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Curiosity Filled the Wolf

Anyone who might have happened to see the wolf gamboling about on the grass might have thought him a bit silly, being as big as he was and yet chasing down butterflies and anything else that spurred his interest. It was, in fact, almost cute--a fact which certainly sorely tempted the fates to go forth and find ways to liven things up.

Thus tempted, fate came in the form of a pair of powerful tan legs, which the wolf, in one of his aimless bounds, crashed into bodily, sending the lupine bouncing back but seemingly not perturbing the cat to any degree. It did, however, earn a smirk as a pair of golden eyes settled on the wolf’s silvery pelt and the vulnerable sprawl he’d landed in. A soft chuckle escaped the cat as he loomed over the wolf. “A bit of a silly thing for a wolf like you to be doing, isn’t it?” A hint of ice lingered in the cougar’s words.

Instantly, the wolf’s ears tipped down and back, pouting and whining for a moment before they came back up and his expression turned guarded as he bared a fang. “It’s not silly!” he protested. “I was just… exercising. Yeah.” He looked up defiantly into the cat’s eyes, but a few moments under that intense, withering gaze made him look down after a moment. However, that drew his attention to the cougar’s body, a wonderfully toned, well sculpted male form that not even the cat’s sleek, tan coat could hide.

The cougar arched an eyebrow with a knowing smirk. “Really now? Looked more like a puppy running around chasing his tail to me.” The cat’s words stung incisively at the wolf, and the expression on the canine’s face was alone worth the price of admission.

“I’m not a puppy!” the wolf protested, snarling a little. “I’m a wolf, a big wolf…and what are you doing here, then? Standing around and spying on people like, like a voyeur! Creep!” he accused, though truthfully the lupine had no idea how long the cat had been there. He picked himself up off the ground and found, to his dismay, that the cat was every bit as big as he was.

“I’ve been here long enough,” the cat said, smiling unnervingly again. “I was just passing through and couldn’t help but watch.” His tail swished. “You know, out of surprise, or maybe pity. Who can say.” The puma shook his head slowly with a laugh that barely escaped his throat. “And as for you…a big wolf? Please. I’ve seen bigger and far more mature. ‘Big bad wolves’ indeed,” the feline harrumphed.

The wolf flattened his ears back. “I am a big wolf!” he whined in a voice not unlike a dog being chastised. He got another laugh in return.

“Oh, really now?” Bright gold eyes blazed at the wolf. “Prove it.”

The canine blinked. “P-prove it?” he stammered, his tail tucking down lightly a moment.

“Prove it. You said you’re a big wolf, well…prove yourself.” The cat crossed his arms over his chest and gave that unnerving smile again. “I know plenty of ways you can do just that.”

Their gazes met, one determined, if a little hesitant, the other aloof yet amused, like a senior watching a freshman fall down with an armload of books. “W-what ways?”

The puma reached out and settled his rather large paw on the wolf’s shoulder. “C’mon, I’ll show you.” A pause. “What’s your name wolfie?” he asked, as if addressing a young cub.

Canine ears flattened back again. “…Wolfie,” he admitted after a moment.

The cougar paused, then turned with almost mechanical precision to settle Wolfie under his hard stare once again. “You’re joking.”

The lupine swallowed nervously. “No. I‘m not.” A cute name, perhaps, but not helping prove his point to the cat, who just shook his head in rueful disbelief. “It…it just means I’m the original one! What’s your name, then!” the wolf barked. Part of him hoped that the cat would have something he could go on about. His hopes fell flat when the feline merely locked eyes and laughed quietly.

“You can call me ‘sir,’ pup,” the cougar said, coming around behind the wolf and starting to push, his paw still gripped firmly onto Wolfie’s shoulder, providing the necessary impulse to force him out and away from the cozy little forest and towards what looked like a building. Perhaps it was the cougar’s house, but as they got closer, it looked more like it was just an old meeting hall of some kind instead.

Wolfie swallowed nervously again and whimpered, his tail tucking up so far forward that it hid his crotch from all angles. That, however, did not stop the cougar from reaching down with his free hand and disturbing any other thoughts that the silver-furred lupine might have been having with a good, hard squeeze on his rear. “YIP!” The sound came out rather high-pitched, more like his balls had been grabbed than his rear. “What was that for?!” Wolfie whined again.

“To make sure you’re still paying attention,” the cougar said simply, smiling as he pushed the door open. The sight that greeted them was…curious. It was clean, at least, but bare, with the walls stripped down to just the wallpaper and a bare hardwood floor. A single mattress was set in the floor, clearly left there with only one purpose in mind. The wolf paled a little beneath his already light-colored fur.

“What’s that for?” he asked, his tail tucked up as tight between his legs as it would go.

A low chuckle rumbled from behind him. “Obviously it’s how you’re going to prove your point, puppy.” A firm shove on his shoulder. “On your knees. If you’re going to call yourself a big wolf, you’ll have to learn to take it like a wolf.”

Wolfie’s eyes shot wide as he turned to face the cougar. “You can’t be serious!”

The cougar grinned. “I’m perfectly serious. Now go.” While the firm shove would probably have sufficed to force the wolf into the room, the foot held before his ankle ensured he would stumble in and, reflexes willing, collapse onto the mattress there. The wolf yelped as he found himself tripping over the cat’s feet, and then face-down on the mattress a moment later, whimpering quietly--the dastardly feline had caught him off guard and kept him there. The wolf rose from the mattress with a whine as he turned and opened his mouth to protest, but the words died before he could get the first syllable out.

The feline was stepping out of his running shorts, the blue cloth collecting on the floor as he stood before the wolf, shamelessly nude as he took a step towards Wolfie. While that was bad enough, it was what now came to his eye level that truly distracted and worried him, as the heavy, dangling sheath and sac swayed with the feline’s motions. The corners of the cougar’s mouth twisted up into a smile as he leered down at the dismayed wolf. “What’s the matter? Scared?”

Wolfie whimpered a little, then scooted away on the mattress, unwilling to turn his back on the cat. The canine crossed his legs and shook his head. “No! I’m not…” he said, though his anxious, submissive posture said otherwise. The strong male scent in the room only made him more nervous, since it was almost entirely the cat’s natural musk, which grew more intense as the feline stepped close, leaving the wolf staring at his crotch from nearly point-blank range.

“It certainly looks like you are,” he chuckled as he reached down behind the wolf’s ears, suddenly yanking him forward and against that fragrant male package. The wolf eeped and coughed a little when he found his face and nose stuffed into the cat’s fur, the rich, heady aroma making Wolfie wince a little as it invaded his senses. It was staggering, overwhelming, but very, very arousing, and it showed. Unwilled, the wolf’s own pink cockhead slipped free from his sheath, peeking out a little as the cougar reached down, raising up that sheath a bit and pressing the wolf’s snout into the tender spot between his large, heavy orbs, giving him a direct dose of the strong male scent now being ground right into the wolf’s fur.

Wolfie gave a small, soft whine, even as he tried to reach up and push the offending male package away, but all it did was let him feel the surprising weight in that sheath and those orbs. Another whimper escaped him as he closed his eyes, trying to ignore the handsome, powerful male above him, but all he got was another reminder as something heavy and warm flopped across his nose. For a moment, he thought it was the cat’s heavy sheath again, but this was far less furry, and more smooth and slick, and smelled that much more of the cougar’s scent. His eyes shot open as the realization hit him and he jerked away, whining sharply before staring bug-eyed at the cat before him.

The cougar’s maleness hung there before him, freed from its sheath. In the harsh overhead light, Wolfie could make out the veins running beneath the black flesh and the tiny barbs set into the area just behind the glans, which dripped with precum, but it was not those features that left him gaping. What truly stunned him was the sheer size of the masculine equipment before him. He honestly wasn’t sure what to expect in the first place, but it certainly hadn’t been this! The cougar’s shaft jutted out to nearly a foot of length, and its girth was probably close to three inches across. The wolf reflexively crossed his legs and pulled away, whimpering. “You…it’s huge!” the silver-furred wolf whined as he stared at the thick black rod.

The feline laughed softly. “So? A big wolf should be able to manage, right?” he asked with a leer, smirking down at Wolfie as he licked the black-striped corners of his muzzle. “I suppose you’re not a very big wolf though, so you have good reason to be worried.” The cougar brought a wide feline paw up and then down slowly onto the lupine’s crotch, making him whine as he teased the wolf’s sheath under his pawpads, where the wolf’s own, rather less substantial cock now throbbed hard against his belly, his knot threatening to pop out at any moment. The cat used his foot to roll the wolf over and onto his belly. “Butt in the air, now.”

Wolfie complied, however reluctantly, and looked back behind him as he raised his rump end off the mat, his tail still tucked between his legs. The cougar knelt down behind him, that thick shaft rubbing against an exposed butt cheek as the wolf whimpered a little. “Please…” he started, realized he didn’t know the cat’s name, then cringed as he said his next words, “Please, sir, don’t make it hurt…”

The feline smiled and the tip of his tail twitched. “Big wolves don’t complain,” he grunted, guiding his cockhead down and forward, dipping its tip at the tightly clenched entrance, less to try and force his way in, and more to just tease the poor canine thoroughly. A soft whimper from the wolf made the cat smile as he continued his assault, his cock spurting watery streams of precum across the other male’s butt, the warm heat making the wolf pant a little. The cat ran his finger down under the nervously swishing lupine tail, smearing the mess of precum around on the wolf’s anal opening, teasing solidly at the poor wolf with a steady series of rubs and pokes, his finger invading the wolf’s privacy in ways most could only begin to fathom

“Yeep!” A sharp yip escaped from Wolfie as he felt the cougar fingering him, moaning and whimpering while he wriggled a little. “Sir…please…” He gave a little moan and kicked one of his legs reflexively as he felt a finger push into him. “I’m not very…used to this…” he whined as he was intruded, squirming from nose to tail as he tried to push out the feline fingers forcing their way under his tail.

“You’ll just have to learn to get used to it then,” the feline muttered, pushing those fingers in deeper as the wolf gave little moans and whimpers with a very pronounced wiggle. The feline grinned at that, shoving his fingers in almost to the knuckle, making the whole yelp loudly and whine, his shaft throbbing hard as the knot at its based popped free, preventing any ideas of lessening his arousal now. His task done, the cat smiled and pulled his hand free, running the slimy, slick fingers down along the canine’s rump. “There. Perfect.” No thoughts of running now, that was for sure, and his toy was all loosened up to boot as a bonus. Scooting around behind Wolfie, the cougar brought his thick, ebony shaft into view of the wolf once more, gliding the slightly domed head back and forth between the wolf’s cheeks.

“Please, sir…” the wolf started, before he was cut off by a thick, intrusive sensation at his rear. His anal entrance was forced to gape wide as the domed head plunged inside, spreading the poor lupine’s tailring open as a good inch or two of cock sank into Wolfie’s rear, dragging a loud yelp from the wolf as he whined hard, gnawing reflexively on the mattress at the newfound intrusion. “You’re welcome,” the cat smirked as he humped into his new toy, pushing his hips forward. Muscular legs built for leaping and pouncing now powered thrusts that shoved more of the feline’s thick length into the lupine’s rear, the squirming wolf whimpering and yelping as he was invaded. A hiss rose from him as he slapped the wolf briskly on his butt, relishing the yip that came with it. “Nice and tight. Now tighten up.”

The wolf’s fine yellow eyes went wide in surprised as he gaped back at his tormentor, making several plaintive, pleading sounds as the cat used his tight rear passage. “T-tighter? But--”

“Yes, exactly that,” growled the cougar as he grabbed Wolfie’s hips, giving the dismayed wolf a moment to stare before that thick, black pole slammed up inside him almost to the hilt, the reflexive drag of feline claws getting a near-howl out of Wolfie as he shuddered from nose to rump. The tawny feline smirked, then flicked the tip of his tail back and forth with a less-than-pleasant smile. “Ooh, there’s a nice one.” He nodded as he licked the black-striped corners of his mouth. “Mmh…heh. A nice, tight fit. Bet you’ve never taken one up the pipe before…”

A wince and a nod from the wolf. “Y…yes sir. I…ow!” he barked suddenly, his rump squeezing tightly in reflex as a small series of painful pricks ran through his insides. “What was that?” the lupine whimpered, a sudden prickling, slightly rough sensation deep within his rear making him shudder and try to pull off in spite of the strong pair of arms holding him there.

The low chuckle he got in response held no warmth. Slow breaths washed along Wolfie‘s shoulder as the cat leaned in and smiled. “You didn’t notice, oh, say, the layer of barbs earlier?” he wondered, dragging his raspy tongue slowly along the silver fur of Wolfie’s neck, before doling out a nip that made the wolf tense up once again. “Maybe I should stop expecting so much?” He punctuated this with another hump, his hips now flush against the wolf’s rear.

Wolfie moaned as he felt the feline’s strong hands dragging along his fur, groping, squeezing, fondling shamelessly, taking pleasure in enjoying him with no regard to whether the wolf wanted to share that pleasure. The sheer control exhibited by the cat made him shudder in fear, yet the excitement it stirred him was undeniable as well. The fragrant musk invading the wolf’s nose didn’t exactly help that either, serving to keep the lupine cock throbbing hard between his legs even as the cougar buried his own length deep into the canine’s butt. “Urf…sir…it stings…” he whined as the cat’s insistent thrusts seemed to sandpaper his insides a bit.

“That’s kind of the idea,” the tan feline growled as he nibbled on the side of Wolfie’s neck, making him shudder as an extra-slow pull let him feel every barb as it dragged and plucked at his inner flesh. “Mmh… look at you squirm. Such a sensitive boy! I’m surprised no one got to you before this…”

“Oh, for crying out loud, enough already.” A third voice made both wolf and cougar turn to look over at the newcomer. The former’s jaw dropped in shock when he saw who was there. The latter’s lips curled up into a smile when he viewed the same.

A second cougar, an almost perfect duplicate of the first from ears to footpaws, practically strutted in, smiling widely as he came in and knelt down next to the both of them. Wolfie, nearly dying of embarrassment right now, could only watch as the second cat seemed to ignore him, leaning in to kiss his apparent twin on the nose. “You’re terrible, Vincent, you know that?” he asked the cat currently draped over the wolf’s back.

“Hey, c’mon, Victor, you’re spoiling my fun.” The one called Vincent leaned down to nip one of the wolf’s ears. “I had this one calling me sir from the get-go for lack of anything better…” he smirked, before coming back up to return the kiss, this time under the other cat’s chin. “I didn’t think you were going to be here yet.”

Victor rolled his lean, muscular shoulders back, all smiles. “I heard you got one, and I had to come see.” He scooted around forward, grinning as he cupped Wolfie’s chin, bringing the canine’s gaze up to level with the feline’s. “Seems like you got a pretty good one here. Forgot one little thing though,” Victor added, smiling at his twin.

Vincent snorted, not once interrupting the steady pace of his thrusts. “I was in a bit of a rush. Sue me.”

Wolfie wasn’t sure what had been forgotten, but he wasn’t about to ask, lowering his head to avoid the gaze of this second cat. The cougar’s paw came under his chin again, bringing it back up as the other slipped something around his neck, a smooth, weighty band of some kind that cinched firmly around his neck. The wolf’s eyes shot open as a paw reached up to finger the strange accessory, but before he could do so, a weird, warm tingle trickled down his neck and spine, making him whimper as it spread through his entire body before fading. Finding his fingers again, the wolf scrabbled at his neck and found there what he had suspected, dreaded. “A collar?”

Victor smiled. “Yes. A good owner should always provide his pet with one, right?”

Wolfie’s jaw hung. “P-pet?!”

The cougar kneeling next to him nodded. “Of course. You don’t think Vincent was just interested in seeing how well you could take dick just because, do you?”

The wolf whimpered and shuddered, then yelped when the cougar came around to his front, spreading his thighs and revealing that Victor was indeed a proper duplicate of the feline on Wolfie’s back. The sheath there looked almost a proper size for the feline, though the large, round cougar orbs hung low with their weight. As he watched, though, the pursed slit parted, allowing a glistening black cockhead to peek free. Victor scooted forward, the slightly domed head pressing at Wolfie’s lips. “Now…c’mon boy, you know what to do.” Wolfie whined sharply and gave a pleading glance at Victor. This one didn’t seem quite as bad as the casually thrusting beast still draped over his back. The feline, though, just smirked and cupped the wolf’s chin in his paw and brought the muzzle into line with the emerging tip of his shaft. “No buts. Get licking.”

Wolfie flattened his ears back and whimpered again. “Yes sir,” he said, before slipping his tongue free to start licking slowly over the proffered sheath. Victor smiled and stroked the wolf’s cheek.

“Good little puppy…so ready and eager to take some cock, huh?” Victor’s words cut into the wolf in a way sharply unlike Vincent’s. Such assumptive commentary made Wolfie sigh and whine through his nose as he submitted to their whims, lapping at the growing arousal right in front of him. Just looking at him made him wonder as inch after girthy inch emerged from that plump sheath, a sheath that looked not nearly large enough to contain the thick black spire now poking insistently at his lips. Where did these two hide something like that?!

The question disappeared as quickly as it came, as the feline who had insistently been humping his rump pushed closer, growling low in a way that boded ill for Wolfie--and he knew it. The lupine dug his short, blunt claws into the mattress, panting as Victor stuffed a considerable amount of his length between soft, black lips, and up against the back of his throat, making him urk softly as he got a very detailed taste of the thick feline cock in his muzzle. It was musky, hot, and slightly salty, a combination that made the poor lupine gag a little at first, but in spite of that he knew he wasn’t getting out of this anytime soon. The cougars were too solidly settled in, and the humping at his butt was making him rock forward onto that thick meat in his mouth. The canine murfed, then started sucking, working his tongue over that thick length steadily.

Victor purred as he pulled Wolfie down a little closer to the base of that thick shaft, watching as the canine tried to hold back. “Mmh, heh. Good boy…but you know you can‘t hold out that long. C’mon.” An insistent thrust made the wolf whine through his stuffed mouth, his tongue slowly slurping and licking over the now-glistening ebony shaft in his maw, his eyes pleaded, as if asking if this wasn’t enough already.

As if in reply, a sudden snarl from above and behind, coupled with a tight, hard grab at his hips, made the wolf yip in surprise. Before he could ask what was happening, the assault on his rear became one hard, deep push, and liquid heat erupted from the pulsing maleness inside him. The heavy orbs slapping up against his rump made the wolf moan, even as the cougar cock in his rump spurted hot, thick streams of seed deep inside his rear. Wolfie’s eyes shot wide in surprise as the first volumous spray ended, far more than any male he had ever seen or heard of could make in one go, but the real shock came when another gooey stream of fresh spunk jetted into his rump, straight from the same source. The sticky load of cream had to have been at least a pint of the stuff, and as the feline’s throbbing rod hilted firmly inside him, all Wolfie could do was brace himself as best as he can as heat flooded his body.

Victor laughed when he noticed the wolf’s surprise and dismay. “Mmh…heh, didn’t know we had it in us, did you?” he purred, leaning down to drag clawed fingers along the submissive male’s cheek. “Well, don’t worry. You’ll see just how much there really is to enjoy in a minute.” The cat ran a paw along his twin’s shoulder and back, encouraging Vincent to pull himself up and back a bit, bracing his paws on Wolfie’s bowed back.

“Mmh…always feels good to really load ’em up like this,” the cat grinned. A flat, sharp smack on the wolf’s side made the slowly growing belly wobble and jiggle, and got a loud whine that what nonetheless muffled by a mouthful of cock. Vincent leaned in towards his twin brother, slipping a paw up and around Victor’s neck as the other feline did the same, sharing a warm nuzzle that slowly merged into a passionate kiss, their lips pressed together as a low rumbling purr escaped from them both. Victor got both his arms around his brother, murring hotly as his fingers traced Vincent’s muscular shoulders and down his sleek back. All the while he pumped the hot, thick shaft into Wolfie’s muzzle, pushing in ever deeper until he met resistance. The cougar just murfed and motioned to Vincent, who slipped his paw back to give the wolf another sharp pinch on the rump, really getting a handful of round canine butt in his fingers. The yelp of surprise became a gurgling squeak as Victor impulsed his hips forward, groaning loudly as the wolf was suddenly forced to gulp about four or five inches of glistening black cock into his throat. Victor just purred now, smiling widely. “Ahh…there we go.”

The poor lupine let out a squeak--it was all he could manage in his current state, his throat occupied by a fat, throbbing rod that made his jaw ache. The slippery black cock lingered in place before the cougar pushed forward, burying Wolfie’s nose into the feline’s musky crotch fur, another set of heavy, full orbs bouncing against the wolf’s chin as he was stuffed from both ends. A low growl rumbled from above as Victor reached down, holding on to the lupine’s jaw, before pumping his hips once, a sudden spasm wracking the feline’s hips before another spray of feline cum doused the wolf’s throat in sticky, gooey heat. Wolfie’s eyes widened a moment as he tried to swallow around what was already gushing down his throat, but all that got was just a pleased murring from the feline in front of him.

“Mmh…that’s a niiiice bit of work,” the cougar purred as he thrust forward, watching Wolfie’s cheeks balloon out as he kept thrusting, pumping pint after pint of warm feline semen down the canine’s throat, at a volume matched only by his brother currently doing the same to the wolf’s butt.

Trapped in the middle between two copiously producing felines, the lupine could do little but whine and wiggle as he was pumped front and back, his belly rapidly growing full and, finding no place for the rest of that hot, thick mass of spooge to go, the wolf whined as the stretched, swollen feeling began to spread from his stomach. It didn’t help that his distended, pudgy cum-belly started to do the same, slowly but steadily expanding ever outward, to the sides, down until it touched the mattress, and even back up over him a little. All he could do was shudder and whine, sucking and gulping around the shaft in his throat and clenching on the thickness in his rump, feeling them both emptying into him like hoses. How could they have so much to spare? He didn’t know, didn’t care. It…started to hurt a bit, his stomach and indeed his whole body slowly but surely beginning to bloat outwards in a swollen, gurgling lump.

From behind, Vincent purred as he watched the silvery pelt swell outwards, straining to hold in the mass of cum being unloaded into the wolf’s belly. He leaned forward, kissed his twin on the nose, and chuckled. “Mmh…look at that. Such a nice, warm bed of a gut.”

Victor rolled his eyes lightly and sighed, leaning in to nuzzle at his brother. “Never change, Vince,” he purred, even while he was in fact contributing just as much to the wolf’s current state of swollen. The canine gave a gurgling whine, his whole body slowly beginning to distend outward. Where before he was a wolf with a swollen gut to carry, it was starting to get to the point where the cum-bloated belly outweighed him. Wolfie squirmed, his arms and legs both steadily being forced off the mattress, his paws losing traction on it as they were pushed outwards to the sides by the sloshy, liquid bulk of the cougar semen inside him. The sheer weight of all that spunk gurgling around his innards made the wolf moan mutedly, submitting to the sizable dick lodged in his gullet.

Part of Wolfie hoped that this would be enough--they’d swollen him out so much already. He could barely touch the ground with anything but his belly and chest fur; he’d taken in that much, though he honestly didn’t know how. The steady, pumping flow of seed in both his entrances was almost hypnotic, the way it splashed against his innards, going down deeper until it joined the main mass of warm spunk in his churning, gurgling belly. He groaned quietly, feeling his stomach swelling, raising him off the mattress as the pressure started to make him feel a bit…taut. The bloated feeling was definitely there, but accompanying it was a sense of tightness to his pelt. It took him a moment to realize what it was before he renewed his whines and struggles, but for naught. His skin began to emit low creaks and groans, from one bit of him or another, which brought both cats looking down at him with vicious grins on their wide, short muzzles.

“Heh…I think he’s finally reaching his limit…” Vincent murmured, dragging thick fingertips along the wolf’s rotund form, feeling the skin jerk and tense reflexively under his touch. “Listen to him. He’s already losing his seams.”

Victor smirked at Vincent, then leaned in, bracing his weight atop Wolfie for a bit, making the canine squirm helplessly as he felt parts of him suddenly inflate like a balloon that’d been squeezed. The sharp whimpers coming from him made the cat in front of him look down, then smile a little as he patted the canine condescendingly on the cheek. “Aww, too much for ya?” he chuckled as he nodded at Vincent. As one, both cats slowly withdrew, the one behind pulling away while the one in front slowly did the same, letting the hapless lupine watch as much as feel both cocks evacuating his openings. The big, black lengths dangled before him mockingly, as the cats turned to examine their handiwork.

Vincent leaned back, started stroking at the blunt wolf cock poking out and back, almost the only thing showing back there--all that could be seen amidst the distended canine’s body was a tail, what previously private parts lay under it, and a pair of wiggling footpaws hidden in a gurgling, round sphere of wolf. The front fared little better: a collared wolf head and two weakly squirming hands, plus lots of moaning. “Mmmmurf,” Wolfie managed weakly, whimpering and whining as he licked his muzzle. “S-sirs…I’m too full…” he started, before moaning cutely when his needy shaft was stroked and fondled. Vincent even leaned down, starting to run his raspy tongue over the wolf’s member. “Ah-hh!” The groan would have been cuter if the pressure they were applying hadn’t started the wolf’s eyes to bulging comically, rather looking the part of being over full. His pupils were pinpricks on a white field as his stuffed body struggled to hold in everything it had.

Victor smirked as the wolf gasped cutely, flicking out a rather threatening black claw and dragging it slowly along their pet’s cheek. “Heh…what is it you need, puppy?”

Wolfie whined, then whispered something softly between his moans.

Victor chuckled, his claw running slowly along Wolfie’s cheek, down his neck and past the collar. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” He leaned in, slowly pressing warm lips to Wolfie’s muzzle, teasing him with a warm, deep kiss that would have been passionate in other times, but just more torment now.

Another whimper, then, slightly louder: “Need…urrf!”

The cougar shook his head slowly as the original captor slowly slurped and dragged his tongue along the wolf’s eager, drooling cock, squeezing the tender length in his paw. “What do you need?” Victor purred as his clawed finger traced long, sleek lines in Wolfie’s fur, every now and again leaving a terrifying prickle or two behind.

“I--” Wolfie yelped and whined loudly. “I need to cum, sirs!” he gasped, his whole body wriggling as best as he could, rolling back and forth.

Vincent smirked. “That’s what I thought,” he grunted as he licked over the wolf’s cockhead, before stroking briskly along the now-slick length. The wolf, already stimulated, over stimulated by the attention before, could hardly hold out long against the skillful attentions from the cat. His knot, formed this whole time already, throbbed heavily as his tail swished hard.

“I’M CUMMING!” the wolf howled aloud, unable to hold himself back as he gave in to his urges, hot thick squirts of wolf cum splattering out behind him..

“And going,” growled one of the cats as one nipped on that lupine cock, while the other sank a hooked claw deep into the wolf’s pelt and pulled hard.


Where a wolf had been moments earlier, now only a massive pool of cum remained, soaking into everything: the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the mattress, and certainly both felines. Hot, musky feline semen dripped from everything in the room as Vincent opened one eye, reflexively closed before when he had bit down. Something lingered in his muzzle, and he gulped a salty mouthful before licking his lips, smiling as he felt the bulge slide down into his waiting gullet. Standing up, he regarded his dripping twin first, who was smiling under a thick layer of spunk, then the fine tufts of silvery-gray fur drifting down all around them, sticking into the sea of spooge that now came up roughly ankle-deep on them…while they stood on the soaked mattress. Vincent grinned. “Well…that was certainly a new sound.”

Victor rolled his eyes and wiped cum from his sockets, leaning down to fish out a familiar black leather collar out of the goopy mess. “You’re incorrigible.” Stepping over to his twin, he slipped his arm around him and planted a kiss on his muzzle. “You’re lucky I like that.”

Vincent laughed. “I know, I know.” He nodded down to the collar in his brother’s hand. “Need that for later, hrm?” he smirked, pulling his brother close, pressing their arousals into each other’s bellies.

“Yeah, we will.” Victor just shrugged his shoulders eloquently and nuzzled. “For now though, what about us?” He looked around at the sticky, off white mess dotted here and there with gray fluff. “I’m not in the mood to clean this up.”

A mischievous grin stole over his brother’s face. “Well, I’m not about to waste a perfectly good hard-on, and there is a mattress somewhere underneath this mess.” Fire and cheekiness lit Vincent’s eyes. “It’s not a water bed per se, but think it’s worth a shot?”

Victor groaned as he and Vincent both knelt down, stroking at each other’s cocks, knowing that they’d both be looking at a good, if sore, night. They could always deal with the mess, and the repercussions, later. “Shut up, get over here, and kiss me.”

“I could do so much more than just kiss, bro,” Vincent smirked as he pulled Victor up onto his lap.

And they did, too.