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Dragon Brothers Pop

The sun shone down on Clock Tower Park with a summertime intensity, the nude sunbathers and their horny admirers scattered around the green grass in clumps. Here, all taboos were lifted. As one of the few fully consensual zones in the city, it permitted nearly every perversion and horror It was the perfect place for X and Bount.

“Hey, X, I think there's a few guys and gals over by the lake that could use a popping.” observed Bount, lazily turning over to grin at his brother.

The blue dragon sighed, and patted his brother's thigh. The gold-and-silver reptilian's semi-transparent cock was already stiff with arousal, red as a ruby. X did not feel like taking on a bunch of empty-headed perverts, but it would not do to let his brother down. Bount once almost popped him when they shared a lover after being pent-up for too long.

“You go ahead, bro. Just make sure to be gentle. Some of them look like they've never taken a dragon cock before, let alone a hyper!” X chuckled, shaking his head. “They sure are desperate for it, though.”

The group by the lake had several bimbo-types, their exaggerated, inflated breasts wobbling as they begged whatever male passed by for pleasure. Their desperation naturally attracted the worst kind of boys, but then, that was the point. Inevitably, a bigger, better male would come along, and burst all of them, which was just what each and every one of them wanted. The raccoon humping away in a cow's cleavage would not admit it, of course, and neither would his stallion friend driving his dick into a gecko girl's behind with wild abandon. But X and Bount could smell it a mile away. The males were so lustful, they would gladly give up everything for the ultimate climax.

“Not gonna help me, eh? Lazy lizard.” Bount stood up from where he lay in the grass, wiping away leaves and stretching, his hips thrusting forward, showing off for the whole world.

“You got this. As for me, well... maybe I'm feeling a little passive today.” X sighed, thumping a paw on his backside, tail twitching. “It's been weeks since anyone fell for the old 'fuck my brother while I fuck you' trick and I just gotta get a cock in me soon.”

“It'll be the end of you, you know.” the gold-and-silver dragon said.

“Get going, before some other hyper takes them all out. I'll watch here.” X caressed the length of his blue cock, hissing as he watched his brother's retreating backside.

If no one bursts him in a few years, X thought, I might have to. The slender, muscular reptilian was more than attractive enough, his smooth scales and beautiful, glowing eyes a perfect trap for the unwary, suicidally horny males and females of Clock Tower Park. Bount walked up to the group, and gently wrapped an arm around an antelope, whispering something into her ear. Soon, he was mounting her, tongue lolling from his mouth when at last she impaled herself on his swelling, foot-long dick. X shivered, paw tightening on his cock.

“That's the first time I've seen you let your brother take lovers alone.”

X looked behind himself, eyes narrowing. He hated being interrupted when he was trying to focus on a popping. But, what he saw made him reconsider the snapping, cruel words he was about to utter. The horse, a zebra hermaphrodite with a massive cock and balls each the size of a cantaloupe smiled down at him with a look of hunger he knew well. Shi wore hir hyper nature out in the open, towering over others in both masculine and feminine traits. Hir breasts were bigger than X's head, the areolas alone more than he could suck into his mouth if he wanted to! Shi was muscular, too, the kind of muscles that came from years of dedication, rippling with strength greater by far than the smaller dragon's. He had to have hir.

“Ah, yes... I'm not up to it. Just... bored of popping them myself, I guess.” X shrugged.

“Feeling like taking it instead of dishing it out. Dangerous, for little predators like you.” shi rumbled a chuckle, brown eyes roaming over his lithe frame.

“I'm not little where it counts.”

The blue dragon rolled over unto his back, and pawed himself. His blue, semi-transparent member swelled, bigger and bigger, until it was nearly two feet of virile, male flesh, pumped by both of his paws. The zebra watched, lips parting as shi groaned a breath.

“You've seen me in action... you know what this can do...” X huffed up at hir.

“Too bad you want my cock, not my pussy.” the herm giggled, settling down on the grass before him. “My name is Felicity.”

“X!” the reptilian gasped out, nearly cumming when shi casually ran a paw over hir massive breast, squeezing hir nipple.

“So, X... are you going to play with your fuck-stick all day, or do you want to draw a crowd?” shi patted hir own crotch, making him whine with desire.

Dragons are naturally greedy creatures, and for all that he knew shi could burst him, he could not help but lust after hir size. In moments, he was upon hir, paws groping over hir chest, hefting up hir balloon tits as he kissed the zebra's plump, black lips. He could feel the heat and the pumping life of hir massive cock as it grew, up along his golden stomach until hir glans was at his chest. X groaned, humping it, a paw running over it appreciatively.

Soon, a small crowd gathered around the pair. X and Felicity were surrounded on all sides by curious, lustful eyes. Some were whispering bets. A few were pawing themselves. Dimly, X recognized some of the usual creatures following him and his brother around. They rarely gave in to the brothers' charms, but they were always eager for a pop. Too bad they would be disappointed. X would just ride the big, beautiful zebra, and then rest up until Bount returned. He was a stretchy, tough male. He could take a hermaphrodite like hir any day of the week without trouble.

“Come on, ride me...” Felicity broke the kiss, half-closed eyes encouraging the male even as he suckled on a nipple, hips working to shoot his load all over hir belly and crotch. “Let me have that sweet, round ass of yours.”

X was as good as hypnotized with lust. The blue-and-gold dragon turned around, bracing against the zebra herm's knees, letting hir guide hir wet, throbbing dick into him. It slid beneath his tail with a lewd squelch, black flesh swallowed up by his hole with all the greed the dragon possessed. He humped atop the monolithic cock, moaning softly, eyes rolling in his head. For once, he was satisfied. Felicity was the perfect lover for him! Shi thrust up into him even as he bore down on hir, making his ball-pouch wobble against her cock-belly with a satisfying, wet slapping noise. He gripped the bulge in his gut, massaging hir dick from the outside, enjoying the feel of it forcing its way into his innards, punishing his prostate with the best pleasure he could ever experience. It was a hundred times the bliss of fucking a hole, and X could not believe how easy it was to ride the zebra. Shi even provided hir own lubricant, gallons of fresh, slimy precum that splashed out of his tail-hole on every hump.

“Oh... oh fuuuck... so deep!” he huffed, head thrust back, eyes closed.

Felicity whinnied in response, a masculine, deep noise that reverberated through hir cock and into him. He shook atop hir length, spilling his own precum unto the grass. The crowd murmured appreciatively, some taking pictures, the bolder perverts among them laying down to sniff and lick at the puddle of mixed dragon-horse slime. X shuddered, tongue slipping from his scaly lips as he moaned out his next descent on the herm's pole.

“Gonna... cum...” the zebra he was riding panted, a paw firmly falling on his shoulder, holding him place as shi sat up, suddenly turning hir thrusts savage.

He gulped in air, eyes wide. Shi was spearing him up to his chest! He could feel the zebra's flared cock-head butting his stomach about, shoving so deep he could no longer do anything but twitch and cum. And cum he did, his potent seed leaving him in tremendous gouts, splashing over the gathered crowd. It would have been enough to burst Felicity, X thought, delirious with climax. Surely, shi could let him have a turn next...

“Goodbye, little predator....ooo...no more... pops for you...” hir voice whispered, loud enough for the dragon to hear even in the midst of his climax.

X heard a creak. Shocked, still trembling with pleasure, he looked down at himself. His belly was bloating out! Gallons of cum pumped into him! He was like a condom on the end of a fire hose, scaly body fighting to survive another blast of seed. X tasted cum, thick and potent horse cum, so different from his own reptilian stuff that he gagged, paws flying to his throat when it flooded into his lungs. He gurgled at the crowd, realizing at last he was doomed. There was no mercy from any of them. They watched him pop dozens of males and females and herms. And now, his belly looking like a grotesque pregnancy, big enough to contain a dozen cubs, red where the scales parted wide, bubbling with his undoing, X was about to detonate.

The thought sent the dragon's cock slapping up against his immense belly, betraying him.

“Nuh uh uh!” he screamed past cum spilling from his mouth, flailing, cumming, lost in self-destructive last climax.

Felicity watched as hir lover reached a size rivaling her own. More than double his former weight, the creature at the end of hir member creaked for a moment, losing scales, muscles tearing beneath failing skin. Then, there was a horrific splash. X's ribs split off from him, his spine shredding apart into individual pieces. His poor, abused hips tore, legs kicking as they slapped the ground. Blood and cum covered the crowd, the dragon's guts turning to weakly twitching strips as they gushed from his ruined stomach, hir still-spurting cock popping out at last. His emptied, burst-open husk fell to the ground, cum still oozing from his own semi-transparent dick, face frozen in the middle of an orgasmic cry.


Bount was balls-deep in the fox, the red-furred, slutty boy begging to be burst just like the antelope the dragon humped to her doom moments ago, when he saw the herm zebra taking his brother. Hir breasts slapping against her chest as shi thrust the monster dick into the blue reptilian, the outcome was never in doubt. Shi was too big.

“Come on and pop for me...” Bount hissed down at the vulpine.

The male shuddered and whined. A helpful, horny sheep had his head engulfed in her tits, the fox suffocating in the last, best pair of tits he would ever have the pleasure of groping. His muffled cries came out in ecstatic bursts as the sheep rubbed her clit in time with Bount's thrusts. The gold-and-silver dragon felt his cum boil up within him, his balls tensing up, happy to shoot another load. The fox's semen splattered the grass. There was a heavy, sloshing noise as nearly a dozen gallons spilled into the perverted male, his white, fluffy belly groaning with the pressure, individual hairs separating. Soon, he lay atop a gut big enough to contain him and the sheep helping to bring him to his end, weakly squirting, legs weakly kicking behind him, seeking the grassy ground for purchase. Bount gave him no chance to recover, to survive his pleasure. He drove his cock in deeper, came more, buckets of powerful dragon slime overwhelming the fox.

White painted the sheep's breasts, a geyser of seed shooting up from her cleavage. She came then and there, and as she fell back, released the fox's head from her tits. He tensed again and again, throat bulging, eyes watering, mouth disgorging waves of Bount's seed. The boy was more cum than fox, now. As if in slow motion, a great, red gash tore its way up from beneath him, carving him open from crotch to chest, blood and cum gushing out. He had time to look down, surprise plain on his face, eyes bulging comically with bliss and pleasure.

He exploded with such force that his limbs were sent flying everywhere. Bones cracked and shattered, his skull bouncing off the ground, rolling away, expression forever stuck in that moment the fox realized he should not have allowed Bount to mount him. The cum-filled crater, just the second the dragon created, bubbled, torn entrails bobbing within as the scaled male climbed out, and grabbed the sheep.

“One last pop, and I gotta go help my bro...”

The sheep took him with a happy little squeal, her legs spreading for him in an instant. She was looking forward to her demise ever since she saw him burst the antelope, and now that the fox boy who had been pleasuring himself with her tits was gone, there was no obstacle to fulfilling her life's purpose. She would grow for him until she could not grow any more! Bount chuckled. All of his victims were like that. In the end, they just could not help themselves. A true predator hunted them down, and a true predator took them out. He panted, pulling on the sheep's nipples, kneading her enormous breasts, shoving them apart to let her see his cock thrust deep into her, nearly spearing her womb. She babbled, pointless little half-words and half-phrases, the mark of a truly desperate bimbo ready for a popping.

When she swelled, it was spectacular. Unlike the fox, she had practice before meeting Bount. Her titanic bosom heaved, her belly filling quickly to bump into the dragon's chin on every thrust, the navel a tiny pinprick, spider-webbed with red and blue. The sheep's gut bruised, stretched bigger, her organs giving in one by one. Soon, she was a bag of dragon cum, sloshing and wobbling in place like a water balloon, spurting her pressurized contents from slowly forming tears.

Bount withdrew, still cumming, letting her think she would be spared. He could feel her cunt twitching, her orgasm burning away every rational thought, the height of pleasure reached at last as she hovered on the verge of rupture. And then he shoved in.

Her breasts unzipped from around her areolas, milky, fat contents spilling out. Her belly split, as if slashed open from the inside, an explosion of guts that tore her open entirely. Bount saw the sheep's face contorting in pleasure, spouting seed, before it disappeared under the wave of his male essence. Her broken corpse sank into the crater, an arm reaching out, paw twitching in mindless orgasm still.

“Thank you, thank you...” Bount half-bowed to the crowd of crooning, purring perverts, ready for his cock, and turned to where he last saw his brother.

He heard the explosion, and sighed, shaking his head. Of course, X had to be so horny he popped. At least, he seemed to go out doing what he loved, if the heavy scent of dragon cum spreading from the place he burst was any indication. The zebra herm, sitting back in the gory, seed-soaked mess like it was a hot tub, waved to him.

“Hey there, big boy. Loved how you took care of the sheep.” shi drawled, licking hir lips.

“You popped my brother.”

“He wanted to get popped.” the herm slid a slimy paw over her fat cock. “Do you?”

“No.” Bount growled, rubbing his own ruby prick.

“Oh, but don't you want to join your brother?”

“I think he'd much rather prefer you joined him.”

Shi shook hir head, disheveled mane slapping over hir fat breasts. Shi stood up to hir full height, and tried to climb out. The zebra's heavy hoof hit dry land, momentarily revealing hir soft pussy beneath hir heavy scrotum. That was all Bount needed. He leaped at the hermaphrodite with an angry hiss, claws digging into hir flanks, and sank his throbbing cock into hir.

“Now, you die. It's only fair, babe...” he huffed at the bobbing, desperately aroused black horse-cock before him, focusing his eyes on that, rather than on the zebra's surprised face.

“N-no! Wait! I-” shi began, and he suddenly started thrusting like mad, driving the air from hir lungs.

It was better than taking any of the pathetically submissive boys and girls he was used to. The zebra's dick shot precum into the air to splatter over hir shuddering body, hir hooves wheeling behind hir, splashing in the cum. Shi wildly flailed at the crowd, but just like hir reptilian victim, the herm zebra would find nothing but lust and anticipation in the gathered people. As phone cameras flashed, shi tried to curse or fight back, but the pleasure, and the terrible, sadomasochistic weakness bloomed within hir. Soon, Felicity was groaning for more, shoving hir meaty rump up to help the dragon hump hir.

When he came, it was the culmination of hir every fantasy, enacted upon hir, rather than another. Being on the receiving end must have been new to hir. The herm shook, clutching at hir belly feverishly, pressing down, as if hir strength could match the dragon's lust. Bount felt his cum squeezed out of hir pussy around his swollen dick, and doubled his efforts, belly hitting hir ballsack on each thrust. He willed himself to spurt more, to take hir over the edge, to not let up for a moment. Shi had to find out what X felt in his last moments for hirself!

“Please...oh gods...it's so much!” shi bellowed.

“No...it's...just... enough!” Bount gloated, watching hir belly.

The abs disappeared, stretching too thin. Hir hide fought valiantly, but stretch marks formed anyway, the press of seed in hir womb driving the zebra into a mad ascent towards one last release. The dragon could see it, the beads of white running down hir fat cock-belly, dollops of seed the size of his fist spilling down over hir balls. Following his instincts, he rubbed the slime into hir scrotum, massaging, kneading the swelling mare-stallion's cum factories. Shi writhed, gut big as a cow rising out of the cum-lake shi made out of X. The crowd clapped and hooted, enjoying the gold-and-silver dragon's revenge nearly as much as he was.

At last, shi had too much. The zebra's cantaloupe-sized balls tensed in their pouch beneath Bount's paws, and shi shot a load into the sky, hir head thrusting back again and again. Cum spilled from hir beautiful, full lips formed in an orgasmic 'O'. It tinged pink. There was an awful, tearing noise.

The explosion sent cum splashing about. The zebra's demise ripped hir entire body apart, quartering hir, the dragon's climactic efforts overcoming hir strength. Limbs flopping uselessly, bulging muscles twitching their last, the zebra's parts rained over the park. When Bount stood up from the ruin, he held aloft only a tremendous tit, striped flesh dripping with blood and cum, and still throbbing, sweaty ballsack of his brother's destroyer.

“Now, anyone else want to pop?” he hissed at the gathered crowd, a savage smile on his cum-coated face.

Suddenly, the cum-lake Bount just climbed out of boiled up, bubbling, sloshing mightily. Before the stunned crowd's eyes, the heavy liquid and chunks of meat drained away with a slurp, leaving behind a curled-up figure. X, restored, stood up, shaking his arms and legs.

“That was pretty fun!”

“Good thing that worked.” the gold-and-silver dragon giggled, dropping the bits of zebra to the ground. “I was worried Umash wouldn't help us!”

“When we made the deal, the god told us we have to kill our killers to be resurrected. He wasn't that clear about how.” X said, high-fiving his brother.

“Feelin' up to helping me pop people now?” Bount nodded vaguely to the crowd.