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Blowing His Load

She giggled as she ran her fingers up his long shaft. "Man, you sure are getting big aren't you?" She asked with a mischievous smile. Then, she used both hands to lift his massively inflated cock into the air while trying to keep herself from drooling. "It's gotta be at least five feet long!" She said with a sexy laugh. She patted his swelling member, listening as it made a full, deep drumming noise with every slap. "There's just sooo much cum in there hehe." She held his gigantic girth with one hand, almost struggling, and then used her other hand to gently caress the belly of the beast. As she stroked the underside of his inhumanly huge penis, it throbbed and gurgled. It stretched further and further, developing thick, red stretch marks along its sides and top. "Uh oh... someones getting a little too full! Haha!" Her teasing only made him moan and pant as his cock continued to tighten. She gave the monster another quick pat and then smiled as she gave him a naughty look. Then, she leaned down and kissed the side of his over-stretched shaft. She continued with a couple long, slow licks up and down the body of the great serpent. He moaned loudly, and she quickly pulled away. "Hey hey hey, don't blow your load just yet sweetie..." His absolutely enormous dick pulsed and shook, coming to the very brink of climax. She giggled and carefully slid her leg underneath her big toy. Then, she let go of his shaft and allowed the entire weight of his overgrown manhood come crashing down on to of her. He cried out in pain and ecstacy as his dangerously full cock bounced and giggled on top of her curvaceous body, leaking a few drops of milky fluid out of his tight tip. She moaned in pleasure upon feeling his heavy load bobbing on top of her own flesh. The huge beast slapped her body again and again, causing her large, full tits to jiggle and bounce. After calming down a bit, she sighed. "Well, this is amazing..." she started wriggling slowly underneath the giant balloon that was his penis, moving her hips up and down while petting the sides of his shaft. "Buttt, I think it's finally time for you to have a... release, hehehe." She started humping harder and faster against his mountainous member. She panted and cooed as she raised her legs, first stroking his shaft with her feet and toes, and then wrapping her legs around her pet. She hugged his bloated dong and began to lick and kiss his huge, taut, round head. He screamed, overwhelmed by feelings of unbelievable pleasure. His mighty cock managed to grow beyond what both he and she thought was the maximum capacity. He swelled and bloated slightly longer with each pump, and his shaft bulged out in every direction. It became so huge and round that she could barely keep it between her legs. She sweated and cringed as it rapidly inflated between her thighs. The bigger and heavier it became, the more pressure it or on her tight pussy, causing her to squirt and leak. "Oh... my... God..." She panted. "You're so frickin' fat! Your shit's packed so tight it feels like a rock! And, and... are you leaking... from your skin??" It was true. He had blown up so big that his skin could no longer stretch another inch. Small leaks sprung all around his hippopotamus-sized shaft and beach ball of a head. She laughed maniacally, "Oh baby... Looks like we'll really get the chance to... pop your cock, hahaha!" He grinned his teeth. The waves of excitement and anguish were just too much now. She began to hump and grind against him, their sweaty skin squeaking together. The air was filled with moans and hard breathing, screams and cries, and a steady groan was coming from his officially overfilled cock. The air smelled of sweat and cum. She opened her eyes to see that his dick was slightly transparent now. She heard him stretching and groaning and she could smell the ocean of semen inside of him. She heard his yelling begin to increase and felt his mammoth-sized dick start to rumble and shake. She knew what would come next... He was about to blow. She giggled and locked his shiny, smooth-as-diamond skin. He throbbed and tightened, moaning at the top of his lungs. She could barely breathe from the sheer weight of the whale that rested on top of her. "Hehe... you ready hun?" She squeazed his monsterous cock with all four limbs and slapped her tongue on him for a long, passionate lick. He bulged and swelled outward, his gigantic, over inflated dick pumping bigger... and fuller... and tighter... He and she both moaned loudly, but were overpowered by the sound of his skin creaking and gulping, glugging noises coming from within his unstable cock. With every glug there followed a short stretch and a squeak. Glug, stretch, squeak... Glug, stretch, squeak, moan... Then, finally after several repetitions, there was a loud, long stretching sound. She felt his sperm whale begin to somehow slowly inflate... He began to let out a moan, quiet at first, then growing louder and louder. The moment they had both waited so long for... "You're about to cum..." she whispered sensually. A spurt of liquid began to drip and spray from the small mouth of his overblown head. His penis tightened as it prepared to release its unbelievable load. "Seriously though... This is really hot." She said, stretching her arm way up to his tight head. "Thanks for letting me make you... bust!" She placed one finger over the spraying mouth of his dick, plugging the hole. He yelped and his cock swelled a few final millimeters, accompanied by a constant stretching noise. Then, without any possible room to bloat and swell...


His overfilled dick exploded like a megaton bomb, splashing thick, white cum around every inch of the room. The room was flooded with a good four feet of his semen, and neither he nor she were anywhere to be seen...