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At the Flick of a Switch

With a soft thud, the matte black elastic band snapped snugly to her head. Months of prototyping had finally lead up to this: An electroencephalograph-connected pulse-width source modulator. That is to say, I had created a headband that measures brainwave activity to control how much power a connected appliance receives. And at this moment in time, the appliance in question was a large air compressor tucked underneath my girlfriend’s bed. Unused until now, it was the subject of Holly’s deepest, darkest fantasies. Ones where she would inflate herself enormously and stop only at the brink of danger. For the longest time, though, she had worried about how to control the pump while in such an immobile state. She should have known better than to challenge me with a design problem.

Now here she was, laying completely naked on her bed with only her flowing blonde hair to provide any measure of censorship over her physique. With a kiss on the cheek and an overly cheerful “Have fun!” I flipped on the headband’s transmitter and retreated out of the room, closing the door behind me. This was her fun time after all, and besides, I had a date with Netflix.

Back in the bedroom, Holly trembled with thoughts of what she was about to do. A thick rubber hose up her ass and a fully-inflated butt plug preventing any leaks, she was ready.

“Oh god, here we go,” she mumbled, reaching a shaky hand down toward her nether region and gently beginning to stroke herself. Pleasure. For a brief moment nothing happened, but she soon heard the telltale humming of the compressor as it clicked on in response to her actions. The headband’s programming was ingeniously simple: Pleasure equals pump ‘ON’ and the more intense the signal, the faster you blow up! This was evidently true as she felt cool air begin to flow into her intestines through the firmly-secured hose. After only a minute of playing with herself she could see the curve of her tummy slowly rising up as she was pumped. Feeling confident that the setup worked, Holly increased the speed of her strokes, multiplying the pleasure…and pressure! Answering her desires, the compressor’s hum elevated into a loud buzz as it pumped even faster into its horny receptacle. By this point Holly had taken in enough air to push her midsection out as large as a beach ball, causing her to waiver in her playing as she contemplated how far she wished to go. Her mind, however, had recently been ablaze with lust, and the compressor still pushed more into her, slowly decreasing in speed as the residual signal faded.

Two minutes later, the machine finally wound down to a halt. Panting, Holly took in the sight of her belly at its new resting point, just shy of yoga ball size. She reached out and gingerly ran her hands alongside the massive orb — drum tight, just like she had imagined!

Meanwhile in the living room, my nagging curiosity had gotten the better of me. Giving up on watching my show, I quietly snuck up to the bedroom door and slowly opened it, only to be met with the sight of a beautifully distended woman laying on my bed.

“You won’t huff believe how amazing this feels.” Holly gasped in my direction. Without missing a beat, I replied “I know sweetie, but I don’t think you’re quite full enough yet.” Her immediate look of concern quickly melted away as she figured out my ruse. Of course I had remembered the second part of her fantasy.

“I guess you’ll have to help me fix that, but only if you show some…restraint,” she chuckled.

I knew full well what she meant, and I reached over into her nightstand to retrieve the set of tethers she had recently purchased for just such an occasion. One by one, I secured her hands and feet to their nearest bedpost in spread eagle position. Satisfied with my handiwork, I collapsed onto the bed and looked to her for reassurance of how to proceed. Her eyes gave it away as she said, “Fill me, gently please.” I was glad to oblige.

Just as she had done moments ago, I gently slid my hand over her hip, then down into the depths between. I was quickly rewarded with the sound of the compressor spinning up, continuing her inflation. It didn’t last long though. I soon let up and the hum died down as her belly came to rest as a taught, creaking sphere, four feet in diameter.

“That’s enough, honey. I don’t want to push myself any further.”

In feigned compliance, I pretended to leave, but instead went to the nightstand, pulling out one more object: Her vibrator. Fear flashed through her eyes as I held it up for her to see.

“Don’t joke like that!”

But I wasn’t joking. I couldn’t resist the urge. Compulsion.

Climbing back onto the bed, I switched on the vibrator, touching it to her clit. The resulting impulse of pleasure was so great the compressor now roared to life at full power!

“Please stop!” she screamed as I tricked the device into filling her tighter. She rapidly surpassed five feet, then six, her skin groaning ominously as the compressor pumped relentlessly.

I forced her to get bigger and bigger. She was yelling for me to stop, that she was at her bursting point, but I knew she could get so, so much fuller.

The vibrator buzzed, her skin creaking, as her belly passed 8 feet. Tears streamed down her face as she resigned herself to her fate.

Nearing ten feet in diameter she trembled violently at her limit. I knew she absolutely couldn’t take any more, but my obsession was insatiable. I pressed the vibrator harder into her clit just before…


I was blasted backwards as her gargantuan belly exploded.