out, consuming her ankles, almost molding with her feet, which now began to swell and bulge out of her half-on socks. The tears ran down to her ballooning cheeks, causing the streams to trail off in every direction. Kayla appeared as if she’d begun to tire, but in reality she’d simply started pumping more sensually. Watching her sister swell and bloat was making her hot, and whether it was wrong or not, she was having the time of her life.

Meanwhile, Max had become almost spherical. His furry body bulged in every direction, and his tiny paws were beginning to get sucked into his ever-growing belly. As he attempted to struggle, the water inside him sloshed and churned, causing him to burp again and again. To Kayla, this was like a sweet symphony of beautiful music. He did his best to growl, but the poor ballooning canine could only belch. Mia was right behind him in size, quickly approaching the spherical level herself. Her gigantic belly now looked like a weather balloon, with two huge punchballs being stretched to their limit on top. Her nipples were erect, but starting to flatten out from her skin’s stretching, and every now and then Mia could swear she felt a tiny bit of air escape through them. Her huge ass protruded from her backside, looking like it alone could bust at any given second, and her legs had begun to melt into her massive form. After another five minutes of pumping, Kayla’s pants could barely keep from sliding off. She was so wet from watching her sister and this random dog expand right before her very eyes, that it ran down her leg and onto the floor. “Ohhh Miaaaa…” she wailed on the brink of orgasm. “Oh God… I can’t wait… to see… who’s gonna… pop… first!” “By the looks of things, it might be you there sis…” Mia thought. Then, Mia felt a soft rubbing against her side. She turned the best she could, and saw that it was Max’s furry hide, rubbing against her own. They had both grown so large, that were beginning to touch. She felt the cool surge of water swirling around in Max’s overstretched tummy, and could feel just how tight he had become. “Oh man… He’s gonna blow any minute now!” she thought. With that thought, she also wondered about Max’s other swelling body part… “He must be as big as a canoe back there!” Perhaps it was just the incredibly sensitive state her body was in, but she tried to imagine the dog’s monstrous member bloating bigger and bigger, leaking with his seed, getting ready for release. “All it would take is one little touch… I’d use my foot, just like I did to test other things I thought might burst…” The thought was giving her some sort of satisfaction, at least.

Another five minutes go by, and both Mia and Max were just about at their breaking points. The cute little school girl, and the friendly neighborhood dog were both filled completely round, save for their bloated faces, and hands and feet (or paws). Mia’s humongous hooters still showed a bit, just as two extra fat bulges above her impossibly huge stomach. Her feet squeaked against her creaking belly as she wriggled them around, and her crotch was pulled so tight that she too was now leaking like a faucet. Max was slightly larger then her, and just as fragile. His eyes could no longer be seen, and the only part of his face still visible were his bloated cheeks and snout. His monolithic body had begun pulsating, and an audible groan was arising from deep inside him. The water continued to rush as Kayla stared up at the two living balloons, who were now wedged together, stuck between the floor and ceiling of her house. Max started to creak more and more, and Kayla began to struggle to hold her climax. She removed her shorts and panties, and figuring Max was about to reach his bursting point, quickly squeezed behind the bloated behemoths. There, just as Mia had imagined, was Max’s colossal penis. Huge, hard, tight, and ready to blow… Kayla put a single palm on the great serpent, and it began to pulse and shake. Then, fearing his imminent explosion, she ran her tongue up his shaft…

SPLAAAT!!! A single lick was all it took for the poor pooch to lose it, and he blew his huge load all over Kayla’s half-naked body! Max let out a muffled howl as his over-inflated cock stretched, then retracted, stretched, then retracted, spewing the last of his warm fluids into Kayla’s face. She cooed and swallowed what she could, spit a bit on the ground and giggled to herself. “Holy shit! Sis! This mutt just came like Niagra Falls!” she approached her sister from behind, “Mia! He’s gonna go boom any second now! So that means you win! Haha!” Mia was so big, filled so taut that she feared the slightest of misplaced breaths could spell her doom. Her face had sunken into her incredibly tight cleavage, and an occasional spurt of air escaped from the crack between her lips and the rubbery hose. She feared her sister’s energetic approach, as Kayla continued, “I never really intended for you to lose ya know. I mean c’mon, you really think I’d let my own sister, my own flesh and blood go ka-blooey? Haha…” Kayla reached out, and tickled Mia’s left foot…


Mia’s body shuttered from the tiny tickle, and she just couldn’t handle it. The poor girl’s over-inflated belly, overfilled boobs, over-pumped ass, and every other part of her that had just been stretched too far, violently exploded, sending pieces of Mia, flesh, blood, skin, bones, fingers, toes, eyes, belly button and all, flying through the air. The blast was so mighty that in seconds, the walls, ceiling and floor were all plastered with Mia’s near-liquefied remains. Kayla was blown back onto her butt, landing right in Max’s sticky discharge, and her ears rang and burned like someone had just boxed her head with a couple of frying pans.

When she recovered from the initial trauma, Kayla looked around the room and came to the startling truth that she had literally just blown her beloved sister Mia into a thousand pieces… “Mia…” she whimpered. Then, from beside her she heard another whimper. Then a low groooaaaannnn… then, as one final high pitched creeeaaaakkkk… filled the air, Kayla raised her hands from the sticky pool of cum and entrails in an attempt to shield herself. “Oh God… that puppy’s gonna POP!!”




… to be continued…?