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Ride 'em, Part 3

Rich had been working at Splatter, Inc. for about two weeks at this point, and the whole time he had been rehearsing and practicing with various partners the studio supplied him. He was already going by his new stage name, Dick Flare, and he had become popular with many of the studio's regulars, though the studio had instructed him to limit his play time to his practice partners. They were supplied so that fresh new actors with no experience could work on stamina, positioning, and their acting. While they would be shooting porno films, the studio did have a reputation to uphold. They didn't want any of their actors to have a short fuse or to deliver stilted and obviously bad lines. The bad porno speech was reserved for the smaller studios that simply churned out movie after movie with no regard for quality. And it was quality that Dick was learning all about.

He had some light acting lessons, learning to give his lines in a natural voice, learning how to improvise in the moment, and learning how to position himself so that the camera would pick up all the details the director would need. Given the studio's nature and the sort of films it shot, there were rarely ever re-shoots for any of the films' leading pops.

Dick had no trouble with the classes on giving his lines. He had met the studio's satisfaction on the first day, even with his thick accent. They would just put him in all the Southern and Western roles or in the typical laborer sort of roles.

He spent nearly a week getting used to the cameras, though. The heated glare down against him made him sweat and made his pelt rather shiny and matted in places. Having deep brown hair coating his body didn't do much for lessening the heat he had to endure, and as a natural sweater, some of the longer practice shoots had him dripping buckets. A few of his practice coaches had assured him that wouldn't be a problem. Their audiences enjoyed a heavy, sweaty man plowing into his partners. What's more, the sheen on his hide worked well with the camera catching his highlights. The real issue came in how bulky he was and how massive his nuts were. Dick's balls were the size of massive watermelons and slapped meatily between his thighs, but they blocked any shots of his cock plowing into a partner from between his legs. Thus far, the cameras had been forced to work from the sides and above whenever they wanted more than a shot of Dick's balls flopping and swinging between his legs.

The real issue was with his sexual performance. Dick had no trouble keeping his dick hard or in having a nice, drawn out fuck for the show of a typical porno. His biggest issue came in his cumshot. His loads were massive and had no issue with popping partners, but with the way his dick swelled and bloated when he came, his flow was equally massive. Thus far in his practice sessions, he had burst his partners far too quickly for a good shoot. While the whole point of the films was for someone to end up spreading across the floor as a jizz puddle, audiences also liked good shows and never seemed to want to pay for films that did not have long, drawn-out inflation sequences. Just as much as a good bloating wasn't worth much without the pop at the end, a good pop wasn't worth anything if it wasn't preceded by a bloating that would allow the audience time to build anticipation and edge a little.

On the day he was set to shoot his first film, he had been given another partner, someone meant to drain his massive and over productive balls a little and to help him calm any jitters he might have. The big stallion sat in his dressing room on a sofa, languidly stretched out with his fat nuts draped down between his legs, the bottom of the massive ovoids brushing lightly against the floor. His chubby sheath stuck out in front of him from being drug down by the weight of his nuts. Already, he sported a half chub, cock having extended from his sheath. The ebony flesh pulsed slowly and lazily in anticipation of his coming day of work, though from his perspective, he was being paid to have as much sex as he could stand, so it was less work and more like a really good date.

The knock he had been waiting for sounded at the door. "Come in!" the stallion said.

The door opened and a very large, very beefy bull stepped inside, wearing just a pair of gym shorts. He stood easily a foot taller than Dick did, and Dick was already fairly large at six and a half feet tall. The bull was massively muscled all over with the look of a bodybuilder, though he had some heft and chub around his pecs and his midsection, like a man prone to good food and drink. Between his legs, packed tightly into his gym shorts, was a prodigious growth of cock, sitting flaccid atop two plump balls. The bull's hefty nuts weren't nearly the size of Dick's huge balls. They looked more like Trevor's nuts. The bull's hide was coated in a short, tawny hair that helped to show off his physical definition

With a smile, the bull looked down at the stallion and said, "You Dick? I'm Victor. Studio hired me to help guys like you drain a little before a shoot so you don't pop off too quick or too much. I won't be like those little practice toys you've been banging around with. Been at this a while, and I stretch a lot."

Dick looked up at him, then rose to stand and moved in front of the bull. He looked over the big guy's figure for a moment, smiling, "Sure am. Guess I get ta fuck ya before the real fun begins, huh? Well take them shorts off and let's have us some fun."

Victor reached out and slid an arm around Dick's shoulder and began to usher him towards the door. "Not in here. Director wants you to unload by the practice stall near the set so he can see how much you let loose." He said that with a smile, then opened the door and stepped through, bending down as he did. Dick followed along beside him, smiling the whole way.

The big bull led the stallion through the hall towards the set that had been prepared for his show with Trevor. That would end up being Trevor's last film as Dick was going to pop him, heralding the start of a new star's series of films. Dick Flare was going to make his debut in the best way he could.

The practice stall was a little booth set up near the studio's main set. It was large enough for two people to comfortably fit into without having to squeeze in and featured a single bench in the middle with a drain beneath it. On the walls were set some detachable showerheads to make cleanup easy for after a good, hard fuck. Dick had seen Victor in the stall before, getting railed by some of the other guys in the studio. The glass door on the front served little purpose other than keeping any potential mess contained inside and letting everyone outside get a good look at what was going on inside.

Victor walked into the stall and pulled Dick in alongside him. By the time they were both inside and the door was shut, Dick's cock was bobbing painfully erect in front of him. Victor had a fat, rounded ass that looked like it saw a lot of action, and he was eager to sink himself balls deep into the big bull.

With one hand still on Dick's shoulder, Victor reached down and pulled his gym shorts off, letting his flaccid cock flop free to hang loosely over his balls. "Alright then. Let me just get down there and you feel free to mount up," he said in his deep voice.

The big bull turned to sit astride the bench, and then leaned forward so that his big chest and fat gut rested snugly against the wooden surface. That put his ass presented upwards into the air, pushed back towards Dick and his eager namesake.

The stallion wasted no time after that invitation, slipping up behind Victor and grabbing both his ass cheeks. He spread them to reveal the bull's thick, obviously well used pucker lightly winking at him. The sight simply made his dick jump and jerk all the harder. With one hand, he grabbed at his heavy cock, and then wedged the tip down between Victor's cheeks. He pushed, shoving his already slightly fattened flare against Victor's asshole, starting to force him open.

A grunt slid from the bull's already open muzzle. "You're a big fella, Dick. You're gonna have a great career," he said with a warm groan of breath mingled into his words. As the equine's heavy shaft plugged against Victor's taut asshole, he let out another sharp little grunt of breath and then relaxed, allowing himself to open up for the big stallion. That earned a whinny of pleasure from the other male.

Feeling that warm hole opening for him, Dick leaned in against Victor, hands moving to rest against the bull's sides. That gave Dick some leverage to push forward, and in doing so, he let out a happy grunt of breath. "Fuck yeah... I gotta nut real bad. Last time I let off a load was yesterday. Got real full." Saying that, he shoved forward and dug inch after inch of his cock into Victor's backside. His member spread the bull deeper and deeper and was met with a warm, clenching anus that milked steadily and expertly around his cock with the skill of someone used to getting fucked like this.

Each roll of Dick's hips was met with that same expert squeeze until his hips met Victor's ass and his balls lightly clapped against the big bull's thighs. Both men inhaled deeply just as Dick leaned in against the bull's ass. He sunk his hands into the fleshy expanse, palming and stroking the rounded cheeks just as he began to pull back, shuddering a little at the pull that the bull's clenching muscles exerted on his throbbing cock. The stallion snorted sharply, "Goddamn... how quick ya like ta get yer partners off?"

Victor looked back with a wry smile and winked, saying, "We've got a schedule to keep. I need to get you off, get drained, and get to the other set to help the twins out. Those bunny boys need a fuck before they go on camera or they'll pop their loads way too quick. Can't get a good show that way."

Dick nodded, snorting as he did so, and thrust hard against Victor's ass, pounding inwards with a sharp groan of breath. His hips smacked hard against the bull's ass cheeks, sending shudders up the bull's spine to match the jiggling ripple running through the rounded backside. His breath tugged in sharply again as he let out a low moan of breath and arched up against Victor's body, digging his hips in hard against the bull's backside. Already, his cock head was starting to swell and flare, hinting at his growing orgasm.

The feeling of fat stallion cock swelling up inside of him made Victor let out a tender groan and look back once more. "Guess you like fucking my ass. Most guys do. Go on and get off, big guy," he said with a wink over to the big horse.

The little bit of encouragement was all that Dick needed to push him over the edge. Wedged deeply inside of Victor's ass, the stallion's cock expanded, thickening and swelling up, the tip flaring outwards into the thick mushroom tip typical of his species. The big stallion's nuts clenched upwards and jerked before jiggling again. Then, with an almost audible pulse of heated fluid, he began to unload his hot jizz deep into the bull's ass.

The blast of semen punched into Victor and made the bull groan out sharply in pleasure. The press of hot cum flooding into him came in a huge wave that made his belly bloat downwards and out to the sides, swelling with an audible gurgling roll of fluid and flesh. Dick leaned in against him and over his back to slide hands down so that he could press his fingers into the bull's expanding flesh. He could feel the pulse and roll of his hot cum flooding the larger male's body. "You gonna be ok?" he asked, looking slightly to the side at the big male.

Victor let out a groaning laugh of breath, huffing out in response, "Yeah. I can take it. Been at this a while. Love the big studs like you who can give me a real stretching."

His belly continued to swell outwards as his ass puffed backwards into Dick's lap, coating his crotch with steadily expanding bull meat. The big male pushed his hands against his chest as his thickly muscled pecs began to swell and bloat outwards, growing fatter and heavier and making him look like he was sprouting a pair of Amazonian tits. As his thick nipples poked out from the bench and wobbled to the sides, cum began to spray from them. The sight earned a happy whine of breath from Victor.

Again, Dick arched against his partner, pressing a little harder into the bull's doughy flesh. "Ain't you worried 'bout getting popped?"

Victor huffed as he swelled upwards, body bloating up more and more, arms and legs both starting to round outwards. He shook his head a little, smiling as he said, "Not at all. You think I'd take this job if I was worried 'bout ending up clogging a drain?" He laughed a deep bellow that was mixed with a slight gurgle of rising cum, and then groaned out once more, "Every guy wants to pop me. Whoever the lucky stud is who finally does it is gonna get some good bragging rights. And an ass chewing from the studio." He looked back and winked as with a series of heavy little SPUPS, his hands and fingers distended outwards, growing rounded, more and more looking like massive baseball gloves than a bull's hands.

Dick watched, eyes widening a little as a shudder ran through him. His orgasm was nowhere near finished and already Victor looked like he was ready to burst. The thought of popping this unpoppable stud of a male made his dick jerk and spasm, made his orgasm flow from him all the harder. He clenched against the bull as another wave of pleasure rolled through him and his cock swelled just a little more, fountaining his heated load.

The bull's body continued to grow, his torso starting to round up a little, growing more than puffy and growing like a beach ball being inflated on a broken pump. His legs swelled out to either side of Dick while his arms puffed up, growing more and more rounded while they lifted to his sides, the pressure in them starting to make Victor bloat and strain like a balloon. He huffed sharply, snorting again and again as his neck thickened and bloated, and then his head began to swell, thickening up more and more. His cheeks pushed outwards, growing as rounded as his tits were, and from Dick's perspective, all he could see was the way the bull's face pushed outwards, growing more and more rounded.

A heavy gurgling noise rose from Victor's body, and Dick, with hands buried into the doughy cum filled flesh of Victor's ass, let out a sharp whinny of breath, "Think... think you might pop, Vic!"

As if in response, Victor's cock finally flopped out from against the bench where it had been pressed firmly under his growing gut. Freed from its position, the huge bull dick shot out to the side, immediately swelling to look like it was erect and then bloating up twice as large. Cum fountained from the cock tip, spraying in a hard blast against the floor. Victor let out a pleasured scream of breath, snorting and huffing sharply as he finally came. Dick's orgasm pushed it out of him, shoving through Victor's body to displace his load with the stallion's own. As Victor's cock shot off, cum began to spray from his nostrils and a creak began to fill the air, resounding with the sound of pressurized cum spraying against the floor. Victor exploded with a violent blast of seed, liquefying in an instant and with a heavy BLORT that coated the entire practice stall in a wave of cum and left Dick soaked from head to foot and falling against the cum smothered bench with his dick still jerking beneath him.

He sat there for a long minute as he slowly came down from his orgasm, panting and breathing in sharply to take in the scent of mingled cum and bull filling the stall. When he could finally stand, he reached over and turned on the water to begin cleaning up. The drain in the floor gurgled loudly as it struggled to drain away what was left of the bull and the stallion's heated orgasms.

When he was finally clean, Victor straightened up and turned off the water, waited for the last of the mess to clear from the floor, and then stepped out. There was a small crowd of onlookers waiting for them, including the director of his upcoming debut film. With one exception, everyone began to cheer, shouts of congratulations and jeering whistles coming towards him.

The director was the only one who wasn't cheering. He looked to Dick with an exasperated sigh and a shake of his head. "Did you REALLY have to pop Victor? Now we're going to have to find another guy to use around here for repeat fucks. Do you know how hard it was to find someone like him in the first place?" The director's voice came in a soft, high-pitched whine. The older bird just shook his head again and turned towards the gathered crowd. "Alright everyone! Show's over! Back to work so we can make an ACTUAL show on some ACTUAL film!" He looked back to Dick and shook his head again. "Get dried off and over to makeup so they can get you ready. Be back in fifteen."

Dick hurriedly dried off with some waiting towels and then walked over to the little makeup station near the set. It was little more than a small table, a mirror, and some lights along with a rat standing there holding some brushes. The rat applied a light coat of powder to Dick's pelt and oil to his cock so that he would shine in the right places and have definition in the others. The whole process only took a few short minutes and they were in silence as the rat worked. When he was finished, the rat motioned Dick back towards the set.

The big stallion took the hint and walked back over to the set to find Trevor waiting for him.

The set had been constructed to look like the inside of a typical gym and focused on the free weights section. In the center of the set, built like that for ease of camera access, was the weight bench on which Trevor and Dick would end up doing the majority of their shoot. There were some discrete mirrors set off to the sides, at angles to ensure that cameras or the studio wouldn't make it into a shot of Dick and Trevor having their inflatable fun. The weight bench itself had been built especially for this purpose and would be able to support Trevor's weight as he swelled up. The weights on it weren't real, either. Instead, they were just painted polystyrene sculpted to look like the real thing.

Trevor was off to one side doing some jogging in place to get his heart rate up and to make himself sweat. He was already wearing the skin-tight muscle shirt that the studio had put him in. It showed off the definition of his chest and his abs, and if he ended up not taking it off during the shoot, it would stretch some before it tore, allowing for the audience to have a good show. His shorts were similar, though they were significantly looser in the crotch to allow for Trevor's length of dick and fat nuts resting inside.

By the time Dick had finished with makeup and had been put into his own looser shorts and muscle shirt, Trevor had worked up a good sweat. His normally smooth white pelt was practically dripping as Dick approached him. The big bull looked at his popper and smiled widely, clapping a hand against the stallion's chest. "Ready to do this thing, big guy?"

Dick snorted playfully and reached down to palm a hand against Trevor's ass, squeezing just a little. "Damn right I am. I been wanting to pop you for weeks now. Finally got my chance, too. Just hope you don't have too much trouble holding the big'ol load I got waitin fer ya," he said while a wide, toothy smile spread over his muzzle.

Trevor looked over Dick's shoulder to the practice stall where one of the studio's workers was busily trying to finish scrubbing off the few remaining splatters that Victor left when he burst. He looked back to Dick and then down to his bulging pants, "You sure you've got enough left in you? I saw what you did to Victor. I didn't think anyone would ever be able to pop him."

Again, Dick smiled, chuckling as he said, "Yeah I was a little surprised myself. Big guy like that mighta given me some trouble when I was in high school, but I blew up real big after a few years. I spect that not too many guys could stand up ta one'a my loads. I know fer sure that you're gonna paint the floor real good."

The stallion's brazen confidence was infective and made Trevor shudder in anticipation, a sensation that wasn't missed by the big stallion. Dick leaned in and pushed a kiss against Trevor's lips, a move that caught the bull slightly off guard, making him tense up a little, but he quickly leaned into the larger male's embrace, grunting out as he did so. When Dick leaned back, he muttered out, "C'mon, stud. Let's shoot your final film. Damn glad I get to be the one ta snuff ya."

Trevor nodded to Dick and moved with him towards the weight bench while the rest of the crew finished setting up and got into position. Both men moved to their places on the bench, Trevor lying down on the bench with the weights above him while Dick moved to a spotting position. Both placed their hands onto the weight bar and awaited the director's orders.

When the sound of the chalk board snapping filled the air and the shout for the two men to begin acting came, Trevor lifted up the weight bar, put on a look of concentration and effort, and let out a low little grunt of breath to signal his readiness. Then the shout for action came.

Trevor lowered the bar towards his chest, grunting out as he did so. He strained as best he could to make it look like the weights were real. The movement made his biceps pop and his pecs stand up in the tight little top. Dick had his hands gently placed under the bar as a spotter. In that position, Dick's massively packed pants bulged forward to rest right near Trevor's face. The cameras got a good shot of Trevor's breathing ruffling Dick's shorts, causing the fabric to flutter slightly.

"C'mon, bro! You got this! Just ten more!" Dick shouted down at Trevor. He bent over just slightly, butt sticking out behind him as he did so. The position allowed the cameras to get a shot of his fat balls wobbling around in his shorts, obviously not contained by anything.

With another grunt of exertion, Trevor lifted the bar upwards, then lowered it down again, snorting as he did so. He lifted the bar upwards once more to a shout of "Nine more!" from Dick. The pump upwards made Trevor's chest rise and fall and made his heated breath wash out across Dick's shorts once more. Dick straightened up again, moving a little quickly so that his hidden dick would wobble forward in his shorts and brush lightly against Trevor's nose.

As the bar came to rest atop the poles on the bench, Trevor let out a low little groan of breath, pretending that he was worn out. "I don't know if I've got it in me to finish the reps, man," he said, huffing and snorting lightly.

Dick leaned back lightly on his heels and looked down along Trevor's body. By this point, Trevor had sweated enough to make the outline of his physique show through his shirt and the outline of his fat nuts show through his shorts. Dick gave another low little snort and said, "Yeah you look pretty worn out, bro. And you're sweating real hard. We just gotta make sure you stay hydrated so you can finish your reps."

With that, the tip of his cock poked up through the waistband on his shorts. The fat ebony tip of horse cock rose slowly and lazily from the shorts until it rolled forwards like a python, flopping out of the garment to slap wetly against Trevor's face. It sat there, slowly and visibly throbbing for the camera, veins pulsing along the length as the spongy black flesh grew slowly larger and thicker as it swelled.

Dick turned and took a few steps away to grab two more of the fake weights, one in either hand, and removed the larger sized weights on the bar, replacing them with the smaller ones. As he moved, his cock grew and bloated, rising from his shorts like a massive pole. The cameras moved in for close-up shots, getting multiple angles of Dick's massive horse cock, the shape of it, the bulge of flesh, the hanging weight dragging against his thick-lipped sheath. One of the cameras moved in for a close-up shot of his cylindrical cock slit to catch the way it bulged forward whenever Dick's member flexed. The audience would quickly get a feel for this new star's porn name, Dick Flare.

By the time Dick moved back to the weight bar, behind Trevor's head, his cock had fully firmed up to stand over two feet hard from his waist, bobbing steadily in the air and starting to drool some thick pre. As a gooey rivulet oozed down from his member and onto the floor to begin making a thick puddle, Dick snorted approvingly, saying, "I got the perfect water bottle for you to suck on, man. Let's get you full and really get this workout started. Good source of protein to help those muscles swell up real big."

He moved forward again, nuzzling his cock tip against Trevor's muzzle, staining it with his steadily leaking pre. Trevor responded by tilting his head backwards and off the bench, exposing his throat to the camera. His mouth opened and his broad tongue lolled outwards against Dick's flat flare, slurping against it with a heady wave of slobber. The stallion's cock already had a shine to it, but Trevor's saliva made it shine all the more for the cameras. He let out a low groan of breath, saying, "Let me have it, big guy. Don't stop until I'm as wet as I can possibly get." With that, Trevor opened his mouth wide and tilted his head back more, positioning himself right in front of Dick's massive cock head.

The stallion looked down and flexed once more, this time making his thighs tense so that the camera shot would get thick muscle rippling on either side of his veiny cock. It pulsed slightly upwards, unable to properly flex and bob like other guys' cocks could due to its sheer weight and size, and as it wobbled, a thick strand of pre oozed from the yawning slit, stringy and thick, to drool down from his tip. It hung from his shaft in a thick pendulum of horse precum just as he pushed his hips forward, one hand moving to grip around his cock head. He guided the tip to Trevor's lips and pushed it slowly between them. The hanging wad of pre oozed down across Trevor's nose to dangle there, lightly shaking while Dick pushed his fat pole inwards through Trevor's lips and past his jaw, on the way to the bull's throat.

The camera pulled back slightly to catch the bulge of cock meat travelling down Trevor's throat. The shape of Dick's member showed through Trevor's neck in a thick mushroom that travelled downwards until it disappeared under his collarbone. The motion was accompanied by a low grown of breath from Dick and a heady set of snorts from Trevor. The push continued until Dick had straightened up and his sheath was making out with Trevor's lips like some kind of grotesque French kiss.

With that, Trevor reached up to grasp the faux weights while Dick helped him heft them up and off of their rest. Trevor braced himself as he lowered the weights downwards towards his chest, flexing once more to make the illusion of his workout continue. Dick, meanwhile, bent forward, down and over Trevor, and in doing so, pulling his hips back to slide his cock from his partner's muzzle. It came free shining and slick with a mixture of Trevor's spittle and the equine's leaking pre-spunk. Drool slowly dribbled down Trevor's face, the mingled pre hanging in thick ropes. Another slight snort came from him when Dick's cock head popped back into view in his stretched throat, the flare already slightly grown.

Dick held his position there for a moment to allow the cameras a shot of his cock head twitching while Trevor snorted once more. "Got... nnf... a lot of liquid to give you, big boy," came Dick's voice. As if in response, his cock head jerked in Trevor's throat and the bull visibly swallowed as a thick wad of pre filled him. The bull let out a slight gurgle of breath and rolled his eyes back into his head just as Dick groaned once more, "Unnnh... you gotta take it all if you hope to get BIG and THICK."

Trevor lifted his arms in response and Dick thrust forward once more, shoving his member back into Trevor's throat, once again making his flare disappear into the bull's body. The weights went all the way up while Dick's hips went all the way in, bunching up against Trevor's face once more. This time, though, Dick lifted a leg slightly upwards, muttering out, "Let me... get these shorts off... let you get a good look... at my cum tanks." He moved one hand from the weights to his shorts and tugged them downwards, allowing his massive melons of horse balls to roll free and dangle down against Trevor's face. The big things slightly obscured the shot of Trevor's face, but that wasn't likely something the fans would disagree with, what with the thick, veiny skin stretched around Dick's nuts pulsing a little while his fat balls rolled lazily in their sac.

Trevor snorted hard and nuzzled up against the danglers, batting at them with his nose. That earned a huff of approval from the big stallion.

Again, Trevor lowered the bar, and again, Dick pulled back, sliding his dick through Trevor's maw. This time, the cameras got a shot of the huge stallion balls as they wobbled and slapped gently against his thighs. One of the cameras positioned behind them got a shot between Dick's legs of his spread thighs and toned ass shaking in the air. The stallion flagged his tail upwards in a teasing motion, but for more than that, his cock jumped again.

The pulsing spasm of Dick's meat was very visible through Trevor's throat, and the previous fuck session with Victor hadn't done Dick any favors for reducing his sensitivity. He could already feel his prick raging towards another orgasm. The tell-tale pressure was building at the base of his cock and in the bulge of Trevor's throat, his cock head was visibly, if not slowly, inflating to the typical stallion mushroom.

A groan slipped from Dick's lips as he straightened up once more, pushing his cock forward again. He was breathing heavily, sweating from the strain of having to hold back from simply destroying Trevor's face with wild, unchecked thrusting. "Y..ya look like... you're getting' tired... not gonna make... your reps," came his slightly shaky voice.

Trevor snorted out loudly, a mix of disapproval and desire, but it only served to flex and contract his throat around Dick's meat. The pulling sensation made the stallion snort out sharply and stomp a foot on the ground. It sent his titanic nuts wobbling harder between his thighs.

Once more, Dick pulled backwards and Trevor caught up by lowering the bar down towards his chest. As Dick's member slid into view once again, the tip flexed hard, then gave a sudden swell, ballooning outwards and stretching Trevor's throat. Dick let out a sharp cry of breath.

The thick underbelly of his cock, exposed to the camera, bulged outwards in a single pulse that stretched up along the cock's length. Trevor's throat bulged a little more while his cheeks ballooned outwards. Thick, clear pre shot from his lips and from his nose, causing him to gurgle and snort sharply, clearing his sinuses to breathe once more. The explosion of pre caught him off guard, but Dick didn't stop to let him catch up. Instead, he straightened up suddenly and thrust forward, as gently as he could in the situation, crying out, "Here... comes... yer drink!"

As Trevor continued to sputter and leaked Dick's pre from his face, the stallion pushed forward until his sheath once again bunched against Trevor's mouth and his balls stroked against Trevor's cheeks. He snorted sharply as the massive orbs pulled up against his crotch, then with a deep, groaning puff of breath, his sheath started to flex, Trevor's throat bulged more, and an audible rush of cum surged into the bull stud lying on the bench.

The sudden gush of stallion cum into Trevor's body caught him off guard, once again. The punch of heated spunk flowing into him caused him to tense up and flex all of his muscles while he still held the fake weights against his chest. Below, though, his belly began to rapidly swell upwards, inflating like a beach ball. It grew rapidly, pushing upwards with a steady pace. His thick abs rose, then disappeared under the swelling influence of all that jizz flowing into him. Then his belly began to round, doming upwards in his muscle shirt before the garment rolled back towards his chest to expose his downy white hide to the cameras.

Dick looked down to watch his partner starting to swell. One hand moved from the weight bar to press against Trevor's visibly sloshing belly, ripples moving through it in the pulsing imitation of the stallion's flow. He pushed down on that belly, sinking his hand into the more and more doughy flesh, commenting, "Looks like... yer workouts finished. Gonna..." he gasped out sharply as Trevor's chest began to expand upwards, "Not gonna last long, are ya? Fuck... guess I got just a little too much for ya to hold, big fella." He smiled widely and grabbed the weight bar, lifting it up and resting it back into its holster.

Meanwhile, Trevor was gurgling loudly. Cum, thick and ropey and white, was already gushing from his bloated cheeks and from his nose in sharp spurts that painted Dick's nuts a slimy white. His throat had started to balloon outwards as well just as his chest started to swell, hinting at the massive flow inside of him and how he was already struggling to contain it all. His belly continued to grow upwards just as the thick muscle of his pecs disappeared under the sagging, sloshing weight of Dick's massive load.

The sight of Trevor's pecs fading into wobbling bubbles of spunk made the massive stallion groan out, "Fuck yeah. Look at you, ya big 'ol condom stud." His hips bunched up just a little harder against Trevor's face, cramming his dick in harder and making his still twitching and contracting nuts bunch against Trevor's swollen cheeks and gurgling, spluttering lips.

The bull's swelling continued unabated. As his torso bloated outwards, his shorts bulged upwards. His dick flopped out to roll against his fat belly and then against a thigh. It had started to swell like it was growing hard, but the rolling pressure through it surged up through his cock, bloating it first at the base and then swelling upwards along the full eighteen inches like a balloon being inflated. As the swelling reached Trevor's cock head, his foreskin puffed up just as his cock tip pushed free to bob in the air while a leaking streamer of gooey spunk sprang from the tip. A sheer, tearing sound filled the air as his shorts ripped open to spill his bloating nuts and swelling thighs out into the air, the big bull's body on full display for the camera as he continued to expand, downwards, legs thickening and bloating against his hooves.

Dick whistled loudly, a hand brushing the sweat from his brow, "Ohhh look at you! Bet'cha can't take it all, can ya? Oh man... Yer gonna bust real good!" His hands stroked over Trevor's chest, pushing into the doughy flesh, fingers sinking in and making imprints in the bull's distended body. The bull's shirt ripped, just like his shorts, and fell away as arms and hands swelled out against the bench, standing more and more out to his sides as the pressure within him grew greater.

Trevor's face puffed up, pushing into Dick's balls, his neck swelling more and his facial features mashing roughly into those huge nuts. The bull's body gave a quiver that earned another sharp groan from the big stallion. Below, Trevor's cock stuck out straight between his legs, swollen like some massive sausage while cum sprayed from the tip. Jizz squirted out against the bench as it shot from his asshole. Spunk flooded against Dick's balls from his nostrils. The bull couldn't hold it back anymore, and Dick never would have let him. With a huge and heady BLOOSH, Trevor exploded outwards, spraying cum across the floor, onto the faux equipment, and all along Dick's legs and chest.

The stallion's huge cock sprung free and into the air to fountain a massive wave of cum from the hugely inflated flare. He let out a groaning, shuddering moan of breath and grabbed his dick, hoisting it up and pushing his lips against the tip, suckling in a streamer for himself before letting his cock go to flop into the huge mess that used to be Trevor. The big cock sat there for a full minute longer, continuing to vent its load before Dick finally came down from his orgasm. He looked to his still swollen flare and the huge mess of cum spreading across the floor, then let out a slight chuckle, "Protein overload'll do that, bro."