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School Starts

"Pardon me, Director," Vice Principal Caterwaul coughs and smiles. "How shall we precede?"

Echoes vibrate around the two men standing to the side of a large auditorium stage, the curtains behind them a satin black that mildly wave and span across the stage, which is the size of a basketball court both in length and width. Outside in the audience, young adults sit impatiently, the audience’s mixing of conversations flutter over the air in the dome like ceiling like a soft wave, increasing and decreasing with subtle motion as the vibrations curve around back to the seated crowd.

Backstage the noise seems more muted, or slowed as the Vice Principal, the young, orange, curvy and cute cat made of a synthetic rubber in a nice green and blue three piece suit, looks onto his boss, the Director Ir Fson (known as The Director), the headmaster of the new college campus. The Director is a statue of a man in looks, standing almost six and a quarter feet tall, his features are block like and toned with each side plane of his face. A canine of mixed breeding, only his red hair and reflective glasses can contrast to the dark backstage, with the Vice Principal being the opposite causing a very vibrate contrast between the two. The Director’s face is motionless, almost as if he hadn’t heard the young cat ask his question. Mr. Caterwaul begins to take his breath to repeat his question but is silenced with a motion of the Director Fson’s hand.

"Be silent. This is a delicate operation that I’m holding in my hands. It needs to be taken care of carefully if we are to succeed with this. Do you understand my words?"

The Director looks sternly at the skinny orange caterwaul, his slick suit a nice compliment to his intense colors. The Caterwaul can only sulk back more into the darkness, a beaten look only given back to the Director. The Director sees this immediately and worries about the look, that Caterwaul may lose his nerve before the events even begin.

The Director was a powerful man, but not just because of his demeanor, but of the way he had to convince others into doing what he wanted, always spinning a tale that sounded good at the time but later made his victims regret, if they survive enough TO regret. Considering his current prey and how easy it was to encourage him to agree to participate in the school, convincing him to be calm would be child’s play.

The Director calms his expression, a reassurance to his face and voice as if he was cooing a lost pet back to ever loving care. Mr. Caterwaul slowly reacts and approaches cautiously towards the Director, the side light from the edge of the curtains hits his body and makes half of his lighten body shine and glisten due to his rubbery outside. The Director gets a full look at him as he stands nervously, letting the Director look him over like some animal. Examining his curves of his ass and thighs, to his skinny waist that lead to a chiseled tight chest that could be seen even under the formal clothing, all attached to the cutest face the Director ever did see, round yet sunken in all the right places. Pair of black-rimmed glasses rest on his tiny nose bridge, two sizes to big for him, making his eyes look bigger than they should. The Director found Mr. Caterwaul quite a juicy piece of meat compared to the other bothersome teachers he hired. Although they too had some qualities he could use them for, Mr. Caterwaul was ideally a perfect toy for the director. If he couldn’t get what he wanted out of Mr. Caterwaul with his overall schemes, a nice sex toy of his size would be an opportunity not to miss. The Director can only smile at his win-win scenario.

"Vice Principal. My, aren’t you a tasty flavor. I didn’t notice how wide you were in the hips, its very savory." With a few steps towards the vice-principal the Director squeezes his butt hard, a sly smirk on his muzzle as if to remind Mr. Caterwaul the power he has over him. The Director was anything but subtle.

"Ahhh, um..."

Vice Principle Caterwaul stutters, unsure whether to speak or obey his superiors command. The rouge tint to his orange cheeks told the Director all he needed to know. That butt-squeeze had transfixed the feline, and drawn him straight into whatever sadistic missions the canine wished almost like mind control. A secret lust builds in Mr. Caterwaul as he tries to regain composer.

"S-Sir, I'm very flattered. And I understand, purrfectly." he nods to affirm.

"I don’t care what you understand, Toy. Do what I say and maybe I wont toss you into the furnace and make another rubber bed sheet for the dorms so you can enjoy the smell and feel of young boys pee every night."

The Directors face seems calm, yet from his voice it makes it appear much more threatening than usual. He puts he right arm around Caterwaul shoulder, smiling as he leads him closer to the side of the stage, just before the main curtain that reveals the front stage, a single podium resides in the middle of the long lightly tanned wood planked stage.

"My God...Did it really only take five years? Five years of pain and anger, revenge and death. Is it really time for my dream to come true? I have my school." He smiles over to Mr. Caterwaul, expecting nods and signs of interest from his new toy. He shakes Mr. Caterwaul a bit and squeezes his arm, feeling the arm is empty, filled only with air like the toy should be. "Yes...Yes we are going to be happy now."

"Yes, Director. It has been a long wait. But at long last you have your school, and your dream." He did not mention himself; it was not his place to be anything more than a toy in service, though he was touched he said they'd be happy now. The Vice Principle smiles, despite the Director's harsh and even abusively murderous threat. But he knew the costs of his job, and told himself that if his free will would be taken from him, he would bear it like the toy he was, and submit. Honestly it was the only reason he even considered the job in the first place, the promise of finally being allowed to fulfill his life long aspiration. He gazes over the audience from beside the stage, gulping at the students housed in the seats. A trickle of water pours from his eyes.

"Dreams are for fools, Toy. You should know that. This is Destiny. It always has been!”

The Director raises his hands to the air, suddenly to hit the back of Mr. Caterwaul’s head with a THWACK as he grabs him by the collar of his undershirt and pulls him towards his face. "Now. Go out there and welcome them...in only the way YOU can do! Do so and I might reward you...or destroy you. You would like either one, wouldn’t you, Toy? A...large.... huge...death...in front of all these poor helpless whelps?"

The Directors smile is almost psychotic as he lets go of the vice's shirt, stepping back to let the toy enter the main stage. Whimpering from the head trauma, he wipes his eyes and nods frantically.

"Y-Yes Director."

Mr. Caterwaul pulls back from the Director, and adjusts his collar and necktie to its proper position. Nothing will ruin this moment if he can help it. With a back turn and foot forward he almost steps forward, but turns with a cheeky smile and a wink.

"And for the record- you bet your fine sweet ass I'd love to be destroyed like that." With his toy like arm he stretches it back and slaps the Director straight on the fanny, before strutting on stage before the Director can retaliate. The Director’s face is one of surprise and then lust, accepting the challenge to be dealt with at a later hour. Fresh meat was always the tastiest when left not expecting, for now business was to be had.

The students slow in their bickering as the Vice Principal’s easily molded face darkens behind the podium.  

"Shut up and sit down you whelps! This is a prestigious school, and your pubescent claptrap will not be tolerated. Those caught in violation of any rules will be punished!" He slams his fist on the podium and it cracks a tad. Suddenly his mood brightens, suave and serial. "But, let us not be enemies. Let us be friends. You are here to be the best you can be, and learn the newest tricks and sciences concerning inflation, a truly noble line of work."

The Director’s glasses shine in the light, his eyes hidden while folding his arms as he stares towards the caterwaul. He was a fine toy indeed, fear is always first before peace, when their minds are forced to be at their safest, then slam more fear into them until they burst from their comforts, shattering their ideals in one fell swoop. It was a shame the Director thought, “For such dedication and passion in his master’s work, I would gladly give this toy the death he begs for. Sadly though, his attitude is still something of a problem, and punishment is the only line for such thinking. And what better punishment than making him survive the longest.”

His devilish smile breaches his face as he goes behind the curtain to the backstage, the black curtain shielding him from on looking eyes. Two storage crate sized gas tanks laid ready, each with a shining green light announcing their ability to be used. "Say your line toy, get a victim, and lets show these fodder what the art is all about."

Mr. Caterwaul adjusts his glasses, then wraps them up and places them in his front coat pocket. His glimmering unnatural eyes scan the auditorium for ripe candidates of the eventual show that is to happen.

"And now, as we start our new school, a beginning school celebration that the honorable Director has instated will hereby commence. A student will be selected by me to engage in a beginning school activity to welcome you all here and to show you what it is your expected to achieve." Their faces look rather oblivious, which worries Mr. Caterwaul. Not pleasing his master would never do! He begins to scan the students. Eventually in the distance his eyes settle on the perfect candidate.

"You there, young man. Step up here quickly, or its detention for four hours after class!"

My finger points to a young boy, a Dalmatian in yellow hoodie and black shorts. He is the jittery type, racing up the stage to get the deal over with, as he shakes. Nervously he looks around at everyone else staring at him, all pondering what event is about to take hold at this new school of Inflation. Some of the students murmur to each other about him going to be inflated, while others talk about why Mr. Caterwaul is such a nutcase. Soon a slow murmur is raising again as the young adult reaches the stage.

The Director smiles as pieces fall together, with an assurance he straightens his tie and jacket, his glasses perfect on his muzzle where his black shiny nose sniffs the air of his victims. It smelled of sweat, fear, and excitement of the unknown. The only things he believed in. He smiles, and points to a curtain man, the black curtains part, revealing the large machines, almost like monsters as they quietly hum and churn. Even with the size of the Director next to them, they seem like they were from another world, alive and breathing as they waited for their purpose to shine. Like a TV show host to a grand crowd, the Director smiles and beams his good will at his audience, the freak show soon about to begin.

"Welcome to The Academy of Arts, Pyrodynamics and Inflataology. You have a hard year ahead of you. Many of you will wish to give up and cause of that, I must...show you our methods when suck thinking is allowed."

Turning to the boy he points to a location, right next to the caterwaul, the boy shakes at the sight of the robust mutt, his blaze red hair almost a fire as it weaves to the eyes, his glasses now just piercing reflections of light as he stares at the boy. The boy moves without hesitation, too scared to question, too scared to worry. With both hands, the Director forces the pants of the two, underwear and all, revealing their bits to the crowd. People scream and murmur, some laugh, most still have fear to do anything. With no hesitation the Director kicks the podium with a hard left kick, it flies and slams with a giant BANG, clearing the air of the crowds mutterings. "Stay right here you two."

Going back he grabs a hose, both looking like garden hoses as they sway in each hand and heads back to the shaking and shuddering figures, without warning or hesitation he stabs one hose deep into his Toy's behind, the boy screams as Mr. Caterwaul moans loudly, the Director hands squeezing the toy’s waist tightly as he pushes the hose farther up the rubbery squeaky anus. The boy begins to move until the towering eyes of the Director find him, freezing him in place as he takes the boy by the shoulder and rotates him around back to face the crowd. The Director’s smile is firmly stuck on his face, as he takes the other hose and places it near the boys butt, almost teasing him as he hears the yelps and pleads under the boy’s breath. With the same intensity as the other hose in Caterwaul, the hose enters harshly into the boy’s anus, his fragile frame exploding in massive shakes that knocks him to his knees and has him burst out crying.

The crowd grows silent from the wildly rash behavior. Mr. Caterwaul bites his lip from the pain the Director roused in his tight tail hole, nowhere near as painful as the pups he imagines, but still enough to cause tears to flow from his eyes. His genitals laid before everyone has given him confidence that his wish will come true, it evens get a partial rise out as his cock sleek and shiny emerges from its sheath. He turns his head and grins deviously, "God this is so hot.”

Turning his sights to the lad on his knees he licks his lips. "Now students, pay close attention to this demonstration! There shall NOT be a repeat performance!"

The Directors motions are violent now, grabbing the caterwaul and throwing him to the ground.

"DID I SAY YOU COULD PLEASURE HIM? DID I APPROVE YOU TO THINK? DID I?" he screams at the fallen rubber cat.

He hovers over the vice principal and tears his jacket, ripping sleeves and tearing his under shirt, ripping it all till he is naked and bare, his cock the only thing standing before the Director.

"YOU DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT ME! YOU DONT BREATH! YOU Do NOT LIVE!” Grabbing the cat's mouth he stretches his rubber wide and long, almost a ghostly look to the on lookers as they could see the cat was hollow inside, like the skin of a rubber suit come to life until the cats face is pulled back into place, the Dalmatian still crying, moaning for help to the crowd. Slamming the Toy to the ground the Director turns to the boy.

"YES! You boy. You will do what I say."

"Plea-please....please don’t..."


The Director reveals a sharp blade from his pants, waving it people scream and try to leave, but the blade against the boys neck stopping people in their tracks, they can’t look away, they can’t stop watching the terror in front of them.

"Fuck him." The Director issues his final command for all to see, madness in his eyes as he stares at the Dalmatian’s neck.

Mr. Caterwaul wavers but soon flips himself over to get into position for the boy, one of his desires soon about to be achieved as he waves his thick rubber ass up in the air, the hose dangling like a second tail as Mr. Caterwaul giggles in anticipation. The boy cries loudly as he limps to the caterwaul, his face mixed with fear and disgust, his body shaking as the boy grab ahold of Mr. Caterwaul from behind and mounts him, rubbing up against him to reveal his delicate pointed cock. The Director smiles at his work and pats the boy on the back, taking the knife away to let the student do his job. "Yes...yes you are a good boy! PLUG THE TOY!" With a loud yelp his cock pierces into the Toy, the toy’s asshole stretching to aid the boys cock into him.

"And now that we have our balloons set up… THE FINALE!” the director announces to the shocked, disgusted, some intrigued faces of the crowd. Those that got up and left soon find the doors lock, the cell phones having no signal, the eventual fact there is no escape. They beat on the doors and scream for help, only to be grabbed and are taken away, never to be seen again.

For Mr. Caterwaul the young cock entering his plugged tail hole that is pushing the hose even further inside his recesses rectifies all. He opens his mouth and pants like a dog as the boy begins to hump my squeaky hide, pounding his ass like the bad dog he always dreamed of having. He utters guttural moans and talks to himself, "Yeah, here it comes! Fill me up, Bitch. Make the VP your toy. The Director will mark us both in history. But FUCK me raw!!!"

The boy can only whine and scream nonsense back at Mr. Caterwaul as his body rocks back and forth inside the orange toy. The doggy style become a sort of dance as the orange cat screams and moans upward while the Dalmatian whines and rocks back, the sounds of squishing and wet rubber rubbing together echoes throughout the auditorium, only accompanied by the moans and screams from the two fucking.

The Director sits and watches the two pleasure each other, the boy still bawling, the toy moaning. Soon he walks slowly to the machines, looking at them as if they were piece of art. Eventually his eyes settle on the switches of both machines, and with a flick of the wrist he flips the first one on the right, the boy screams as a burst of air rushes inside of him, making him buck hard into his Toy. Soon walking to the next machine, a large CLACK sound makes the machine rumble to life as the Director’s finger flips the switch, air soon entering the caterwaul now as his moans now grow deeper and more pleasurable. The balloon show finally begins for all the young hopefuls to see as both subjects’ tummies starts to bloat. The boy stops to see his newfound pain, his hand reaching to his tummy, which puffs out of his hoodie, and rest on top of the caterwaul’s ass.


The boy screams as he starts to buck again, tears dripping onto the rubber toy beneath him, the toys face in bliss as his stomach bloats out and almost touches the ground, his arms soon lowering to let his bloated stomach hold him into place as he feels his tighten stomach fill more with air.

Yowling into the air, Mr. Caterwaul gyrates back against his new playmate; his young bloating body turning him on hard. Panting hard, Mr. Caterwaul shocks the students by fucking his own bulging belly, his cock pushing under his tightly balled belly as he jukes back and forth, the flowing orange rubber being impaled by his rock-hard pink cock. Disgusted faces can be seen when kneels, squishing his stomach to the floor as his chest reaches and fuck to the rhythm of the pup bucks.

"FUCK ME MY PLAYMATE!!!! I deserve this after all these years or service!"

"YOU WILL SCREAM ONLY HOW GOOD HE IS FUCKING YOU! NOTHING MORE TOY!" the Director answers sternly, his eyes focused like a hawk on the two, making sure the event goes as planned.

The Director watches like a play is happening ignore peoples stares and murmurs as the boy and his toy start growing larger and larger, the Dalmatian’s ass plumping as his tears turn to moans, his pleasure giving away to his fears at last. His arms play with the cats belly, bucking hard as his eyes float as if in a wonderland, his once boyish flat chest puffs now as his skinny arms begin to fatten slowly, his cheeks becoming fuller as he looks like an overweight boy now, his hoodie getting tight as he still humps and plows in the equally as fat looking Toy, the rubber of the Caterwaul handling the air a bit better as his chest, arms and legs, fully accepts the air, puffing up like a parade balloon, squeaking and hissing coming from inside the balloon cats body. The Director claps as he goes to the front of the stage, presenting the two bloating boys like a pair of fresh melons as he shows them off to the crowd with a smile.

"My you two are rounding out nicely. I don’t doubt it will be hard to overtake this ceremony next year! Continue fucking, fuck while you grow big for the school to see. Show them what they are really here for!”

Being pounded like a by jackhammer, Mr. Caterwaul drools onto the swollen surface of his chest. He presses his arms, they feel round and tight, hearing it squeak and groan from being internally pressurized. He’s spirits overflows as he realizes he’s being inflated much more than usual, the toy’s dream of popping becoming more real by the second.

"FUCK YEAH!!!!" He roars, unaware of the terror-stricken teenagers in the room, eyeing me rising off the floor by his own bulbous rubber gut- followed close behind by his playmate.

The boy's actions have Mr. Caterwaul thrusting his anus madly behind him. Conjoined, the rubber cats anus in inflated shut, the boys cock fastened in as they are stuck together. "Fuck me boy! Plow me harder, tighter! Why can't you go any faster? Make me hot and heavy!"

Being made of rubber, the cats rubber balls and cock overflow as they flop out instantly, gyrating a bit as the air settles in them, the cock inching its way up the crest of his now huge ballooned belly to lie underneath, while his balls become inflated sand bags as they back up into the boy.

The Director looks at his viewers and sighs, no longer as terrified as they should be. Going back to the machines, the right one makes three CLANKS noises as the Director twists a few knobs, making the machine go from a rumble to a roar, air pours like a gas main as the Dalmatian starts to increase size quicker than the toy cat, his arms become flabby with air, soon tightening as they fill into place. The boy begins to round as his cock increases into the ballooning caterwaul, now only half the size of the young spotted boy who looks more and more like a blimp. The ballooned bodies begin to fight for space as the Dalmatian body grows more and more, his fur puffed out and frizzy as he becomes more ball like, his arms and legs sinking into him as from his head moans can be heard from atop the huge balloon that sound like they are in absolute bliss. The boy wobbles as the cat follows, still not as big as the spotted balloon, the cats arms and legs just now filling themselves out. The director goes to the huge balloon Dalmatian and pats him, feeling the growing tightness of the balloons skin and chuckles.

"Mr. Caterwaul, your toy is almost finished, do you have any last words for him before he leaves us and our dear academy?"


He shouts, imagining the experience of the tightness the boy must be feeling. He is so light, yet weighs down on him a ton. Mr. Caterwaul’s cock leaks delicious pre, drenching his belly and making it even shiner for the viewers to see.

"Don't stop my toy! Keep pumping! Growing! FUCKING!!!!" He clenches his tight ass, letting his dream boy suffer more as he feels the growing cock of the boy beg for release, his ball like body drives him on as he releases his ass to allow the boy to empty into him, the last action the boy will ever do. Caterwaul screams in ecstasy as he feels the young Dalmatian cum into him

"What's your name so that I can cum to our screams!"

The boys head is gone, sunk deep within his own body as his body jumbles and vibrates, clicking and tearing sounds can be heard all around him as his body starts to lose its stability. The director runs to the Caterwaul, reaching and grabbing his puffed up face as his black claws dig into the tight rubber skin, the mans mouth screaming in rage and insanity at the cat balloon while shaking his air filled face.



The boy shudders as his body wobbles and rumbles for a minute, all becoming quiet as everyone stares at the humongous spotted balloon, his size almost reaching the ceiling as he slowly stops inflating. Silence fills the room like the big balloon, only hissing and slight panting from Caterwaul as the balloon almost seems lifeless as it sits waiting for its time to go. Suddenly a muffled voice comes through the balloon stretched thin hollowed body.

"I...I...goi-....goin...Going to..."

With a final light sigh the boy cums into the bloating cat, thick goo mixed with bursts of air rushing into the now rounded cat, still only half the size of his playmate. Everyone “ooos” and “ahhs” as the boys cocks can be plainly seen pouring like a water pipe of cum into the transparent balloon cat’s body, Caterwaul resuming his moaning as his anus gulps the cum into him with light movement. Like watching a lion eat its young, the audience clamors and discusses the two, giggling and converse as if they just say a magic trick, wondering how they can achieve the same sizes and producing such huge amounts of cum.

All forget the spotted balloon is still inflating, and with a sudden shatter, an earth moving eruption that flings students into the air and blows them to the ground, only shattered pieces and a dent in the ground are left of the once young Dalmatian on the damaged stage. A lone orange balloon still puffs away as the boys still inflated cock remains stuck in the caterwaul’s ass, slowly shrinking as the cum pours into the cat, the boys dick and balls still unloading as they deflate. The Director is the first to his feet, still looking at the carnage of the first victim.

"That was...beautiful."

A tear falls from his glasses as the cat rounds to a nice ball size, getting to the same size of the boy pop. Seeing this the Director stops the machine, keeping the air inside the cat balloon. "Everyone, I now invite you to meet your vice principal, sharp objects will be collected, you may touch but no popping. Not yet for this one. Beware, it is a bit messy."

"NOOOOO!!! IM GONNA CUM!!! BURST ME DIRECTOR, BURST ME PLEASE!!!!" The Vice principals pleads, steadily feeling a climax deep within his bloated extended cock as kids slowly walk on stage to touch and observe the marvelous balloon, fascinated by his tight skin and the goo that swirls inside him. The Director smiles widely.

“This is going to be a fantastic year.”