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Bust Me

I got a call from my friend a few hours ago, saying it would be worth my life to come to his place. Thinking nothing of it at the time I figured a visit wouldn’t hurt. I had been doing nothing up until then anyway.

Keith lived a ways out of town. My only problem was that with no license I couldn’t drive. Not that I had a vehicle in the first place.

Walking on foot along the path made me exceptionally exhausted. I really hope Keith wasn’t planning anything strenuous.

Finally, after a good hour and a half walk uphill I made it to the clearing. My eyes rested on his house. Boy was his house ever big, but then again it had to be.

Keith must have been looking out for me from his livingroom window. The door swung open and he stepped out. The nice thing about my friend is that it warms my heart to see him, but warms my body when he runs up and gives me a hug. Keith happens to be very well padded, meaning he’s fat. I don’t care what people say about fat. I have always liked big people. Sure they make me feel puny, scrawny as I am, but they also make me feel warm and happy inside. I don’t know why but they do.

Keith squishes me in his bulk. He feels so warm under all that fur.

“Hey Jimmy,” Keith greets, “Come on in. I’ve got something to show yah.”

Keith lets me out of the hug so I can step inside. His house looks really odd today. All the furniture is gone. The house seems empty, or atleast the livingroom.

I hear my friend shut the door. Turning round I find myself staring at a big furry belly. Keith isn’t particulate about articles of clothing. He’s barely wearing anything now. All he’s got on are a pair of glasses; he’s got bad eye sight, and a pair of overly stretched briefs that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Fortunately, he is neither shy nor do I yap about his figure. That and I happen to be an open closet homosexual.

Staring up towards his face I give a sheepish grin.

“Um, Keith,” I speak half laughing, “Where’s all your stuff?”

“Moved it,” Keith says, “Had to so I could make some room.”

I turn again, taking in account the size of the livingroom.

“What are you going to fit in here, a weather balloon?” I joke.

I get a creepy feeling from the way he smiles. Keith grins madly and it makes me shiver.

Suddenly I yawn and close my eyes. Thankfully I never was the narcoleptic type or else I’d have fallen flat on my ass. I guess the walk took a lot out of me.

A chubby hand twice the size of one my own lands abruptly on my shoulder. I look up, finding him smiling.

“Tired Jimmy,” Keith says with a twinkle in both eyes. “You can rest in my bedroom.”

I give him ‘the look’ after he mentions the word: bedroom. I have never been good at understanding people but the way Keith said that word made me suspicious. In no way do I think he means to sleep with me or have any sexual acts happen, just that that was a really odd thing to say. But I guess it was better than saying ‘hey you can sleep on my bed friend’. Now that would have made me uncomfortable.

Nodding to Keith I wander down the hall to his bedroom.

When I get to his room and see the huge double king size mattress I feel a little disappointed, or hurt. Heaven knows I like Keith. He even wondered that himself once, came right out and asked me too. He said: “Jimmy, do you want to get in my sweats?” I must have turned the palest shade of white ever, considering I am always bleach white I must have been see through. Being open about my feelings I responded by saying: “No, but I want you to take them off.”

I took off my coat and my pants, slipping under the covers of the mattress. Taking off my pants was sort of the slow process. Instinctively I left the bedroom door open. I’m sure Keith snuck a peak as my pants fell to the ground. Truly I would love to have Keith be my boyfriend. The only problem is he likes big men and I’m, well, scrawny.

I have to be the lankiest, scrawniest, most absolute twiggish figured person on the planet. I tried gaining weight some time ago, but it never stayed. My metabolism hasn’t stopped yet so my body just keeps burning off all the junkfood I eat. By far I know it’s unhealthy, and I probably wouldn’t live to see my fiftieth birthday. I just get so lonely sometimes that I’d do anything to attract a mate. I’d even get my unmentionables tattooed if that would get some guy to love me.

I fall asleep shortly after…

I wake up feeling my back getting a massage. It feels so nice. I must be dreaming.

“A little to the right please,” I say softly.

“Gotcha,” A familiar voice replies.

My eyes fling open in recalling that voice. I stare at the floor for a moment before noticing I’m suspended above the ground. I’m lying on a custom made flatbed I notice. It is padded down with foam or something soft along that line. Lifting my head I find it forced back down, albeit gently.

“Relax,” Keith coos, “Just lie back and let your mind wander.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” I chuckle, implying naughty thoughts.

Against my words Keith continues to massage my back. His chubby hands are so soft, it feels explicably good. Then it happens. I blush a great red when my naughty part starts to expand. This always happens when my mind loses track. I am rather dirty in that regard. Not that I’m ashamed to be a sex craving boy, not that I get any as I’m still a frigging virgin. Won’t somebody take away my virginity, please?

“Oh, what’s this?” Keith snickers grabbing underneath me.

I jump off the flatbed and take to one of the living room’s corners. On my face is a startled expression. He touched me, down there he touched me, and what a touch. But that’s not the point.

Keith steps up to me, reaching out with a grabbing hand. That hand is promptly swatted away. He pouts.

“What’s the matter Jimmy? Don’t you wanna play?” Keith sucks up royally.

As sad as it is I have to answer him truthfully. He is my friend after all.

“Keith,” I begin sadly, “I never want you to touch me there again.”

For a moment he looks shocked, almost hurt in a way. But then he nods and takes a step back. I feel like such an idiot. What if this was my only shot at love and I just blew it? I start to cry realizing I could have just ruined a beautiful moment shared between friends.

“Jimmy, please don’t cry.” Keith says sadly, “I never meant to hurt you. I promise I’ll never touch you like that again. I swear.”

I look up at his chubby face with that flat head of brow hair.

“Did you want to have sex?” I ask plainly.

Keith smiles and scratches the back of his neck.

“Well, yah, I was thinkin’ about doing it with you.” Keith confesses.

I think my heart exploded, or my brain. Either way I collapsed back against the wall in a stupor. How dumb could a person get? He was actually willing to feel me up and here I am giving him an illusionary kick in the crotch. Damn it! I really wanted him to love me.

By pure dumb luck I happened to open my mouth.

“D-did you still wanna have sex?” I asked implying my yearning.

Keith gave a quaint chuckle befitting a pleased doughboy.

“Yah, I still do.” Keith said wholeheartedly, “Are you up for the task, virgin boy?”

I was never one to back down from a challenge, a reasonable challenge mind you. This was more than reasonable. I’d waited so long for someone to like me enough to love me. No one can possibly know how frustrating it is to be a young adult and still a virgin, hoping that a gallant knight riding in a white Rolls-Royce will ride up, pick you up by the brunt of your underwear and ask you to bed.

Well I’d waited long enough. Standing up, my body dashed forward. My arms flew out, hugging the doughboy. All seemed to be going well until he let out a gruff cough. Standing back I saw Keith with his head turned to one side, a peculiar look on his face.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked, “Was I too eager or not enough?”

Keith smiled making me feel a bit better. Hopefully my boyhood eagerness hadn’t driven off his sense to take me.

“Jimmy, you might find this…kind of, odd…but would you be willing to…try something?” Keith hesitantly asked.

I made this face that read ‘what kind of something’. I mean I’m pretty much willing to try anything sexual. You can shove something up my butt, make me lick you all over, I’ll even roleplay if that’s what you want. But I won’t take drugs, won’t do alcohol, or any weird shit that has dire consequences. The worst I’d get from Keith as I figured though would possibly be a crushed pelvis.

So I nodded.

Keith beamed so brightly I went blind for twenty seconds. As the room spun round with a multitude of flashing lights my ears heard my friend grab something from the kitchen. By the sound of the ting I think it was something metal. Slowly my eyes stopped spinning round in their sockets. When everything was clear I found my chubby friend standing in the center of the room, an air cylinder in his left hand with hose in right.

Curious I wandered over. Bending down I inspected the cylinder. It was nothing but an ordinary gas containing metal tube with a valve and rubber hose attached.

Inquisitively I poked my head up.

“What’s this for?” I asked dumbfounded.

Keith grinned widely while his eyes glint an odd shade.

“This is to help you blow up.” Keith said.

I can’t recall precisely how the mixture went but the feeling I had was something like ‘you’ve gotta be kidding’ and ‘I don’t think this is funny’. However I knew Keith was being sincere when after a few seconds he sat down beside me and handed me the hose.

With the hose put in my hand I gave him my weirdest look ever.

“Keith, you can’t be serious.” I said aloud, “People don’t blow up.”

He nearly had me running for the cops in fright by the wickedly dark grimace born on his fat face. I started doubting my friend’s sanity. If he actually expected me to put this hose in my mouth and him turn on the gas then he was definitely crackers. People don’t blow up. What did he expect me to do, inflate like some balloon? Not that if it could happen I wouldn’t give it a try, but that’s make believe, fantasy, things like that don’t happen outside of dreams and stories.

Keith started to glare at me before long.

“Put the hose in your mouth.” He said slowly, emphasizing each syllable.

This is when I began to panic. He really was a nutty doughboy. He actually was expecting me to shove this thing in my mouth and him turn the gas on. I realized I had to get out of that house. Clothing didn’t matter. If anyone sees me barely clothed I’d just shout ‘take a picture it’ll last longer’. But, I didn’t want to lose my friend or my chance to lose my virginity. That didn’t mean I was going to play stupid though.

I stared him straight in the face, got real close, and told him out and out.

“Keith, people don’t blow up.”

I expected him to be angry, but that isn’t exactly what happened. He laughed. He laughed right in my face as if I’d gone and told the world’s most hilarious joke. My mind told me to run, to get away from the fat psychopath wearing nothing but revealing …and that’s when my dong stuck straight up in the air and Keith stopped laughing. I remained fixated on his sweats. I twitched when his dong rose a good three inches and kept growing.

“Jimmy, you can blow up you know. It isn’t fairytale junk.” Keith said sternly.

I looked up into his face. I gulped.

“Keith, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings,” I said taking a dramatic pause, “but you’re crazy. People cannot blow up. If you make me put this in my mouth and turn the gas on I’ll suffocate.”

I fell back when Keith pushed me. His hands, though chubby, were fair more powerful than mine. He had me pinned to the floor, wriggling. I wasn’t hurt, yet. My eyes watched as his left hand kept me grounded while his right grabbed the hose. I shut my mouth realizing where he was going with this. Apparently there was a choice to be made as he sneered, hose waving in hand.

“Either this can go in your mouth, or it can go in the other end. It’s your choice Jimmy.” Keith growled.

Well what could I do? I was pinned to the floor, helpless; I certainly didn’t want what was going to happen to happen. But in the end I opened my mouth, just a little, and the hose was shoved in. If he was going to kill me I wanted my death to be as quick and painless as possible.

His hand reached for the valve. When that hand landed I let out a whimper in fear. I’m not a coward, just, well what would you do tough guy?

Keith stared down at me. My body trembled slightly. “Jimmy, are you scared?” Keith spoke softly, “Look I know what you’re thinking. He’s kooky, nutty, and completely insane. Well I’m not okay. Just relax and trust me. I promise that if anything goes wrong I’ll immediately stop what I’m doing and let you go.”

Keith gave me this heartfelt look. It warmed me inside. I hadn’t forgotten how much this really was frightening me but my head nodded slowly, signaling my trust in him.

I saw his hand move. I heard the first faint hiss of gas.

Fear would be too light an emotional response to state, I was horrified. I wanted to scream, to call for help.

Keith did something though that always puts me at ease. I just never thought he would be the one to do it. His left hand reached down to my underwear and rested atop the fabric. Then it began to rub. I completely forgot about the gas as the good feeling in my crotch grew. It wasn’t until my mouth got hit by the first wave of air that my fear returned stronger than ever. I whimpered slightly. Trying to hold in the gas that was stretching my cheeks wide.

“Jimmy, relax.” Keith instructed, “Just relax, let the gas do its thing, and I promise no harm will come to you okay. Trust me. I’m your friend. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I had great faith in Keith, slowly diminishing faith. The guy I love is killing me.

“I said relax!” Keith shouted.

I blink in surprise. He had never shouted at me before. It was so loud and forceful, it sounded so mean. I almost felt like I wanted to cry. However, my nerves were riled about something.

There was the oddest tingling from deep inside me. A sensation like my belly was full hit me heavily. It was about that time I noticed my cheeks lying flat against my face and the gas still flowing. I figured out pretty quickly the bloated feeling I was getting was from swallowing the gas. Surprisingly I waited for my eyes to dim and the lights to go out, but it never came. Oddly enough the sensation spread through me. From my belly the tingling forced its way into my arms. I swear I could see my fingers stiffen.

In little time my whole body slightly tingled. Then something happened that I couldn’t believe at first. My chest closest my neck started to bulge. The peeked skin pushed up. It looked to me like I was having an allergic reaction.

I was so mesmerized by watching my skin bulge that it took me some time to notice that Keith had turned up the gas.

What was odder still was when Keith decided to let me go. His left arm slowly rose off my chest. I was no longer pinned but strangely I couldn’t move very well. When I reached for the cylinder with my arm it felt stiff. My eyes took close care of my arm. I think my arm had something wrong with it. It didn’t look right to me. It looked, well, shiny.

I gazed down at my body, which was extremely hard. I gasped dropping the hose out of my mouth. My body also looked shiny, and I think I knew why. As perplexing as it sounds my body looked as if it was not completely human anymore. In fact, it seemed to be bulging with gas.

Paying close attention to the shiniest part on my body I was alarmed to see my lower abdomen pushing against my sweats.

Without warning the hose was shoved back in my mouth.

I looked up, seeing Keith chuckling down at me.

“Whoop’s, don’t open your mouth again. I wouldn’t want you to stop now.” Keith said laughingly.

As more gas poured down my mouth I contemplated his words. Why was I keeping this hose in my mouth? And why hadn’t I passed out yet from lack of oxygen?

I am a bit embarrassed to admit but the tingling got me rather horny. I did say it spread to every part of my body. The sensation was just so cool that I think I liked it.

Seriously I began to doubt my own mind as my lower torso started to rise. My eyes blinked in stunned awe. My belly…was inflating. The front of my sweats started to lift up with the rising bulge. Was this actually happening to me? This couldn’t be what it looked like, could it? My mind tried answering thirty questions in a few seconds. My head spun and I was sure I’d pass out.

Keith was nice enough to touch me again. Or maybe my growing form was making him hot. Either way his touch helped relieve the wonkiness.

I was so horny. My dick sticking straight up wanted to just keep reaching for peak climax. I did not make a noise as my dick grew further out then it ever had.

Keith and I both let out a laugh, although mine was muffled somewhat by the hose.

We both stared at the growing acquisition in my sweats. The fabric pressed tightly against my cocktip, threatening to tear if the muscle extended any further. Putting all other emotions aside I was incredibly pleased. As farfetched as it may sound I was getting off on this growing. There’s no better feeling for a guy, or atleast me, to have his own private love muscle stretch with the yearning to cum. In my own professional opinion, being a long time masturbator in practice, this growth could stoke any guy’s fire.

Well the fire was amply stoked alright. Keith fell back laughing as from the bottom of my tight sweats blew up two round orbs. I blinked three times. Was I seeing this right? I let out a snicker when it appeared to be true. My own scrotum had gorged on gas. The air had inflated my balls like two small balloons, slowly growing bigger.

Speaking of bigger, I was startled to find things blown out of proportion, pun intended.

My belly had literally boomed out with gas. It pushed up so high in a matter of minutes that it completely eclipsed my growing shaft and toes. Strangely the shiny texture to my skin spread as the gas kept pushing against my skin. I became rather, happy. Although it should have been the farthest thing from my mind I admit that blowing up was lifting my spirits. And apparently I have what is called ‘Balloon Humor’ as well.

To my surprise Keith shut off the gas and yanked the hose straight out of my mouth.

I felt outraged.

“Hey, put that back!” I shouted angrily.

All Keith did was smile.

He gave me a jolt when his hand rubbed my belly. I lied back in bliss. His touch felt good no matter what part of me he was touching.

“I see your enjoying this.” Keith coyly chuckled.

I hummed my response.

Keith lay down beside me, hand still pleasantly rubbing my midsection. Up, down, up, down, and then from side to side his hand massaged me. When he stopped to sit up again I let out a whimper.

“Please don’t stop Keith.” I moaned sadly, “I really like your touch.”

Keith sat up anyway; on his chubby face sat a huge grin. He made me very happy by rubbing my aching cock instead of my shiny belly.

“So you really are enjoying this then?” Keith asked.

“It feels so good,” I sighed, “Please just continue with the gas.”

“I kinda have to,” Keith said rather peculiarly.

I could care less if he blew me up any bigger. I felt at peace and obviously super good from the waist down. But it was his choice of words and the way he said them that made nervous. If I could have sat up to face him I would have. My body though hardly listened to a thing my brain said. Every muscle, every ligament was stuck in place. Well, all accept the rising one.

Keith turned melancholy, becoming frightfully peeked in the process.

I noticed this right away.

“Keith, what’s wrong? Aren’t you having fun?” I asked.

He looked me in the eye. I hated the look in his eyes. He was beginning to cry.

“Jimmy, I’m sorry. Look what I’ve done to you.” Keith blubbered.

At the time I didn’t understand the ramifications of his actions. Later I would be slightly peeved, but grateful.

“Keith, what exactly have you done to me?” I wondered though said aloud.

My fat friend got up from his sitting position. Walking away Keith left me, but not for long. I heard him rummage for something on the flatbed before his return. He came back carrying a canister of what looked like hairspray. Evidently it was not hairspray as he shoved the label in my face. Slowly my eyes made out the incredibly tiny printing.

I read the label aloud.

“Latex Stretch Spray, coat body three times for glossy finish.”

I made a face of confusion.

“So, you covered me in plastic?” I grumbled.

Keith tossed away the can in a temper. He was really getting upset. For whatever reason I wasn’t getting the picture and it was making him both disgruntled and fidgety.

He talked to himself for minutes, prattling on about what he had done to me and how he was the world’s worst person ever. Truthfully I just laid back and pumped myself up. The horny feeling was super strong that I just had to spew soon. My bad luck was that when letting out a deep moan I attracted his attention.

Keith bent down next to me. His hands were cupped in pleading position.

“Jimmy, please don’t cum.” Keith begged, “If, if you cum…then…then…”

“Then what,” I said sternly.

“Then you’ll explode.” Keith cried falling back on his round bottom.

I can honestly saw without any doubt that the second he said explode, I shivered.

“Explode,” I repeated, although far more softly, “As in the ‘Ka-Boom’?”

Keith let out a teary eyed groan that I think hurt me far more than it hurt him. He looked so pitiful, like a big stuffed animal you just wanted to hug. If my body could have moved any I would have truly been grateful to embrace him in his moment of need.

Soon though he calmed down enough that perhaps we could carry out a rational conversation.

“Keith,” I spoke softly with a smile, “Could you please tell me why you’re crying?”

I could tell he was very hurt. I just wish he would tell me why.

When he didn’t start talking I knew something that would get his lips flapping. Releasing any pent up tension my body had I pumped up again. The gorged dong returned to stiffened perfection. Even if my friend asked me to stop now I don’t think I could. My bloated scrotum was so thick with male juice that it screamed to me release. Far be it from me to deny myself pleasure.

As I had hoped Keith caught sight of my member poking back up. There was a slight rip that made us both chuckle. I had pumped so much and the dick grew so long that my sweats had torn in the front from where my cocktip pushed the material.

I was hoping that would cheer him up, but it didn’t. Atleast his mouth moved now.

“Jimmy, please, for the love of god stop.” Keith begged me.

“Tell me why and I, oh this feels so good, might.”

Keith made a sad puppy dog face. It had little effect on my hornitooed though and so I kept pumping.

“Alright Jimmy, you win. I’ll tell you everything. But please stop trying to cum.” Keith pleaded.

It took a lot of self control, and I mean a lot to get my dong back down enough that I didn’t feel the need to rub myself hard. Essentially, though, I really wanted to cum.

Keith sighed as if he’d just lost his best friend.

“Jimmy, I was feeling down recently.” Keith admitted, “So I went to this carnival outside of state. It was cool. I had loads of fun, but afterwards my depression returned. By accident I wandered about till I found this old thrift shop. The joint was ancient, covered in dust, but the sign said open so I went in. Inside was, I swear to god, a real witch. Right away she pointed to that can I showed you. Like an idiot I bought the thing after she gave me instructions.”

I opened my mouth to speak but he pressed a finger to my lips.

“The special latex spray in the can was supposed to be able to turn a person into…into…”

Going out on a limb I looked myself over best I could.

“Am I a balloon Keith?” I asked stupidly, as if it wasn’t obvious.

He cried out loudly, hands holding his face.

“Ah Jimmy, I’m so sorry.” Keith cried louder than previous, “I just wanted to test it out. I thought it was real. But, but the warning on the back of the can…”

“Warning,” I gasp; my voice a tad shaky, “What warning?”

Keith looked me straight in the eye as he spoke.

“The one that says if you do what you want to do you’ll pop.” Keith confessed sadly.

To sum up my vast array of fear would most likely have had even the great Dr. Freud taking aspirin. So let me recap. I had been asked to come to my friend’s house of which the journey had me completely worn out, just so he could test some canned spray he purchased off some old bitty? And to top off this wonderful experience, if I cum, I’ll literally blow up.

Well, I am now mad, extremely pissed off to be exact, and I really need to cum.

As much as I would like to yell and shriek at Keith that he is a horrible friend, the truth is he’s not. He sits holding himself while a river of fluids floods down from both eyes. He truly must feel awful, downright guilty over turning me into a human balloon. Funny thing is I don’t hate this. I’m usually myself a depressed individual. But being turned into this has made me feel jolly, absolutely carefree.

I decide to tell Keith how I feel.

“Keith, can I just say something please?” I ask calmly.

He looks to me, blubbering away, and bottom lip quivering. He nods but slightly.

Taking a deep breath I plan to tell him how I feel. Surprisingly my belly once more booms. A devious thought stirs in my head as the undeniable proof of my fancy for this perks up.

I take another breath of air, then another, then another. Very soon with each breath I take my belly inflates more and more, pushing outward, and exciting that muscle in my tightening sweats. The realization I’m hopelessly hooked on the ballooning process is lost on me completely. This feeling is just so fantastic. I just want to keep blowing up forever.

More and more I breathe in. Now I’m gulping the air down. Letting out a snicker it crosses my mind that my body is eating the air.

I let out the last breathe as a sudden tightening makes me regret my actions. Staring down at my blown out body is virtually impossible now. My body has gotten taut in the process of consumption. I have no neck anymore, just a huge spherical body connected to all extremities. I feel a bead of sweat roll down across my brow. Now that I’m tight, like an actual balloon, the thought of exploding has me rather mystified. If I pop, do I die? Is that it for me?

“Jimmy, are you okay?” Keith asks.

Thankfully he comes close enough for me to see. He has stopped crying, much to my glee.

“I...I’m okay. But I think I over did it with the air.” I say laughing softly, “I didn’t mean to, but I think I might pop.”

Keith’s eyes widen at my words. He reaches out to hold me but withdraws the second danger crosses his mind. Obviously if I’m about to explode the last thing a person should do is touch me.

He starts crying again.

“Jimmy, oh god I’ve killed you. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Keith cries while gasping for breath.

I should have told him this sooner. Now is as best a time as any, I suppose.

Clearing my throat I gently call his name. I’m joyous to receive his attention.

“Keith,” I say sternly, “You’re my friend. And although you tricked me into this I forgive you. Besides, I had fun.”

Keith grins stupidly while the tears race down his face.

I’m taken by surprise as he does hug me this time. His arms pick me up and embrace me. It is a nice embrace that turns ugly very quick.

I am shocked to find my sweats pulled down by chubby hands. Blushing brightly I see Keith reach behind me to something of no good. He waves the black hose in my face dauntingly. Quicker than the eye he shoves the hose in my mouth. His hand reaches again. I know what’s coming.

The gas shoots out fast unlike the first time. My mouth bulges with air until the gas finds way down my throat. The tight feeling returns as my form begins to once again inflate. This time though there’s hardly any room to stretch. I’m like an elastic-band without the give, and something’s gotta go.

Oddly enough I’m turned round and laid to rest on the floor. Before my brain has time to think what’s going on this titanic weight piles atop me. Then the thing I’ve wanted most for a long time is given to me.

Keith grinds his crotch into the back of my ass. He must want to give me a going away gift.

I’m so touched I could cry, but my dong is shooting up faster than before. With it comes my horny resolution to cum.

My body must be super resilient. Keith’s bouncing up and down on me isn’t popping me. Maybe I wasn’t going to explode? I should have yelled for him to stop but I decided not to.

I felt my spherical body actually lift Keith off the ground. He grinds his crotch into my backside like a pro. I grow super stiff and feel my cocktip ache in preparation. Bouncing on me flattens my dick on the floor. There are a few squeaks and more than a creak in some parts. But the pumping in my bloated scrotum keeps my mind off the dread and focused completely on the pleasure.

I feel myself growing bigger, and bigger, and bigger….

I feel myself getting fuller, and fuller, and fuller….

This is it I realize. I’m actually going to pop. I’m actually going to explode.

Keith continues his grinding well into the creaking of my expanded body.

I’m growing tighter, and tighter, rounder, and rounder….

Every square inch of me is as stretched as is can be. I can’t possibly get any bigger than this.

My dick is so gorged that it sticks outward and upward like a long neck balloon. I hear this terrible rip and know it’s my sweats giving way. The last bit of the fabric cuts off circulation to my scrotum, yet I know its stretching too.

I am so horny. I’ve just got to cum before I burst.

I swell bigger than anyone has ever swelled before.

I feel my body stop expanding and know I’m done.

I shut my eyes feeling my body strain to withhold the pressure. At the last moment I spit the hose out of my mouth.

My dong feels so tight. I can almost…. squeeze…..enough…to…c- BAM!!!

The End