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Model Behavior, Part 1

Kishara sat down on the couch, drawing tablet in one hand and phone in the other. The day had been quiet and rainy, the peaceful apartment filtering most of the noise of the city. Already on the couch sat her partner Fresh, a quiet, nerdy fox who flashed the snow leopard a warm smile before turning back to his game. A loud tone rang out from her phone as she sat down, her ears perking up as she recognized the peculiar ring. "Someone messaged me?" She opened the art site and found one new notification bearing the headline “Commission” a wide smile on her face as she opened it.

Her deep purple eyes widened as she read the message and realized who sent it. “Three sequences, five parts…” She quickly typed a few numbers into the phone’s calculator, letting out a soft giggle as she saw the total. “No way they’d pay this much.” The snow leopardess laughed as she sent the message back. Not even 2 minutes later, the phone rang out again. Kishara let out a loud squeal as she read their reply. Her squeal caught the attention of the fox, who was now giving her a confused look.

“Kishara? Everything ok?” Fresh asked, sounding heavily concerned.

“Of course! I think I hooked a whale!”

“You wha--?” Kishara interrupted the fox with a tight hug and a long, excited kiss on the lips, only confusing the fox further.

“So, this user wants to commission me.” She broke off the hug and started explaining, tail wagging excitedly. “And they’re kind of famous for getting a lot of art from the same artists. And I just got an order from him! He’s even offering to pay more than what I was going to charge!”

“That’s amazing!” Her smile was contagious as Fresh reveled in Kishara’s excitement, just happy to see her happy. This time, he hugged the snow leopard, holding her warm body in a tight embrace, feeling her soft white fur against his own orange hide. Though he couldn’t see it, a devious glint grew in her eyes.

“Hmm, actually, there might be something you can help me with, Fresh.” She kept smiling as she picked up her drawing tablet and stylus.

“How? I know nothing about art.” The fox gave her the same confused look as earlier.

“You can be my model!” She replied eagerly, only further confusing him. “The character he wants me to use is a fox that kind of looks like you, and I don’t have that much experience drawing what they want. So, we can do it to you and then I can use your as a reference for the drawing!”

“Um, you’re an amazing artist so you should be able to use his character without needing me. And couldn’t you just look up a video of whatever it is he wants?” Fresh asked, trying to wrap his brain around the situation.

“Yeah, I suppose I could…” Kishara looked down with a hint of sadness in her voice. “I just thought, well, it’d be fun to do this with you.”

“Fine. I’ll do it.” Fresh let out a loud sigh and scratched the back of his head as he agreed. If there was something he could do to make her happy, then he’d be more than willing to do it.

“Thank you so much!” Kishara smiled gleefully as she ran to their bedroom, only making it obvious to Fresh what she was planning to do. She returned shortly carrying both her computer and a large metal cylindrical tank, carefully placing it on the ground next to the couch. It was a state-of-the-art tank, one that ran on electricity and could be connected to a computer to simulate numerous types of inflation methods with an essentially infinite supply of air.

“Had a feeling we’d be using this.”

“Yup! And the first sequence the commissioner wanted was helium inflation!” Fresh let out another long sigh as he watched her open the program and connect the hose to the tank. With a simple shrug, he took the hose from her hand and placed it in his orange muzzle as he’d done many times before, quickly followed by the snow leopard wrapping his muzzle shut with the hose in place.

“Are you ready? We’re going to do this slowly, so I can sketch you at the right sizes. Just try to relax and enjoy it.” Kishara asked, her long spotted tail wagging excitedly behind her as she pick up her drawing tablet. The fox just shrugged and nodded, greatly happy to see her enjoying herself yet still wanting to get this over with. With that simple nod, she typed something into the computer, causing the tank to turn on. A familiar loud hiss came from the tank as Fresh felt the machine quickly come to life as the helium flowed into his mouth and down his throat. Kishara, with drawing tablet in hand, began sketching rapidly.

A small bump in his shirt appeared as the helium moved into his body. Fresh let out another audible sigh as his belly slowly started to billow outwards. The helium flow was slow, as was his growth. Small tufts of white fur on his belly poked out underneath his shirt as it started to rise around his swelling from. Kishara looked up from her tablet in glee to see his new size, giving a massive smile before turning her attention back to the drawing.

Fresh just sighed, giving his girlfriend as much of a smile as he could muster. The fox’s belly was sticking out nearly six inches from his chest, yet still almost completely covered by his shirt. Though his belly was still the largest part of his body and still swelling, the helium inside started to flow elsewhere. Previously when he’d been inflated with air, his belly grew a few feet large before the rest of his body began swelling, ultimately giving him a very large midsection at his fullest. Instead, while his belly wasn’t even a foot large, Fresh felt a strange tightness in his arms. Usually he’d be rubbing his growing belly, but now his arms felt stiff, difficult to move. The fox craned his neck to check and see that indeed, his arms were puffing outwards with the helium, his shirt growing ever tighter Small tearing noises started coming from the stretched fabric, much to Fresh’s dismay.

Fresh’s chest took on a similar tightness as the helium continued to flow into his body. His belly stopped swelling briefly as his chest caught up, before both parts started to grow once again. Soon his chest and belly were indistinguishable from another, still barely constrained by his almost suffocating shirt. “Oh, so this is how your body forms with helium! Much more rounded.” Kishara observed as she continued to sketch, aiming to keep up. The fox’s arms and hands continued to inflate larger, the stiff limbs forced out to his sides and remaining motionless. Tears along the shoulders of his shirt let some of his orange fur seep out. With a single loud rip echoing over the hiss of the air tank, Fresh’s shirt fell into pieces around his swelling frame.

“Perfect! They wanted a good clothes-ripping! Hope your pants do the same.” Kishara spoke as the tattered scraps of his top fell. As if on cue, Fresh felt a familiar stiffness in his legs as comfortable jeans started to grow tighter, rubbing against the fur of his growing legs and hips. He wobbled and spread his legs apart to keep his balance, yet the swelling continued to cause him to stumble. A loud pop rang out as the button on his jeans tore and his fly unzipped around his swelling body, orange and white fur leaking through holes and tears rapidly appearing in his pants. Mere moments later, his pants burst apart completely due to his ballooned legs, leaving shreds of blue fabric along the floor. Fresh blushed as he realized his clothes were destroyed, but Kishara just giggled excitedly as she continued to draw.

Free from the constraints of clothes, Fresh’s body picked up in its growth. His orange-furred back started to push outwards much like his incredibly bloated belly and chest. With arms and legs stuck out at his sides, the fox’s body started to take on a much rounder shape, quickly swelling to almost two feet in diameter. As his body continued to grow, the realization dawned on Fresh that he could no longer feel the floor under his massive body. His big round body started to lazily float due to the helium, tethered to the ground only by the hose in his mouth. The fox’s bare back and tail bounced against the ceiling, leaving him to look down and see a smiling Kishara still sketching away.

“Aaand, done! Four sketches all finished!” Kishara stood up and turned off the tank, smiling happy at her three-foot round boyfriend balloon on the ceiling. “Thank you so much for doing this, Fresh! You really are the greatest guy a girl could want.” The snow leopard yanked on the hose, still firmly clamped in Fresh’s mouth, pulling down the fox balloon and giving him a quick hug and kiss on the cheek. He blushed, again just happy to see Kishara so happy. As she moved to unwrap the cord and deflate him, the loud ringtone from her phone played again. Fresh rose once more, round body and tail gently bouncing against the ceiling, as she checked. A small frown grew on her face as she read the message, yet it quickly transitioned into a devious smile that made Fresh’s fur stand on end.

“So, that was the commissioner.” Kishara turned to look up at the worried fox balloon. “And well, he wants to add another picture to the sequence and is willing to pay handsomely. However--” The snow leopard took another look at Fresh. “—it’s a popping picture. And you’ve been such a good model that I’d hate to not let you do be the inspiration for the final piece.” Kishara turned on the tank once again, though this time much higher, the sound of helium rushing once again through the hose. “I love you, Fresh, and I really can’t thank you enough for this!”

“MMPH!” Fresh’s protests were muffled again by the hose. His cheeks puffed outwards as he tried to avoid swallowing more of the helium, but his efforts were in vain. His orange and white furred body, already a three-foot wide and round balloon, stretched even further. His belly and back grew with each passing second. The fox’s puffy arms, legs, and even tail were slowly engulfed the growing mass of his inflating body. Nearly five feet wide, Fresh began to feel something strange. Unlike the stiffness he felt when inflating, his body began to feel tight. His body was no longer swelling, but the helium kept coming. The pressure inside his body continued to mount, the tightness spreading all over. Just as it was starting to become painful, Fresh felt a sharp sting along his bloated front. A rush of helium started to flow through a hole in his body, with more tears coming on his body quickly. He shut his eyes tightly and waited for the inevitable.

With a loud bang, Fresh’s body shred into countless scraps of orange, white, and black fur. Kishara turned off the tank as the hose and scraps fell and blew all over the room. “Perfect pop! I got it exactly!” She smiled as she looked towards her sketch and back to the scraps, which continued to fall. “Thanks again, Fresh.” The snow leopard laughed to herself as she collected all the scraps of her boyfriend she could find, placing them in a small bag and leaving it in their bedroom. “Can’t wait to show you these drawings tomorrow. And to do this next set with you.”