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Party Favour

“Hello, you’ve reached Party Balloons.”

“Yes, I’d like to arrange some entertainment for a friend’s birthday.”

“Yes of course, we have a large selection of girls available. For what day?”

“This weekend, Saturday.”

“I’m sure someone’s available for then.”

“Um… do any of your girls pop?”

“Yes, but it’s extra. Can’t be losing our performers for regular price now can we?”

“Right… Okay, yes we’d like a popper. He loves that kind of stuff.”


The smell of alcohol and cheap snacks filled the air, laughter filled the room as stories and jokes were swapped, and the last present was set to arrive any minute. Gathered in the living room, the guest of honour sat on a big sofa, several friends gathered around. The doorbell rang and the host got up to go get it. Everyone had chipped in for this present.

The guest of honour fidgeted in his seat as he heard soft chatter from the door and then it close. His friends wheeled in two large air tanks. Others pulled out their cameras, ready to record. The host came back, grinning and said she’d be a moment.

A few minutes later, a young woman sauntered out into the living room, heading to the center. Clad in a button up jacket and seemingly little else. She waved her hips and flicked her hair, a small knowing smile spread across her face. She moved up to the guest of honour and lowered herself onto his lap, pushing her small but soft chest into his face. Leaning in, she made a small popping sound in his ear. He shivered.

Standing up, she moved back to the tanks and bent over; waving her butt in his direction showing she was wearing panties, a black thong. The other guests watched in rapt attention, recording the show for him. She picked up the two hoses connected to the air tanks, standing up she slid them around her legs, going under coat in the front and back. She made a small sound as she inserted them. Smiling, she turned both tanks open.

Her stomach ballooned from the air rushing into her. Everyone watched, holding their breath. She danced, waving her hips and thrusting her bust out, sliding her hands up and down her body as her belly bulged out under her coat. She moaned. A button burst around her stomach, showing the creamy flesh underneath.

She continued to dance the best she could, her body filling up with air. One by one her buttons burst, revealing her expanding torso. She spun around, removing the ruined coat. Clad now only in her stretched black thong and bra, straining under her ballooning body. Her torso became rounder and rounder as her belly blew up, engulfing her body. Her butt swelled up as did her bust, straining her lingerie further.

She began to have difficulty moving her arms and legs as air rushed into them as well. Her sphere of a body, only her bust, butt, head, arms, and legs not part of it. But still her torso tried to swell, swallowing her bloated limbs. Soon, her stiff limbs stuck straight out, pumping full of air. She tried to writhe her body, but only was able to bob back and forth.

Her inflation slowed as she blew up into a ball, as wide as she is tall. Still she tried to grow further. She began to look uncomfortable, but kept trying to smile and flirt. Her thong and bra cinched her body, creaking and straining before bursting off of her. Her thong landing on the guest of honour’s face. Naked and spherical, she continued to grow. Slowly.

Clenching her eyes, she bit her lip as she began to creak and groan. Her skin reaching its limits. She still tried to move, tried to dance the best a sphere could. Sitting on the ground, her crotch rubbed against it, the hose still shoved in her pushing more and more air in. She moaned. Her skin began to look shiny from pressure, almost translucent. She moaned again. A loud creak erupted from her body. The guests kept recording intently, this was the best part, had to get a good angle. The guest of honour would watch this part over and over after all.

She tried to smile, or open her eyes, but the pressure was too much. Her skin stretched tight, tight to transparency. Clenching her eyes shut, she struggled to keep together. Everyone held their breath. She trembled and pulsed.


She exploded into a cloud of rubbery scraps. The cream coloured bits fluttered all over the room. The tanks kept hissing where the inflater once danced. The party cheered and laughed, patting the guest of honour on his back. Shouting happy birthday and other pleasantries.

The party quieted down after that. They gave him their recordings and the ruined lingerie to remember her by. The host had swept up the rubber scraps and offered them to the guest of honour, but he shrugged and refused. The host shrugged and dumped the bits in the trash.