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The Pillow Room

My name is May. You should already know that, but since our little... accident, I find myself having to remind you. In fact, I probably need to tell you the story one more time to jog your recollection. We live together in our dream house, our incomes having been enough to finally have it constructed. And in this house there’s a special room we designed together, aptly named “The Pillow Room.” Everything from the floor to the ceiling is covered in soft things — perfect for lazing about.

Our story starts with us lounging about in this very room. It’s been a long day and the novel I’ve been reading for the past hour is getting stale. Adjacent to me, you lay on you back, supporting a magazine that seems to have captivated you. I lazily fumble around to retrieve my bookmark and slide it between the pages before closing the book with a sigh. I muse for a moment on the escapades of the protagonist during the course of those last few chapters. Perhaps, I decide, we should have an adventure of our own. I ask you what’s on your mind and, without speaking, you nod towards a latch on the wall. I know this to conceal a spigot we installed for cleaning purposes. Having had the same thought, I smirk and pull some clear tubing from my purse. I ask that we go slowly.

With a pleading look in my eyes I fumble with the button on your pants, while I kick off my shorts to reveal bright blue lingerie. You pull off my shirt as I kneel to better balance myself. Finally, with your pants down, I carefully kiss your tip. Your eyes close with excitement. I take the opportunity to feed one end of the tubing up my bum in an attempt to surprise you.

I wrap my lips around your shaft and press my tongue along your ridge, giving a nice, long suck. Finished, I grab your solid butt and pull you closer to me. You run your hands through my soft brown hair. After a few more long, wet licks and lusty kisses along your full self, I back away, placing the other end of the tubing in your hand with a wink.

You move over to the wall and open the panel containing the hidden spigot. Having connected me to the water line via an adapter, you turn the faucet knob slowly per my request. Warm water crawls through the tube towards me. My face lights up with the thought of being fuller. But the water is barely moving and making no visible progress, so you turn up the pressure bit by bit...until you look over and see my belly swelling steadily to the size of a basketball! You turn up the water just a bit more. The sensation of filling bigger and bigger with the warm water, in combination with the sight of your hard penis makes me very wet. I reach behind, arching my back to play with myself. I know it’s only a temporary fix, but enough to last the little performance.

The water pours into me as I lay there lazily fondling myself. I’m reaching two feet wide. You come over and tap on my belly to discover I’m nowhere near full. So you turn the pressure up higher, eager to see how big I can get!

Nearly the size of a yoga ball, I struggle, trying to roll myself over on to my stomach. I want to feel it pushing me upwards as I swell larger and larger. The warm water sloshes as I sit upright and tumble forward. Giggling, I ask you to turn up the pressure, playfully complaining that I’m getting bored, chanting, “Bigger, BIGGER!”

My enthusiasm soon begins to fade. At four feet in diameter I flail about, trying to roll back. The additional pressure is no longer comfortable as I swell larger. I am not sure how much farther I wish to continue. You, however, have different plans. The water keeps pumping, stretching me larger than ever before. Six feet across and my belly begins to creak. Despite my protestations you turn the water up higher and higher. Tears form in my eyes as I struggle against the exponential increase in pressure. My skin is taught, creaking and threatening to crack at ten feet.

Eleven then twelve feet, it’s become so painful that I am begging you to turn off the water! You don’t.

The water continues to rush inside me as I balloon to fourteen feet in diameter. My body protests with long groans. The pressure causes small leaks to appear along my swollen belly. I...just..can’t...hold...another ounce...

The force of the resulting explosion and tidal wave of water forcefully slams you back against the wall, knocking you unconscious...