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The Wolf's Birthday Blast

“Lets see, Cake; check. Balloons; check. Pizza; check. Booze; check.” A sleazy wolf tugged at his short pointed beard and smiled. This was going to be the best birthday ever, he thought as he walked around making sure everything was just right before his guests showed up. The villainous wolf smirked, he had invited three of his friends to share his special day with, and oh boy did he have plans for them. He ran his paw though his slick greasy hair and tapped his foot. “Where are they?” He muttered to himself just the loud sound of his doorbell literally made him jump out of his skin.

FuWheep fuhweeel!!!!

As he settled back into his body he shoved is still widely thumping heart into his chest and smoothed his ruffled suit back into place as he padded to the door. He opened the door to see the familiar faces of a pudgy spotted hyena, a buff tiger, and a slim bunny. All of them just as much of a villain as the wolf. They grinned and pushed their way into the wolf’s home. The Wolf, closed the door and frowned. “You’re late.” The hyena in the middle of shoving a slice of pizza into his short spotted muzzle shrugged and turned back to try and fit the whole pizza in his maw.

“You know traffic sucks in the city.” He spat out between mouthfuls, just as he started to eye the cake, the tiger bopped him on the head. A large bump formed on the yena’s head as stars started to dance around his head as the tiger cleared his throat.

“Happy birthday you old dog.” He smirked as the wolf frowned a little and started to pull on the tips of his pointed stach. Nodding to the rabbit and still dazed hyena he started to advance on the wolf.

“Hey you guys didn’t bring any gi..........” The alpha male puffed up his chest as his fellow villainous friends circled him. The rabbit smirked as he wiggled his deceptively cute nose. The white furred toon gave the large muscle ripped tiger a sly look. The tiger in turn winked at the large plump hyena. The Wolf looked back and forth feeling like he was stuck in the middle of a bad gag. Just as his tail bumped into the treat laden table knocking the carefully stacked glasses over, the white rabbit chuckled.

“Oh Wolfie Wolfie We have a gift for you, just not one you’re expecting.” He tsked softly as he discarded his only clothing, a purple bow tie. All four toons smirked as if summoned from thin air a thick pink cock appeared between the rabbit’s legs. Swiftly the hyena and tiger followed suit. The Hyena tossed his hat to the floor and a brown and black spotted sheath with a fat heavy sack popped into existence with a loud POIT!!!!!!!! The tiger dropped his beach shorts and rubbed his large sheath. The Wolf blushed being surrounded by his naked friends and still wearing his full suit. Chuckling the tiger smirked at the blushing lupine..

“Wolf you really need to lose that stuffy suit, and be more free.” Grinning and with a nod to his fellow naked toons lunged at the wolf. The rabbit and hyena jumped yanking and ripping at the struggling surprised wolf’s expensive suit till it fell to the ground in tatters. Blushing as they stepped back the wolf stood there naked, a large manly puff of fur sprouting from his chest as well as a thick bush under each arm. He wiggled blushing a deep red as he felt exposed without his suit. With a grin the three pressed close rubbing their naked bodies on the wiggling canine.

“Come on guys, this isn’t funny.” The wolf pushed at his friends trying to get free from the naked throng. Just as he created some space the big buff tiger reached out, his huge paws grabbing onto the pointed muststash of the wolf. “YELP!!!!!! HEEEEEYYYYYYY!!!” The wolf yelped and whined his his long snout was roughly yanked down, meeting the striped sheath of the tiger. Struggling to get free he whimpered as a lick throbbing kitty cock slid out to bump against his nose. The tiger pulled harder grinding that round black nose against his pink cock. The wolf nostrils flared as he took in the deep musky tiger scent. It reminded him of big sweaty men with just a hint of seawater and beach sand as more of the musky scent invaded his nose. Just as he was starting to get used to the tiger’s scent a firm grip on his tail made him yelp again. He was about to voice a protest when another sharp tug on his muzzle forced his mind to focus on the thick tiger stud cock forcing its way into his muzzle.

With the wolf successfully gagged the hyena tugged up hard on the wolf’s tail exposing a tight virgin pucker. He licked his lips and kneeled down to press his cold nose to the cute ring of flesh. The wolf yelped around the muzzle full of kitty cock, making the big tiger yank down harder on that muststash and thrust up with a loud growl. The brown furred hyena murred softly as he inhaled the wolf’s musky man scent and let his tongue slowly drag over the tight pucker. His eyes swirled at the sweaty and musky taste as he teased and lapped, sending shuddering waves of pleasure along the wolf’s spine. The wolf shivered from the deep throat fucking and rim job, his mind confused. “I I can’t like this..... I’m an alpha wolf, I love the ladies.” He mentally repeated to himself as he felt a soft paw groping at his sheath and balls. Whimpering he felt his wolf cock start to get hard against his will, even as he tried to fill his mind with all the sexy women he had tried to pursue over the years. He groaned as he felt something wet wiggle into his backdoor. The hyena moaned pushing his fat tongue deep into the wolf’s rear as his rabbit buddy tugged on the wolf’s sack. The tiger kept up the slow thrusting into the canine muzzle as the wolf continued to try and fight a losing battle against the mounting pleasure.

“Oh my hehe.....” Chuckling the rabbit poked at the firm wolfie cock as it plopped out of the wolf’s sheath. “I expected it to be much bigger hehe.” The wolf’s ears burned bright red as the smaller male teased about his average wolf size. “Its no wonder you couldn’t get any ladies, with something this small.” The hyena snorted to himself as he struggled to get back to his feet. His belly mashed against wolf rump as he fumbled with his sheath, pulling it back till a huge hyena cock flopped out.

With a snort he chuckled. “Lets show him what a real alpha’s cock is like.” Shifting his pudgy belly up he pressed the tip of his massive cock against the wet ring and pushed in. The wolf’s eyes bugged out as his tight hole started to stretch painfully as it was invaded by a fat toon cock. Slowly it slide in inch by inch, making the tight wolf moan and whimper around a massive kitty member. Once hilted the wolf’s eyes really bugged out as he realized both larger males had him spit roasted on their cock. Almost immediately both the tiger and hyena started to thrust into the wolf, pounding both his ends while the rabbit teased a drooly wolf cock.

The rabbit twitched his little pink nose as he contemplated the canine cock bobbing in front of his face. smirking he let the tip slip past his buck teeth and started to bob his white head up and done that short rod. The wolf moaned loudly as he was fucked and sucked, totally giving into the new pleasure of being used by three males. Lost in bliss the wolf barely felt himself being lifted off the ground as both the hyena and tiger cocks pounded into him. The rabbit below him wrapped his tongue around the wolf’s cock as his soft paw tugged and pulled on a fuzzy grey pouch.

Before long all four males were lost in heated passion as they continued to use the wolf as their personal bitch. The tiger rumbled and purred as he used the wolf’s pointed ears as handles, keeping the grey head in the right position. The hyena continued to tug and yank on the wolf’s neatly groomed tail as he forcefully fucked the canine’s tight rear. The rabbit got bored of sucking the short wolf cock, so he started to puff and blow into the tip, inflating the member like a balloon. His paws stroked at the noticeably larger cock as he continued to blow, making the cock puff up to nearly twice its former size. The wolf feeling the unusual sensation opened his eyes and meeped seeing a grunting tiger just as both ends started to be flooded with hot toon cream. He gulped and glugged the creamy tiger spunk down as his back end filled with hot yena seed. Moaning his eyes drifted down noticing as the rabbit was now using a bike pump to fill his wolf sack. Closing his eyes again he just enjoyed the feeling of being used till he heard a loud ominous, CREEEEEEEEAAAAAK, his belly shuddered as it started to push past its limits, making the wolf balloon up like a giant ball of fur. And, yet they continued to fill him even as he pushed and struggled trying to free himself.

Below him the rabbit chuckled as he scooted out of the way the expanding wolf belly. “Now thats a wolf cock.” He smiled as stood up, admiring the four foot balloon cock along with a beachball sized scrotum. He gripped his own impressive cock, a large pink huminish cock with a fat mushroom head, in a paw and begins to stroke it. Moaning in pleasure he watched the rest of the wolf expands, going from a wolf, to wolf shaped balloon to a huge round ball. The wolf’s paws wiggled as both furs pulled out of him covering his front and sides with the last of their seed just in time as the rabbit thumped his large paw and added his own cum to the creamy covering all over the wolf. The wolf’s eyes bugged out as his spherical body creaked and groaned near the bursting point as the other three rode out the last of their orgasems.

Panting the rabbit, tiger, and hyena slumped to the ground breathing hard. The Wolf tried to speak and yell at them to deflate him but his muzzle was clamped tightly shut against his puffed out body. As his friends started to get up his eyes bugged out as he saw each one was still hard and still had much planned for the floating wolf. They each grinned as they gripped their cocks. The tiger stepped up first, swinging his pointed barbed cock at the wolf’s side. The wolf yelped silently as he wiggled his paws trying to get out of the way. It whacked into his side and for a moment the tight inflated wolf looked like he was was going to burst, but instead he went sailing towards the hyena. The large doofy toon swung his member sending the wolf flying at the rabbit. The rabbit squared up and landed a heavy blow onto the wolf’s large bloated sack making the wolf’s eyes bulge out from his skull as he went sailing back to the tiger. After a while the three grew bored of this game and grinned.

“Maybe we should give him final gift now?” They all agreed as the rabbit walked to the door and opened it. Standing there was a large donkey, his cock rock hard from watching the birthday party from a window. The rabbit lead the donkey inside and had to cover his muzzle to keep from laughing as the wolf flopped his stubby paws as the donkey walked up to him.

“Hah I know I finally get you back for hitting on my girl!” Smirking he lifted his club of a cock and whacked hard against the wolf’s face. Little round wolves danced around the wolf’s head as his eye blackened, the donkey spun him till the wolf’s rear faced him. Grinning as that tail was pinned up, fully exposing a well used and dripping hyena cum tailstar. “And, this is just for a dick!!” The wolf’s eyes derped out, popping out in different directions as the donkey speared that inflated wolf ass. The donkey brayed as he sank into the slick and sloppy hole, quickly reaching orgasem. Just as he started to fill the wolf with his hot cream a loud creak and groan filled the air as the wolf’s bugged out twisted up, his paws flailed uselessly.


The wolf exploded sending everybody flying back. As the got up ears ringing, little scraps of wolf floated down over the exploded house. The rabbit stepped backwards tripping over something large and firm. His eyes wide as falls a large overly inflated wolf balls cushioned him for just a second before they gave away. The overly stressed wolf junk rocked the toons for a second blast as it exploded under the rabbit’s weight. With a loud yip the toon was shot a mile high into the air. The donkey, hyena, and tiger looked at each other and burst out laughing as they rolled in the piles of the wolf’s fur. All three cried out together......