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The Breeding Stall

There were a number of bars in the city, all of them with their different themes and takes on a fun night out. Some of them catered to a particular clientele through discrete rooms. Others catered to the discerning drinker with upscale and select cocktails and liquors. Some went out of their way to provide some kind of experience available nowhere else, presenting their patrons with unique food dishes or entertainers. The one that Khen stepped up to was none of those. It was a fairly typical and respectable bar with a reputation for good drinks at reasonable prices and was located in a none-too-seedy part of town. The neighborhood was good enough with its share of restaurants and other nondescript bars. The only thing that really publicly stood out about the Studbook was that it catered almost exclusively to equines. The furniture inside had been designed with their larger frames in mind, and there was almost always some form of equine-themed entertainment on stage or on the televisions. The decor was only slightly equine themed, avoiding the clich├ęs of country life or the tired Western tropes that other, more themed bars made use of. The staff were entirely equine or related.

The bouncer outside was no exception. He was a tall stallion, standing a good foot and a half taller than the buck. Khen looked up at the stallion as he looked over the other male's ID, glancing along its surface and not really looking for irregularities. Instead, the stallion's gaze kept lingering upwards to the horns atop Khen's head, the visible flush in his ears, and the constantly downwards glances that the deer was shooting towards the bouncer's weightily stuffed pants. The stallion had an idea why the buck was there, but he didn't inquire. Instead, he simply passed Khen's ID back to him and nodded towards the door.

"Go on in, big man," came the stallion's deep voice, "And enjoy yourself. I know I will when I get to take my break."

Khen ducked his head down with a nod and quickly turned, walking through the large door and into the club. Inside, music played over a set of speakers, filling the air with some kind of trendy pop music. A stage was set off to one side and was empty at the moment. On the weekends it would have some kind of band or act or other show. The bar stood opposite the stage on the other side of the building with stools sitting in front obviously built for equines of various gender to occupy them. A few were already filled with large men drinking or in conversation. Most of the stallions filling the room were milling about and chatting with one another. A few mares filled in the gaps, but the Studbook was largely known for the sheer number of stallions that frequented it.

That was the main reason that Khen showed up. That, and one other. There was a special installation in the men's room that simply went by "the breeding stall," a place specially equipped for the more adventurous to try their luck handling a string of horny stallions looking to let off some steam. The thought of all those big, burly males with their fat, throbbing cocks made the buck blush deeply under his cream-colored cheeks. He wanted to have some fun and take as much horse cock as he could, anonymously as he could in a place where everyone who wasn't a stallion would really stand out.

The bartender caught his eye with a leering stare and a little smile. The same look lingered on a few of the stallions standing around the room, stealing glances in Khen's direction. The buck was tall, though not as tall as most stallions, and though he was overweight, the pudge around his mid-section rode higher so that he didn't look simply obese. More, he looked soft around all his edges with a chubby belly that lightly jiggled under his shirt when he moved. Below, his pants strained with his growing erection. Around him, he kept catching a good eye-full of pants packed full of stallion meat, the thick, weighty cocks he hoped to be pleasuring in a few minutes.

With a sheepish little step, he moved to the bar, steadily under the gaze of the bartender. "Where's the restroom?" he asked, smiling as casually as he could and failing in his efforts to hide his excitement.

The bartender pointed over Khen's shoulder towards the stage. "Just go past the stage into that little hallway and take the second right. First one's the women's. Don't want you ending up in the wrong place, after all," said the bartender with a wink.

Khen nodded, smiled, and turned to move out and across the bar to the pointed-out hallway. Inside, it was dim enough that he had to squint to see the marks on the doors, making sure the bartender had given him good directions, and finding that he had, Khen pushed the door to the men's room open.

He expected to find the place empty, or perhaps with a stallion occupying a stall. What he found was largely what he expected. There were a few nicely kept sinks above which stood a large enough mirror that the stallions frequenting the bar would be able to properly see themselves. The place was well lit and the paint didn't look peeled or dirty. A few extra-large urinals stood next to three stalls, all of which looked well maintained and with only a little graffiti on them. The huge, chestnut stallion standing next to the furthest stall was the only addition he hadn't expected, but finding the buff guy there, obviously waiting for someone made Khen smile and his heart flutter.

The large horse looked Khen up and down for a moment before he gave a little flex of muscle. Behind his barely fitting t-shirt, thick pecs stood out, abs defined against the fabric, and bulky biceps and triceps bulges in sleeves. He flexed again, making the bulging weight in his pants flex and jump with an obvious strain to the fabric with its girth.

Khen stared the whole time, then with a deep inhalation of breath, he darted into the middle stall, closing it behind him to leave the large stallion chuckling outside.

He stood in the stall, the door to it shut behind him. A warm flush spread through his face, down through his chest, and into his loins, making him shudder just slightly. His pants had already been packed with a growing and straining erection since he arrived, but now, the needy twitching and pulsing in his pants had him shuddering.

The stall was simple enough. It had a toilet, two walls, a lot of graffiti, and two holes on the side walls, opposite of each other. The holes looked as large as his forearm, and that was enough to make the buck slightly worried. He knew that the stallions would be packing a lot, but he hadn't expected such a generous offering. Beside him, the walls stood tall to either side, far too tall for someone of his height to look over. Some of the larger studs out in the bar would likely have an easy time looking over the walls and down at him, but there was certainly no way that Khen was going to be able to look at any of the studs that came to visit, save for one particular part.

Below him, set in the floor and in a small depression was a grate leading down to a drain. From it rose the distinct and musky scent of old cum.

By the time Khen had taken the stall in, he heard the adjacent stall door close and the sounds of a zipper coming down. Quickly, he ducked down to look through the hole in the stall's wall, and through it, he saw the stallion who had been waiting outside removing his pants. As they fell, warm chestnut covered thighs were exposed to the air, covered in a loose fitting, light blue pair of boxers. Those got pushed down, too, exposing a fat, jiggling sheath with a deep brown horse dick slowly drooping from it and growing larger by the moment. It sagged downwards to flop and jiggle across the stallion's thick, veiny nuts. Khen could make out the sway and pulse of one particularly thick vein crisscrossing up the side of the stallion's sac. His balls were bare skin and a deep ebony in color with the taut skin stretched tightly against two ovoid and bloated looking nuts. They strained like two fat grapefruits in a too-small plastic sac.

As he watched, the stallion turned and positioned himself against the hole. One hand took his dick by the tip, gave it a slow, upwards squeeze as if milking it in preparation, and then slipped the gently swelling tip through the hole. Khen stared at it, then glanced upwards to find the stallion looking down over the stall's wall at him, enough of his muzzle showing over it to display the wide grin on the stud's face.

Khen took a deep breath, looked back down to the still swelling dick protruding through the hole in the stall wall, then took hold of it with both hands, opened his mouth as wide as he could, and pulled a generous portion of the stallion's cock into his mouth.

The heated flavor and warm, nutty musk of a fat stallion cock filled his mouth, almost overpowering his tongue with the rich flavor of another man. Khen shuddered and suckled on the stallion's dick, feeling it with his tongue as the member pulsed and swelled, growing rapidly now that it had a warm, wet home until it was at full mast. Khen's mouth stretched widely around it, pulled down almost to the medial ring but nowhere near the base. It afforded him the chance to handle the taut skin covering its surface and feel the throbbing underbelly as it pulsed and pumped a thick dollop of pre up and into the buck's mouth.

In this bent over position, Khen fumbled around beneath himself at his pants for a moment. He wrestled slightly with his belly to get his belt undone and his pants open and then down, allowing his own swollen dick into the air. It sprung upwards and out with a need rivaled only by the pulse of Khen's heartbeat. With a hand on his dick and his mouth around another, he let out a delighted, low groan of breath and began to stroke himself.

The stallion thrust just slightly, causing Khen to rock backwards and press his ass against the other stall wall. As he did so, the buck felt the cool press of the wall against most of his cheeks, but felt a distinct, airy presence against the middle of his ass, right where his prominently displayed hole would be.

As the realization dawned on him how both holes were positioned, he heard the door to the restroom open, causing him to freeze, save his tongue. Behind him in the other stall, he heard its door open and shut, then heard a moment of rustling before the sound of a zipper and another pair of pants coming open filled his ears. Slowly, the buck moved forwards on the dick in his mouth, pulling it down and into his throat to swallow against it. This moved his ass away from the hole in the wall behind him, but not before he felt the press of a fat, flat cock head pushing against his cheeks.

Again, he shudderd at the thought of what he was going to get to enjoy, so he pushed backwards, one hand moving to grab at his ass while the other remained stroking at his dick. The push was met by a push from the stallion behind him and the kiss of cock head to asshole sent a pulse of pleasure up Khen's spine. He pushed backwards again, forcing himself to relax a little and was rewarded by the sensation of his hole slowly opening up and accepting the other fat dick inside.

Feeling purchase in a ready and willing hole, the stallion thrust forward, cramming his dick up Khen's backside, plunging the heavy length of horse dick into his body. The motion shoved Khen forward onto the cock in his mouth and made him swallow heavily against it to keep from choking on it, but he didn't resist the advances of either male. Instead, he welcomed the thrust, letting it fill his body with the quivering power of bloated and needy horse flesh. The stallion behind him thrust again, this time with much more force and much more need. Khen could hear the grunts of the male behind him as he plowed forward into the gripping expanse of Khen's stretched out asshole.

The buck stood there, spit-roasted by the two massive males on either side of him, but he quivered with delight at the mingled taste and sensation of being so furiously penetrated and used. The place was called the breeding stall, after all, and Khen was being bred like the stallions meant it. Each thrust sent a pulse up his spine of quivering pleasure that made his dick jump in his furiously stroking hand. Pre leaked from his tip with every thrust from the stallion behind him. In front, the stallion whose dick was in Khen's mouth didn't thrust, but the soft, huffing from him gave away the fact he was enjoying the pleasure that Khen's suckling lips pulled around his dick gave him. For the buck, it was a welcome sensation to have a pulsing prick lightly pumping and oozing pre across his palette and down his throat.

The seconds passed for the buck being used like a mare in heat, and with his every motion, he pushed backwards against the dick shoving up and into him or he slid forward to swallow on the cock sitting docile save for its needy throbbing between his lips. The thrusting stallion behind him let out a low groan of breath and thrust again as a loud, meaty smack sounded against the wall. Khen's ears perked up for just a moment before the smack sounded again and again on another thrust. The realization that he could hear the stallion's nuts slapping against the wall spread through him and it forced a flush of near embarrassed joy into his ears. Both of the males using him were apparently well endowed. He had already seen the one in front of him, but now being able to hear the one behind him made his ears twitch backwards to listen to the dulcet tones of cum bloated balls slapping against the stall wall.

As Khen continued to enjoy himself, stroking his hand at his cock, suckling on the flat tip of the horse prick in his mouth, feeling the weight of a lengthy and fat shaft thrusting up his backside and deep into his body, he heard a grunting whinny from behind him. The stallion's pace had picked up slightly as the meaty slapping of nuts against the stall wall grew slightly more prominent and frenzied. Khen braced himself back against the wall, pushing his rear tightly to the hole to allow the stallion a deep thrust inside of him. The bucking male groaned out once more just as Khen felt the distinct sensation of a bloating, flaring cock head deep inside his body. His eyed rolled back into his head and he suckled hard around the dick in his mouth, pulling his lips tightly around the stallion's cock tip just as the one pressed deeply inside his rear began to unload a torrent of heated jizz.

The heated flow of cum pushed up and into Khen's body, flooding his insides with the heat and weight of so much spunk. It pulsed hard in him in heated and flowing gushes that felt only slightly like being punched from the inside. It was enough to make Khen's cock jump and sputter out his own heated load across his belly and the floor, but the cum spurting from the buck's dick was nothing to compare to the stallion's load. It flooded him, and after a few long and delightful moments began to sag the buck's already thick belly downwards. He could feel his body stretching to accommodate the stallion's load inside of him. The sensation of his hide stretching and distending for the hot cum made him groan out louder. And more, he could hear the stallion's orgasm in his ears, more than the happy sounds of a male experiencing a good nut, but he could head the pulsing, gurgling throb of each spurt into him. The flow of cum sounded like the gushing squelch of a too-small nozzle struggling with a too-thick fluid under too much pressure, and the sound made Khen perfectly aware of his position as a condom for the eager stallion.

As his belly swelled and sagged, it wobbled to and fro with the slight thrusts from behind him, and soon, the stallion's orgasm subsided. The male left his twitching dick buried in Khen until it began to ease and go soft, then pulled free with a happy little groan. Khen felt the way his ass gaped as the dick pulled back, leaking cum as it went and staining the buck's read with the heated effluence.

Khen was in heaven with the weight and heat of the thick man's load inside of him, and he still had a dick in his mouth to pleasure. Behind him, the stall opened and closed once more, signaling the stallion's departure.

The sound of a zipper going down met Khen's ears, causing his eyes to go wide, and before he could move, another dick pushed up through the hole and against his already stretched out ass. With his asshole gaping open, the new stallion found purchase without Khen's help and simply thrust forward, burying his dick easily into the buck's backside.

Again, Khen groaned out. He hadn't expected another stallion, let alone so soon. The other male must have been waiting and stepped in as the previous one left. The press of the heft horse meat into his body made him shudder in pleasure. It filled his bowels and stretched his asshole wide, distending him just slightly. This one felt larger than the previous one, and at the stallion's first thrust, the heavy weight of dick slid deeply inside of him, into the heated weight of cum that the first stud left flooding into his gut. The stallion behind him matched in weight and girth to the one in his mouth.

Both stallions thrust forward, meeting each other in the press of their bodies against the buck, bulging him inwards against himself and stretching him wide both in front and behind. He gurgles sharply at the feeling of being stretched open like this, the feeling of being spit-roasted by two massive and likely hunky men. He could feel the pulse of both their heartbeats surging through their twitching and lightly spasming cocks. Both dicks bulged inside of him, giving him the feeling of the ridges and bulges of their bodies and the heat radiating through them. In his mouth, he could feel the ridges and shapes of veins coursing over the heavy member, the bulge of a medial ring pressing at his lips, and the surge of a dollop of pre through the heavy prick's underbelly, rolling against his tongue as it bulged and swelled in his mouth.

Behind, the stallion pressing through the glory hole and into Khen's ass pulled backwards and then thrust, grunting and snorting sharply as he did so, but the one in his mouth stayed pressed forward, forcing Khen to deep-throat him. The buck suckled as best he could, swallowing hard around the shaft. Each thrust from the stallion behind forced Khen forward and bunched his lips against the thick, throbbing medial ring on the dick in his mouth. His nose pressed forward, touching against the stall wall and the hole there, allowing him to get a thick whiff of heated musk radiating from the man in front of him. He could taste the stallion's dick, but more than that, he could smell the wafting scent rising from the heavy balls pressed to the stall wall. Part of Khen's mind swam with the thought of the stallion's twitching, leathery balls lightly jiggling and jerking against the wall, eager to unload their pent-up wave of cum into him.

Khen was eager for that as well. He wanted to taste the thick, musky man juice whenever it would come, so he redoubled his efforts at sucking on that cock, tongue swirling slowly against the underside while he swallowed around the thick glans stretching his throat just slightly.

Again, the stallion behind him thrust. The man moved more slowly than the previous one did, taking his time with each thrust to pull back slowly and drag the girthy horse cock from the buck's body before thrusting back in. Unlike the previous stallion, though, this one's thrusts were far more forceful, and each rock forward made Khen roll forward. The weight of cum sloshed hard in his distended belly, making his gut slap lightly back and forth between his legs. Each time Khen was able to rock backwards his belly ground up and against his still hard cock. His tip, still sensitive from his orgasm, ground into the rolling, cum-filled pudge of his belly. It sent waves of pleasure up through his body, making the double-fucking he was receiving all the more pleasurable.

From behind, there was the stamp of a hoof and the stallion thrust forward again, this time to the meaty smack of hips and balls against the stall wall followed by the snorting groan of a clearly pleasured man. A low groan of breath followed with, "Fuckin' tight-ass sloppy seconds... gonna nut in you real good..."

Khen's ears perked up at the statement. It was a promise of more to come, more heated stallion cum that could fill and distend his belly even more. Part of him wanted to pull away to allow that huge cock to unload across his back, but the thought of depriving the stallion of a tight ass to unload into was a little too much for him. Not that Khen could pull away even if he wanted to.

From the other stall, a voice came out, the first stallion, "Ungh... you should feel his mouth. Boy loves sucking a fat dick."

Khen looked forward to the wall, imagining the big stallion on the other side grinning down at him. That thought made Khen's mouth pull down around the dick there, suckling just a little harder. He pulled back as much as he could, pressing to the hot cock behind him and thrusting into him. That exposed just a few inches of cock to his hands that he could wrap them against that cock, squeezing against the spit-coated length. It also served to pull the stallion's tip into his mouth, just the back of it, allowing him to push his tongue against the underside. He could feel the pulsing, spongy throb of dick against his tongue, but more than that, he could taste the tangy, heady masculinity rolling from it with every pulse of drooling pre that rolled from the wide, gaping slit. It was like being in heaven for the buck.

From behind him, the sudden, snorting groan of breath hinted that the stallion was reaching his peak. The man's thrusts grew more firm and the smacking sound of both balls and hips against the wall grew louder. Inside, the heavy dick began to buck and twitch, jerking against Khen's body. He could feel the tip as it began to swell, then rapidly flared outwards, inflating like a balloon inside of the buck. Khen braced himself back against the stall wall.

The flood of cum punched into him in a sudden, roiling wave that immediately bulged his gut like the first stallion had. The gush of spunk made his belly sag downwards once more, stretching and swelling it so that it wobbled and jiggled like a filling condom. His belly surged between his legs, swelling downwards, growing thicker and heavier by the moment. Is pushed to the floor, surging in girth, digging down between his legs to push them apart. Meanwhile, his chest began to thicken and swell, sagging with the weight of cum inside of him. The buck could feel the pulse of spunk swimming through him, inflating his chest even more as his belly pushed to the ground, growing heavy and fat, locking him in place in the stall.

The throbbing and puling of the fat cock in Khen's mouth and the surging weight of cum swelling and inflating his gut made him redouble his efforts on the stallion he had been working on through two other orgasms. His head lifted back enough to slide the fat, twitching pole of horse prick from up his throat so that the thick crown could snuggle between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. The buck pushed his tongue against the thick tip, feeling the soft, spongy flesh and the ridge around the heady cock tip. He stroked his tongue against the leaking slit to slather the oozing precum around inside his mouth. The stallion's musk tasted strongly of a man in need of a deep and pleasured release.

While Khen worked at the cock in his mouth, the one in his ass finished, leaving him swollen enough that he would have trouble getting out of the stall. His belly rested on the ground against the grate in the floor, his ass was thickened slightly, and his thighs bulged to the sides. The buck's dick was pinned between his legs and his over-inflated belly while his now swollen chest jiggled as he moved about in the stall.

As the stallion pulled back out of him, a spurt of chum lanced up through the hole in the stall and across Khen's back. The warm liquid splattered across Khen's tightened hide and rolled down his sides to drip lazily across his belly. The empty feeling left in his backside sent a cold shudder up Khen's spine, one that was mingled with a deep pleasure of knowing how full of hot cum he was.

In front of him, a voice called out, groaning in the words, "Unnh... I'm gonna nut soon... Last call!" He pushed forward against the stall wall, grinding his dick hard into Khen's mouth, "Last call! I can't hold on much longer!"

The cold feeling in Khen's ass was replaced with another dick that pushed up and into his backside with a sudden and unceremonious thrust, once again spreading him open and snuggling his already well-fucked ring around a cock once more. He hadn't expected a replacement so suddenly and he hadn't heard anyone enter the stall as the other stallion was busy pleasuring himself. The other male must have been waiting for his turn, already with the stall door open, pants removed, and his cock already hard and ready to go.

With a wobbling rock forward, Khen got plowed open once more, though his already stretched out and well-fucked asshole was already gaping. He groaned heavily around the cock in his mouth as he was pushed forward and forced down deep onto the heavy prick throbbing more and more urgently in his mouth. Khen's tongue pushed against the underside of the meaty member, tracing against the swollen urethra as it pulsed thick pre down his throat. The stallion's cock head pushed against the back of his throat, and with a swallow, Khen pulled it into his throat. The buck's gullet gripped tightly around the stallion's cock. Each bucking thrust from behind him made him swallow hard around the big dick.

It was the swallowing that sent the stallion over the edge. He gripped against the wall and pushed in hard enough to bulge his sheath slightly through the hole in the stall, exposing more of the heated scent of manly dick to Khen's nose. In the buck's throat, the stallion's cock flared outwards, filling his throat tightly as the tip mushroomed outwards, inflating and starting to buck. He groaned out sharply, "Ohh fuck... I'm cumin'!" shouting out what Khen could already feel.

Heated waves of spunk erupted from the stallion's shaft and flooded down through Khen's throat and into his gut. The already bloated buck let out a shuddering gurgle while his eyes rolled back into his head. He could feel the pulsing throb of the stallion's balls surging up through his cock in massive waves of spunk. The stallion's load packed tightly into Khen, bloating and swelling him further. The buck was already locked tightly in the stall, legs spread and barely able to touch the floor, but the stallion's load was more than Khen was counting on. It flooded him, bloating his arms and legs, swelling them and thickening them more and more. The buck's arms swelled to the size his legs had been before while his scrabbling legs puffed up two twice their size, fat and heavy like logs hanging from either side of his wobbling and already at capacity belly.

The heated jizz made him feel more bloated than he had ever felt before. It surged in his throat, flooded and strained his cheeks, made his fingers fat and lazy, and even drooled from his nose, yet onwards the stallion's load continued. Khen's entire form felt strained and stretched, his hide creaked and his belly gurgled sharply. Behind, his fat, bloated ass jiggled with every thrust from the overly eager stallion plowing into his ass. The mingled clapping from Khen's cheeks impacting against the stall with the stallion's thrusts behind and the smacking from the heavy, jerking balls in front of him as the first stallion rolled through his orgasm drowned out all sounds in the restroom save for the heady sound of thick liquid surging through Khen's senses.

As the stallion continued to cum, Khen continued to swell until both his arms and his legs were swollen to the point that he could barely move them. His cheeks had puffed up like thick, jiggling balloons to either side of his muzzle. He even felt the tip of his dick, swollen like the stallion's cocks that had been in him, pressing lightly to the floor it had bloated so much.

When the stallion withdrew his dick from Khen's muzzle, it came free with a wet pop and a shuddering spurt of the male's heated cum right across Khen's nose. The big male groaned softly and happily as the still twitching cock tip hung lazily in the gloryhole. From the other side, his voice piped up, "Damn that was good..." Slowly, the tip slid back to be exchanged for the sound of ruffling fabric and then a zipper. From behind, the stallion had picked up, thrusting harder and more erratically, signaling his own coming orgasm.

Khen's gasping breath rolled from his mouth while he stared forward, unable to move he was so bloated beyond comprehension. Through the hole, he watched as the stallion straightened himself up and put his belt back on before the large male leaned down and looked through the hole. A wide grin spread across his muzzle. "You've got real sweet lips, cutie. Shame I won't be able to use 'em again. You look like you're way past your limit already and that fella behind you sounds like he's about to pop off his load. Thanks for the fun," came the stallion's voice. He blew a kiss at the hole and stood up once more, then turned. Khen heard the sound of the stall door opening and closing once more, then the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing.

Behind him, there was a shuddering whinny of breath as the last stallion thrust inwards once more, burying his entire dick up into Khen's backside. The buck felt the tell-tale jerking and shuddering in the heavy dick before he felt the fat flare bloating out inside of him. The buck grabbed at his belly, feeling the strain in his gut while his legs kicked ineffectually in the air, mostly against the waterbed of his body made that way by countless gallons of horse jizz.

The last wave of cum erupted into him with a sudden punch that made his entire form surge outwards. It strained against his every being as spunk flooded what little space there was left inside of him and then packed tighter into his already overextended hide. Khen gurgled loudly as the stallion behind him kept whinnying and huffing, his hooves stamping at the ground. Khen, on the other hand, only creaked and groaned, a sound that grew louder by the second.

The buck's eyes rolled back in his head once more as he felt his limit finally being reached. He felt tight for only a moment, a radiating heat, pressure, and pleasure surged through his body, and with a sudden and wet GLURT, he exploded, splattering into a huge burst of spunk that flooded into the bathroom and freed the stallion dick that had been in his ass. The mess of jizz splashed down onto the floor in a huge puddle that spread rapidly across the tile while the drain below the huge mess began to sluck and gurgle loudly, allowing the burst buck and all the cum that had popped him to drain away.

From the only occupied stall left in the bathroom, the stallion panted and gasped, groaning as he rode his orgasm to a finish. The last waves of his jizz painted the far wall against which Khen had previously been pinned and now only a thick cum slick remained. When he came down, he slowly cleaned his dick up and shoved it back into his pants, walked over to the sink to lightly clean his hooves off and stepped out of the restroom.

"Gonna need a cleanup in the breeding stall!" he called out to the bar. The statement was met with some loud cheers and some laughter while one of the staff came out of a side room with a mop and bucket.

The stallion, the same bouncer who had greeted Khen on his way in, straightened his pants once more and stretched, grunting, "I love it when I get to take a break in some hot piece of ass. Need more poppable sluts like him around here." He went back to the front of the bar to take up his post, once more looking for when he'd take another break.