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Wakefield had come to the party, hoping to find some hot guy, and to his luck, Jasper was in attendance. He had seen the squirrel at previous parties, and every time, Jasper was eagerly humping into someone, getting ready to turn them into a large cum puddle. Wake had seen it happen to several other partygoers, and he was hoping to get turned into a puddle that night as well. With Jasper in attendance, it was guaranteed. The little guy never turned anyone down.

Jasper was in the kitchen, feeling up a tall giraffe with thick pecs and a toned ass, but the big guy didn't look particularly delighted at what Jasper was proposing. Instead, the taller male's eyes were on a brown mink girl off in the corner. With Jasper's attention waning, Wake stepped in and leaned down to whisper into the squirrel's ear, "The big boy doesn't seem to be interested in you, but I know I'd love to be your condom tonight, Jasper."

The squirrel's ears shot up and his head whipped around to look at the otter standing behind him, handsome and with a cremy nut colored fur, hair pulled back in a ponytail. Immediately, Jasper broke into a toothy grin, spun around to present his fully naked figure to Wake, and pressed his hefty balls against the otter's shorts. "Yeah! Let's do it right here!" he shouted, mirth filling his voice.

Wake let out a little laugh and knelt down, cupping Jasper's balls to feel their weight. That earned a shudder from the squirrel and a quick erection. "I want to be alone with you, Jasper. More intimate like that," he said.

The squirrel grabbed one of Wake's hands and moved quickly to the side, pulling the otter along with him towards the stairs. He led Wake upstairs at almost a run. That simply made the otter shudder in delight at Jasper's eagerness to see him burst like the condom he promised to be. And upstairs, Jasper quickly found an open room, ushering Wake inside. By the time Wake had slipped through the door, his shirt was already off and his pants already open. He slipped in, taking little note of the room's features. What he wanted was Jasper's load turning him into a nice fat splat.

Jasper hastily shut the door as he ran into the room, dick sticking up between his legs. The otter was lying on the bed already, spread-eagle, shaking his tail from side to side. Slender and toned like a swimmer with soft brown fur covering most of his body and a lighter nut coloring across his chest and muzzle, Wakefield lifted his hips a little to make his own plumped up cock flop against his tummy. His tail gave a little wiggle, showing off his tight ass. "Ready?" came his voice.

Jasper leapt towards the bed with a delighted squeal, "Yeah! You're cute! You're gonna make a great splatter!" He wasted no time in snuggling his hips under Wake's ass and shoving his dick in against the otter's hole, pushing into him. Jasper was known for his short fuse and copious production, so it was going to be quick and explosive, exactly what the otter wanted. A little groan of breath slipped from his lips as he felt the squirrel pushing against him, "Ahhh! Yeah Jasper... been dreaming of you doing this to me!" The otter bit his lower lip as he felt Jasper pushing into him, spreading him open and effectively wrapping his new condom around his cock.

His tail thumped against the bed between Jasper's legs as the squirrel humped forward, grunting happily at the feeling of a tight ass gripping around his cock. Jasper huffed hard, sharply through his nose and plowed forward again and again, eager to get his massive nuts off and see this otter boy who had just propositioned him downstairs turned into a gooey stain.

With a hand on his cock, stroking furiously, Wake rolled his hips a little, meeting Jasper's thrusts with his own, earning playful little squeals from the squirrel. A warm flush spread through the otter's cheeks as he thought about his coming pop. With parted lips, he let out a tender little groan of breath, "Oh my god, Jasper... I can't wait to feel your cum in me..."

Jasper grabbed at the otter's hips and thrust in hard once more, his hips twitching in little spastic thrusts as he shouted out, "Cumming!" Wake looked up, eyes wide just as the flow of squirrel spunk flooded up into his belly, starting to stretch and bloat it upwards. "Ah!? Oh... OH!" His ears flushed a little more as he watched his gut rising upwards, growing doughy, his sides pushing slowly outwards, growing heavy. He could feel the heady flow of cum pushing through him.

"Yup!" came Jasper's eager voice through a wide, toothy smile, "I cum real fast, usually. Bye!" He said that with a little laugh as Wake's tail bloated down between the squirrel's legs, thickening and expanding just as his ass did the same, pushing down and into Jasper's lap. Wake grabbed at his belly, feeling it growing more and more, fingers sinking into it while a heated little whine of breath came from him, "Jasper! Ahh! This is... way hotter than I thought... it's... spreading everywhere!"

A thick groan escaped Wake's lips. Hands came up to push against his chest just as it and the rest of his torso started to fatten up, bloating upwards, more rounded than fat looking. He kept his toned shape, at least, save for the way he was swelling like a too-small condom. Looking down, he watched his nipples perking up with a mixture of swelling from the cum pumping through his hide and the sexual electricity of being turned into a furry condom. He watched himself rise upwards, felt the surge and flow of cum through his body, and through it all, his dick swelled all the harder.

As his arms and thighs thickened up, bloating out more and more, the otter let out a tender groan of breath, "Ohhh my god Jasper... no wonder you're so popular!" He gasped sharply again as his face began to puff up, cheeks swelling, little black nose growing big and rounded. The otter's dick sprung a leak as he cried out in orgasmic pleasure, his member puffing up just as the flow of spunk increased, his orgasm turning into a too-small pressure relief valve. The otter cried out harder, happily, "I'm gonna pop, Jasper! I can feel it! I want to pop for you!"

Jasper humped forward a little harder, making Wake's entire, cum-filled figure jiggle and wobble. "C'mon, condom! Pop pop POP!" As he shouted that last, jizz spurted upwards from Wake's muzzle and nose, fountained from his cock. A heady creak spread through the air as his form stretched outwards, growing tighter and heavier, then with a loud BLOOT! He exploded, spraying outwards in a thick wave of cum, coating Jasper and the bed and flooding the floor.

Jasper fell forward into the cum puddle that used to be the otter, laughing with delight, "He DOES make a cute splatter! I need to pop more otter boys like him!" The squirrel rolled to his feat and slipped up to look back, watching the gooey spray of jizz oozing off of the bed and down the walls towards the industrial drain in the middle of the floor. Smiling, he grabbed a little "Please Clean Me" sign and hung it on the door before shutting it and heading downstairs to find his next condom for the evening.