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The film crew was busily working to get the set ready for filming. It was going to be one of those large-cast pieces with multiple actors getting popped, and that meant that everything needed to go perfectly the first time. If anything got screwed up, filming would have to be scrapped, new actors would have to be cast to replace any that had already been popped, the set would have to be scrubbed down instead of simply being discarded like they normally were, and through it all, the lead would still need to vent his load, so in all likelihood, some of the fluffers would have to get popped just to let him depressurize.

Nelson had directed several large projects like this before, so he was skilled at making sure that his crew was prepared for anything that might happen. He had already seen to camera placement, ensured that the set had been properly secured so that any potential impacts wouldn't knock over anything that shouldn't be moved, damage a wall, or break any furniture, and he had even seen to it that the drains hidden discretely around the set were in working order. Now, the camera checks were ongoing to ensure proper color and movement to catch all the action. Shots like this often resulted in some actor improvisation, especially in the heat of the moment, and no one liked missing a good shot of someone bloating up.

He had one of the crew, an ocelot, sitting on the couch in the middle of the set, just so they could get a shot of her and ensure color balance. The couch was sitting in a room that looked like the downstairs of a college sorority, complete with staircase in the background, a few chairs and recliners, a large table designed to look like it was just a card table but was secretly solid steel to ensure that a bloating actor wouldn't go through it, a rug sitting in front, and various pieces of Greek-life styled decorations spread around. Those were all designed to fall off of walls or break harmlessly. Nothing said a good time like a little home destruction.

"Lower light 4 about three inches! I want to get a good highlight at the left end of the couch. Even things out a little with the right." Nelson's orders were carried out swiftly. No one on the set argued with the massive bear. They all wanted to keep their jobs and have a shot at ending up on camera someday. Nelson himself had made several films over the years and there was a standing offer for any of the crew to be a co-star if they ever wanted their fifteen minutes. Of course, it meant ending their career as soon as it began.

Nelson walked over to his chair and picked up the thin stack of papers that passed for a script at Splatter Inc. Thumbing through it, the big bear gave a derisive little snort, "Easy enough. Shouldn't take more than an hour to shoot this, I think. Everyone wants the money shot, anyway."

The script called for three sorority girls, or in the case of the cast, two females and a shemale, to hire a gigolo, a male they had cast, to celebrate their graduation. In the case of the script, that graduation would end up mirroring the title of the film, "Graduating to Nut Butter." There would be a little dialogue and some setup before he arrived and set to work popping the three sorority girls.

Nelson always let his cast members decide the order they got snuffed, which usually meant a need for more dynamic shots. It created more interest in the long-run as well and led to some fairly enjoyable scenes that happened in the moment. That's why he was still directing instead of starring as a puddle.

When he was satisfied with the lighting, he moved back to the craft table at the back of the set and grabbed himself a donut. The actors were in their rooms getting ready. Filming would begin in half an hour, and everything was finally ready, so he took the moment to take some time to relax. While directing wasn't too hard in this industry, the stress of anything messing up always worked at him. Today, just like every other day, had to be perfect.

In her dressing room, Nyla reclined back against the little desk sitting against the back wall. A mirror was attached to it along with some lights. For some of the more complicated and involved pieces, makeup would come in and work on the starts for a long time, but for a group shot, especially one that was guaranteed to be so messy, all they had done to her was to apply a light coat of powder to her pelt, making her already white fur just a hint whiter and smoothing out the highlights.

The goat was slender, svelte in shape with thin legs and arms, a narrow waist, and almost petite hands. Her hooves were narrow, something that had always gone over well with the foot fetishists. She had slender thighs that would have ended in a gap at her crotch were it not for the fat balls hanging down from her groin, ovoid and thick with heavy fur dangling down from the slightly stretched skin between her wobbling nuts. A fat dick bobbed atop her balls, hanging thick and heavy against them, pink skinned with a loose, drooling foreskin that completely covered her cock head. A shemale, she lacked female anatomy, save for the massive pair of breasts resting on her chest and drooping downwards just slightly. They were easily E cups with fat, elongated nipples poking from her fur. Makeup had suggested trimming the white fur from around her areola, but she had declined. In the heat of the moment, her teats would swell a little, making almost little cones atop her breasts and making for a good show, something she knew all too well. She wasn't the largest chest in the shoot today, anyway. That honor went to one of her costars who would end up burst before she was.

A soft knock sounded at the door, catching Nyla's attention. "Come in," she called out. The door opened and a head peeked around the corner, a white furred mouse girl with two large, pink ears and bright blue eyes.

"The director said you'd need a fluffer before the shoot to help you empty out some," said the mouse in a soft, high-pitched voice.

Nyla gave a nod and smiled, motioning the girl in. "Yeah I do, thanks. Don't want to have a little mishap by accidentally popping someone before they're supposed to be. Come on in."

The mouse slipped through the door and shut it behind her. She wore a simple, plain yellow t-shirt and a pair of tight-fitting shorts that showed off a rather rounded rear. Packed into her shirt was a pair of modest breasts that jiggled as she moved, unhindered by a bra. Her entire figure was the same stark white as Nyla's fur, save for the pink of ears and nose. She stood a good foot shorter than the goat did. Moving across the room, her hips gave little swishes and has chest bobbled along in her top, showing off the perk of her nipples. The whole time, Nyla smiled as she looked the girl over.

When the mouse reached Nyla, she reached out and took hold of the goat's plump cock, giving it a little squeeze upwards and hoisting it in her fingers. Digits peeled back Nyla's fat foreskin, exposing the thick, purple tip of goat cock. The mouse looked down as her other hand moved to stroke along the down covered goat balls straining in their sac. "You're feeling a little tight down here. Probably a good idea to get you off, then." As she said that, her hand moved from the goat's cock up to begin undoing her shorts, pulling the buttons on their front free.

Nyla just watched with a bemused smiled, taking in the girl's figure and the rather easy way she set to work taking care of the goat's needs. It was typical in the business for co-stars that were going to get popped to get drained before any big shoot just to ensure there were no mistakes. "It's been a couple of days since I got off, so you're probably gonna get popped, ya know," she said to the mouse, watching as those shorts came off to reveal a freshly shaven murine cunt, bald with a hint of moist sheen to its pinkness.

The mouse looked up from her work disrobing, blue eyes shining just a little. She nodded, sending her big ears lightly flopping, "Oh I know. That's the job. Besides, I wouldn't be working as a fluffer if I didn't expect to get burst sooner or later."

The mouse let go of Nyla's balls to reach up and pull her shirt up and over her head, freeing both of her plump breasts from the confines of the fabric. They continued to shake with her movements as she tossed her shirt aside and kicked away her shorts. Thick pink nipples stood out firm from her white fur. There was a little tuft riding in the valley of her cleavage.

"God you're cute. I would've figured you would have ended up on camera instead of just going down the drain in a dressing room." Nyla said that as she moved to slip her hips back against the desk, pushing her hefty genitals forward. Her dick had already started to swell, growing slowly chubbier and fatter, her crown growing slowly shinier as it bloated. With her foreskin pulled back, it was easily on display for both of them to watch and enjoy.

The mouse gave a little shake of her head. "No way! I... ah... don't like being in front of cameras. I get stage fright," she said as her ears flushed just slightly and she looked down to watch Nyla's swelling cock with a bemused and sheepish little smile.

That only earned a warm grunt of breath from the goat, her hips giving a little thrust forward to make her already hefty junk jiggle and shake for her partner's amusement. With a nod, she stretched back a little, muttering out, "I did some regular porno to work up the courage to do one of these shoots the first time I came to the studio. But I can understand wanting to get your splat on. Being a fluffer's great for that." Her hands moved down to stroke at one of the mouse's tits, feeling the heft and swell of the fat orb rolling lightly in her fingers. They pushed into the mound, squeezing slowly and steadily for a moment before her digits moved to pull and stroke along one of the mouse's nipples, teasing it to a firm, shiny nub before she moved to the other breast, giving it a little more of the same sort of attention. The whole time, though, her eyes watched the mouse's reaction, looking for that squirming pulse of pleasure at a good little teasing.

The mouse's hands moved back to Nyla's cock, wrapping around it once more to feel it pulse and throb, the naked pink skin along it slowly growing more and more taut as the goat's cock continued to grow and firm up. She rolled her fingers around the length of the swelling member, feeling it pulse and throb against her digits as it grew, the hefty shaft easily plumping up as thick as her wrist. "You've got a really great cock, Nyla. I hope they get a good shot of it swelling up before you burst." Saying that, she knelt down in front of the goat's spread legs to push her face in against the bulbous crown, breathing in the thick, masculine scent rolling from the heavy member. Her nose pushed against the shemale's foreskin, nuzzling lightly at it before her muzzle slipped up and her lips pulled against the thick foreskin for a slow suckle, pulling against the loose folds for that last tease to leave Nyla's cock throbbing stiff and jerking with the pulse of her heartbeat.

"So do you want to fuck me or do you want me to suck you off?" she asked, still nuzzling at Nyla's cock tip. It bulged slightly against her nose, leaving a clear dollop of pre there, oozing and shiny and laced with the goat's thick, pungent masculinity.

The goat shifted her hips forward a little to nuzzle her tip against the mouse's petite nose, teasing it as a thin bead of precum oozed from her slit to stain the mouse's pink with a hint of clear shine. "You can suck me off," said Nyla, hips pushing forward again, this time pushing her tip down against the mouse's soft pink lips. "I've got to keep makeup's hard five minutes of work dusting my face and tits clean, but I don't think anyone'll care if some powder gets washed off of my balls and thighs. Take less towels to clean what's left of you off, too." Nyla spread her legs a little more to allow her bloated ovoid balls to swing between her thighs, weighty and pulsing with the weight of her seed.

The mouse gave a nod and pushed forward, wrapping her lips around Nyla's cock head to suckle it into her muzzle. The thick length spread her muzzle open, stretched it just slightly with the girth of goat cock, and made her cheeks bulge out just slightly as she pushed forward, taking the woman's hefty length into her.

Nyla's cock gave an appreciative throb and pulse of pre at the eagerness with which the mouse gobbled it up. Nyla had her dick sucked on a regular basis by fans and other stars alike. She had been in one film titled "Going Out the Glory Hole Way" in which nothing happened but her cock getting sucked. Other than the guy and the girl who sucked her off, that was the only thing that ended up in the final take of that film, but the director had made sure to get a lot of shots of her dick.

With the mouse's muzzle pulling against Nyla's cock, she relaxed back onto the desk to let the fluffer do her work. It wouldn't take too long since Nyla was a little backed up, but she was determined to enjoy the experience. It was likely going to be the last cock the fluffer had to suck, after all, and while it wouldn't be Nyla's last orgasm before she got popped, it would definitely be her last chance to pop someone.

Soft lips pulled up and down the upper half of Nyla's pink prick. The mouse suckled slowly and steadily at it, employing her tongue in a steady lashing against the underside of the goat's glans to pull against the sensitive flesh in a steadily teasing motion. The stroke of the mouse's little tongue against the little flap of foreskin along the base of Nyla's cockhead made the goat shudder and groan out just slightly in pleasure. That earned a little smile from the mouse as she looked up.

Nyla caught the gaze and looked to those soft, blue eyes before she rolled her hips forward insistently against the mouse's muzzle. The motion pushed another few inches into the mouse's muzzle and against her throat. The little fluffer took the motion in stride and leaned forward o mirror it, nuzzling in as her head tilted upwards and her shoulders down so that Nyla's cock could slide down and into her throat. Both of them pushed until the goat's bloated balls were pushed in snugly against the mouse's chin.

"Unnnh... swallow on it... I'm almost there," Nyla said with a low, husky chuff of breath. In the mouse's throat and cheeks, her dick bulged and throbbed. It jumped every time a warm pulse of pre splattered out against the mouse's tonsils and was greeted with a warm, welcoming swallow that simply encouraged the goat to keep her groin pushed in tightly to the mouse's mouth.

Like that, the fluffer slipped her hands upwards to cup Nyla's balls in one while the other slipped between her legs and began to push two fingers against the goat shemale's plump pucker. The invading caress against her backside made Nyla gasp out and made her balls jerk in their sac, clenching upwards just slightly in the mock hint of a coming orgasm. "Do... do that again and I definitely won't last long!" Nyla said that as her hips rolled forwards and back, bouncing against the mouse's nose and her fingers at the same time.

The twin ministrations of cock and pucker made Nyla's head swim just slightly. She was eager to get her rocks off and the mouse working her dick knew how to get a cock to pop its load. No wonder the director had sent her.

Again, the mouse probed her fingers forward against Nyla's pucker, digging them inwards into her and hooking them down slightly to stretch Nyla's hole open. The pull earned a bleat of pleasure from the goat. At the same time, the mouse swallowed around Nyla's cock again, though this time she kept swallowing, allowing her throat to pull and milk at Nyla's cock in a steadily undulating motion. Again, Nyla let out a thick bleat of pleasure.

The heady jerking and spasming of Nyla's nuts followed by their sharp pull upwards let the fluffer know of the goat's orgasm finally hitting. She snuggled up into Nyla's crotch and pulled her lips tightly around the base of the goat's cock just as the thick organ swelled in her mouth and began to bulge downwards as heated cum rushed up through the thick tube of goat meat. The first explosion of the salty, heated spray filled the mouse's throat out with its weight and bulged her neck outwards just a little like the throat of a condom filling with a thick, heated load.

Nyla looked down in time to watch her partner's throat bulging outwards more at the same time her cheeks expanded as cum rushed back up into them. Spunk shot from her nose, splattering into Nyla's crotch. At the same time, the mouse's stomach began to bloat and push outwards with the weight of Nyla's cum flowing into it. Both of them groaned out in pleasure at the feeling of a heavy orgasm hitting them both.

Nyla watched as the mouse's belly expanded downwards and against her knees, then puffed upwards to push against the underside of her slowly rounding breasts. They too drooped downwards, growing teardrop shaped as they swelled, nipples puffing up and teats swelling from her bloating breasts. The sight earned a slight chuckle from the orgasming goat, "Nnf... looks like you're gonna get popped after all. Guess I was really backed up, huh?" She winked at the mouse who winked back at her, a knowing look of acceptance of being turned into a greasy cum splatter on the dressing room floor. Drains stood off to the sides of the room and a larger grated one stood in the middle of the ever so slightly sloped floor, ready to accept the coming mess.

As the mouse continued to swell from Nyla's continually flowing orgasm, she reached up to cup the goat's balls, kneading and stroking at them to coax as much of a load from them as she could, knowing full well what was going to happen to her. As her thighs starts to swell and her ass expanded out against her bloating legs, Nyla reached down to stroke a hand along the mouse's puffed up cheeks and still leaking nose. Fingers sank in along the mouse's muzzle, feeling the pulse of cock and cum flooding into the murine woman's features. With a sudden grunt and a gasp of breath, Nyla pushed forward, jamming her dick as hard as she could against the mouse's pudgy face. The motion was accompanied by a hard jerk in her loins and a renewed expansion of her dick. The added flow made the mouse wobble and jiggle all over, her figure swelling heavier and heavier.

Arms dropped to her bloated sides as they too began to stretch outwards, thickening and swelling like her legs had been. They stretched slightly outwards and lifted against her bloating sides, hands puffing up just as her feet did the same. Nyla watched with rapt attention, groaning out in pleasure at the sight of the swelling mouse condom wrapped on her cock.

A renewed spurt of cum began to fountain from the mouse's nose, growing in intensity and pressure as her head swelled, bloating slowly to a plump, rounded shape. Below, her belly pushed against Nyla's legs, stretching wider as its forward growth slowed. Her torso had already lost its shapely figure from before, but now was pushing into an almost spherical shape.

Nyla's fingers slipped up to grip at the mouse's large, round ears to feel them squish beneath her fingers. She could feel a tightness growing in them, the hint that the fluffer was reaching her limits and would soon be leading the way to the drain. Nyla would follow along with her later that afternoon. The thought of it made Nyla's already spasming, spurting dick jerk hard, sending a heady wave of cum hard into the mouse's throat.

The straining creak rising from the mouse filled the air but was cut off when she burst with a thick, syrupy SPLORT, spraying outwards in a thick wave of spunk that washed across the floor and coated Nyla's legs in a mixture of cum and splattered mouse. Her dick sprung free and arced upwards into the air, swollen as thick as a heavy cucumber and coated with jizz. It fountained cum into the air in a long, steady spray that splattered thick white down into the already thick puddle flowing across the floor. For a full minute, Nyla stood there, cock still jumping and jerking as her orgasm flowed and slowed to a finish. When she came down, she exhaled sharply and relaxed, finally having released her full load.

She walked to the side of the room where a pile of towels stood for just such an occasion and wiped herself down. The cum flowed easily off of her sleek pelt, and when she had finally cleaned herself up, she tossed the cum soaked towels into a nearby hamper. Someone would have to finish cleaning the mess out of the room, but that wasn't her problem. With her balls drained, she turned to walk out of the dressing room towards the set, leaving a trail of hoof-prints in cum down the hall.

Her co-stars were already waiting at the set, having been through their prep for the show. The lighting crew were doing their final checks, and Nelson was sitting in his chair shouting orders at the various workers around the set. A few of the members of the cleaning crew, a female cow and a male frog, went running past with buckets and mops tucked firmly in their cart. They had the hardest job at the studio and were usually the most well paid. They were going to have a fairly large mess to clean up after shooting was done.

A hyena, the star of the show, was standing talking with a chubby mare. He was already in his outfit, a nice pair of slacks that showed off the hefty bulge he had and a simple polo that hugged his figure. He was tall and had spotted, cream colored fur. He had a thickly muscled physique with thick arms and a broad chest, though he had a muscle gut typical of the daddy types that were popular in recent films. His hair had been combed back into a smooth and slick style so that it allowed his pointed ears to stand up from his head. The horse was bottomless at the moment while one of the film crew worked on lubing her up, slathering some of the studio's easy glide lube against her labia and in her vaginal canal. It would serve to make her look wetter on film, though few of the girls scheduled to get popped ever had a real need for help getting wet when a fat dick was promising her a good, fat splattering. She was chubby, with a hint of a muffin top, thick thighs, and a fairly prominent ass. Her breasts were the largest feature she had and were the main reason she had been cast in her role. Two fat tits hugged tightly in a slightly tight top, both easily as large as over-fed watermelons. They hung heavily and soft in her top and jiggled as she breathed. Even her teats were fat with bloated nipples pushing out the fabric in stark relief. Her soft, chestnut pelt had only a few splotches of black in it, and she stood a good foot shorter than the hyena did.

Nyla approached them both, the soft clopping of her hooves leading the way.

"So how many films have you been in so far?" came the mare's voice as Nyla walked up to stand beside them.

The large hyena, Malcolm was his name, smiled and gave a flex that made his top bulge just as his pants bulged and said in a deep baritone, "Twelve so far. I'm in it for the long-haul, though, not like those young boys who're so eager to get their dicks wet a time or two and then go swirling down the drain. Me? I love seeing pretty things like you burst."

His words made the mare blush just slightly. Nyla looked over to her. "Sarani, right?" she said.

The mare gave a slight nod, "Yeah. You're Nyla? I saw the last film you were in. 'Shemale Surprise,' I think"

Nyla gave a little nod. "Yeah. I hated that title, though. Like it was any surprise with the outfit they packed me in. Tiny little skirt that barely hit mid-thigh and was more like a tube than a skirt. How'd they expect me to hide my dick in that little thing? Like thirty seconds in you could see my balls slapping around between my thighs."

Malcolm looked down across Nyla's figure and smiled, piping up, "I thought you looked good in it. S'why Nelson cast you in this piece. You've got some great goods to show off on camera."

She looked up at him with a wide, wry smile, then back down along his figure. "Sarani's going to have a good time with us both on her."

The mare started to speak as the staff member stood up and let out a little grunt, "Alright. You're ready to go, Sarani." The slightly tired looking bull looked over to Nyla and then pointed behind her. "Your outfit's ready to go, Nyla. Nelson wanted you in something a little more conservative for this piece, so you've got some loose pants and a full top. He also wants you in a bra for this one."

She gave a nod and trotted off to get ready. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Sarani continued to idly chat.

"So what're your thoughts on being in a popping film, Sarani?"

"Well... at first I was a little hesitant. I mean you get popped, so it's the only one you get, but then again... you get popped. And honestly, I kinda wanted to get popped for a while now. Ever since I saw Big Chuck doing that piece in the office setting? His dick was massive and that girl he popped got really big before she exploded."

Malcolm nodded, smiling at her response. He looked down at her, watching her chest heaving as she mentioned how big the other person in the film got before they popped. One hand moved down to give his package a little jiggle, "I've got about as much as him packed in here. So you should be good when you blow."

"You'll have to wait your turn, though," came a voice from behind him. Walking up was a tall female pig. She was packed into a pair of tight yoga pants and a simple but clingy t-shirt. Both garments served to show off her muscular physique, taut abs, rounded ass, toned thighs, and plump breasts packed into an obvious sports bra.

Malcolm looked back at her with a wide smile and said, "Sara Belle. You're going first, huh?" He looked her up and down, eyes lingering at the gap between her thighs where her mound was on prominent display in her tight little getup.

She gave a nod and looked over to Sarani with a smile, "Don't worry. I've seen him on set before. He'll have more than enough for all three of us. Probably a little left over for the after party as well." The mare gave a slight nicker as her nostrils flared in anticipation and her ears flushed just slightly. The hint at his virility made the chubbier female grind her thighs together just as a member of the crew walked up and handed her a skirt for the rest of her outfit, sans panties.

"If you can get a little worked up before we start, Nelson wants a shot of you dripping from under the skirt, Sarani," came the staffer's voice before they walked off.

Sara Belle looked over to where Nyla was getting dressed and watched as the goat busily tried to stuff herself into the supposedly loose pants they had provided. It was resulting in a hefty bulge in her pant's crotch area. The pig let out a slight little snort of breath, "You'd think they wouldn't want us just popping out of our clothing, but I guess Nelson knows what he's doing." She looked back to Malcolm and reached down to palm at his packed pants, groping at his balls. "You look like you've been hitting the supplements, big boy," she said with a slightly jeering tone to her voice.

That earned a derisive snort from the bulky hyena. "The only thing I've been hitting is the gym and fat asses like yours." His voice was laced with sarcasm, but his smile and eyes still lingering on the very obvious labia packed into Sara Belle's yoga pants gave away his obvious pleasure at being teased like that.

She let go of his crotch and turned with a flick of her hips to show off the little curly tail poking from her pants right above her toned cheeks. "You'll be hitting this soon enough. Looks like Nelson's almost done with his fervor. Let's get ready." She moved off, hips swaying as she went, and grabbed Nyla as she passed the goat, scooping her into a muscled hug.

Sarani stepped up to Malcolm's side and slid a hand down against one of his thighs. "I know I'm ready to have some fun, big guy," she said with a lilting huff of breath.

The big hyena looked down at her and grinned with a thick display of teeth. "Yeah. So'm I. I'd better go get to my station. See you in a few minutes, babe." He slipped out of her touch and walked off behind the part of the set where the house's front door was. He would come through there after the brief porno setup. It wouldn't be anything special. Just enough to set the scene.

"Alright everyone! Let's get into places and get things rolling! I want a clean, single shot! No fuckups or I'll let Malcolm pop every last one of you without the cameras rolling!" Nelson shouted into his megaphone, his pseudo threat earning a few laughs from the seasoned crew. Many of them had been working there several years, and many of them had seen their colleagues go slipping off with some fun with one of the studio's stars. It was never a real threat, though. Everyone liked having a little explosive fun at least once.

The crew hit the lights on the set, bringing up the highlights on the couch and the stairs behind them. The sorority paraphernalia shone in the lights, causing Nelson to shout at someone to lower a few spotlights on the set. A few last-minute crew members moved through the set checking things before Nyla, Sarani, and Sara Belle moved onto the set. Nyla went up the stairs to wait at the landing at the top for her cue. Sarani sat down on the couch and pulled up the little prop laptop to make it look like she was busy studying. Sara Belle stretched out on the yoga mat on the floor and began to put herself on display.

The shoot began with a close-up of her doing the splits and then panned out to catch her full physique. With cameras rolling, Nelson leaned back into his seat to watch his stars setting to work. Sara Belle stretched and flexed, showing off her abs in the tight little top she wore, the bulge of her thighs, and most importantly for the fans who would eventually watch the film, the way her cunt bulged against her yoga bottoms. She sat up, flexing once more, enough to make her tits bounce in her little top and strain against the meager sports bra they had stuffed her into.

The camera panned from her on the set, busily doing her mock-workout to Sarani busily tapping at her faux laptop. It was a shell, but from the back it looked like she was busily at work. She had put on a pair of little glasses and had pulled her hair back into a ponytail, complete with a little bow in it. As she sat there, she gave a slight huff and leaned back in her seat, enough for another camera to catch her generous cleavage and the heaving jiggle of her bloated equine breasts struggling to stay contained in her tight top. The cameras caught the deep valley between her tits, then the prominent bulges of her bloated nipples poking from her top, straining a little against her outfit, the lack of a bra clearly obvious.

She looked up from her laptop and let out a soft little huff of breath, "So what're we doing to celebrate graduating tonight?" Her voice was softer than before with an almost nasally simper to it, a meekness that would go over well with the crowd that loved the nerdy types. She looked over to Sara Belle on her mat, busily stretching up and down.

The camera on Sara Belle panned in to put her breasts on display once more, catching the ever so slight sheen of sweat on her pink skin, making the pig's physique stand out just a little more. The lights on her had been turned up to make her sweat just a little more. There was a group of fans who greatly enjoyed the Amazonian types of women, those who had a plumpness of womanhood coupled with the power of muscle and sinew that would show off greatly in a lengthy fucking and later in a good, hard popping.

Sara Belle straightened up and rose to her feet with a kick of her legs. It hoisted her ass into the air first, giving the camera a shot of her cheeks jiggling in the tight yoga pants. She was one of the girls who had done enough stretching that she could spread her cheeks enough that her pants rode down between her cheeks to put her pucker on display. When she rose to her feet, she pulled an arm across her font, continuing to stretch. The motion showed off the tense biceps straining under shiny skin and served to put her large breasts in profile for the camera.

Looking to Sarani, she said, "Nyla said she has a surprise for us. She says we'll really get have a blast with it, whatever it is, but it's costing us a few hundred bucks, so it better be something really meaty with a lot of girth. I want to have a real splash tonight." The dialogue was corny at best, the kind that a porno would have with all the subtle innuendo of a teenage locker room, but it sold videos really well, so the writers shoved puns into every deep, wet inch of the script that they could, hoping for that explosive finish that would land them with a mess of cash all over the floor.

Sara Belle stood up and walked over to sit on the couch next to Sarani and smiled as she slid an arm around the mare's shoulders. "Don't worry," she said, smiling, "I'm certain that whatever pops up, we'll have a good time, our last night together." With that, she leaned in and nuzzled her lips to Sarani's, pushing into a slow kiss that the mare reciprocated, leaning back into her with a heady groan of breath. The camera panned in on the kiss, catching Sarani's lips coated in soft pink lipstick pressing firmly against Sara Belle's, hers coated in only a shiny gloss to make the already ruby red of her pouty lips shine in highlight. Tongues pressed out against one another, stroking in a slow, messy little kiss that the cameras caught. Sara Belle slid a hand behind Sarani's head to pull her in a little deeper, a little more passionately, and tilted her head to the side as her mouth opened, showing off her broad, flat teeth near Sarani's own. They held their kiss for a few moments before leaning back with mingled little groans of breath.

Both women looked to each other as Sarani leaned back enough to allow Sara Belle's hands to come up and press against her chest. They sank in against Sarani's clothed breasts, sinking into the soft flesh barely contained in her tight little top. The heaving, soft flesh dimpled inwards and pulled against the fabric, serving to show off more of her heavy cleavage. Sarani let out a low, tender moan of breath and bit at her lower lip. She arched into the caress, feeling the pulse of her heartbeat rise in anticipation of what she knew was going to happen in a few minutes. Sara Belle maneuvered her hands downwards, cupping the fronts of Sarani's breasts, squeezing there slowly and pulling enough in a slow, milking motion so that Sarani's heavy teats bulged outwards against her top, showing off more in stark relief through the fabric. The camera's caught the teasing caress, the pull of heated breast flesh to start the intimate display of soft, pliant flesh to the eventual audience.

From behind them, Nyla came walking down the stairs, her hooves clopping slowly as she moved. She busily tapped away on a phone as if she was texting, and when she reached the bottom of the stairs, she looked over at the pair of women enjoying each other on the couch.

"Our entertainment's almost here, ladies! And I see you got the party started without me," came her voice, a laugh following her words. She walked around to the side of the couch and slid in behind Sarani, hands moving to cup underneath her breasts, hefting and stroking them in a slow, milking squeeze that matched Sara Belle's embrace. "You two are going to have a swell time tonight, I guarantee," she said with a soft purr of her voice.

Sara Belle leaned in past Sarani to push another kiss against Nyla's lips, the same pattern from before repeating with lips embracing, tongues twining, and a string of spittle shared between the women before a low, groan shared between the two pulled them apart. As they moved back, Sarani looked between them with her wide smile, broad teeth shining with the pink of her lips.

As Sarani moved back and slid her hands down to grope against Nyla's crotch, there was a knock at the door. All of them looked up just as Nyla smiled and said, "I think that's him."

Both Sara Belle and Sarani looked to her with looks of mock puzzlement and mimed together, "Him?" That only earned a wider smile from Nyla as the goat slipped to her feet and turned with a shake of her ass, enough to make her fat pouch on display for the camera jiggle back and forth.

"I got us a little date for tonight. Someone who is guaranteed to help us have the best time we'll ever have."

Both Sarani and Sara Belle sat up and leaned over the back of the couch to face Nyla while she walked over to the door. The position put their asses on display for the camera. Sarani's ass was large, rounded, and much plumper than Sara Belle's, but Sara Belle's ass was a perfect bubble of a butt, toned and fat with perky cheeks. Both women in that position slowly shook their butts from side to side, showing off for the cameras. Sarani's tail whipped up into the air, slapping against each of her cheeks to make them shake all the more. Sara Belle clenched her cheeks, making them jiggle and wobble slowly in her taut yoga pants. The cameras pulled in tightly against each of their rumps in turn to show off their shape, the slight sag of chub in Sarani's cheeks and the perky wobble of Sara Belle's ass. Sarani's skirt lifted just enough as she shook her hips from side to side to show a dribble of wetness sliding down one of her legs, the shot that Nelson wanted.

Nyla reached over to the door and took the handle in hand, looked to the camera and the two women with a wide smile, then opened the door. Malcolm strolled in, flexing as he did so to show off his thick musculature in the outfit they had put him in. He looked to Nyla, then the two women eagerly positioned on the sofa and said, "Ladies. I got a call that some eager young graduates are ready to graduate to nut butter. You ready to get popped tonight?"

As he said that, he flexed again and pushed his hips forward, allowing the cameras to catch the massive bulge in his pants swelling just a little.

While Nyla looked on with a knowing smile, the two women on the couch let out a twin gasp of breath, looked to each other, and said in unison, "Popped!?" Though their voices sounded even slightly incredulous, they both had wide smiles on their faces.

Malcolm walked into the living room, in front of the couch as Nyla shut the door behind him. The big hyena slid his hands down to grasp at his shirt. Pulling upwards, he rapidly exposed his gut and the thick muscles of his chest and arms. The big male flexed for a moment, posing as Sara Belle and Sarani turned on the couch and sat with hands in their laps. Nyla walked up to stand between them, leaning down so that her tits draped over the back of the couch. Malcolm flexed once more, this time making his thick muscles pop and stand out through his fur while the bulge in his pants grew, starting to strain the garment.

He looked over to them and flashed another wide smile. "That's right," he said, "Popped like the condom sluts you are and turned into thick puddles of nut butter. Now who wants to get burst first?"

Sara Belle immediately stood up and took a step forward, thrusting her chest out as she did so. "Do me first! I bet I make the biggest splatter when you pop me," she said with a wide smile and a voice filled with confidence at her coming demise. The other two sitting on the couch let out mutual little laughs while Sarani reached out and gave Sara Belle's ass a little swat.

The pig took another step forward and reached down to push her hands against Malcolm's crotch, visibly groping and stroking at the fat bulge inside. Fingers rolled against it, encouraging the hidden cock to continue swelling until it was painfully packed into the hyena's pants. The cameras got a good shot of the male's dick standing out in definition through the fabric before Sara Belle slid her fingers up to begin flicking the straining buttons holding the pants closed. They came free with sharp pops, each one exposing slowly more of the hyena's ebony black cock flesh, first the base and then the shaft. It rose against his pants, pushing and straining to get free, but Malcolm's cock was fairly girthy and long. Sara Belle had to open all the buttons on the fly to allow Malcolm's cock to bow outwards and upwards, but it still wasn't free.

The hyena's cock strained in his pants, thick as a soda bottle, it strained down one pant leg, reaching several inches past the inseam in the pants' crotch. Sara Belle knelt down and pushed her face against his cock, snuggling her pink snout into his ebony spire as it wriggled and struggled in his pants. Then with a warm snort of breath, she pulled his pants down, allowing his cock to jerk free. It rose with a sharp buck upwards, rising to stand proud and erect in the air while the hyena's massive nuts rolled free from his pants. Two massive bowling balls hung from his hips and distended his sac downwards, visibly stretching the skin and making thick veins stand out all along the hefty pouch. Spots covered the sparse fur along his sac, matching the fur pattern on his arms and his thighs, and through it all, his hips lightly moved from side to side to set his nuts to wobbling while making the muscle in his legs pop.

As Malcolm's cock came free and rose into the air, Sara Belle pushed her flat porcine nose in against its base, between sheath and balls to snort and huff loudly against the male's massive genitalia. Her butt lifted for the camera, once again showing off her ass packed tightly into her pants, but now there was the moistness from her already sopping cunt.

She pulled away from Malcolm's crotch, still with her ass pressed towards the camera, then reached back to peel her yoga pants off. They were stretched tightly around her large ass, two fat pink cheeks that came into view as her pants came down, moving past her tail until both cheeks could finally push free to wobble large and heavy in the air. She flexed her thighs and her glutes at the same time, causing her cheeks to spread a little so that the camera could get a good shot of her plump pucker. In her previous films, she had spent most of her time doing anal, and that was her plan for Malcolm.

Sara Belle looked up at the hyena and let out a grunting huff of breath, "I want you to fuck my ass as hard as you can. Really pound it and make my cheeks sting." She flexed once more just as her hands pulled her pants the rest of the way down and off of her hips, down past her thighs. It put her dripping pussy on display, labia swollen with desire and dripping in anticipation.

Behind Malcolm, Sarani spun around to sit on the couch, watching the two getting ready for the film's first pop. Nyla had moved around to sit beside her with enough room on the other side of the couch for Sara Belle and Malcolm to sit and put themselves on display for the camera. The woman and the Shemale leaned in against each other, hands on each others' bodies. Sarani was stroking a hand against Nyla's groin and digging in against the heavy pouch in her crotch. Nyla, meanwhile, had her hands on Sarani's tits, mauling them in her top, enough so that her doughy breasts pushed up slightly against the fabric and made for a deep and wobbling cleavage.

The goat's ministrations at Sarani's breasts had her nipples swollen and thick, pressing out through the top that barely contained her heavy, wobbling tits. Nyla's own teats had swollen enough to show through the bra that the studio had put her in.

The cameras got shots of the two working at each other and those shots would be cut into the main show later, but the main focus was on Malcolm and Sara Belle.

Sara Belle had climbed up onto the couch with Malcolm while he had reclined back onto it with legs spread so that his weighty balls could dangle down between his legs. She straddled his thighs with her legs spread, leaning forward into him so that the camera could get a good shot of her plump, rounded ass cheeks. The pig slid a hand between her legs and took hold of Malcolm's cock, then pulled it upwards so that it snuggled into the valley between her cheeks. Like that, her hips gave a slight pump downwards, hotdogging the hefty hyena cock for just a moment. It serves to make her cheeks wobble a little more as they framed his meaty prick in pink pig butt. The deep ebony of the hyena's dick stood in stark contrast to Sara Belle's skin tone.

With a grunt, she rolled herself forward and up, sliding up against Malcolm so that her tits framed his face. The side cameras got a shot of his muzzle disappearing into that expanse in much the same manner as his dick disappeared between her cheeks. The pig's fingers on his dick rode upwards, moving to grip just behind his cock head, and once there, her fingers pushed the thick bell end against her pucker. She let out a rehearsed gasp of pleasure and pushed the tip inwards with fingers while easing backwards with her hips. Her asshole spread slowly around the tip in a manner that might suggest she was anything other than well-practiced at doing this very move, but the quivering pulse running through her ass gave away the teasing hint that she was very well practiced.

Malcolm's dick began to disappear into her, moving into her taut ass with the slightest of meaty little pops of flesh. That earned a warm little groan from both of them and allowed Sara Belle's hand to move off of Malcolm's cock once more. It moved back up his torso, sliding until it came to rest with her other hand on his chest. As she began to slide down onto his shaft, her hands set to work undoing his shirt, slowly popping the buttons and pulling them open. He returned the favor, slowly sliding her shirt upwards.

As her shirt came up and his came open, the cameras got a shot of her hefty tits packed into her sports bra and top straining a little against the shirt bunching under them, the expanse of muscle along her back, and the thick, fluffy furred set of pecs that Malcolm sported. He pulled her shirt up and off of her just as her hips planted down firmly in against his groin, her ass having devoured his meaty prick.

The pigs hips rolled back upwards, sliding back just a little to put her stretched pucker on display for the cameras as it distended just slightly. At the same time, Malcolm pulled at her bra, heaving it upwards and allowing her plump pink tits to go spilling free and into his chest. The slap of those meaty orbs against his chest made Malcolm break out into a wide smile and thrust his hips upwards, slamming his dick back into Sara Belle's overstretched asshole. The pig rose upwards with the force of the thrust, grunting sharply as she did so. Her tits bounced hard against his chest, wobbling and smacking against his muzzle before they flopped back down hard against her chest.

Malcolm thrust again, hands moving to grab at Sara Belle's hips, holding her steady as his hips rose and pounded against her cheeks. Between his legs, his massive nuts rose and flopped, clapping against her thighs as he started to thrust in earnest. The weight of those huge orbs sent shuddering ripples through Sra Belle's taut thigh muscles and heavy ass cheeks. Each shaking wobble caused her butt to rise upwards before the cheeks clapped back down around Malcolm's invading pole.

She turned, a hand moving to rest on the shelf of her fat ass, and looked down to watch Malcolm thrusting up and into her. Her mouth hung open as she let out heavy, gasping moans of breath, and in that position, one of her heavy tits flopped around unimpeded, bouncing against one of her arms with every one of Malcolm's thrusts. It rose and wobbled before dropping down again, and in that position, one of her fat teats was exposed. Not as large as Sarani's teats, Sara Belle's nipples were nonetheless thick and puffy, a deep maroon in color.

One of Malcolm's hands rose upwards to cup that breast, squeezing at it for a moment to make her flesh dimple and distort before he spoke up, saying, "Mmmph. Let's get you turned around, baby, so you can really bloat up good before you burst."

Sara Belle came to rest against the hyena's lap, her ass grinding back and forth for a moment before she gave a little nod. "I want to get huge before I splatter," she said as her left leg lifted upwards, sliding almost vertical with her torso. She moved with a slow, turning undulation of her hips so that her leg passed in front of her face and allowed her to turn around without ever once taking his cock out of her. As she turned, her cunt was put on full display, presenting swollen, puffy labia to the cameras and making her ass cheeks press downwards in a heavy press into Malcolm's thighs.

He groaned the whole time, shuddering as her leg passed by his face. "Fuuuuuck. You've got skills, girl. No wonder you want to graduate from the school of hyena dick. You're gonna be top of your class from that fat ass before you go running across the floor."

She looked back to him with a wide smile, then planted her hands on her thighs and moved into a squat. The position put her entire body on display for the cameras, every angle and ripple of muscle that moved was highlighted by the sheen of sweat on her pink skin. As Malcolm thrust before, Sara Belle began to thrust this time, rising and falling with a sharp staccato pulse of her hips to slam her rounded ass down into Malcolm's crotch.

Her movements sent a shudder through the hyena's body and made his heavy balls wobble up and down, back and forth between his legs. He began to pant, chest heaving as his hips quivered under her assaulting movements. Slowly, his titanic balls began to jerk and rise upwards, twitching visibly while the thick veins covering his sac began to pulse harder and harder.

With a sharp groan of breath, he muttered out, "It's... just about time... for graduation, babe!"

Sara Belle leaned back and cried out sharply, her hips bouncing harder into his lap, faster, coaxing his orgasm from him with speed and desperate abandon. She grabbed one of her breasts as she said, "Cum in me, baby! I'm ready to graduate to nut butter!"

Nyla looked over to where Sara Belle and Malcolm were busy getting ready for the film's first pop. While those two had been busily fucking, Sarani had pulled Nyla's pants open and had helped the goat's fat cock and weighty balls into the air. The horse was busily suckling on Nyla's cock, but at Sara Belle's words, Nyla reached down and gently pulled her dick from Sarani's mouth. The goat helped the mare back upright and pulled her away from the couch towards a chair sitting off to the side where they could watch Sara Belle's graduation ceremony.

As Malcolm pushed upwards one last time, his hips gave a shudder and his nuts jerked upwards. The thick underbelly of his cock swelled outwards, just enough of it exposed for the cameras to catch the start of his orgasm. It was Sara Belle's belly suddenly puffing outwards that really gave away the force of his load hitting her.

The pig's stomach surged forwards, swelling into a plump, rounded dome like she had suddenly become pregnant, then continued to swell in front of her, growing more and more rounded. As her belly began to sag and grow wider instead of simply outwards, the rounded puff of her ass cheeks starts to push down and into Malcolm's lap, each of those big butt cheeks bloating up in time with her belly swelling. She shuddered at the sensation, fingers moving to grasp at her gut and squeeze.

Malcolm did the same thing, though his hands moved to push in against her toned sides just as they too started to puff up and press against his digits. Sara Belle's torso had begun to round outwards more and more, giving her that stereotypical fat pig look, but in a decidedly sloshing, cum-filled way. The bloating continued up and along her body, into her tits, causing them to sag down against her swelling belly, each pink breast growing more wobbly, less perky, and a lot larger as they swelled. After only a few moments, her once shapely and perky, plump breasts had sagged and drooped downwards, her nipples thickening as they too sagged towards her massively growing gut.

She snorted out loudly, groaning and gasping out in pleasure, crying out, "Ohhh god yeah! I've got the best graduation gift ever! I get to be a cum stain!" As she shouted that, her legs suddenly thickened, thighs bloating inwards towards each other as they swelled to either side. At the same time, her labia puffed forward, a shot that the cameras didn't often get. Cum began to drool from her lips, oozing in thick, syrupy rivulets, but as she continued to swell, the flow grew stronger. By the time the bloating influence of Malcolm's lethal load reached her feet, a steady streamer of cum was spraying from her fluttering pussy lips, making them slap back and forth together in a frothing mess.

Snorting again, she grabbed her breasts, fingers pushing into the doughy flesh as her hands swelled, almost merging in plump, rolling waves with the overlapping and growing flab of cum filled flesh. She huffed, whined sharply, and bucked down just a little. The motion sent a ripple through her entire figure, up and along her belly, over her breasts, down through her thighs, and as her cheeks began to puff outwards, even through her face.

Malcolm peeked his head from around her bloating figure to look up at her face as it swelled outwards. Her lips thickened, little flaps of ears growing chubby and heavy, her flat little nose puffing up more and more. The big hyena palmed hands up along her tits to show off how large and flabby they had grown, lifting them a little to make them sag a little more. With a shuddering groan of breath, he moaned out, "Time... to... graduate... here's your degree in getting popped!"

As he said that, the spray of cum from her pussy increased to a hard streamer, cum fountained from her nose and from her puffed up lips. Sara Belle's once toned and shapely physique rippled as if it had reached its limit of growing so fat and bloated, and with a heady SPLORTCH! she popped, spraying outwards in a thick paste of cum and burst pig all across Malcolm and the couch. The heady wash of spunk and spent slut spread out across the floor, dripping from the couch and the hyena. He stood up with a wide grin and wiped the spunk from his face just as Sarani threw him a towel to wipe down a little.

"Me next. I want you to pop me next!" she cried out, jumping up from her position snuggled up next to Nyla on the chair. Her voice quivered and her massive tits slowly wobbled from side to side as she took a step forward to help the hyena sponge the gooey mess off of himself.

Nyla stood up, pulling her pants the rest of the way off, then her blouse to free her tits. She preferred to be in the nude for her shoots anyway, and going ahead and stripping wouldn't have any consequences. They couldn't chew out a hot and sticky puddle of cum and goat, after all.

As she walked over to stand with Sarani and Malcolm, the goat pushed her dick against Sarani's ass, teasingly hotdogging her a little. "Let's do her together. I want to keep fucking her mouth while you graduate her," she said, looking up to Malcolm.

He nodded, smiling widely. "Sounds like a great idea. And your friend made us a great mess for fucking in," he said as he looked down to Sarani. Hands gripped against her shirt, then with a flex of his biceps, he ripped it open, causing her huge breasts to spill free and slap against his chest. The hyena grabbed each tit in his hands and sank his fingers into them, squeezing slowly. With a warm, groaning pulse of breath, he whispered out, "These are as big as your friend's were before she burst. I wonder how big you'll get before you graduate."

Sarani flushed deeply in her ears, then turned and moved to kneel on the couch in the oozing mess still slowly flowing from it. "You'll have to pop me to find out," came her voice, again quivering in anticipation and desire.

As the large hyena moved around to kneel behind her on the couch, he pulled his shirt the rest of the way off, exposing his thick arms and muscled back. His hands moved to her hips to get a slight grip against her before a hand moved to push against her back, pushing her forward onto the couch.

Sarani leaned forward at Malcolm's insistence, her ass rising into the air as she did so and her tits drooping down to land with a set of twin, wet splats into the gooey mess coating the couch's seat cushions. She let out a gasp of breath as her hips rose upwards, presenting herself for Malcolm. The camera got a good shot of her skirt as it flipped upwards, revealing the mare's thick, dripping vulva. They were spread in anticipation, a winking of her cunt that let Malcolm know that his dick was more than welcome inside of her.

It was an invitation that he wasted no time in taking. With a hand still stroking her ass, he grabbed his cock with his other hand and guided it right to Sarani's waiting hole. With a push, he sank his cock head past her lips, earning a sharp gasp of breath from the chubby mare. His massive member stretched her pussy widely open and caused her muff to bulge out downwards just slightly with the shape and weight of his cock. As he pushed into her in a steady, unrelenting pace, Sarani's chubby belly bulged just a little, even against her already slight muffin top. The camera's caught the shape of that hyena cock sliding into her, rolling down through her body.

Just as Malcolm's cock came to rest fully inside of her and his balls slapped lightly against her ass, Nyla slipped up behind him and slid an arm around his side to grope lightly at his chest. "I can't wait for my turn to graduate," she moaned out into his ear just as a hand groped against one of his thick pecs.

The hyena pulled his hips back slightly, dragging his cock out of Sarani, enough for the cameras to get a good shot of how wet his cock had become from being inside of her. He turned his head slightly so that he could plant a kiss on Nyla's lips, and said to her, "Why don't you go ahead stick your cock back in that hot little mouth of hers and we can snuff her together. Really make sure that she has a good, wet graduation."

Nyla grinned widely, saying, "Don't mind if I do." She slipped off of the couch, hooves slapping through the mess that used to be Sara Belle, and walked to the other side to stand in front of Sarani. Nyla climbed back up onto the couch, sitting kneeling in front of the mare who looked up at her with wide eyes and a wider smile. Her mouth opened wide, eager to accept the cock that she was suckling so greedily on earlier. Nyla slipped a hand around her dick and guided it between Sarani's lips to the sound of a warm moan from both the shemale and the woman. The goat slid her hips forward until her thick, rounded balls were cushioned up and against Sarani's chin with a slight wobble.

Together, Nyla and Malcolm began to thrust, shoving forward into Sarani at the same time before pulling back in unison. Their motions were practiced and steady, the motions of lovers who had been part and partner to many a spit-roasting. Every time they met in the middle and their hips impacted against Sarani's plump body, her entire figure wobbled inwards with a ripple that surged through her hips and her belly, through her fat, wobbling tits, and met just at the top of her muffin. Each inwards thrust carried with it a steady and heady plap of sound mingled by the syrupy roll of flesh against the gooey cum mess coating the couch.

The movements of the three on the furniture worked at a slow, steady pace, enough so that with every stroke both goat and hyena dick came into view, wetted down and slick with the spit leaking from Sarani's lips and the heated juices oozing from her already sopping pussy. The lube the studio applied wasn't truly necessary as Sarani had begun leaking the moment she had been on set, and now with both dicks inside of her, it was everything she could do to simply not flood the couch.

Gasping huffs and moans rose into the air, a symphony of pleasured sounds from both Malcolm and Nyla, but Sarani's muffled moans and whimpers filled the air as well. Her voice rose and fell with every thrust. As her mouth opened to meet one of Nyla's thrusts, her tongue lolled out and pushed down against Nyla's weighty balls. Sarani lapped against the ivory cum factories while she slurped loudly around the goat's cock. Above, Nyla looked on with wide eyes and gasping, almost bleating moans of pleasure. A hand was resting on Sarani's head while the other was working at one of Nyla's breasts, stroking both herself and the mare working her heavy dick.

Behind, Malcolm thrust harder, rocking Sarani forward with the motion of his hips. His groin slapped hard against her own, and as Nyla moaned out even louder, Malcolm brought a hand down hard against Sarani's ass, slapping it hard enough to send a sharp plap up into the air and setting the mare's hefty ass to jiggling. She jumped forward slightly and let out a sharp, pleasured squeal of breath. Malcolm smiled widely in response and repeated the motion, spanking Sarani once more as he thrust forward and again a third time.

The last slap made Sarani cry out sharply and dive forward. Her mouth opened widely to grab around Nyla's cock and balls both, slurping them up and into her muzzle so that her cheeks bulged out with the shape of Nyla's fat orbs. At the same time, she tensed up as a splash of fluids splattered against Malcolm's crotch, signaling an orgasm.

The hyena thrust hard to meet the mare's orgasm, his hips arching upwards just slightly to grind his cock harder against her walls and draw the orgasm out longer. He groaned slightly, a hand moving up to stroke across his chest and knead at a pec. "Just a little more, baby... you're doing real good. 'Bout to get your graduation ceremony, too," he said, groaning out his words with a heated gasp of breath from the sensation of Sarani's pussy fluttering around his dick, pulling and almost suckling at it as if she were begging for his lethal load.

The three of them thrust together, Sarani shuddering in her orgasm and working against her partners thrusting into her. Her body continued to shake and her moans rose into the air from the muffled weight of Nyla's hefty genitals stuffed into her mouth. Each of her cheeks bulged outwards with a fat goat testicle. With Malcolm's thrusts behind her growing more and more fervent and more insistent, her figure rocked towards Nyla who was thrusting less and less eagerly.

The goat's thighs and ass clenched up just as she rolled her head backwards, groaning out sharply, her mouth hanging open. "C..cumming!" she shouted out just as her hips jabbed forward against Sarani's muzzle. The goat's tail fluttered behind her while Sarani looked up to Nyla, her big eyes wide and as much of a smile as she could manage on her overly stuffed face. Her cheeks bulged outwards more as Nyla's load began to pump into her.

The heated weight of goat spunk surged up and into Sarani's muzzle, filling her cheeks and swelling her throat with the weight of the orgasmic mess. Nyla huffed and groaned with a hand against a breast, squeezing and kneading as her hips continued to twitch. Having drained her balls earlier, her load wouldn't be enough to pop Sarani, but already the mare's belly had started to sag with the weight of cum pumping into her. Sarani continued to suckle and work at Nyla's groin even as a few thick ropes of spunk spluttered out from her overstretched lips. The heady mess slopped down to hang wobbling from the mare's chin, jiggling just as her belly jiggled.

Malcolm grabbed at Sarani's ass and shoved forward hard against her, grinding forward as a groaning huff of breath slipped from his lips, "Here we go... here we go!" His hips jerked hard against the mare's plump ass just as a few streamers of jizz shot out from the cramped space between their groins. He groaned out once more as his grip tightened into Sarani's plump ass. The audible sound of spunk flooding into the mare's pussy filled the air, mingling with Sarani's muffled moans, Nyla's heated gasps, and Malcolm's thick moans.

Sarani's belly began to bloat faster, swelling down into the mess of Sara Belle that still coated the couch that she would soon be added to. As her belly bloated up more and more, it filled the space between her legs and her tits, rounding out into a doughy, puffy mound. Soon, her breasts began to swell, thickening and sagging more than they already had so they too could fill into what little space was left between her and the couch. As her left breast bloated up, it slipped off the cushion to hang heavy against the side of the couch in profile, swelling like a massive water balloon hanging from an open faucet. Cum began to leak in a steady streamer from her nipple, oozing in a thick white rivulet down from her bloated breast. That fat nipple, already made thick with the pleasure of a good fuck, began to swell and thicken as well, rounding up and puffing outwards from her now huge breast.

As both cocks continued to jerk and spasm inside of Sarani, Nyla and Malcolm finally looked down to her to watch her bloat. They both smiled as hands moved down to push against the mare. Nyla bent over Sarani to push a hand against the hanging, bloating breast, feeling its weight and causing it to shift and shudder with fluidity. Malcolm sank his hands more roughly into her ass just as it expanded outwards into his fingers, growing upwards like two rounded loaves of bread rising in an oven. He groaned out sharply, "Ohhhh yeah! Look at how much you can take!" His hand slapped against her fattened ass and sent a shuddering wobble through her cum flooded flesh.

The slap earned a groaning, gurgling whine from the mare who continued to look up at Nyla. The whole time she swelled she continued to moan and gurgle.

When Nyla straightened up, she let Sarani's breast roll free from her fingers, then leaned back just a little to give the cameras a good shot of the mare's face as it began to puff up, cheeks swelling more, lips thickening and bloating into Nyla's groin, her large equine ears beginning to thicken as well.

Behind, Malcolm lifted a leg up so that Sarani's own thickening thighs could get some good camera time. The shape of her thighs rounding up more and more, of her calves growing thick and heavy like her thighs were before all got a few good shots for the montage of the mare's popping. In that position, the cameras could also get a good look at the way Sarani's labia had swollen around Malcolm's dick and cushioned back against his balls much in the same way her lips were pushing greedily into Nyla's groin.

The hyena's hands slid up against Sarani's back as she rose slightly from the sofa, the weight of her bloating belly and tits lifting her upwards. The big hyena whistled out loudly, "Nnnf... not much longer... you're gonna pop real good and hard..."

As if in anticipation of what was to come, her whole body gave a wobbling quiver just as the flow of spunk from her exposed breast began to spray in a harder streamer, cum began to leak from her nose, and thick spluts of jizz began to leak from her swollen ass cheeks. The big hyena let out a laugh while Nyla gave a delighted clap. "Come on, Sarani! Pop for us!" she shouted out.

Sarani's figure bulged a little at the sides just before she exploded with a thick, wet GLORP that sprayed heated and mixed cum across both Nyla and Malcolm. The mare's body bursting freed both of their dicks which arced into the air, still spraying cum in thick, long arcs into the huge mess that splashed down from the couch and onto the floor.

Nyla let out a sharp gasp of pleasure and scooped up a handful of the oozing spunk so that she could spread it across her tits. "Ohhhh gods that was good! Mmmmf... now it's my turn to graduate," she said, looking over to Malcolm with a greedy smile. Her dick bobbed hard in the air, still twitching and leaking cum from its tip.

The hyena slid slowly off of the sofa, onto his feet, and walked to the chair in which Nyla and Sarani had been before to pick up a towel. He slowly cleaned himself off, wiping the heated, spunky mare mess from his body. The whole time, his cock remained hard, bobbing in the air like a massive python ready to strike. Once he was clean, he looked back over his shoulder to Nyla with a wide grin. "Where do you want to get popped?"

She stepped off of the couch, then strode around Malcolm. She sat down into the chair, then spun her legs up and over one of the armrests while leaning back over the other. One leg propped up against the chair's seat while the other lifted slightly into the air. That position put her dick pointing straight up into the air, still bobbing hard, and left her fat nuts hanging between her legs, drooping down with a heavy wobble while spunk slowly oozed from her slightly matted fur. Nyla looked to Malcolm with a wide grin. "Like this," she said, "So I can watch my dick swelling up before I pop."

Malcolm moved a few steps to stand near Nyla's spread legs, his dick jerking in anticipation of his third pop of the film. "I bet it gets as big as my cock before you burst," he said with a warm huff of breath. His hands moved to grab against her lifted leg and her hip, taking hold of her and lifting the shemale a little so that he could better position himself to push into her. As he moved in against her, he had to maneuver his dick down and under her nuts, lifting them with the weighty thickness of his veiny rod so that he could push under them and against her ass.

"A little help getting into that tight hole of yours, babe?" he asked as he looked down at her with that predatory smile of his.

Nyla's hands slipped under her to wrap around his dick, then lifted the heavy organ upwards so that it could push in between her ass cheeks. Her hands slicked down his dick just slightly with the cummy mess that they had just turned Sarani into. With a push, she wedged his tip in between her cheeks and against her pucker, then pushed downwards against his member to allow it into her. The sheer girth of it made her gasp out sharply as the women before her had.

Feeling his member hit home inside of Nyla's ass, Malcolm moved his grip from her leg to her other hip, and taking a firm hold on the goat's body, he began to push forward, forcing his dick up and into her body. He moved more slowly than he had with Sara Belle as the pig was a professional at getting her ass fucked. Nyla was far tighter than Sara Belle was, leading to a bit of resistance against the massively bloated hyena cock. But Malcolm pushed forward with a wide smile and gritted teeth while Nyla rolled back and thrust her hips into the air with an arched back that served to give him better access to fuck her ass.

The position allowed her fat balls to wobble on either side of his cock and her hefty breasts to jiggle up into the air. Both of her hands had moved from supporting herself on the chair to fondling her tits, stroking and pulling at them, kneading at her plump nipples. She moaned the whole time until Malcolm's hips pressed slowly against her ass, then with a slow exhale of breath, she looked down at him and nodded, saying, "Do it, stud. Graduate my ass."

He pulled back with a sharp jerk of his hips and then thrust forward in the same second, jabbing his cock hard inside of Nyla like he had done with Sarani just moments before. The impact set her tits to wobbling upwards and her balls bouncing against his groin. At the same time, her dick jerked into the air and spat a last streamer of her most recent orgasm across her stomach. That earned a warm grunt of breath from Malcolm before he thrust again.

The hyena leaned slightly forward as his hips began to rock back and forth, more determined that before with Sara Belle who did most of the work or with Sarani who was an easy fuck with her sopping, pliant pussy. Nyla's ass was much tighter and gripped around his cock with a steady squelching of flesh against flesh. The sound of his dick slipping in and out of her filled the air to accompany the sound of his hips impacting against hers.

Together, they groaned and breathed in heated pants of breath. Every time Malcolm thrust forward and buried his bone deep into Nyla's hole, she let out a cry of breath and gripped her hands down harder and more roughly against her tits. Every time Malcolm pulled back, she exhaled sharply in a slow groaning moan.

The cameras caught the exchange, the way his dick stretched her asshole open, the way the veins bulged on his cock from the effort of staying hard while on the way to his third orgasm in so many minutes and the delightful pleasure of it all. The cameras got closeups of his balls slapping against Nyla's ass when he thrust forward into her and the way his massive orbs wobbled between his thighs when he pulled back out of her again. The fat spheres clenched and pulled upwards before relaxing once more in a steady flexing motion, the motion of a man working himself desperately, trying to get himself to cum again.

The heat rose between them as they fucked, passion rising with every breath. Nyla's cock continued to bounce in the air, slapping against her cum slimed stomach now and then before flexing back rigid and upright once more before belting out a streamer of mostly clear ejaculate. She was completely drained and still managed a few spurts of pleasure from Malcolm's assault on her prostate, a sensation that rode through her body and caused her every inch to tingle and throb.

When another orgasm hit her, Nyla bucked her hips into the air as her dick sputtered, only leaking a few stray drops of cum in a mostly dry ejaculation. She screamed out in pleasure, body convulsing slightly.

It only made Malcolm smile all the wider. "Fuck... grip my dick... that's it... you like it? Knowing you're about to get your graduation gift?" he said as he leaned over her, pounding his hips up harder into her ass, slamming more and more roughly. She could feel his hips quivering, his dick starting to jerk, and the cameras got a good shot of his balls pulling up hard against his crotch before they started their maddening twitching once more.

She bit her lower lip and whined out through her throes of pleasure, "Pop me!"

At her words, he dug his hips upwards, lifting her ass into the air as his dick began to spasm in earnest, the thick cum vein swelling out as one last load rushed up through his cock. He groaned out once more, his hips shaking as his orgasm rushed into the goat shemale.

Nyla's belly immediately swelled upwards with its position on display. She was the slimmest of the three that were getting popped, so it would take the least to burst her, and in the first few moments when Malcolm unleashed his load into her, her belly had already domed up to make her look pregnant, much like the mouse girl hours before. Her hands moved to grab at her belly and squeezed, forcing the heady flow to begin spreading through the rest of her.

The goat's sides pushed outwards, sagging just a little just as her ass began to bloat downwards and her dick started to swell upwards. In that lifted position, the cameras could get a good look at both happening. Her ass cheeks, once toned and shapely, pushed downwards with sagging, wobbling rolls of bloating flesh. Her dick, standing hard and firm grew wider and fatter, swelling like a lengthy balloon bloating outward. It pushed against her belly as both bloated up more and more, and as her dick started to look more like a hose than a cock, her balls finally started to sag in their swelling pulse, growing more and more rounded while stretching and straining her sac out. With a warm squelch, cum started to fountain from her dick tip, arcing into the air like a broken water fountain.

She cried out just as her tits began to bloat down and push against her belly, "Uhhh... best graduation party ever! I'm graduating to nut butter! I'm gonna be cum!" Her breasts bloated more and more, swelling like Sara Belle's had. They drooped to either side of her swelling and spreading torso to grow more rounded and heavier, wobbling and jiggling like more and more of the rest of her body was growing.

As her thighs plumped into Malcolm's hands, he cried out with a sharp back of breath, "Almost there... almost there! Three sluts turned into hot, gooey cum stains! I'd hate to have to clean your cum splatters off these floors!" He adjusted himself slightly under her to support her weight with more than his dick. His hips pushed against her ass while his hand slid down around her waist to get a firm grip on her.

The cameras moved in for that last money shot, the good shot of Nyla's face starting to thicken, that constant sign in these sorts of films that the star was on their last legs and wouldn't be in any more films. Her cheeks puffed up and her lips thickened as she licked at them. Both arms swelled outwards, growing floppy and heavy at her sides, though she continued to work and knead at her breasts as even her hands inflated outwards and grew more and more useless at stroking her tits. By the time her fingers had bloated into sausages, her areola had puffed up massively and her nipples looked like bloated thumbs wobbling atop her breasts. The goat spluttered happily, cum leaking from her lips as they puffed more. Her neck swelled, and with a sudden BLOOT, she exploded outwards, spraying out into a thick mess of cum and goat.

The rush of Nyla's mess splattered against Malcolm and flooded off of the chair to rush across the floor, impacting against Sarani's mess and Sara Belle's mess. The three huge waves of spunk flooded the floor in an indistinguishable mess of hot cum and popped sluts. Malcolm stood at the chair gasping and panting after the effort of the shoot.

It took him a few moments to finally recover, dick finally flagging. When he straightened up, he walked towards the door, not bothering to wipe himself clean or to put clothing on. He looked back at the mess he had made with his three co-stars and smiled widely. "Hope you ladies enjoyed your graduation. I'll see myself out. You're in no condition to do anything other than get washed down a drain." He opened the door and stepped through.

The cameras pulled back to get a final shot of the mess on the set, then Nelson called "Cut! That's it! Great work folks! Let's get that mess cleaned up and get home."

The cleaning crew set to work with hoses, spraying down the set, washing the collected cum spread over everything towards one of the convenient drains all over the studio. Things had to be cleaned up for the next day's shoot, after all.