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Welcome Home, Part 2

The blaring sound of the alarm clock echoed throughout the room. Fresh groggily got out of bed, hitting the off button. “1? What the hell happened yesterday?” He yawned and stood up, noticing he was only in his boxers. Confused enough already, he got dressed in some normal clothes and walked into the living room.

“Thought I heard some noise there. Morning sweetie.” Kishara looked back at the fox from her spot on the couch. “Glad to see you’re finally awake.”

“Kishara? What the hell happened last night? Don’t remember drinking anything, but I feel so hungover.” Fresh said as he walked over to her.

“Oh right. You’ve never had that happen before. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it!” The snow leopard smiled despite the blank and confused look on his face. “But here’s a hint. We used that last night and I got a little carried away. Sorry.” She pointed to the large metal air tank sitting in the corner before giving him sweet puppy-dog eyes.

“I… think I remember. We watched a movie, and then you popped me. Why?” He wandered back over to the air tank while she turned back to her drawing tablet.

“You just looked so cute! I wanted to see you bigger, and well… yeah. Again, I’m really sorry. But at least you’ve done it now! So, you’ll be fine if it happens again, right?” Her voice sounded a little frantic, growing increasingly worried that Fresh was angry with her.

“It’s fine, I guess. It’ll take a lot more than that to get me angry with you.” He quietly picked up the tank. “I’ll go put this away.”

“That’s great! And thanks. I know it’s weird, but I really appreciate you being cool with stuff like that.” Kishara turned her attention back to the drawing tablet, quickly becoming engrossed with her work.

Making as little noise as possible, Fresh brought the tank behind her couch and silently placed it down. Kishara didn’t seem to be paying any attention, focusing entirely on her drawing. Slowly and silently, he unraveled the hose and took the nozzle in one hand. “Hey, Kishara?” He called out, placing his free hand on her shoulder.

“Yes?” She turned towards him as she responded, giving the fox just enough time to place the hose into her mouth and tie it shut. There the biggest look of disbelief, surprise, and a small hint of joy in her eyes as he leaned down and kissed her cheek for a moment, moving to open the valve to the tank.

Kishara squealed in surprise as the hiss of the air tank ripped through the apartment. The air forced its way down her throat and into her belly, very slowly starting to push outwards. It tickled as the air continued to push inside. The snow leopard’s soft white stomach very slowly began to expose itself underneath her shirt.

Fresh poked his girlfriend’s air-filled potbelly gently, another small squeal of joy escaping her lips. Her belly grew another few inches outwards as he rubbed it. Kishara quickly stood up and took off her shirt and pants to leave them intact, leaving her in just her bra and panties. She playfully struck a pose as her belly grew to the size of a basketball, and she loved every moment of it. A soft purr escaped her throat as Fresh continued to rub her, letting her fuzzy tummy swell into his paws.

Upon her belly swelling to the size of a watermelon, the strap on her bra started to tug. Though her belly still occupied much of her view, her modest B cup breasts slowly started to pillow out as the air started to find more places to store itself inside her. She playfully cupped her growing chest, squeezing the now C cups together, enjoying the feeling and thought she was becoming even more attractive.

There was a familiar tug around her hips. Keeping the hose in her mouth, she looked behind her and saw her hips and butt starting to swell out too. She already had a nice pair of hips before, yet she still loved the feeling as she felt her rear grow larger. A large smile formed on her lips as she poked her soft, bloated butt, turning around to give Fresh a better view. She winked in his direction as her panties grew ever tighter.

Fresh was mesmerized. He’d always thought Kishara was beautiful, and that beauty only compounded when she got larger. The snow leopard took his hands and guided one to her now D cup breasts and one to her overinflated rear. The fox leaned against her beach ball sized belly, feeling the tightened skin under the soft fur. Another loud purr escaped as he rubbed her inflated assets.

A small look of worry crept across her face. Is this for revenge? Would he really do this just because I let him pop? She thought to herself, a hint of sadness in her eyes. Is he upset at me? That thought alone worried her more than the risk of popping.

Despite being entranced by her balloon belly and F cup breasts, still contained in her expandex bra, he clearly saw the sadness in her eyes. His eyes mirrored he same look of worry. “Kishara,” he took her hand in one of his and rubbed her belly with the other, “I’m not mad at you for yesterday. I could never be mad at you.” She looked over at him passionately. “I love you more than anything, and I’m only doing this because well,” he blushed a bit, the red showing under the fur on his cheeks, “you look absolutely adorable like this.” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, hoping to convey that this was for fun, not revenge.

Kishara purred again happily, her boyfriend’s voice very comforting. She had been so worried that she almost didn’t notice her arms and legs stiffening and starting to fill with air. Her back had also started to push outwards slightly. The love from Fresh’s words and the feeling of air flowing inside her, making her larger, left her in a euphoric state. Her body started to round out, her belly and back nearly 5 feet large with her round H cup breasts still contained in her bra. Her arms and legs were slowly swallowed by the spherical form her body had become.

The rounder and larger she grew, the tighter her skin felt. She knew what was coming, and didn’t fear it. Fresh was there to take care of her. Another foot rounder she grew, loud creaks coming from her body. The tightness of her skin, the hollow feeling as the air continued to flow inside her; it all felt perfect. Kishara sighed in bliss as the creaking got louder, a small but pleasurable pain in the tightness of her skin. A small tear formed on her rear end, air starting to leak out. She smiled, accepting and enjoying what was about to happen.

With a loud bang, Kishara’s round body popped. Her bra and panties fell to the floor, still intact, unlike the wearer. A flurry of grey, white, and black scraps fluttered about. Fresh stood there silently, slightly upset at what he did, yet relieved that she would reform later good as new and that she enjoyed it. A single black heart-shaped scrap, the same fur patch she had on her shoulder, landed on the fox’s muzzle. He began to smile as he collected the pieces of his beloved.