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Double Double Twins Are Trouble

The first streams of sunlight reached down through cracks in the window shades, rather rudely poking a wolf in the eye and prompting a muffled groan and roll over. The wolf paused for several seconds while he processed this thought.

“Wait a minute.” His voice was a little dry and raspy, much like his throat. “How am I--” He started, before sitting up in bed. Not his bed, no. This was someone else’s room, someone else’s house. The knotted feeling in his stomach suggested he knew whose. It was a sharp contrast to the last feeling he had down there. Sore, tight, stretched, so very round. So swollen that it hurt in ways he could barely fathom.

Looking back towards the window blinds, he opened them slightly and looked himself over. Everything seemed to be in place, just as it had been the day before. A wolf? Check. A male wolf? Check. Proper number of limbs, appendages, and features? Check. A healthy silvery color to the pelt? Check. Black leather collar? Check.

Wait, collar?

His hand went up to his neck, and found the smooth material under his fingers. Wolfie whined as the memory of the collar and the cat that had done such things to him. Both of them, in fact, now that he recalled. There had been the first one--Vincent, his twin had called him? And the other, Victor. No doubt this was their place. At least it was better than the raggedy old mattress in that hideaway of theirs. Part of him said just to just hide out in bed and hope he could escape under the cover of dark. Another part pointed out that odds were better than even someone would come looking for him, day or night, and he privately doubted his sneakiness could stack up to theirs. One rather lazy part suggested just staying in bed--it was warm, it was comfortable, and it wasn’t like he could come up with too many viable alternatives.

The winner eventually turned out to be the lazy grumble coming from Wolfie’s middle. It was an obnoxiously persistent growl that almost matched any noise he could have made, and the message was all too clear. Gray wolf needs food badly. He sighed and swung his legs out of bed, slipping out from under the covers and moving for the door.

Opening it just a crack, he peeked out just a little, not wanting to risk some unpleasant surprise just outside the door…like a tripwire, or perhaps just one of the cats waiting out there to grab him and do terrible, dirty things to him again. Fortunately, there was no sign of anyone for the moment, and his nose told him that the kitchen was not too far away. Creeping out, he sought the fridge and the hopes of finding something edible to fill his belly. The carpeted floor shoofed as he walked over it--it wasn’t loud, but seeing as how he seemed to be the only one at the moment here it was uncomfortably noisy to him. His nose suggested that the kitchen was thataway, and he followed it to what seemed like a rather cozy little niche next to an apparent dining room.

Poking his head into the eerily quiet space, he chanced a word. “Hello?”

No reply. Good enough. He scooted into the kitchen, one paw running along the wall while the other scooted down in between his legs to try and led himself some modesty. Not like he could really argue the point, but he still had his pride…well, some of it. The memory of the rough treatment he’d endured at their hands lingered, even if they got a little fuzzy after they’d started stuffing him in both ends. Better not to think too hard about it, though. A twinge and a throb somewhere in his wolfish bits suggested he ought to avoid considering too much, if he wanted to retain any semblance of modesty at all.

The kitchen was almost disappointingly plain. It looked much like one might find in any number of houses and apartments--between cupboards, counters, and appliances, very little seemed out of place. A few sniffs about led the lupine to a donut someone had left on the counter. FOOD.

Sweeping the donut up in his paws, Wolfie glommed down on it, gnawing off half with a single bite. Chewing hungrily, he was a bit dismayed to find the snack was too dry for his palate, and he wasn’t about to just stick his head under the faucet. Looking about, he found something on the kitchen table that made his eyes go wide. Someone had left a bowl of custard right there for the taking! He dipped a finger in, feeling the warmth before slurping the mess off his finger. Freshly made, it seemed, without any time to set at all--maybe an egg custard? There was certainly something sweet and salty about it, but the famished canine’s belly growled away the questions in his head, and he dug in.

There has yet to be a really clean way for a canine to eat or drink from a bowl, and even less so when presented with a nonsolid to get down. Wolfie settled for sticking his face into the custard and inhaling while slurping, feeling great lumps of it slide down his throat. It was too warm to be really quenching, but it filled him up at least. Lapping the last out of the bottom of the bowl, the wolf sighed and licked the tip of his nose. Not exactly ambrosia and nectar, but it was close enough to food for his needs. With his stomach quieted for a moment, other matters came to the fore to bother him ever so persistently. Most of all, where was everyone? The more he thought about it, the more it disturbed him. For all intents and purposes this looked like a normal house, except there was no sign of any other inhabitants here but him.

Maybe…they all went out without me? As soon as the thought came to him he dismissed it. The cats were too particular about their methods to do such a thing. This only made him worry more, yet part of him wondered why he couldn’t find a door out yet. No doors on the same walls as windows, at least not yet. No escape. Probably how they designed the place.

He rubbed his paw on his chin, hrrming softly. “Maybe I can get out of one of the windows.” Before he could try and wiggle his way through a window, a sound not unlike a bark caught his attention. His ears perked as he turned to where it had come from. “Hello?”

The bark came again from a muffled corner of the house, making him jump a bit. That was a wolf sound, all right, and that just made him even more worried. Any sounds of distress were bad news, of course, but when it was one he could identify, well, worse still. Every instinct screamed for him to try and climb out a window, but he had to go see; he couldn’t leave someone else behind in good conscience. Moving along slowly, he snuck up towards the garage and peered in, stopping as he saw the crack in the door. The noises were coming from in there, and he was not about to go in and stick his nose wholly into that mess. Again.

Peeking through the crack in the door, Wolfie’s eyes widened as he regarded the scene before him--it was a familiar one, uncannily so. A wolf circled in the garage, which had been cleared of vehicles, shelves, and just about anything else--while this typically would not have been too much of a problem, the fact that the wolf was not of the kind blessed with opposable thumbs meant that his avenues of escape were somewhat limited. Not that it exactly mattered at the moment, as he was circling opposite a familiar feline shape, all wide smiles and shifty side steps. A cougar! One of the twins who had…accosted him before, no doubt about it. There was no mistaking that body, that stance… and now that it was wafting under his nose, that musky male scent that underscored the whole house.

The wolf traced his circle carefully, ears low and flat as he growled at the cat. He was obviously not happy to be here, but that was no surprise. Wolfie himself hadn’t exactly enjoyed his time prior and he wasn’t aiming to be all that pleased now. The wolf let everyone who could hear know it, as he growled low in his throat and glared at the feline. Raised hackles spoke volumes even as the cat just smiled and swished his tail. He seemed to be toying with the wolf--this one was…Victor, or at least so Wolfie thought. He couldn’t quite tell the twins apart, but that was understandable. This one was just keeping his canid ’companion’ just out of mutual reach, glancing towards another door and leaving Wolfie hopelessly confused as to what was going on.

The feral wolf was quite properly leery of the feline, fixing his stare on the cougar. In apparent defiance of all good sense, the cougar had stopped somewhere in the middle of the garage and was ever so slowly turning to bring the lupine to his flank. The wolf regarded him, puzzled, but did not lower his hackles or stop his incessant growling. The puma just moved to egg him on more, turning fully now until he was showing his back to the lupine. The wolf saw his opening and leapt, fangs bared, and Wolfie half-covered his eyes for what he was sure would be some kind of gruesome, one-sided affair.

Except that the cougar turned and rather literally caught the wolf at the last moment, both of them crashing to the ground a moment later as the cat seemed to be as much pulling the wolf down with him as absorbing the impact. His hands immediately went for the canine’s jaws, visibly struggling to hold them shut in spite of the thrashing from those powerful neck muscles. He squeezed his thighs around the wolf’s middle, the lupine’s knees buckling as the weight they struggled to support became too much to bear.

As quickly as he had trapped the wolf, the cat pushed him off, resulting in one slightly dusty cougar and one rather puzzled wolf. The wolf’s expression turned to surprise as he watched the cat, who instead of going back into a battle stance, just rolled over onto his belly and stuck his tongue out at the lupine.

This confused all wolves in the immediate vicinity.

Wolfie craned his neck closer to the door to see, but before he could catch more than a glimpse of what was happening, a large, thick paw came down on his shoulder, squeezing tightly with a grip like a vise.

“Well. What do we have here.” The voice was rough and carried a strange, vaguely Slavic accent in a way that was far from warm. It wasn’t even a question that had been posed, really. Wolfie swallowed nervously as he felt his guts tangle together in fear. Turning around hesitantly, his jaw dropped just a bit at the sight that greeted him.

It was, of course, a cougar, but not like any he’d met before. He would have almost called him a sibling to the ones he’d known, but unlike them this one bore an unusual set of markings. Crossing his body in ragged zigzags were tiger stripes, a bit out of place in contrast to his plain tan coat, but it was those eyes that cowed him. Yellow eyes were not alien to him anymore, but the intense scrutiny the cougar had him under made the wolf squirm.

“Heh…probably the one that strayed out of the other room,” a second voice said, bearing a similar accent, if a little less pronounced. This one too was a cougar--this must have been a whole den of them. This one looked superficially like the first, and indeed like the two other cougars he’d met before, but the way he carried himself was different. No, this was not one of the ones he’d already known.

“I figured.” Both hands went to Wolfie’s shoulders, hoisting him up and to eye level with the tiger-striped cougar. “Escaped from Victor’s room, no doubt.”

The other cat leaned in and sniffed him, then arched an eyebrow, gesturing for the other to do the same. Wolfie tried to avoid shrinking before them, or drawing their attention to any of his other parts.

The tiger-ish puma took one long whiff, then cocked his head to the side. “One who also went and ruined a whole day’s work, too, from the smells of it,” he said, his frown not helped by the stripes on his cheeks.

“W-work?” Wolfie echoed nervously. What work had he ruined? “I didn’t break anything…”

One of the cougars laughed, the one whose accent was not quite so thick. “Vladimir…no need to lay it on so heavily.” He clicked his tongue and winked, tossing a bit of a salute between them. “After all, if he makes a mess on the floor you have to clean it up…”

“I know that. Vasily. Do not take me for an idiot.” He glared at the other, and glared more when Vasily leaned forward, draping his arm over Vladimir’s shoulder. “Get off.”

“Net, you’re a nice height for this and I want to see what the little wolf puppy does.” He gave Wolfie a grin and laughed low in his throat. “Forgive my brother. His patience is not what it used to be.”

“It never was, and it grows shorter by the minute. Off.” Vlad shoved his shoulder firmly, sending Vasily back a step. He turned to the wolf whom he still held in an iron grip. “And yes, work. You could not think that the bowl was left out for you.”

It wasn’t, now that Wolfie thought about it. His tail tucked between his legs as he whimpered. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to eat it…I was hungry and it was there and--”

“Little puppy,” Vasily interrupted. “Tell me, do you have any idea what you did eat?” His broad grin suggested an answer that the wolf would not like.

“…I don’t know? I think it was custard.”

“Net, puppy. I would not call it that.” Vasily smirked at him as Vlad just shook his head and grunted something unpleasant.

Wolfie took a few moments before the wires crossed in his brain, and he eeped and suddenly covered his muzzle. “Please don’t tell me I…”

“Da, you did.” Vasily laughed and weathered another of his sibling’s glares. “Oh, come now, Vlad, you have to admit it’s amusing.”

“And it wastes my time.” He turned back to give the wolf a harsh look, then hooked his fingers into the collar and pulled firmly. “You are coming with me. We will make up for lost effort later.”

Wolfie gave a yelp as he found himself suddenly dragged along. Vlad was not a muscle-bound hulk of a feline, but he was definitely stronger than he looked. Vasily came up behind the lupine and lewdly ground his hips against the wolf, who yipped a bit and blushed. “No, please.”

Vasily smiled, then leaned in and nipped the wolf lightly on his ear as they were led along, chuckling low in his throat. “Ah, poor little puppy. What makes you think you will end up with a say in the matter?”

Pouting, the wolf whined a little as he was dragged into a side room that seemed too compact in spite of its size. This might have had something to do with the cabinets lining it from wall to wall, and the various unpleasant implements showing from their open doors. Worrisomely, a vast amount of it was leather, metal, and plastic…all easily cleaned things, he noticed. The fact that the two cats had been naked from the moment he’d met them didn’t help either. “Does anyone wear pants in this house?” he wondered aloud. Vasily laughed while Vlad ignored him.

“I would be more worried that this is Vlad’s playroom we’re in, little puppy.” He winked, plucking one of the toys off the wall. It looked unpleasantly like a cross between a vibrator and a baton, and the way that Vasily patted it in his hand didn’t help. “He has his…moods.”

“Which will help in quieting you if I need to.” Vladimir gestured to the wolf. “Bend over.”

Wolfie instantly went pink across his ears and muzzle. “W-what?”

Vasily sighed and smiled, reaching down to grab the wolf’s tail and hike it into the air, at the same time bending him over his knee. “You’d never get anywhere without some help, would you?” he wondered aloud, though whether to Vlad or Wolfie was debatable. Vlad was now carrying something that could only be compared to a small stainless steel thermos, the whole thing attached to a pair of loop rings at one end.

“What’s that?!” Wolfie yelped, his ears falling back as he saw the…thing. Somehow, he already knew where that would be going.

Vasily answered with an easy smile as he watched Vlad slather it in enough lubricant to grease a piston. “Oh, you might be able to guess what it is. Seeing as how it’s a big, smooth metal toy, after all.” He grinned. “Da, I think you can guess.” He gestured for the unsmiling Vlad to continue…which, of course, he did.

The tiger-striped cougar pushed the smooth end of the toy up to Wolfie’s rear hole, earning a yip from the wolf at the cold metal and lube coming into contact with his puckered hole. Vasily held the squirming wolf in place as his brother pushed the thankfully blunt-tipped toy into their unhappy plaything. It would not do well for the tightness of said plaything to be compromised by a too-unpleasant entry. Vlad actually chuckled as he pushed that plug into the struggling wolf, listening to the loud whines and whimpers as he fed inch after inch into the hapless lupine butt. At around the eight inch mark, Vlad guided one loop around the wolf’s tail, cinching it tight, while he brought the other to the wolf’s package, bringing the ring over his sheath and pulling it down almost to his belly. The striped cougar grinned at his handiwork as the impromptu harness held one toy inside another. “Well…now at least he can carry one of the toys back to the garage,” he laughed dryly, wiping down his paws even as he slid one paw into a fine black leather glove. Grinning cruelly, he clenched the gloved hand into a fist.

The gesture confused Wolfie for half a second until he felt the first sharp, tingling zap in his butt. He yelped and reached back to grab at the toy, but to his horror the rings held it in place much more efficiently than he would have liked to think. He gawked and whined, whimpering pitifully at the cougar.

“Hah.” Vlad’s laugh was curt and humorless. “Now you see why we picked one that was metal,” he rumbled as he beckoned to Vasily, reaching down to gather up several other things, primarily a muzzle and a pair of paddles. The other cougar plucked what looked to be a saddle from the wall, nodding in Vlad’s direction as the cat left the room.

“Come, little puppy. I imagine you would rather not just sit here and have Vlad’s lovely little gesture reflex leave you with a couple thousand volts in your rump.” Vasily stepped up next to Wolfie, then laughed when the wolf whined and slumped over, leaning against his leg.

“C-can’t I just go home?” he wondered, though he knew he wasn’t about to get an answer…or at least, not one that he liked.

“Silly pup. You are home, now.” A wide smile crossed Vasily’s features. He turned to leave, revealing the large cross--no, more of a sword--etched in red on his back, centered precisely over his spine. It looked almost looked to be dyed, but no, this was too uniform and too sharp for that. Stepping out after his apparent brother, Vasily left Wolfie there merfing softly, feeling his anal passage clench tight around the big metal intruder in there. Resigning himself, the wolf picked himself up and started shakily walking after the feline pair, his extremely exaggerated, bow-legged gait betraying his discomfort. He managed to follow them, though, making his way back to the garage where they’d just been earlier. This time, though, it was not clandestine peeking. Up they went, via a short yet butt-hurting flight of stairs, to a little ledge he’d not seen from his angle--it overlooked the garage, like a balcony view to the ground below. The tableau before them only confounded Wolfie, though Vladimir and Vasily looked on with knowing glances between each other and the sight down on the garage floor.

The cougar from before and the wolf were still there, except that instead of tossing each other about and gnawing chunks of fur off, the cat hadn’t actually moved much from his laid-down position on the floor, and the wolf was still watching and eyeing him, but instead of approaching him with hackles up and teeth bared, he was making mere muttering growls and sniffing, very curiously, in the cat’s direction. Something seemed to be going on inside the quad wolf’s head, because he now approached the feline from directly behind, a smile clearly visible as he lowered himself a moment, then pounced.

This time there was no sudden reversal from the cougar, far from it. The cat had claws out, digging rather worrisomely into the concrete floor, as if bracing himself, and for good reason. The wolf was atop him, paws over his shoulders and slobbering between his ears, even as the lupine brought his hips over the prone cougar’s rump. Wolfie’s jaw dropped again, but before he could voice his surprise, a sharp zap stabbed into the fleshy insides of his rear, making him yelp and jump quite suddenly. “I only wanted to know what’s going on!” he protested, whining as he rubbed his rear, feeling the big toy inside him shift around as he did so. Residual tingles kept him whining as he tried to push it out, but the rings held it in place.

“Just watch and you will see,” Vladimir responded, watching over the edge of the railing. Vasily himself leaned forward, watching with blasé ease as down below, the cougar was pinned down by the wolf. Contrary to what Wolfie expected though, the cat wasn’t struggling to get out from under the canine. Rather, he was bringing his hips up to the wolf’s, and the flash of red from between gray furred thighs clued his audience in as to why so. The feral wolf’s shaft was already out a fair four inches or so, but those inches were quickly finding their way into a surprisingly receptive feline rump, even as the wolf’s thrusting picked up pace, pushing more inside with growling grunts and pants. It was all too clear what was happening, and Wolfie could only stare in slack jawed awe. Vlad closed his jaw for him, clenching his hand and making the wolf whimper as his ass found itself shocked once again.

Vladimir seemed to be paying especial attention, watching the wolf’s mounting as the lupine plowed deeper, grinning wide; it would not have been wrong to class it as sadistic glee, but the reason why would not become clear until a strange, wet noise made itself known and the cougar far below could not help but grunt and groan. The striped feline smiled to his twin. “He has it in, Vasily. Come.” Vlad turned and headed for the stairs, a grinning Vasily in tow as Wolfie watched them.

“Wait, we’re going back down? Why’d we come up here then?” he wondered, reaching back to fiddle with one of the rings--the one that wasn’t squeezing so tightly on his sheath, at least.

“Because.” Vladimir responded, followed by a muted electrical crackle as Wolfie winced and his knees nearly buckled, precum jetting from his hidden wolfcock, whining softly through his nose .

“You are very amusing when you make that sound, and the stairs are as good a reason as any,” Vasily supplied, as if completing Vlad’s thoughts. They both headed for the stairs, but he paused and glanced back at the wolf. “Stay here if you’d like. It will at least be a nice view to the show, da?”

Wolfie gave a confused whimper, but he just gave a subdued nod and draped himself over the rail. In spite of the felines’ antics, part of him was almost morbidly curious as to what they would do next. He got his answer as he watched both cougars appear from the hallway door, conferring in expressions with the cougar on the floor. The wolf looked like he’d been caught in the headlights, but with his knot buried into the cougar it wasn’t like he could just pull out and away. Vlad had the muzzle in his hands, but it was of a type that could be described as a funnel in a face-cage, and as he brought it near the wolf, the lupine began to growl. Fearlessly the striped cat advanced, until the wolf snapped at him. Vlad paused, wondered if his apparent target would do so again, and was rewarded when the feral wolf snarled and snapped once more.

His reaction was almost like lightning. His hands shot forward and the muzzle went with them, the narrower end of the funnel sliding past the wolf’s jaws as he tried to bite down. Normally even rubber would have given way, but as his jaws just seemed to bounce off a bit and Vlad pushed the straps around the back of the wolf’s head to cinch them down, the look of surprise on the lupine’s face was obvious. Reinforced rubber, something too tough for even his powerful jaws to get through, and now that he had no leverage to bite, even worse yet. Worst of all, it forced his mouth open to a degree that boded ill for him in the near future. This only got worse as Vasily just stepped forward and tossed the saddle across his back, the cinch for it going under the wolf’s middle and closing tight. The cougar on the bottom held the forepaws in an iron grip as the wolf began to thrash about, trying to throw off the restraints, only figuring out too late what the cat on the floor had been up to. Vlad dusted off his hands and glanced down at the other cougar, shaking his head.

“I will never be able to grasp your methods, Victor.” He slapped a paw on the wolf’s shoulder, causing the lupine to wrench away, trying to escape but being held down by Victor.

“You’re one to talk about methods, Vlad,” he laughed, shuddering a bit as the wolf above him squirmed.

Vlad gave a short, terse laugh and shook his head. “Nothing like this. Besides…” he glanced over at the other door, smiling as it opened and admitted a fourth cougar to join them. “It is not like I am the most particular case here.”

Vlad’s smile was explained by both the reassuringly smug, cocky look on the new cougar’s face, as well as what could only be described as his getup. The black Stetson riding atop his head already told the story of what to expect, and little differed as a glance down the cougar’s chest would lead to a well-worth leather vest. This then led to the inevitable leather chaps--open front and back in a most conspicuous way, of course--and with them, a pair of slick rattlesnake-skin boots, complete with rowel-less spurs. Vincent was quite a sight as he rather literally swaggered on in, glancing about, all smiles. “I do believe I’ve been summoned,” he said in that peculiarly twangy way of his, an accent that his brother on the floor matched, if in somewhat less pronounced of a manner.

“Summoned, nothing. You set the whole damned mess up,” Vladimir retorted with a smile, patting Vincent on the shoulder and gesturing to where the saddled wolf waited for him. “You are possessed of a very bizarre mind.”

“I think he knows,” Vasily added as he walked around the wolf, watching as Vincent’s spurs jingled lightly against the floor while the cowboy cat himself stepped closer, watching the mix of surprise and fear written all over the feral lupine’s face.

Vincent glanced at the two Russian felines and waved off their thoughts with a casual flick of his paw. “Someone has to keep a lid on things. Might as well be me.” He sized up the wolf, throwing a leg over him and settling into the saddle, making the canine bow his back down as 175 pounds of cougar straddled him, setting his feet in the stirrups and holding to the saddle horn, as if ready to ride a bucking bull. “Speaking of which…y’all might as well take it while ya got it.” He jerked a thumb back behind him, then forward down to point at the wolf’s head. “Which is the whole point after all.”

Vladimir gave that unpleasant laugh of his again, then came around to the front of the quad wolf, reaching down and yanking his head up into line with that large black length hanging there between the striped cougar’s thighs. “I suppose. Now…to see if there is any truth to the tale that wolves are more fun.” Vlad gave a glance to the rafters above, and Vincent’s gaze followed. The cowboy gave a brief, knowing smile before resting back in the saddle, feeling the wolf struggling to hold himself up.

“Can I just say that while I’m all for this kind of fun, I’d like it if one you hornballs up there could get this guy to untie my ass before you go about your business?” Victor wondered aloud from his spot beneath the wolf. “I’d just like to point out that it’s bad enough having you up there, Vince, but if Vasi and Vlad are going to have their fun, I’m gonna get smothered down here.”

Vasily laughed. “I believe I have a solution, dear cousin.” He knelt down next to the wolf and reached down between the beast’s hind legs, finding Victor’s hips and earning confused looks out of both wolf and cougar. After a moment, he hiked one of the lupine’s hind legs up, then handily yanked Victor out from underneath, much to the surprise of both. The tie held, however, and Victor soon found himself ass-to-ass with the wolf, having turned the tie with the canine. “Perfect! Now no one stands to be squashed.”

“It also beats staring at Vlad’s ankles all afternoon,” Victor mused, even as he glanced up and watched Vasily’s own arousal, already hard and slick out of its sheath, pressing to the wolf’s rear hole. While having the other feline’s legs on either side of his ribs was far from the worst thing to watch, the ache in his rear already told him all he needed to know. The wolf’s knot wasn’t about to deflate anytime soon. In fact, the steady, watery spurts of warmth into his rump just continued, a fresh load of wolf sperm jetting into his ass every few minutes. His clamping down tight on that knot every so often didn’t help either.

Wolfie whimpered as he knelt in the upper reaches of the garage attic, watching down as the two Slavic-accented felines mounted up, with Vlad bringing the wolf’s muzzle up to crotch level. The slick ebony length dripped as it slid into the rubbery cone tucked neatly between feral jaws, the wolf’s resistive twists and bucks of his head stilled in a very large part by the feline fingers digging into his fur, holding him in place while Vlad had his way with him. A muffled whine was all that could be heard as the big cat stuffed his girth into the unwilling jaws, but it soon devolved into gagging as the wolf got a taste and feel for the meat in his muzzle. The sound grew panicked, however, when Vasily guided his length to the lupine rump, and, with almost measured slowness, began to push his slippery cocktip inwards. The sudden wince and growl from Vasily suggested what Wolfie already knew--the other wolf was too inexperienced, too tight, and far too unwilling to make a naturally lubed entry even close to pleasant for either of them. Vasily still soldiered on, even amidst the yapping, whining howls of the wolf on the ground. It was not long before both cats had their cocks inside the wolf, pushing their spit-roasted toy back and forth.

Wolfie whined as he watched from the rafters. Part of him wanted to rush down there to the other wolf’s defense somehow, but he knew that with four cougars his chances of getting anything done were pitifully nonexistent. That wasn’t the only thing that stopped him, though--the sizable stainless-steel intruder in his bowels notwithstanding. It was impossible to ignore it, of course, as the irregular electric shocks went a long way towards keeping him from even remotely being comfortable, but what really made him whimper right that moment was the fact that deep down, a part of him liked seeing the other wolf in such a terrible, helpless, compromising situation. He knew it was wrong to enjoy watching one of his own kind saddled and now being stuffed from both ends with feline cock, but he couldn’t help it. The tight ring around the base of his sheath kept his own length from getting too far out, but urges still rose in him anyway.

The wolf trapped below whined through his undesired mouthful, glurking as Vlad stuffed his muzzle and Vasily took the same measure out of his rump. All he wanted right now was to crawl away from these horrible, crazy cat things and maybe whine a little until his butt felt better, but he wasn’t happy at all about the forward or back option, and the slightest motion he made side to side in turn made those sharp metal spurs dig into his skin. It didn’t help that the cougar on his back seemed to be made of lead or something. His back bowed down, bringing his belly almost to the floor, but the two felines jabbing him front and back kept him from slipping too far out of line. With eyes closed and ears flat back, he could only linger, whimper, and hope it ended quickly.

Everyone involved knew, of course, that it wouldn’t.

Vincent leaned back in the saddle, listening to the leather creak beneath him, to say nothing of the poor lupine’s spine. Wearing as much and as little as he was, it was plain to see that he stacked up quite nicely against his cousins, at least from what Wolfie could tell, given his vantage. Vivid, lewd memories came rushing back as the scent from before wafted up to him, the strained ache in his rump reminding him of other tense, painful stretches elsewhere. He ran a paw reflexively over his belly, wincing a little when he felt the blunt head of that shock toy buried in his depths. There was no way something that size could have fit in him like that, but the evidence showed on his lower belly.

His bulge was nothing compared to what was happening to the wolf down below, though. Though he was almost two hundred pounds himself , the cats currently pumping in and out of both ends of him were just about as big as the toy stuffed in Wolfie’s own butt--he couldn’t imagine that it’d be a pleasant process, yet the fact his sheath was still stiffening up spoke volumes. With Vasily and Vlad pumping their hips at the other wolf, it was no surprise that he could make out the soft smacks of their hips against a wolfen chin and rump, glimpses of ebony flesh all that he could make out past the tan and gray fur moving down there.

Without much warning however, Vlad gritted his teeth and growled, thrusting hard until that lupine muzzle was probably bruising his crotch, his shaft pushing into that mouth--and as the sudden sounds of gagging proved, into the wolf’s throat, moments before he threw his head back into a yowl that sent cum gushing down that gullet. The wolf tried to twist and turn, to resist the vile, slimy load sliding down his throat, but to no avail as Vlad just held him in place with a cruelly tight grip. “Stay,” he growled. He got a choked whine in return.

“Tsk…so rough with your toys, Vlad. No wonder you keep needing new ones,” Vasily chided, smiling as he dug his claws into the wolf’s hips, making the canine wince as that thick cougar meat sank further inside the unwilling rump. Grinning, he glanced down and looked at Victor, who was rather idly stretching out a bit--the knot tying him to the wolf seemed to be in no hurry to deflate. “Speaking of which, have you had enough regrets by now, cousin?”

“Fuck you, Vasily,” Victor grunted.

“Later, cousin. I know you’re all over the incest angle and hey, I can take a dick as well as you can anyway.” The cougar gave a cheeky grin. “Not that your situation is about to have any fewer problems, though,” he added, moments before he pulled his hips out partway, only to slam them solidly up against the wolf’s hips with a growl, groaning as he dug his fingers in and pulled that rump up against his crotch. No one needed to see it to be able to tell that he was emptying his load into the wolf’s rear, but what was quite apparent between his persistence and the lupine’s struggles that he too was giving the wolf a whole lot more to think about than just ten or eleven inches of cougar shaft inside him.

Wolfie whimpered, at once unable to make out enough detail to know all of what was going on, yet still feeling the effect of that…thing in his bowels. At least Vlad hadn’t gone and--


Spoke too soon. A fresh jolt spiked into the anthro wolf’s rear as he was juiced by the toy inside him, making him weak in the knees once more. He held himself up on the railing for a moment, panting a few times as he shuddered and shakily wobbled towards the stairs. It looked impassible at the moment, but as he took one tenuous step towards them, he found he could just hold himself up against the rail and sort of scoot down the stairs, making it downstairs long moments later. Walking was still a bit of an awkward affair, but he managed to get back to the garage and arrived in time to see the four cougars all turn to look at him.

Vincent smiled as he sized up the bow-legged wolf, tipping up the rim of his hat with a grin. “I see you finally elected to join us, pup.” He let the Stetson brim settle back over his eyes, shading them but not even beginning to cover that smirk. “I imagine you’ll find the situation a bit familiar.”

Wolfie whined at that. “T-that’s not fair,” he protested softly, though what really made him squirm now wasn’t the tormenting toy lodged in his rump or the amused expression on four feline faces. It was the other wolf’s desperate glance towards him, the soft whine that barely escaped the rubber cone in his mouth that really made Wolfie writhe under their attention. He looked over at the quad wolf and couldn’t help curling his tail forward and up, almost enough to cover the evidence of what bothered him inside.

“Oh, of course not, but I imagine you’ve figured that out by now,” Vincent replied, leaning back in the saddle as the leather creaked…but not from his movement. No, the straps themselves were tightening in a most pronounced way now, as the wolf’s underbelly went from feral litheness to a slightly plumper, more rotund look. Wolfie’s jaw dropped, making Vincent laugh again. “And I see you are familiar with what’s going on.”

“You’re not seriously…” Wolfie started, before watching Vladimir and Vasily both give loud, sticky-sounding thrusts into the feral wolf, who winced and whined as he was forced to gulp cum from one end and accept seemingly impossible volumes of the same from the other. The lighter underbelly fur swelled out, plump on either side of the wide leather band holding that saddle in place, even as the hide around the buckle creaked noisily in protest.

Vladimir’s icy laugh cut through any doubts that Wolfie might have had. “But we are serious. Entirely so.” That rich, rolling Slav accent would have been much more appealing in different circumstances, but now it just sounded like the big tiger-striped puma was just savoring the lupine discomfort building in the garage. “As you can see--and hear--he is already starting to show some strain.”

Another whine cut through the air, this time from the wolf who was starting to sag underneath the weight of the cougar on his back, the belly growing under him, and sheer exhaustion. Vasily gave a mocking ‘tsk’ and smacked the wolf’s butt solidly with a paw. “Some strain? I don’t think you’ve been paying enough attention, Vlad.” He smirked when the wolves both winced at the sound of that sharp spank. “He can probably take…oh, another few gallons perhaps?” He eyed the quadruped wolf, who gave him a most pitiful look. “At least that, I’m sure.”

“Gallons?” Wolfie echoed uneasily. It was a hard measure to swallow, yet the other lupine’s painfully swollen belly assured him that it was no lie. The combination of tightly stretched leather and equally stretched wolf pelt made him flinch a little every time he heard a creak. “That’s…”

“Impossible?” Vlad added coolly. He spared a momentary grin, revealing far too many extremely large fangs for Wolfie’s taste--he was quite glad when the cougar’s expression returned to its practiced stoicism. “Of course. But you tell him that.” He beckoned Wolfie closer, raising the other wolf’s head up sharply, exposing the furry throat. What should have been elegant lines of muscle were quite rudely interrupted by the rather obvious bulge in the wolfen gullet, first from the thick feline shaft lodged there, then from the forced swallow the wolf took, unhappily gulping down what looked to be a half a cup of feline cum every few moments. From that angle, it was also clear that Vlad’s equipment was not suffering from any lack in that department. The quad wolf whimpered mutedly, the sound coming out with a lewd gurgle underlying it. The swollen lupine stomach now brushed the floor, straining the straps holding the saddle on his back. The buckle itself looked like it was going to give in a few moments.

“But…how?” Wolfie blurted out, almost forgetting the situation before him, their nudity, even the toy stuffed inside him. Vlad’s clenched fist quickly reminded him of that last one, Wolfie’s legs finally giving way as he slumped to the floor on his hands and knees amid whimpers, trying to curl up in the fetal position but unable to--not only because of the shock toy keeping him squirming from its electrical stimulation, but because all that attention to his rear end was making his sheath swell unpleasantly tight against the restraints, and no amount of movement was going to relieve that pressure.

“Tsch. Question another time,” Vlad muttered, pulling his hips back for a moment and freeing the wolf of the unpleasant fullness in his gullet for the time being. However, this was not helped by the fact that the tip of his cock remained resting in that rubber cone gag, cum drooling from the slit. Some of it dribbled past the wolf’s lips to leave a sticky, gooey puddle on the floor, but far more of it began to fill his mouth, the strong, salty-metallic taste making the canine screw his eyes shut. This just meant that Vlad could slip something around the wolf’s neck and cinch it tight, smirking at Vincent as he did so. All as planned.

With both wolves whimpering and incapacitated, Vincent just gave that damnable cat’s-smile of his and reached down, idly stroking his crotch even as his cousins vented their rather obvious lusts on the poor canine in the middle of them, now huddled and rather terribly swollen out. The leather strap keeping the saddle in place and Vincent atop his ‘steed’ lent a peculiar hourglass shape to the lupine’s form, and it only grew more exaggerated as the wolf’s belly swelled out, filled from both ends by the two cougars who were so casually using him for their own needs. Even Victor seemed to be quite blasé about the whole thing, and there he was with Vasily straddling his ribcage and pounding the hell out of the wolf rump not inches above his own. Vincent leaned back in Vasily’s direction, holding on to his hat with one paw as the other braced on the distended lupine below him. A wide smile greeted Vasily, who shook his head and laughed.

“No need to ask twice,” he growled playfully, his hips pushing up against the wolf and now using that rump as a cushion, leaning on him even as he took Vincent’s cheeks in his paws, holding him in place while he planted a kiss square on the other cougar’s lips. The two pumas purred deeply as they exchanged slow, fond kisses and the occasional nuzzle, enjoying it quite obviously even as it seemed that they were the only ones in the room there just for the sheer hedonistic pleasure of it.

Victor pulled forward a bit, feeling the wolf give an uncomfortable wiggle and try to tug back. The motion might have gone some ways towards freeing the two of them from the tie if Victor hadn’t made a point of clenching down, only complicating things more as the wolf’s distended middle started to exceed what he could do to reach the floor, even on the very tips of his pawpads. The leather hitch holding the saddle finally gave with a creak and groan, the buckle tearing at its sewn seam as the saddle shifted dangerously for a moment, but all that thick, glorping, bulging belly just spilled out to the sides like a water balloon, the wolf sinking just a little closer to the floor, but not for very long--not with those two cougars doing quite a job of keeping him full. His paws struggled to reach down to the floor, claws scraping futilely at the concrete as he tried to keep some kind of traction on the ground.

All his struggles would be to no avail, however, as he desperately clawed at the ground, only to find that Vasily was still filling him with volumes he couldn’t wrap his mind around. The salty taste in his mouth and the new tightness around his neck didn’t help either, not with Vlad lazily shifting back and forth on his paws, before coming around behind Vasily and licking him gently on the ears. The cougar grunted lightly as he glanced back. “Not going to wait, are you, brother?”

Vlad smirked, then glanced at the slack-jawed wolf, relishing the confusion and vivid blush on Wolfie’s face. “Why should I?”

Vincent stretched from where he sat in the saddle, having managed to keep his balance atop the gurgling, swelling lupine. “Because we have to finish taking care of our toy here…” he said, glancing down at where the wolf was now swollen out sideways, his belly already so large that his paws no longer touched the ground. “And I imagine our other toy might want to help,” he added, turning his gaze on Wolfie and tipping his hat up. A knowing glint passed through those amber eyes. “Isn’t that right?”

Wolfie swallowed nervously. “I…what?” He asked, terribly confused. “What do you mean, help?”

“Simple.” A smile and a low laugh capped Vincent’s reply. “Vasily, if you’d be so kind as to pull back there.” Vasily resisted a moment, then sighed and slipped back and out, his cock slathered with his own seed as Vlad slipped his arms around his brother, giving another slow lick along his neck and cheek. The wolf’s sorely abused hole leaked feline spooge in a sticky, warm stream as Vincent leaned down, reaching behind the bloated lupine and bringing up a large, flat paddle. He smirked as he held it up. “And you’ll get one of these. I don’t imagine your paws are so used to it as ours, but just lay a little bit of that into our furry waterbed here and we’ll get started.”

“Lay into?” the wolf echoed.

Vincent responded with a reach back behind him, past the saddle and to the quad wolf’s ass. Thick fingers spread across the somewhat matted fur there, giving a firm grope at that cheek before he raised his paw up, then brought it down flat with a loud smack that made the wolf below him wince and wobble, and the one just barely kneeling not too far away give a little whine. The thick, liquid mass in the feral’s belly sloshed around loudly as Vincent weathered the wavelike motions in the wolf’s mass below him. “Like that.”

Wolfie wanted to whimper, but as Vincent flipped the paddle around and offered him the handle end, he found himself taking hold of it, feeling the smooth wooden surface in his paws. He shakily got to his knees, coming around behind the other wolf and looking down, spotting where Victor lay with his chest on the floor, giving Wolfie a flat look.

“Next time, I’m signing you up for Vincent’s schemes instead,” he said, sticking his tongue out at the wolf. A wiggle of his hips revealed a hint of the knot trying to tug free from his ass, but he was too tight and holding on too firmly for that. Even with him relaxing, it was still going to take a bit of effort to get him loose. He reached a hand back and pulled his tail out of the way, exposing the wolf’s butt wholly to Wolfie. “Don’t miss.”

All Wolfie could muster as a response was a mute nod and a little whimper, shakily raising the paddle up, then bringing it down. He hadn’t swung hard, so there wasn’t more than the noise of fur cushioning the blow as the paddle bounced off that butt. He paused, but an intense electrical assault in his nether regions made him yip and moan as Vlad’s ‘encouragement’ gave him a kick. Vlad gave Wolfie a glare from where he was cuddling Vasily with one hand and clenching the other into a most effective gloved fist. “Do it properly,” he growled.

“But I…” he started, even as now Vincent gave him one of those looks. Trapped between the two of them, he gave a resigned sigh and held the paddle up again. “I’m sorry,” he whimpered, but to who that was addressed, none could say. He brought the paddle up, held it there, and then swung down, hard, earning a loud smack and a loud gurgling and sloshing noise as the massive wolf belly jiggled with the impact. Vincent smiled.

“Do it again.”

He wanted to whimper, but Vincent’s tone brooked no protest. All Wolfie could do was repeat the motion, bringing the paddle up, then down onto those wolfen cheeks, ones that had to sting almost as much as his own butt now, listening to the loud, sharp smack echoing in his ears. He paused, raised it again, and closed his eyes as he swung down. The belly glorped and gurgled loudly as the paddle left a big, wide indent for a split second, then let the cum-stuffed gut slosh and wobble back into place. It was like watching a water bed almost, seeing it respond to every motion and blow with jiggly, liquid ease.

The next smack came down unbidden, as Vincent added his paw to the mix and gave his ‘steed’ a firm spank on that butt, not getting as much motion out of the wolf but definitely getting a pained whine as that big, round rump muscle was smacked hard, leaving a big, stinging pink handprint shape on the skin beneath.

Wolfie returned with another sharp whack that focused on the belly again this time, watching the other wolf slosh to and fro from the impact, the desperate whine coming out of the other canid making the paddle-wolf himself wince and whimper, keeping his eyes shut as he followed through on his commands.

A shame he hadn’t kept them open--if he had, he might have noticed how Vincent’s thighs tensed sharply, and caught the surprise in the quad wolf’s face before he heard that muffled, pained yelp.

The huge belly wobbled, groaned, and creaked a moment, before something gave in that taut furry pelt, swollen so round and tight as it was. There was a sound like torn cloth for a moment, followed by an almost obscene splash and splatter that sounded as though someone had dropped a massive water balloon from several hundred feet up, and there he was at ground zero.

Heat and stickiness washed over Wolfie as he was knocked off his feet by the torrential results, ending up sprawled on his back and coated pretty much all over in a sticky off-white mess. He squeaked and wiped his eyes, trying to make out something through the mess, and his jaw dropped at the result.

Vincent sat there in the middle of it all, looking decidedly unperturbed even as the saddle beneath him lay empty, save for the gooey, creamy spunk that coated the walls and floor, a good few inches of the stuff filling the garage. He was largely pristine save for the slick mess clinging to the fur on his legs, with him just sitting there and stretching a bit.

Victor was not quite so lucky--he had clearly been right at the prime point when it had all gone horribly, obscenely wrong, and now he was covered back and front with a thick layer of cougar spooge. He groaned a little as he tried to reach up and pull Vincent back down into the mess with him, but his twin deftly avoided him, smiling all the while.

The other two cougars were in a decidedly less sticky state, though Vasily was still clearly cum-stained up to his hips in the front. Vlad seemed to have avoided it all together, save for how he, like everyone else, was now about ankle deep in a sticky, hot pool of their own making.

Most suspicious of all was how the other quad wolf was no longer there; instead, a fine dusting of wolf fur clung to points in the wall and at odd points in the pool of cum there in the garage. Wolfie’s jaw hung open as he tried to process what just happened, but all he could do was whine as he regarded the mess. The rich, musky, very male scent went from strong to downright overwhelming, shutting down Wolfie’s nose entirely.

Vasily was the first to speak up. “Well…you know what they say.”

Victor shot a mischievous grin at his cousin. “When you’ve got to blow, you’ve got to blow?” He piped up.

Vlad just groaned at that one as Vincent shook his head, finally getting out of the saddle and wading into the goopy mess to grab his brother’s cheeks. “Okay, now I’ve just got to shut you up out of general principle,” he said, kneeling down and kissing Victor square on the lips, not even bothering to wipe away the gooey mess of cum on his muzzle. Victor didn’t protest a bit, purring as he reached down through Vincent’s open-fronted chaps and gave his brother’s sheath a squeeze, pulling the fur back and revealing the glistening black cock.

“Hey, save a little for us,” Vasily added, tugging his brother towards their cousins as the four cougars knelt and snuggled together. He leaned in, licked Victor on the cheek, then knelt down further to start licking over Victor’s own sheath, even as Vladimir flipped up his brother’s tail and started licking along that taint, up between those cheeks. Vasily shuddered and Victor did much the same, and before long all four of the cats were showing their goods, and then some. The cowboy flicked his hat back as he continued kissing his twin, cradling him closer as his shaft throbbed in Victor’s hand. After a moment, he guided his brother down towards that shaft, and he obligingly gave a lick before his jaws open wide, taking the thick, throbbing length into his muzzle.

Vlad smirked as he gripped his own sibling’s hips, pulling him back and onto his lap with a growl. “You are not going anywhere,” he rumbled as he ground a familiar thickness up against Vasily’s rear. “After all, you got a lot more out today than I have so far.” As if to accent his point, he guided the tip of his shaft up between Vasily’s cheeks, grinding the head firmly under his brother’s tail even as the puma’s tail flicked a little, trying to lean down and hold on to Victor’s hips as he kept his muzzle buried between another pair of sodden cheeks.

“Greedy,” Vasily teased between licks at Victor’s sac, listening to the cat moan through a mouthful of cock. “Always have to one up everyone else, don’t you?” he laughed softly, but he offered little resistance even as Vlad started humping at him, pushing that thick shaft up closer to its desired target, and after a minute, a solid thrust shoved the head in, making Vasily wince and growl as he was invaded, his rump clenching firmly down. That seemed to flip a switch on their lust , stirring Vincent to growl and shift Victor away from Vasily’s questing tongue, but only so he could offer his own butt in return, purring when he was graced by a tongue that snaked up between his cheeks. Vlad interrupted with a thrust that speared his brother with a thick feline girth, making Vasily growl through his teeth as he nibbled on Vincent’s rump. If Vincent noticed, it didn’t make him stop thrusting into Victor’s mouth.

Wolfie’s jaw dropped. All four of the cats were going along into their incestuous little orgy as if nothing were more normal, and here they all were almost knee-deep in spooge and fur, and there they were all hot and aroused and wow I really want to help--

Something strained in Wolfie’s loins as he saw the pink tip of his shaft straining to escape the round ring holding his sheath tight, and after a moment he whined as he tugged on the ring, pulling it down but at the same time drawing his sheath back, letting the tightness finally give way as his cock poked out at long last. However, the moment the ring slid down past his knot, though, he found himself in another bit of trouble as it closed up and locked tight, keeping his arousal painfully evident. Before, he couldn’t manage to show it, and now, he’d be lucky if he could get that throbbing hardness to go back down at all. It was still kind of a relief of sorts, though, and he crawled over on all fours towards the pile of cats, whimpering lightly. “S-sirs, here…” he said shakily, quietly, his tail curled submissively between his legs. “Let me help…clean you up,” he woofed softly, waiting for some response. Getting none, he started licking slowly, starting with Vlad. As much as he dreaded Vlad’s fickle punishments, it certainly couldn’t hurt to start with him, could it?

ZAP. “YEEP! Yipe yip yipe!”

Yes, apparently it could. Electricity coursed through him even as he continued licking, a whine escaping him as he tried his best to make up for whatever he’d done to earn a fresh shock in the butt. He recoiled and shuddered, yet it seemed that the more he served the more Vlad shocked him. The wolf whimpered as he dredged cum out of Vlad’s fur, swallowing with each lick even as he worked to clean up as much of the feline as he could manage. His tongue dragged up and down along the tiger striped cougar’s fur, but even as he performed his service, the big feline lit him up from the inside, like a child’s toy with the world‘s biggest battery shoved in its lewdest places.

Vasily was the one resolution to the situation, swatting his brother’s gloved hand down and away from the tight-fisted grip it had shown. “Enough, Vlad. Any more and he’ll go off like a lava lamp.”

Vlad glared at his sibling and then at Wolfie. “Honestly, you believe he is so pathetic he cannot handle a few more?”

“No, I believe he’s handled enough and you’re just bored with your new toy,” Vasily pointed out, curling an arm back and around to pull Vlad forward a bit. The result had Wolfie working to lick carefully at more exposed spots, cleaning up all that he could in his whimpering state. “If you’d bothered to pay attention that might’ve been apparent sooner.”

Vlad gave an idle grunt and stretched a little, letting Wolfie provide his services. The wolf’s tongue found its way up into the cleft of Vlad’s rump, which clenched lightly in response to the attention. Vasily held his brother above him, the two of them a tenuous yin-yang of lust, aggression, and restraint entwined together. The striped cat consented to hold still while he was cleaned, and before long Wolfie found that he’d done the best he could. A little nuzzle at the base of Vladimir’s spine spoke volumes. “Finished, sir.”

The puma held his tongue on how ‘finished’ he really thought the wolf was, but nodded curtly as Wolfie came around behind to the other side. With Vasily and Vincent in the middle, he couldn’t get to either of them without interposing himself needlessly between two rather large cats, and the less compromised of a position he got himself into, the better. Well, however less compromised than he was right that moment, at any rate.

Victor was next--thankfully he didn’t have a direct switch to the metallic intruder lodged inside the gray furred lupine, but Wolfie still hesitated slightly. Victor was no bigger than Vlad, but he was definitely a bigger job; Vlad hadn’t had much mess on him really, save perhaps calves and ankles, up to his knees, but Victor had been right at the center of the messy cumsplosion that had taken place. Calling him ‘coated’ might have been an understatement. The canine gave a little sniff at the cougar’s soaked rump, noting how Victor himself was carrying a bit of a plump belly--one Wolfie was certain the cougar had not had when the day’s antics had started. “May I clean you up next, sir?” Wolfie asked aloud, careful to not presume anything at this point. These cats had an unnerving tendency to be full of surprises, far more than any creatures their size had any right to contain.

The response came in the feline tail slowly, somewhat languidly flipping up to expose the area between Victor’s spooge-slathered cheeks. The fact that the cougar had in no way yanked him closer or shoved him into unpleasant places meant that he was probably free to do as he would like--a thought which relieved and unnerved him at the same time, for some reason. Carefully, he began to lick again, starting with one of Victor’s big, round buttcheeks, slowly lapping with a soft whimpering whine as he paid his proper dues. His tongue dragged up along the cat’s rump, dredging through sperm-soaked fur as he swallowed mouthfuls of the stuff with each lick. It was lewd, it was embarrassing, it was rather demeaning, but still, the wolf did as he was bidden and continued to clean up the pumas as best as he could manage.

Wolfie did the best he could with Victor’s rump and went further up, his service compelled by the lock that Vincent was giving him, the same familiar, self assured, altogether smug grin that had left him cowed and subservient when they’d first met. Even though he was sating his own urges with his twin’s muzzle, Wolfie knew that the other cat would just as readily pull out and make his life very interesting, toy or no toy. Fortunately Vincent seemed preoccupied with enjoying Victor and Vasily’s mouths, and made no attempts to make Wolfie’s life any more difficult than it already was, for which the wolf was grateful. The fact that a collar now floated by only made him wonder and whine a little, reminded suddenly of the one that he wore around his neck now. He never hesitated in his licks though, the warm wolfen tongue trailing across the puma’s short, sleek fur, leaving behind a glistening tan coat as he serviced the cat.

Licking his way on up, Wolfie shuddered a bit as he felt the very tip of his sore and very needy wolfcock poking into a crevice somewhere down there. He was up here, servicing Victor’s neck and shoulders. No question what the tip of his shaft was jabbing at there. Worry knotted his insides a little, which only made the shock toy stuffed up his butt feel that much bigger. This is a bad idea. This is a really bad idea! He glanced down, tried his best to look past the glistening tan coat of fur beneath him, but even as his brain screamed warnings and dissuasions with every word fair or foul in his vocabulary, a very basic part of him tuned all that out, and gave in to the urge that had lit up the moment he felt warmth at his cock. Thrust.

Surrounded by large felines, trapped in their garage, subject to their whims, and against all better judgment, Wolfie humped his hips forward, feeling a warmth greet his cock as he pushed forward and in. Clinging desperately to Victor’s shoulders. He couldn’t help but whine as heat enveloped his cock, the cougar’s hole slurping up his shaft quite readily, almost all the way down to the knot in just a few needy pumps of his hips. Victor pulled his muzzle off Vincent’s lap as he turned back to give Wolfie a look that was part perturbed, part amused. “Hey! I gave at the office already,” he snapped, and for a moment the wolf was worried that he might discover just what other punishments these four felines could inflict on him. Fortunately, Victor’s snarl retreated back and he sighed, getting his lips back around the head of Vincent’s shaft. “Just get back to your work already. If I have to fuck you silly to do it, I will.”

Unsure how to interpret the threat, Wolfie gave a little lupine whine through his nose and continued licking in earnest, trying to make sure he got every spot cleaned up he could find. A soreness strained his stomach by the time he got to Victor’s flicking ears, but the twinges of pain were counteracted by how nice the big cougar’s butt was. Not only did he have a nice, soft rump that was all padded out around the muscle, but it was also warm and velvet-soft on the inside, and rather loosened up by the previous wolf besides. Wolfie tried hard not to think about the idea of ‘previous’ in this case, and just kept pushing even though he knew it would not end well for him if he did.

With his knot already out, he couldn’t push completely into the cat below him, but what he had was enough. Even as he slurped salty feline cum from the cougar’s fur, the wolf whined and humped, his shaft throbbing painfully a few times before he yipped, squirting a stream of wolfcum up the cougar’s rear. That soft, warm tunnel clenching lightly around him only encouraged him more, making the wolf whimper a little as he loosed another load into the cougar’s rump. Even as he struggled to stay on, Wolfie persisted, slurping the feline’s fur and greatly fearing his natural instinct to bite and hold on would end with an even bigger pair of jaws around his neck. A few more spastic thrusts, though, finally gave him some relief from the pressure, if not from the tightness around the base of his sheath nor the intrusive metal monstrosity in his bowels.

After a long moment, the wolf scooted back a little, feeling his shaft slip free even if the knot was very tightly engaged. The rubber ring holding it back was going to give him no end of woes, no doubt, but at least he’d been allowed to free himself from the pressure building up inside him. Giving Victor one last lick to make sure he hadn’t missed anything, the wolf scooted back, panting softly as he licked the inside of his mouth. Working all that coarse fur had left his tongue a little numb, but that wasn’t the only thing. Glancing down, he noticed that he was now sporting the same kind of look that Victor was--surprisingly round in spite of himself. That had not been there when he’d started either. “…murf.”

Vincent’s ears pricked up at the sound, a smile turning up the corners of that black-marked muzzle. “Think you’re done already?” he chuckled, leaning forward over Victor’s now-clean back. This exposed the mess that practically caked the fur on the inside of the cat’s thighs, something his chaps hadn’t protected him from to any degree. Wolfie whined through his nose, earning a low chuckle from Vincent again. “Oh, what.” The cougar’s tail lazily flicked from side to side as he buried his cock in his brother’s mouth. “You know you’re not close to done yet.”

The wolf winced, whined softly, and slumped over his paws as he looked at the job presented to him. It struck him that he might end up doing a lot of cleaning at this rate. “W-when do I get to stop?” he wondered in a small voice.

The Western-clad cougar paused, glancing back at the wolf now positioned behind him. “Who said you get to stop?” he replied, tipping his hat back over his eyes as his hips rocked hypnotically, keeping a steady pace in Victor’s face and mouth as he watched the unfortunate wolf crawl over, whining before bringing his muzzle between Vincent’s legs. The cat smiled, curling his tail around Wolfie’s neck in crude mimicry of the collar that the wolf wore. “Good pup.”

Wolfie looked over his task, flattening his ears back as he tried in vain to see if Vasily might somehow swoop in and save him a second time. He was now focused once again on Victor’s rump. No such luck this time around. Another sigh escaped as he leaned in and started licking. His stomach protested the additional strain, but a little soreness now would doubtless ward off a lot more later.

It was going to be a very long night for the wolf.

Wolfie found himself still licking over feline fur some time later, though this was fresher than what he’d spent most of the night working on. He no longer sighed, no longer tried to whine. He just kept lapping on, more out of a strange sense of completionism than whatever threats the four of them posed to him. He scooted from spot to spot, doing his task as he was bid--every time a glob of white appeared, a dutiful pink tongue quickly dragged across the bit of fur or flesh and cleaned it away. He didn’t even realize it when a hand rested on his shoulder and a reassuring Slavic voice cooed in his ear. “Little puppy?”

“Mmnh.” His words, if they were even words, were lost somewhere in the middle of all that tan fur.

“I think you can stop now.”

Stop? Someone had actually said that? The word seemed to register only distantly. Wolfie paused a moment and finally got his muzzle out of the pile of fur. It took him a second to realize he’d been sticking his nose into Vincent’s taint for the past ten minutes. “It’s okay sirs, I can handle it.”

Unseen by the wolf, Vasily’s eyebrow arched curiously. “Really now? I think your ‘handle’ of the situation has gotten a bit out of hand.” The cougar seemed unusually proud of that statement for some reason.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Wolfie asked, staring at what was certainly a fine piece of feline ass. Vincent wasn’t as nicely padded as Victor, but he was still rather nice in that department.

“Well, come over here and I’ll explain,” Vasily said, squatting down a good couple of feet away, looking unusually amused. The gray furred lupine tried to pick himself up and crawl over in that direction, but for some reason he was only able to barely dig the tips of his nails into the ground and perhaps rock back and forth in place. It finally dawned on the wolf to look down--and blush a bright red under his fur.

“…meep.” Stuck in place, Wolfie could only look himself over and start whining at last. He couldn’t get any traction on the floor because he couldn’t reach the floor. His belly had swollen out down past his arms and legs, and try as he might he couldn’t do more than give a few pitiful wiggles. “I…um.”

The puma laughed a bit and returned to standing, shaking his head. “I suppose I could leave you with Victor and Vincent, but that would not bode well for you, da?” Vasily smirked as his tailtip flicked back and forth. “Any worse than it is now I guess.” The cougar sat down in a cleared spot, looking to keep from getting any dirtier as the night wore on.

Wolfie whimpered a little, then turned back to his task, finding a wet spot he’d missed and licking it clean right away. “I-I’ll just stay here and…” he paused, licking his lips lightly. “Just…just…” The canine struggled for words.

“Do as you’re told?” Vincent suddenly said, looking up from where he was presently looming over his twin. Somewhere between then and now, Victor had turned around underneath his sibling, and both wolf and puma were now staring at two feline rumps. “Just finish up the last of it from me and you can relax. I promise.”

A promise! The word made Wolfie’s tail start to wag, or at least try; these cats were a very unusual (and as some might point out, quite mean at that), but they’d not reneged on their word thus far. Sure, they’d changed how they said things to suit them, but they kept their promises. Certainly that had to count for something. “Yes sirs,” he replied, licking once again and really getting his muzzle into the act. He even went so far as to dip his snout down and wrap his tongue around the ebony meat pumping in and out of Victor’s rear. Vincent seemed to not mind this…in fact, he seemed to be raising his hips up even further, giving Wolfie more to work with. After a moment, he shuddered and thrust deep, making Victor groan and visibly squirm as the two brothers bred there. Wolfie waited for what he could see, then gingerly lapped around that hole. He paused, wondered why Vincent seemed to be letting it all stay inside Victor.

Then the top feline pulled out, and a good third of the wolf’s hard work on Victor was erased. Thick globs of cougar semen spurted from that domed head, liberally frosting the other cat’s butt and down the backs of his thighs, some ending up sticking together the fur on Victor’s taint and balls. Wolfie’s jaw dropped, but he hurriedly went in with his muzzle, trying to coax that tip around his lips and hoping to seal up tight. He almost regretted it the instant he did; hot, sticky puma goo filled his mouth and almost came back out, but he hurriedly swallowed. He was getting uncommonly good at it by now. With some effort he managed to get the tip of it to settle at the back of his tongue and gulped a few times more…and a few times after, and a few more after that. For all the effort he’d put into Victor it seemed that Vincent too was practically without limits in that regard. Not unlike his cousins really.

Wolfie gagged a little as his eyes bulged, his stomach, no, his whole body feeling more taut and swollen as he drank down more from the big cat, until finally he felt that flow stop, the heat of the feline’s seed sliding down his throat as he gave one last swallow, watching and feeling the thick cougar cock slip back out of his lips. With it went a little dribble of puma cum, as well as a sudden belch that made him wobble. He looked the part of some comical fairground balloon filled too full with water, except that he was one sorely strained wolf and that it definitely wasn’t water inside him now. He could only make a gurgling sound or two, fearing anything more might result in some backflow…or something creaking.

Vincent chuckled quietly at the sight, giving Wolfie’s side a good slap and making the hapless lupine jiggle again. “It looks like you’re done now,” he mused with a smirk. “Maybe you could use a break.”

“And about damn time. My ass is sore,” Victor groused, picking himself off the floor and looking himself over. It was definitely going to be one of those long-shower nights.

“Oh hush. You’ve had worse.” Vincent kissed his brother on the cheek, then turned back to Wolfie and nosed him in turn. “And that includes you.” He patted the wolf’s muzzle, then gave a light lick to the tip of his nose. “Just relax. We’ll stay here with you until you can scootch somewhere. Or at least I will.”

Victor grunted something and ambled towards a shower, dripping copiously from the mess staining his rump and thighs, cradling an arm around his pudgy belly. Vasily just laid along one side of the bloated wolf, leaning him in one direction while Vincent counterbalanced and sagged back against the swollen lupine. Vlad had disappeared long ago, leaving Wolfie alone with the cougars he suspected he trusted most and least. It was a strange feeling, but as Vasily began to snore against his side, it struck him that perhaps it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Lewd beyond belief, sure, but not the worst. Wolfie shuddered a bit, then gave in, slumping in place and giving in to the exhaustion that now gripped him. He couldn’t have fought if he’d tried or wanted to, but it seemed they were being true to their word…it’d be tough getting used to this bunch. It’d be an effort, really, but it’d be worth it in the end.

At least he’d never go cold and hungry.