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Party Time

The doorbell rang and Sarah jumped up to answer it. Her black hair bounced as she giddily opened the door. Waiting outside were the last of her girlfriends she’d invited over, Tess and Alicia. Tess was a short brunette with big amber eyes, and Alicia, a slightly taller girl with a head of brown hair so dark it was nearly black and vivid green eyes.

“Hiya!” Sarah giggled. “C’mon in… Kirra and Julie only got here about ten…fifteen minutes ago.”

The girls exchanged greetings as they stepped into Sarah’s living room. Kirra, a plump blonde friend with big pale blue eyes waved from one end of the couch and Julie, a petite redhead with turquoise-blue eyes waved from the other. Tonight was going to be their playtime. Couple of movies from her DVD collection, snacks…mebbie something a little more entertaining later… A smile crossed Sarah’s lips at the thought of that…None of the girls gathered “Walked the straight and narrow” and Sarah knew they all had at least some feelings for each other…

Alicia loaded the first movie into the DVD player…

Four hours and three DVDs later, the five girls were flopped about the room, gorged on who-knew-how-many snack foods and candies.

“Anyone got any ideas what to do next??” Sarah asked idly, staring up at the ceiling.

“Game of cards anyone?” Julie asked, having found an old package of playing cards in the drawer of an end table.

“Lets make it more interesting than just cards…” Tess mused. “Lesbian strip poker maybe??”

The girls laughed. Kirra blinked, then fished around in a bag full of stuff she’d brought.

“Maybe Tess is on to something there…” She produced a bottle full of orange pills.

“What are those...?” Sarah sat up, staring at the little bottle.

“Recreational expansion pills.” Kirra replied. She got four confused looks. “They make you inflate. I’d seen an add for them in a magazine somewhere, wondered whether or not they were real, and got a bottle for myself to find out.”

“Sounds kinky…I like it.” Julie giggled. “Ok then. Who’s up for some roulette? Get the lowest card in the deal and you have to take one of Kirra’s pill…thingies.”

The girls agreed and helped Sarah move some of the furniture aside so all five of them could gather around a single table.

“Do one round now to see about the first dealer. High card gets dealer, then we’ll just go clockwise around the table.” Sarah said, squeezing between Kirra and Julie. Julie nodded while shuffling the cards.

“Dealer’s high, Aces are low.” She mused, and dealt out the cards facedown.

Sarah: King, Kirra: Jack, Tess: 4, Julie: 5, Alicia: 8

“Oook.” Sarah gather up the cards and shuffled the deck. Dealing out the next set of cards, she giggled. “Let the games begin…”

Sarah: 6, Kirra: Jack, Tess: 8, Julie: Queen, Alicia: 6

“Redeal, redeal…” Alicia smiled. Sarah gather the cards up and chuckled, shuffling and dealing again.

Sarah: King, Kirra: Queen, Tess: 5, Julie: 10, Alicia: 10

“Aww… I was hoping dealer would hafta take the first pill…” Tess stood up from the table and took one of the orange pills. Unsure of what was going to happen, she wandered to the middle of the room and swallowed the pill “Here goes nothing…”

For the first few seconds, there was nothing. Tess was about to open her mouth and say something when her belly gave a gurgle, then suddenly puffed out almost as if Tess was suddenly nine months pregnant. She raised up her shirt and touched her belly, which was rapidly swelling up.

“Ooh… that feels… nice…” She purred. The other girls watched in awe as in a few moments, everything about Tess grew. Her belly and breasts inflated like balloons, her arms and legs plumped up, all the while accompanied by her coos and purrs. Her clothes tore apart and littered the floor as she blew up. As her limbs got fatter, she took on more of a starfish shape, until she was nothing more than a 7’ wide ball of flesh with hands, feet, a head, and two ridiculously huge 3’ spheres for breasts.

“How’s that feel…Tess?” Sarah asked in astonishment.

“I’m so tight… but it feels sooo amazing. I'm soo…oooh…ooohhh…Ohhhhh…” Tess’ moan built up into a cry of pleasure they all knew was her climax, but it was followed only a few seconds later by a loud, sharp BANG! as Tess’ belly could hold no more.

The four remaining girls stared in amazement as skin-colored rubbery pieces fluttered down all over the room. Watching Tess burst like that had awakened something in the girls and without a second thought or word, Kirra, the next in line, picked up the cards, shuffled, and dealt them out.

Sarah: 6, Kirra: 4, Julie: Queen, Alicia: Ace.

Alicia looked at the card in her hand and smiled.

“Aces low?” The other girls nodded. With a giggle, Alicia dropped her card, picked up a pill, and moved to the same spot Tess had stood in. Happily, she opened wide and swallowed it. She purred with delight as her belly suddenly bulged out. “Here’s hoping for at least eight feet…”

The girls giggled as they watched Alicia inflate before their eyes. She blew up much the same way Tess did, starting in her belly, then spreading to her breasts, then the rest of her body. Moaning with delight, she rubbed her shiny belly as best she could. As she reached the starfish shape, there was a ‘RIIIP’ and her clothes joined Tess’ bits and her clothes on the floor as well.

“How am…oooh… I doing girls??” Alicia cooed. Sarah gave her a thumbs-up. Alicia giggled, watching herself growing. She didn’t start turning in a complete sphere though, but instead her breasts merged with her belly into one huge sphere in the middle of four fat conical limbs. Her belly crested 8’ wide and she moaned, her whole hugely bloated form shivering as she came. “Yesyesyes…!!!!”


Giggling with eager glee, Julie grabbed up the cards, shuffled, and dealt them out, even as bits of Alicia drifted down like snowflakes around them.

Sarah: King, Kirra: 9, Julie: Two

Julie giggled.

“Oopsie…looks like I dealt myself a lil orange pill instead of a card.” She snatched a pill and had it down her throat before she even got to the middle of the room. There came the familiar gurgle, and Julie squealed with glee as her belly bulged out. She cooed and purred, rubbing and stroking her belly as if to nurture it to grow bigger, which it seemed to do eagerly. “How mean of Alicia… making a lil girl like me have to reach for nine feet…”

“You’re not exactly little anymore now.” Kirra chuckled, pointing at Julie’s blimping figure, which was already starting to bulge into her butt and upper arms.

“You’re right…and I'm gonna beat nine feet across before I pop!!” Julie cried. Sarah and Kirra watched and giggled. In only a few minutes she’d turned into a sphere as big as Tess when she’d blown apart. She was a real sphere though, her breasts little more than slight domes against her expanded bellybody. “So…close… c’mon, don’t blow apart…on me now…!”

Sarah and Kirra gasped, then applauded.

“You did it!” Sarah exclaimed. Sure enough, Julie, the shortest of the original five girls was now a huge ball of quivering rubbery skin that could give at any second. She didn’t stop though, and reached 10’ across a few seconds later.

“I did it!! I’m the bigge…ooohhh!!!” Julie’s face suddenly lit up with pleasure on a scale equal to her newfound hugeness. The BOOM! that followed was also on that same scale…

“Wow…” Kirra sighed. Sarah smiled.

“Thee girls popped… Only two left.” Kirra smiled as well. Sarah took the cards, shuffled, and dealt.

Sarah: 7…Kirra: 8

A wide smile lit Sarah’s face.

“Dealer’s just seem to have the luck…” She mused, grabbing a pill and moving to ‘Ground Zero.’ She brushed aside the popped pieces of her friends and their clothes with her foot. Her belly suddenly puffed out several inches. Sarah moaned softly, touching her swelling middle with her fingertips. “This is soo wonderful… oooh…”

Kirra moved over and pressed lightly on Sarah’s tummy as it began to really distend. It swelled up quickly to pregnant sized and with a small smile, she felt her breasts, thighs, and arms beginning to plump up as her inflation spread out slowly. She relished every second as she inflated. Soon she was reduced to a near-perfect, 7’ wide sphere. Her belly gurgled menacingly, her growth slowing, threatening to blow her apart.

“No…no…please…not yet…Just a little more…” Sarah whimpered softly. Kirra absent-mindedly rubbed her own belly, watching Sarah’s grow so close to bursting. A few more moments passed, and Sarah’s swelling resumed. It was like watching the fuse on a big cartoon bomb burn down. As she crested 10’ wide, Sarah felt herself cum, her whole huge bloated belly wracked with the power of her climax. The moan built in her throat so quickly that it turned silent.

“Bigger…bigger…” Kirra suddenly realized she was hoping for her friend to grow even larger. Sarah’s spherical form seemed more than happy to comply, but only for another six inches before a loud KA-BOOM! shook the room.

Kirra sat in stunned silence for a few moments, watching as Sarah snowed down around the room. She’d gotten her answer at least…these pills were the real deal. She looked at the bottle, noting the fine print on the label…

“Note: These pills release double what the closest competitor-brand recreation expansion pill (REPs) releases. NOT FOR USE BY FIRST-TIME INFLATEES!”

“Maybe I should try reading the label next time…” She mused aloud. Looking down at the cards, then at the heaps of pieces from her friends’ rubbery skin and clothing, a wide smile crossed her lips. Kirra picked up the deck and shuffled it again.

“The dealer takes a card…and so does the bottle of pills” She drew a 6 from the deck and laid it on the table: her card. This was followed by her drawing a 9: one for the pill bottle. Her smile widened. “My favorite number, sixty-nine. Gee… looks like I lost too…”

Kirra grabbed a pill from the bottle, and then stopped.

“Always better to go out with a REAL bang…” Reaching into the bottle again, she pulled out a second pill and swallowed both. She jumped eagerly to the middle of the room, just a second or so ahead of the all-too-familiar gurgle. Kirra squealed when her belly suddenly ‘FWOOMP’ed almost a foot, then began to rapidly expand. “Ohh…ooohh…ooooooohhhh…”

Panting softly from the intense pleasure building between her legs, she watched herself growing, eagerly rubbing and stroking over her inflating body. Two feet…three…four…five…six…seven feet wide. She was inflating twice as fast as any of the other girls had. Kirra also knew she was going to go off with twice as much power…she hoped she would anyway. Her limbs grew fat and cone shaped in a matter of moments: Her breasts disappeared into her expanding belly; becoming vast domes adorned by her painfully erect nipples. The pleasure and the pressure just kept coming…eight feet…nine…ten….eleven feet across…

Kirra suddenly felt a twinge, and she knew she’d gone too far too fast. She moaned out loudly, her body wracked once…twice…three times by an incredibly powerful climax. What followed to Kirra’s ears was a loud roaring sound like a harsh wind. Had anyone else been there to see what had happened, they would’ve heard a loud POP!! that cracked the glass of the television, knocked lamps over, and swirled the remnants of five burst girls and their clothes all about the room…